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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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New Thundercats: Fire In the Eyes
By Jesse Morgan

*** Well this is the story right before the debut of the New Thundercats 
team!!!  Next story, everything changes!!!  This story mainly focuses on 
Vizzar and a bit behind of his past with Pumyra...  But will one of them 
be alive long enough to reveal it...  This story also explores the 
darksides of almost everyone on the current team ***

                Dark was the light in Vizzar's eyes.  His only escape 
from the things in his past that always flashed before his eyes.  Time 
was the one thing that burdened him the most.  He knew time was the 
greatest factor that kept him from destroying everything that was his 
creations.  He felt Pumyra was one of his greatest accomplishments.  
Young, street girl that he made a tough woman.  In her eyes, that was 
the slightest bit of truth that he ever told.  But some things in her 
eyes differed from the evil he brought to them.  The man that fooled her 
into evil things was now not even a man.  he was Vizzar.  He was evil 
purfied to the extent.
                "So, shall we run through this again or will you make me 
suffer more?  Have you not gotten through your head that I can and will 
not change?  You have failed Lion-o!" Vizzar said with that evil in his 
eyes.  "Things don't always work out like you plan..." Vizzar said with 
a devilish smile.  Lion-o, the so-called leader of the Thundercats and 
heir to the throne of Thundera is at a lose of words.  He has fought for 
some time now to preserve the life that is on Thundera.  He has fought 
the toughest of enemies and almost given his life for others to be sure 
that nothing stood in the way of the freedom of Thundera.  Now, his eyes 
are more concentrated on what he has done wrong.  in the days that have 
followed the destruction of Thundera City and the demise of Mumm-ra, 
Lion-o has found no way to even be a leader to the Thundercats.  But he 
is no stranger to failure.  "It may take years before either of us ever 
grasp what I am about to say, but let us try" Lion-o said with anger in 
his eyes.  "Over the objections of everyone in this house, including 
Pumyra, I have taken you in and let you stay here for rehibilitation.  I 
have given up time and made sure that you had constant security to keep 
you from relapsing back inot the old being you were.  I have fought and 
argued with Pumyra, Bengali, Panthro and Wily Kat constantly to make 
sure you were not killed in an instance.  I wanted to stop you from 
killing or ruining anybody else's lives as you have ours.  But my need 
to keep you from doing that is now over" lion-o said with as much 
confidence as he had left in his body.
                "Oh, Lion-o, your making me cry" Vizzar said in mockery 
of Lion-o.  "Did it ever occur to you, I won't EVER change!" Vizzar said 
in a loud tone.  "That has no meaning to me.  Everyone can change, just 
as I have.  You, nor me are innocnt for the crimes that we have done.  
But unlike you, I won't let them hinder me from doing what I was born to 
do" Lion-o said.  "HA!  It's nice to know that there's always a good 
sermeritain around.  But the blood is left on your hands and not mine" 
Vizzar said.
                "All he need do is flinch and I could crush him" Panthro 
said from the observation booth.  "Hey, take it easy Panthro" Tygra 
said.  "Why?  You are the last one to say that things between the team 
hasn't been tough enough without taking Shadow and Vizzar in" Panthro 
said.  "Like it or not, this is Lion-o's call for the time being" 
Panthro said.  "Right, for the time being" Panthro said.  "But what made 
Lion-o finally decide that he was not Vizzar's savior?" Panthro said.  
"Well, that I can answer" Cheetara said as she sat in a chair in front 
of the monitor.  "With careful and easy probes, I've been able to break 
down some of the barriers Lion-o has been keeping from us.  It would 
seem that Vizzar is not even close to being saved, but yet he is also 
very capable of getting out of here and killing us all.  Lion-o put 
special security restraints as he has on Shadow to keep them from 
letting their old personalities from taking over.  Well Shadow has 
remained stable, while Vizzar has been far more then that" Cheetara 
said.  "Essentially, after Lion-o's return from where ever he has been, 
he had me look at the world through Vizzar's eyes.  It was not the 
greatest experience of my life" Cheetara said.  "So what did you see?" 
