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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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New Thundercats: Fallen Rain
By Jesse Morgan

*** Well it has been awhile, but here is the next chapter in the 
Thundercats lives.  This story will end a legacy and begain to unravel a 
new one.  The change is coming... ***

                Lightining sliced the sky like a knife cutting bread.  
Rain slipped down buildings like tears from a child's eyes.  Nothing was 
the same on Thundera, not even the Thundercats.  Everything had changed 
so quickly that there was nothing they coiuld do about it.  Not even 
Pumyra could jump through time to reverse the effects of the latest 
events that have occured.  Wily Kat said a top of the ledge over Tygra's 
second home.  Tygra had owned more then one place, but nothing was like 
the mansion.  Still the Thundercats all stayed at their new home, with 
nobody really talking to each other.    Wily Kat overlooked the rainfall 
as it graced his young face.  Slidiing down his arms, Wily Kat made no 
attempt to whipe away the rain.  "Things change, people change.  You, 
me, everyone of us, everyday of our lives.  There's nothing the same 
anywhere.  It will stay that way until the day we die" Wily Kat said as 
he gazed at Lynx-o.  Thunder rumbled the sky with it's strong hand.  
"But I guess you don't need me to tell you that huh?" Wily Kat said.  
"That's the whole reason you became a Thundercat.  I guess we all 
believed it was our duty to change things on Thundera?  But you made 
things different.  You were for the reasons most of us weren't.  You 
wanted to change Thundera and not destroy things that we're evil.  You 
believed that we all deserved a second chance at life" Wily Kat said.  
Lynx-o was cschoked by his intelligent words.  It was as if he had grown 
up overnight.
                "You make me sound as if I am still Professor Lynx-o, 
the great Thundercat.  But that is no longer who I am or what I have 
become.  I don't know if I ever was that person.  There will always be 
Onslaught inside of me" Lynx-o said.  "That wasn't you Lynx-o.  The only 
reason he was created was because when we battled Vizzar and 
Mumm-ranana, you happened to be the only one not fighting.  Mumm-ra 
found a way to transfer himself or part of himself into you.  All the 
anger that you kept inside just happened to manifest him.  You did what 
you had to to try to keep him inside" Wily Kay said.  He leaped from the 
ledge with grace and landed on the overlook.  "Ironic as it may seem.  
In one moment of anger, I created the most powerful being that ever 
lived.  I did more destruction then all we worked for in a single 
moment" Lynx-o said.  Rain drizzled his face, but he did not flinch at 
all.  "I did more veil then any of the beings that we have faced" Lynx-o 
said.  "So what?  So you're not going to be remember as the man who 
created Thundera.  Are any of us meant to be remembered for anything?  
But we can all still take all the good we've done and turn it into a 
miracle that no one will ever forget.  You've changed and so have the 
Thundercats" Wily Kat said as he stared Lynx-o in the face.  "Wily Kat, 
don't you try to compare the Thundercats troubles with mine" Lynx-o said 
with anger upon his face.  "There is nothing that the Thundercats have 
not been able to walk away from.  You fight with evil and you save the 
day, it is that simple.  But when someone who was destined for good does 
bad, you can not change things then.  Anoble effort, but yet a failed 
try.  I had the ability to destroy any of you with just ambushing you 
with your own shadow.  I could read your most inner thoughts and I did. 
 I am not worthy of much" Lynx-o said with anger in his voice.
                "Ha ha ha ha, that was a nice try.  But you can't just 
try and make us against you so you won't feel guilty when you leave.  
