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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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New Thundercats: The Onslaught
By Jesse Morgan

*** Well this is it!  The all star conclusion to Mumm-ra's reign.  No 
secrets to be revealed here, but look for little hints on where each of 
the characters story will be headed.  Also look for lots of action as 
the Thundercats and the survivors of Thundera City try to destroy THE 

                Thundera City stands in ashes.  Seperated from it's main 
land, it is now an island of terror as Mumm-ra stands victorious over 
his latest battle with the Thundercats.  All that is left is the the 
Thundercats fighting spirit to keep them going.  With nothing and no one 
left to help them, they go on with the battle.
                Within less then a day, Mumm-ra who is now known as The 
Onslaught, has been created and has been able to crush all of Thundera 
City's defenses.  Spawned from the inner evil that the old Thundercat 
Lynx-o kept burried, he was released after a small battle with the 
Thundercats.  Now the synthesis of all darkness is reborn with new 
powers that were only stolen from Lynx-o.  It was also born with a new 
body, encased in powerful armor.  With time, Mumm-ra has found his 
powers to be very useful.  Now it is his time to take over and destroy 
all that stand in his way.  That thing that stands in his way is 
Thundera.  But now only one person stands in his way, Lynx-o.
                Lynx-o stands before the enormous being known as The 
Onslaught.  His fears and hopes were all mixed into one thought.  "Very 
well  'Onslaught', you think you are powerful enough to destroy all of 
us.  You may have stripped me of all of my powers, but you have not 
stripped me of my spirit.  You are not unstoppable.  You are not the all 
powerful being.  You are just a shadow formed from me.  You are not my 
equal!" Lynx-o said with pride.  He held onto that one thing while being 
trapped inside of the Onslaught that was once trapped inside of him.  
"No?  Look at my Lynxo-!  I am your darkest secrets and your deepest 
dreams combined!  All that I have become is all that you wanted to be!" 
Mumm-ra said.  He felt victorious over Lynx-o.  "Not all of me.  There 
is one thing that you don't have, my love for the Thundercats.  That is 
going to be your one downfall!" Lynx-o said.
                "No, it won't be my downfall.  But it will be yours!  
Wouldn't the Thundercats like to know your plans for them.  How about 
preventing Lion-o from becoming King of Thundera by showing all of 
Thundera his past on the streets of Thundera.  And what about Cheetara, 
you were going to help her seek revenge on Tygres!  Shall I mention your 
plot to steal Tygres and Panthro's unborn child!  Then even your 
precious Pumyra and Bengali were going to be hurt when you caused Pumyra 
to have an affair.  What about Apollo?  Your good friend.  You were 
going to strip him of his powers and usethem for yourself" Mumm-ra said 
with all control.  He knew that he finally had Lynx-o in a corner he 
could not have got out of.  "See Lynx-o I know all of this and more!  I 
have no need for people in my universe.  With me in all control, there 
is no need for anything else" Mumm-ra said as he attempted to put fear 
in Lynx-o's heart.
                As Mumm-ra prepared to go on, he was unprepared for 
where his words were to take him.  The Thundercats quickly made light of 
the situation and began their attack.  Swiftly Cheetara clouds his mind 
with the help of her mother, Arial.  Just as she does, Shadow and Tygra 
let loose a force of their powers combined.  Catching Mumm-ra off guard, 
Pumyra, Wily Kit and Wily Kat let loose a storm of pellets, orbs and 
bombs.  Using this quick attack to their advantage, Bengali, Lion-o, 
Arial and Catlani swiftly let loose a fury of powers, causing Mumm-ra to 
fall back.  Quickly, Cheetara blitzed into get Lynx-o out of the way of 
harm.  "We thought that even you may have had a bad side" Cheetara said 
as she swept Lynx-o away from danger.  "Cheetara, what are you doing 
here?" Lynx-o said questionably.  He thought the others had stayed 
behind to help survivors.  "Just helping somebody who once helped me" 
Cheetara said with a grin.  "We're ready Lion-o!" Cheetara said as she 
brought Lynx-o over to the new alliance.  "Okay.  On my signal, Pumyra 
and Arial hit him high!  Bengali and Panthro hit him low!  Shadow and 
Tygra hit him hard!" Lion-o said as he drew his inner strength out.  He 
pulled the Sword of Omens from his side and prepared for the battle of 
his life.  "As of now... The Onslaught is finished!" Shadow said as he 
too charged up.
                "It is hardly over Shadow!  No matter how powerful all 
of you may be, you are not strong enough to destroy The Onslaught.  I 
can move the very ground beneath your feet!" Mumm-ra said.  His powers 
took over Thundera as they manipulated the grounds the Thundercats stood 
on.  Pulling up a hand made from the rocks that sheltered the grounds, 
he attacked the Thundercats.  The Thundercats made short use of time.  
Cheetara and Lion-o battled the hand and tried to stabalize it.  Mumm-ra 
let loose a fury of flares, preventing the Thundercats from re-grouping. 
 Everybody took their own path as they began the fearless fight for 
victory.  With all of their might, the Thundercats fought with no mercy. 
 Lynx-o listened as he heard explosions from each side of him.  Nothing 
but confussion ran through his mind on what to do.  Nothing was standing 
in his way but his own pride.  He knew that the Thundercats were 
fighting strong in the battle that could be their last.  As one strong 
wave of psonic energy hit them all, their greatest triumph was broken 
down easily by Mumm-ra's divine power.  As the dust cleared, Lynx-o felt 
the prescence of others coming.  Others who would unite to defeat the 
evil of Mumm-ra.