Panthro said with curiousity.  "All I saw was blood" Cheetara said while 
quivering.  "By Jaga" Tygra said with a gasp.  "No, Jaga had nothing to 
do with what that beast has become.  He's dangerous and he should be 
taken out before he does any more harm" Panthro said with fierce anger. 
 "He is just as alive as the rest of us and should have that right 
Panthro" Tygra said in rebutal.
                "If we kill him because we don't want him around, then 
we would kill too many.  We can't fear everything that we do not know" 
Tygra said.  His compassion for Panthro's feelings were as deep as a 
drop of water.  "Then who do we kill?  Luna?  Shadow?  Then who, Chilla? 
 We can't go around just killing" Tygra said.  his voice became more 
raged with every spoken word.  "Kill Vizzar, and then the killing never 
stops.  It won't ever" Tygra whispered to Panthro.  "Oh yes, you are 
right of course.  I thought that maybe after all this time the bickering 
between the Thundercats would end.  With the disbanding and recreating 
of a new team, I thought maybe there would be a group effort focussed on 
everything.  But then again, we all never head in the same or right 
direction do we?" Panthro questioned Tygra.  "Maybe it's the 
distractions we have all been going through lately?  Well as soon as 
Tygres and me wed, I will no longer have anything to distract or cloud 
my mind.  As for you Tygra, I can not say the same" Panthro said as he 
walked out of the observation booth.
                "Hmm, it would seem that Panthro will forever be a 
loner" Tygra said.  "Not always Tygra.  Just in one's own sense.  We all 
go through problems at one time in our lives.  Panthro is dealing with a 
wedding and the birth of his first child all at once.  None of us are 
there to comfort him because we are all wrapped up in our own troubles" 
Cheetara said.  "Guess it's all similar experiences.  Maybe he should 
ehad to Bengali and Pumyra for advice to his problems.  After all they 
are married with twin cubs.  It's conceivable that they have traveled 
down that same path" Tygra said.  "Maybe, but it seems they have hit 
that path once again.  They are not as close as they once were" Cheetara 
said with a low voice.  "More likely that they are both trying to deal 
with the tension that is splitting us all apart.  But if there is any 
one of us that I trust would stay as a couple, it would be Pumyra and 
Bengali" Tygra said.  He hugged Cheetara as he looked upon the area.  
"And us?" Cheetara questioned softly.  Her words fazed Tygra, but yet 
his mouth would not open to answer.
                "Do everyone a favor Lion-o, just give up this hopeless 
attempt.  You are wrong about me, but yet you won't fess up to it.  It's 
all about freedom and survival in this game" Vizzar said with an evil 
smirk.  "Not from where I stand Vizzar" Lion-o said.  "And where has 
that spot gotten you?  You have no Thundercats Lion-o.  And the fact 
that you are too blind to see that your own tema is falling apart is 
your mistake.  You can not bring joy to everyone, you can not save 
everyone!" Vizzar said.  "I like who I am, do you?" Vizzar said.  He 
carefully tried to pull every piece of Lion-o's brain apart.  "That's 
what's killing you inside huh?  That I enjoy what my job is and you 
don't?" Vizzar said.  "And you think that has gotten you were you are 
today.  The fact that you have gone through life on the streets with 
nothing but yourself everytime.  I've been there Vizzar, let me tell you 
about it.  Your life is not the best, but you make it if you can 
survive.  Well look where I made it and where you made it.  I survived, 
you didn't" Lion-o said with anger.  "I don't agree with your methods, 
but I understand why you think that way" Lion-o said.  "I am a 
Thundercat, you are a..." Lion-o could not finish his sentence with as 
much anger as he had in his heart.  "I am a what Lion-o?  Can't you say 
I am a killer?" Vizzar said with joy.  He had broken Lion-o to the limit 
he wanted.  "You only wish that I'd say it.  I know you better then you 
know yourself.  I am as good as these mind games as you are.  I will not 
fall victim to the game I practically invented" Lion-o said with a face 
of joy.