See we have seen much and felt much, but we have never heard the words 
give up.  Games are my exprtise and if you think this little mind one 
will get me, you have been once again mistaken" Wily Kat said with a 
                A loud buzz mixed with the sounds of the rainfall 
outside.  Soon the buzz was silenced by a small explosion.  Tygra 
removed his hand from the ashes of the alarm clock.  * Well that was 
real mature of you Tygra.  You are supposed to be the perfect business 
man and yet you can't help but to use your powers over fire to destroy a 
smiple alarm clock * Tygra thought.  He opened a drawer and scooped the 
ahses into it.  * Maybe Cheetara will not notice it?  Right, the now 
most powerful psionic on Thundera and I expect to keep a little secret 
like that from her?  I might as well blow up the room * Tygra thought as 
he arose from the bed.  "I wish that things felt as if they were the 
same again" Tygra said as he headed for the shower.  * As if anything 
around here has ever been what you call "normal" * Tygra thought as he 
slowly walked.  He flipped the light switch and walked in quietly.  * To 
think I've been through two buildings already with this team and I have 
the nerver to give them an oppurtunity to destroy another one * Tygra 
thought.  He felt as if his humor was the only thing that was the same 
about him.  Tygra gazed into the mirror, his eyes still adjusting to the 
light of the room.  * Even after all of this, I still have somebody who 
loves me more then I love them.  What else can life bring you? * Tygra 
thought as he rubbed his face.  He looked down into the sink and 
splashed some water upon his face.  "Well I guess there is nothing left 
to surprise me in life?" Tygra said as he looked back inot the mirror.
                As he looked into the mirror once again, he saw Tgres 
standing behind him.  He turned around slowly to see her there.  "Are 
you coming down for breakfast?" Tygra said softly.  "Well, uh, soon as I 
can get myself together" Tygra said.  He gazed at her as she stood in a 
long dress, trying to cover up her obvious pregnancy.  "So how's the 
little one today" Tygra said as he gazed back into the mirror.  "Fine.  
There was a lot of movement last night, but otherwise fine" Tygres said 
as she sat on the edge of the bathtub.  "Well are you going to the 
doctor's for another appointment?" Tygra said.  "Yes, as soon as Panthro 
and I eat breakfast.  You know today, Cheetara wants everyone to be 
there so we can discuss some things" Tygres said.  "Yeah, she hasn't 
been able to remind me enough.  But I guess it's for the better" Tygra 
said.  "I had almost decided not to go" Tygres said as she looked away 
from Tygra.  Her eyes fixated on the door.  "Why?" Tygra said as he 
turned around and looked at her.  "Well, with all the tension we've all 
ben through, it could get worse.  I don't need the stress to affect my 
pregnancy" Tygres said as she gently rubbed her stomach.  "Well, if 
there is any tension, I am out of there" Tygra said as he looked back 
into the mirror.  "Yes, well you know there will be tension if Cheetara 
is there.  I am sorry, I know how much you love her.  But she is 
becoming more pressure for any of us then Mumm-ra himself" Tygres said 
with an angered look.  "You know Tygres, you have to let it go.  You 
chose to be with Panthro as I chose to be with Cheetara" Tygra said with 
no expression.  He knew what his thoughts were, but he did not reveal 
them to her.
                "The only reason I chose Panthro was because you made it 
plainly clear that you were with Cheetara after I got, well you know, 
with Crowelin" Tygres said as she looked back at Tygra.  "Well, don't 
let me the reason you find any happiness" Tygra said sarcastically.  
"No, that's not what I meant.  I came here with Crowelin, hoping that 
maybe we could start over.  But then I fell in love with Corwelin.  
Something was there that I was missing" Tygres said.  "Well Tygres, I 
decided a long time ago that I was living things for now and not for 
yesterday.  I can't change the past, but if it makes you feel better, I 
felt the same way" Tygra said.  Tygres was shocked but did not let it 
show.  "But at least now things are clear" Tygra said with a smile.  
Tygres smiled back.  "Better then jumping from a building to save your 
life" Tygres said with a laugh.  Tygra laughed also, feeling a relief 
from the tension that was already mounting.
                Cheetara felt a quick thought before she heard them 
laughing from downstairs.  "Hmm, well kids will be kids" she said with a 
smile.  "If I didn't know for a fact that Thundera had jus been turned 
upside down, I'd swear things were the same around here.  Not too long 
ago, I figured none of us would ever be happy around here" Cheetara said 
with a smile.  "Pumyra always says I need to have a little more fun" 
Bengali said as he moved a finger around the top of his glass.  "Oh, 
sorry Bengali.  I know that's things around ehre have been a little 
rough.  Don't think I haven't noticed the extreme tension burning 
between you and Pumyra.  What really happened between you two?" Cheetara 
said.  As if she didn't know, being the most powerful psionic on 
Thundera.  She could easily tap into his thoughts and find out.  But she 
has learned that a person needs to let their aggressions out if they are 
going to be happy.  "Nothing that I want to talk about at this time.  I 
just feel as if she is so distant now" Bengali said.  "But I have to be 
strong, if just for my children" Bengali said as he looked down into his 
empty glass.  "You know we are all here for you, Pumyra, Destiny and 
White" Cheetara said as she walked over to him.  "Yes, but you can help 
the kids, but can you med a broken heart?" Bengali said.  Cheetara 
hushed him as she wrapped her arms around his neck.