                Before Lion-o's next words could leave his lips, a 
holographic image of Mandora appeared before him.  "We are ready when 
you are Lion-o" Mandora said.  "Good, do what you must with him" Lion-o 
said.  "I realize this is tough, but you must do it Lion-o" Mandora 
said.  Her heart reached for his, but yet it received no response.  "I 
can no longer fight for him" Lion-o said as he turned away from 
Mandora's image.  "Failure is never an easy thing!" Vizzar said with a 
smile.  "I suppose not" Lion-o said as he looked into Vizzar's eyes.  "I 
will have a team assembled shortly to escort Vizzar out of the complex" 
Mandora said as her image disappeared.  "Thank you" Lion-o said softly. 
 "Ah, isn't that a shame.  Poor Lion-o has failed himself once again.  
Boy, you sure are batting a thousand aren't you!" Vizzar said in 
mockery.  His determination to destroy Lion-o's every faith was slowly 
working.  "I guess that's how you have always solved problems Lion-o.  
By putting people away so that they won't cause harm anymore.  But we 
always seem to come back, huh?" Vizzar said with his evil grin.  His 
eyes were enough to keep Lion-o from saying anything.  Those eyes fueled 
a million rages inside of Vizzar's mind.
                Lion-o exited the chambers silently.  As the doors 
closed behind him, he felt the pity for himself begin to build.  He 
stood for a moment to re-collect his thoughts.  As he stood he heard the 
door open behind him.  "So what took so long?" Lion-o said as he knew 
who stood behind him.  "We didn't want to make a grand entrance too 
soon" Tygra said.  "So how much did you hear?" Lion-o questioned.  
"Enough to know that this may have been the hardest thing for you to 
ever to do" Cheetara said as she tried to comfort Lion-o.  "It was no 
where written that we would be able to help everyone" Cheetara said as 
she placed a hand on his shoulder.  "And no one ever said that life's 
not made of risks" Lion-o said.  "And it is" Lion-o said as he moved 
away from Cheetara.  "Until then, unless you plan on keeping the 
Thundercats as is, don't look for pity here" Lion-o said.  He quietly 
walked away from Tygra and Cheetara with no regrets except that he ever 
became a Thundercat.
                Vizzar sat silently in his prison chambers pondering his 
next move.  The lights seemed dimmer then before, but they had no affect 
on his deep eyes.  As he adjusted to the lower lights, the lights faded 
out totally.  He gazed around in shock.  "Who turned out the lights?" 
Vizzar questioned as he looked around for his new interrigator.  "Ah, 
who is over there?" Vizzar said with a smile.  "You have fooled everyone 
and me" Wily Kit said with anger in her eyes.  She stood strong, with 
her bombs floating around her slim body.  Her new power to make her 
pellets into time bombs has been very effective in battle, but she was 
intrested in more then battle.  She gripped the ensignia on her 
Thundercat uniform and tore it off.  She gripped it and threw it to the 
side.  She had decided what she was going to do in this matter.
                Pumyra walked quietly down the corridor, trying not to 
stir any attention.  She walked softly into the observation booth and 
looked around.  No one seemed to be occupying it, so she decided to step 
towards the the screen.  As she looked in, she was shocked and angry to 
what she saw.  She couldn't believe that Wily Kit would be stupid enough 
to try and confront Vizzar by herself.  * I should get her out of there 
now before she does something she'll regret * Pumyra thought to herself. 
 * But Wily Kit has spent a lot of time helping Lion-o try and reform 
Vizzar.  Guess she seems to believe in the same dreams as him.  This 
must be hard for her * Pumyra thought as she watched on.
                "Did you say me?  Lie to you?" Vizzar said with a 
confussed face.  He was determined to play the same mind games on Wily 
Kit as he did on Lion-o.  "Geez!  Why would I do such a thing to cute 
little Wily Kit?" Vizzar said to mock her.  Wily Kit gazed into his eyes 
and with a swift hand slapped his face.  "Let's not play anymore games 
Vizzar!  I trusted you were changed!" Wily Kit said with an angered 
face.  "I actually believed you need just a little time to get your mind 
back in order!  I stayed strong when everyone else said you were just 
evil and I believed that Pumyra was wrong!" Wily Kit said with all the 
fury that was inside of her.  "By Jaga, I even visited your cell 
everynight for weeks" Wily Kit whispered.  She felt anger and shame all 
at the same time.  Her emotional side was easy to disturb in her young 
times.  "Yeah...  Well I guess you were played as a fool!" Vizzar said 
with a furious look upon his evil face.  Wily Kit looked at him and then 
began to walk away.  "Where are you going to go now?" Vizzar said.  
"Away.  i am going far away from you" Wily Kit said.
                "That's good Kit.  Don't let him get under your skin 
like he did me.  Don't allow him to use you like he did me" Pumyra said 
as she watched on.  "Don't think I don't know where you'll go now.  
You'll go running home to mommy and daddy hoping they'll say 
everything's going to be allright.  You won't them to baby you and say 
you haven't failed when you really have!" Vizzar said.  His tricks were 
working as he planned.  "What did you say to me!" Wily Kit said.  Her 
bombs still glew bright as day around her body as she turned to looked 
at him.  With her eyebrows arched and fists clenched, she felt her anger 
build like a flickering fire.  "Oh no..." Pumyra said.  She felt 
something evil coming on and she knew she was going to have to stop it 
soon.  "You heard me little kitty.  You aren't nothing but a little girl 
who thinks hanging with the Thundercats makes her somebody special!" 
Vizzar said taunghtingly.  "Shut up" Wily Kit said under her breath.  
Pumyra gazed upon Vizzar and then knew what she had to do.  With her new 
found talent of psionics, she quickly probed into Wily Kit's mind and 
left a suggested thought.  ** Wily Kit, you need to get out of there 
now.  Get out ** Pumyra said mentally in Wily Kit's mind.  "Stay out of 
this Pumyra.  It is no longer your battle" Wily Kit said out loud as she 
tried to shake Pumyra out of her head.  "You, this is your battle?  Get 
real kid.  Just admit that you are nothing better then me!" Vizzar said. 
 "That's why we are both alone in this world.  Because no one loves us!" 
Vizzar said as he intimidated Wily Kit even further.
                "I am not alone..." Wily Kit said as tears began to shed 
from her eyes.  Pumyra felt the fire burn in her heart as she raced to 
the prison chamber.  Her speed blew like the wind, but she felt she was 
not quick enough.  "I have nobody thanks to you Thundercats and Bengali. 
 But yet, you have Wily Kat right?  He'll pity you.  But then again he's 
staying a Thundercat isn't he?  That's right, you helped me without him 
and he decided without you.  Face it, he doesn't need you"  "Three... 
two... one..." Wily Kit whispered slowly as she prepared to release her 
bombs all over the prison chamber.  Before Pumyra's body could slide 
into the door, the noise made her fall back.  Slowly, each bomb exploded 
one by one.  Wily Kit was thrown back by her own explosions as they 
shattered pecies of the room.  As if a sonic explosion was being 
contained in a bubble, the room began to feel it's barriers collapsing. 
 There was once a time in Kit's life where she cared if things were 
ruined, but now things really didn't matter.  Her mind was in a 
different reality.  Words and screams were just bounced off the 
explosion's impact.  As Wily Kit's body slammed against the ground, she 
quickly tried to recover but yet she couldn't.  She wished it would all 
just end for her as quickly as it started.  As her body slid across the 
ground, she knew fate would not step in this time.  Dreams were 
shattered, nightmares began and she was stuck in the middle.