                Less then an instant later, the back door to the kitchen 
opened.  "Cheetara?  Anybody?" Pumyra said as she slowly opened the 
door.  Quickly Bengali jumped up and began to set things on the table 
for breakfast.  "Anything else I can do?" Bengali said to Cheetara as he 
kept putting things down.  "Uh, no, thanks Bengali" Cheetara said.  
Pumyra stood in the doorway, her body drenched in rain.  "Hello Pumyra, 
is it a bit early to be dressed in your Thudnercat uniform?" Cheetara 
said.  "Actually, no.  But this is no longer my Thundercats uniform" 
Pumyra said as she stepped into the kitchen.  Cheetara looked closely 
and noticed that Pumyra was not wearing her Thundercats insignia.  
Pumyra gave Cheetara a pitcher filled with juice.  "I don't think the 
children will be joining us this morning" Pumyra said as she walked 
away.  She walked over to the table and ran her hands through her hair. 
 Water drops flickered upon the floor as she did.  She noticed Bengali 
starring at her.  She walked over to him and kissed him on the cheek.  
"We'll talk later" she whispered into his ear and gave him another kiss. 
 He then placed his arm around her wet body to keep her from getting 
warm.  Cheetara smiled and continued her work in the kitchen.  "I 
thought you'd never be the same" Bengali whispered to Pumyra.  "Just 
some things on my mind" Pumyra whispered back tohim.
                Water dripped constantly upon the house as Wily Kat and 
Lynx-o still stood outside.  "Just about from the moment I met you, you 
always had this way of making things out for the better.  We have all 
been through some very rough times as Thundercats, but that's why we 
need to change" Wily Kat said.  "So you are trying to tell me you are no 
longer a Thundercat?" Lynx-o said.  "In a way yes and in a way no" Wily 
Kat said.  "I understood my responsibility as a Thundercat and I wasn't 
qualified for the job.  Maybe it's time that Apollo replaced me?" Lynx-o 
said.  He was hoping to pull every inch of sympathy out of Wily Kat.  "A 
lot of people almost sacrificed their lives so that they could stop 
Onslaught.  Now look at all of us, we practically hate each other.  Not 
to mention the terror that will forever be sketched into our minds.  
This was because of me" Lynx-o said harshly.  "In many ways, the 
Thundercats can not own up to that" Lynx-o said.  "The let's do 
something about it Lynx-o.  Lte us just stop what we have all been 
fighting so passionatly for and figure out what it's been worth.  Let us 
help you and you help us" Wily Kat said.  "You are looking at an old man 
who really doesn't need anybody at this moment" Lynx-o said as he 
listened to the thunder rumble.  "You are wrong.  When you became a 
Thundercat, it was with a collective.  Now you think you can bail out 
because of one easy mistake.  There's one reason you stayed a 
Thundercat, you.  That's it.  No repeats, no nothing.  Me and the others 
need to know Lynx-o.  We won't wait forever" Wily Kat said as he walked 
away.  Lynx-o let the water fall off his face as he thought.
                "Hey everybody" Apollo said as he and Jadakiss walked 
into the dinning area.  "Nice to know that most of us can make it to 
this thing" Apollo said s he placed his trench coat on the chair.  