                As the noise stopped, she realized that she had been 
given a second chance at life.  She carefully lifted her head and 
grasped it in pain.  "What..." Wily Kit whispered as she opened her eyes 
to look around.  "Idiot!" Vizzar said from behind Wily Kit.  She turned 
around slowly to see his tall structure smiling at her.   Scars were 
upon his body, but he was free from his bonds.  Her face was filled with 
fear.  "Don't worry kid, you don't have to look at me long" Vizzar said 
to Wily Kit.  "How?" Wily Kit said as she began to back away into the 
wall.  "Oh, didn't Pumy tell you.  I have that natural healing technique 
that people have been trying for years to conquer.  That's why Pumyra 
has yet to kill me!" Vizzar said as he began to move closer to her.  
"You set me up?" Wily Kit said as she tried to find a pellet to help her 
escape.  "Yep.  And now you can fight the battle on your own" Vizzar 
said as he raised his hand to begin his attack.
                Before his hand could come close to touching her, Pumyra 
came blitzing in.  Her fist was as quick as her speed as she slammed 
hard into Vizzar.  "GET OUT NOW KIT!" Pumyra screamed as she distracted 
Vizzar.  "But Pumyra..." Wily Kit tried to say as she stood.  ** GO! ** 
Pumyra said psionically in Wily Kit's mind.  "Everywhere I look, you are 
there" Vizzar said as he fell back.  He quickly grabbed a hold of 
Pumyra's leg and swung her smaller body in the air.  She felt the impact 
of the air crashing into her.  "Haven't we done this too many times" 
Vizzar said as he hurled Pumyra into the air towards a wall.  "Didn't I 
win last time" Vizzar said with a smile as Pumyra headed towards the 
wall.  Pumyra regain control and used the wall as a thrust.  She firmly 
bounced off the wall with her angile feet and headed back towards 
Vizzar.  "Wrong!" Pumyra said as she leaped towards him.  "I won last 
time" Pumyra said as she pulled her sling off her waist.  "Now be a nice 
boy and come quietly" Pumyra said as she placed an orb in her sling.  
"Rather die then be taken in by you Pumyra" Vizzar said as he preped 
himself for battle.  "Good.  That's what I wanted" Pumyra said with an 
evil grin.  "For a Thundercat Guardian, you sure do run your mouth" 
Vizzar said.
                He gazed into her eyes and then he leapt into the air.  
He swung quickly at her, but Pumyra was too quick.  She blocked his fist 
and pushed him back.  As she recovered, Vizzar swung again and hit her 
face.  She buckled in her knees and backed away.  She looked into his 
eyes and quickly lept at him.  She swung her sling around his neck and 
leaped over him.  As she landed on the otherside of him, she quickly 
pulled with all of her might on her sling.  Her strength came to full 
burst as she hurled Vizzar by his next to the floor in front of her.  
Pumyra too this to her advantage and kicked him in the stomach.  Vizzar 
regained his breath and stood again.  He grabbed Pumyra's hair and 
pulled her back.  Pumyra screamed in pain, but she did not give up.  She 
grabbed his ankles and pulled forward.  Vizzar and Pumyra both fell to 
the floor and quickly stood again.  They stood their panting and feeling 
their own pains taking course over them.  Sweat and drops of red were 
making pictures upon the floor as the two tried to regain more strength.
                "Somebody!  You have to help Pumyra before they kill 
each other!" Wily Kit said as she slammed her fist against the intercom 
button.  Vizzar decided it was time to make his final move.  He grabbed 
Pumyra's head and slammed it into the wall.  Pumyra only hoped that it 
would not end like this.  Not alone without Bengali.  She looked into 
Vizzar's eyes and knew what she had to do.  She pulled all of her 
strength together for one last time.  Summoning everything she had left, 
she pulled an orb from her torn pouch.  She forged all of her energy 
into the orb and quickly slammed it against Vizzar's head.  With a 
strong explosion, Vizzar fell back.  Pumyra looked around and then knew 
she had to do it.  "DARK BUTTERFLY!" Pumyra called as she began to 
concentrate.  Billions of tiny psionic butterflies formed around Pumyra. 
 "Never!" Vizzar said as he rushed towards the young mother.  He grabbed 
her hand and yanked her forward.  "You must not understand Pumyra, I 
won't die so easily" Vizzar said with his vicious grin.  His eyes were 
flamed red as he lunged back and swung on Pumyra.  Before his claws 
could reach her skin, she let loose the psionic butterflies upon him.  
As his claws peirced her, the butterflies began to rip every peice of 
his braind to pecies.  Vizzar fell back, as did Pumyra.
                Wily Kit watched in pain as Pumyra's body slowly drifted 
to the ground.  Her eyes filled with tears and her clothes stained in 
Pumyra and Vizzar's essence.    Wily Kit's pwoers were temporarily no 
use to her.  She couldn't save Pumyra from this fate and she couldn't 
stop Vizzar from doing it.  It was a grudge that was not hers but she 
took it upon herself.  That grudge was paid for in blood.
                Tygra rushed from his room, followed by Cheetara as they 
heard the intercom.  Cheetara blitzed in front of Tygra down the 
corridors.  As they did they met up with Shadow who also had heard the 
intercom.  "Where's Wily Kit!" Tygra said as he panted down the 
corridor.  "I don't know" Shadow said.  "Computer, open prison 
chambers!" Bengali said as he rushed in front of Tygra.  Tygra tried to 
figure out where Bengali came from, but he had no time.  They blazed 
down the halls with nothing but death on their minds.  As they reached 
the prison chambers, they all stopped to gasp.  They saw the sight of 
the chambers in shambles and everything destroyed.  In the middle of the 
floor sat Wily Kit.  Wily Kit sat hugging onto the nearly living body of 
Pumyra.  Her tears whept in shame and pain.  Nothing could stop everyone 
from nearly loosing all they had now.  Vizzar's body laid to the side, 
not moving at all.  Tygra glimpsed and could see he was barely 
                "PUMYRA!" Bengali howled as he rushed over to them.  
Tears began to sliver from his eyes as he tried to hold them in.  
"No..." Tygra said as he watched them sob.  Wily Kit stepped away from 
Pumyra and let Bengali hold her.  "It's all my fault" Wily Kit said as 
she looked around.  Shadow stepped over to Bengali and Pumyra.  "I can 
help her" Shadow said.  "How?" Bengali said as tears rolled down his 
cheeks.  "I can give her apart of me.  See the shadows are what saved me 
when I was dying.  They become apart of you.  Now, she will not be as 
full blown as me but it will be enough for her to recover" Shadow said. 
 Bengali looked around before making his decision.  "Do it" Bengali said 
as he looked at his wife's face.  Shadow concentrated and then put his 
hands on Pumyra's head.  His body began to glow as bright as the moon 
and Pumyra's body also began to glow.  He felt a small peice of him 
transfer into Pumyra as he gave her life once again.  Pumyra coughed 
sevral times befoer her eyes opened.  Her eyes flickered open with a 
tint of scarlet in them before returning to their deep brown.  Bengali 
whept with joy as he hugged her closely.  "Thank Jaga" he whispered as 
she looked around.  She groaned quietly and Bengali let her loose.  "We 
have to get her to the medical center so she can recover" Cheetara said. 
 Bengali lifted her in his arms and began to carry ehr out of the 
chambers.  Cheetara and Shadow followed them.
                Tygra looked around and then at Wily Kit.  "I didn't 
mean for it to happen" Wily Kit said.  "I know" Tygra said as he tried 
to comfort her.  "But it's still my fault.  It's time I took 
responsibility.  I can't see anybody get hurt anymore because we are 
Thundercats.  I have decided that it's time for me to move on" Wily Kit 
said.  "But.." Tygra knew he could not convince her otherwise.  "Good 
bye" was all Wily Kit said as she exited the chambers.  The nightfall 
was not enough to comfort even her as she left her destiny untouched.

*** Sneak Peek:  Well next issure, it all comes into play.  The NEW TEAM 
debuts, a wedding, a birth and a battle for control!!!!!  ***

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