Jadakiss remained silent as she walked in.  "So where is everybody else" 
Apollo said as he starred at Pumyra, Bengali, Cheetara, Tygra, Tygres 
and Panthro.  "Who else?" Tygres said as she looked at Tygra.  "Okay, 
okay.  How about Shadow, Lion-o, Kat, Kit, Catlani and uh, Onslaught, 
Lynx-o or whatever he calls himself these days" Apollo said with a 
sarcastic look.  "Well, Shaodw didn't feel quite comfortable around all 
of us yet" Cheetara said.  "Really" Apollo said as he took the plate 
from her.  "And Catlani needed some time to herself right now.  She is 
still mourning over Jaga" Panthro said.  "Really" Apollo said as he sat 
down.  "What about Kit?" Apollo said.  "Ah, well she is just trying to 
collect herself.  She is still a bit shaky and worried" Panthro replied. 
 Apollo smiled and then looked at Jadakiss.  "Kat and Lynx-o are outside 
talking" Tygra said as he looked at Apollo.  "So nobody knows where 
Lion-o is?" Jadakiss finally said.  "No, but we are hoping he'll return 
soon" Cheetara said.  "So shall we talk about what we came here to talk 
about?" Bengali said.  "Yes, we should" Cheetara said.  "Well there's 
been a lot going on around ehre that I am sure everyone is aware of.  
But now it's time we got it all out in the open and solve the problems 
before we make a final decision" Cheetara said.  "Fine, then let's ask 
away shall we?" Apollo said.
                "First off, we all have a bit of uncomfortable feelings 
around Lynx-o and it doesn't look like he is planning on staying long.  
So we need someone to replace him.  We were hoping that person would be 
you Apollo" Cheetara said as she looked at him.  "Whoa, uh uh" Apollo 
said.  "NO way am I going to rplace the man who taught me to control my 
powers.  I am very sorry, but me and Jadakiss are trying to move forward 
with our lives" Apollo said.  "But..." Bengali began to say but was cut 
off by Apollo.  "but nothing, I said no" Apollo said with a hint of 
anger in his voice.  "Fine, moving on... We need to discuss Tygres plans 
for when the baby comes" Cheetara said.  "We you be staying with us?" 
Tygra questioned.  "Well we had planned on staying with the Thundercats. 
 When the baby comes, I'll jus be taking some time out of the action" 
Tygres said.  She glared at Tygra momentarly before looking at Panthro. 
 "Okay.  Then let's get down to the real point of this meeting.  We need 
to discuss the future of the Thundercats" Cheetara said.  "There are no 
Thundercats" Tyra said.  "How can you say that?" Panthro said 
defensivly.  "He's right Panthro.  We are not being realistic if we say 
we are" Pumyra said.  "Yeah, we don't even know where Lion-o is.  He is 
supposed to be our leader" Bengali said.  "We are starting to think of 
you more as our leader" Tygres said to Bengali.  "So what do we do?" 
Tygra said.
                "It's pretty simple if you ask me" Wily Kat said as he 
came in.  "Lynx-o won't be joining us.  Did I miss much?" Wily Kat said 
s he sat down.  "So what's you plan Kat?" Panthro said.  "We have to 
start fresh.  I say we let people decide whether they want to be a 
Thundercat or not" Wily Kat said.  "He's right" Cheetara said.  "Fine, 
then let's do that much here between us" Tygra said.  "Those who want to 
stay or become Thundercats say so when we ask you.  Those who won't, say 
so" Tygra said.  Tygra looked at everyone as they thought.  "Alright, 
jsut go around the table" Tygra said.  "I want to stay a Thundercat" 
Wily Kat said.  "I am not going to be one" Apollo said as he looked 
towards Panthro.  "Even though I don't like the idea of this, I will 
stick around" Panthro said.  "I will be a Thundercat for Panthro and the 
good of the team" Tygres said.  "I'm going to stay" Pumyra said.  "As 
will I" bengali said as he looked into Pumyra's eyes.  "I am not" 
Jadakiss said.  Pumyra looked at her surprised and then understood.  
"Well I'm all for it" Tygra said.  "Me too" Cheetara said.  They all 
agreed on what hey were to do.  "I'll stay too" Catlani said as she 
entered the room.  "You will?" Cheetara said.  "Yes, it's for the best" 
Catlani said.  "What about Lynx-o?" Tygres said.  "He won't be staying. 
 He had just left" Cheetara said.  "How do you know?" Tygra said.  "I 
probed his mind and he told me" Cheetara said.  They all sat in silence 
as the thudner and rain rolled on.

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