                As the dust faded, the Thundercats were surrounded by 
new allies that they had not expected.  "I wish you would have given us 
a little more time to rally help" Apollo said as he helped Lion-o to his 
feet.  There the Thundercats stood with the help of the few remaining 
Lunatacs, the Eclipses, Apollo, Jadakiss, Mandora and Grune the 
Destroyer.  "It seems that we have the most oddest allies now a days 
huh?" Wily Kat said as he looked around.  "Yeah..." Wily Kit said as she 
felt the same way her brother did.  "Well we can't control Thundera if 
it's going to be destroyed, now can we?" Red Eye said as he looked at 
what was left of Thundera City.  "If we're going to lose, it will be 
together!" Lion-o said with a fire in his eyes.  He was tired of being 
pushed down by Mumm-ra.  This time, all of Thundera's powers were being 
used to destroy a being instead of destroying each other.
                "Then together you shall die!" Mumm-ra said as he let 
loose a magnetic bolt that caused a strong current of explosions.  All 
of the new alliances fled from the force.  Some falling from injuries, 
others fighting to protect those who were down.  Side-by-side they 
battled all that Mumm-ra threw at them.  "There will be no surrender 
fools!  I am taking no prisoners!  I have all that I need!" Mumm-ra said 
as he once again powered up.
                Mumm-ra did have all that he needed.  He held three 
people still inside of his being that were strong enough to crush 
Thundera by themselves.  Catsy, the princess of Thundera who could 
control anything she wanted with a slight thought.  Destiny and White 
are the future beings that were born from Pumyra and Bengali.  Together 
they are the most powerful psonics the Thundercats had ever seen.  With 
all of their might, they could easily control the minds of all that 
inhibted Thundera.  All of them were now trapped inside of a being that 
used all of their powers for evil purposes.  Mumm-ra held them in bonds 
that even their great minds could not break free of.  "I can sense them 
fighting.  Lion-o is tired, he is so tired..." Catsy said.  She was 
scared but yet brave at the same time.  "No, Lion-o will not be the only 
one to fall today.  Mumm-ra knows Destiny" White said.  "Yes he does.  
He is trying to make this reality like the one we were from.  The one in 
which someone else controled.  The Onlsaught wants to make Thundera as 
we saw it not too long ago" Destiny said.  A tear slipped from her eyes, 
falling gracefully down her cheek.  "What are you two talking about?" 
Catsy said with worry.  "The Onslaught has used our psonic powers to 
begin creating a world that we come from in the near future.  A world in 
which chaos lived every moment.  Another being came along that was more 
powerful then Mumm-ra.  That showed more strength then any of the 
Thundercats.  A world without the Thundercats" Destiny said.  White 
looked at his sister and knew this place could soon enough be Thundera. 
 "No matter what, we have to stay strong.  We can't give up so easily" 
Catsy said.
                "Sorry we we're late but we had to find some kind of 
protection from Mumm-ra's psonic powers.  Do you Thundercats have 
protection?" Mandora said as she looked around.  "For right now, we have 
Pumyra, Bengali, Tygra and Cheetara.  That will have to be good enough. 
 But it doesn't matter, we may not get close enough to Mumm-ra to even 
worry about it" Lion-o said.  He watched as Blaze, Bengali and Wily Kat 
tried to crack into Mumm-ra's psonic barrier.  "What the?" Lion-o said 
as an explosion threw them from where they stood.  "The ground, it's 
shaking and I'm not doing it" Panthro said.  "The ground really isn't 
our problem Thundercat.  I think you should look to the sky!" Grune said 
as he covered his eyes.  "It's a astral comet!  It's filling the sky!" 
Mandora said as winds blazed up around them. "It'll melt Thundera" 
Mandora said.  "If we were to live that long.  Trust me, the gravity 
will strip us clear of here" Tygra said as he pulled his whip out.  
"This is impossible!" Lion-o said.  "Only to you Lion-o!  With Onslaught 
and your sister's powers, this is very possible!" Catlani said.  "With 
total control over Catsy, Destiny and White's powers, how can you expect 
to stop this!" Catlani said as she brushed the streams of hair from her 
face.  "Panthro, Pumyra and Arial try to contain the updrafts and get 
there fast!" Lion-o said.  Quickly Arial took to the air while Pumyra 
and Panthro followed behind on the ground.
                "You're awfully brave for a young girl" White said as he 
looked at Catsy.  "I just want to get out of here" Catsy said.  "Then 
let's make this happen.  Let's try and fix our minds together huh?" 
White said as he tried to cheer Catsy up.  "Well The Onslaught said  
that we can do just about anything right?  Well why don't we just try 
together?" Catsy said.  Her hopes were slowly returning with each 
moment.  All three concentrated on breaking their bonds.  With an 
instance, they were free.  "We're free!" Destiny said as she stood to 
her feet.  "Now let's do something about this Onslaught shall we?" White 
said with a smile.  It had been a long time since he felt a victory 
                "YES!  We have contact!  I found them and they are still 
trapped inside of him!" Tygra said as he sat down.  His body was weak 
from the strain he used to search for Destiny, White and Catsy.  His 
telelpathic powers were no where as strong as Pumyra, Bengali or 
Cheetara's.  "Are you alright tiger?" Shadow said.  "Yeah, I guess.  It 
took a lot of work to do it, but it was possible.  I found them with a 
small telepathic probe.  Thanks to Mumm-ra being so busy fighting us 
off, I tapped into his mind.  But the tap last for too short of time, I 
won't be able to get back so easily.  But with help, I can get them out 
of that beast!" Tygra said.  Sweat trickled down his head as he still 
tried to recover.  "With your help Lynx-o, I can reach them again for a 
short period of time" Tygra said.  "Well that won't be much help at all. 
 Mumm-ra shut down and stole my powers when we seperated" Lynx-o said.  
"I know that much, but with the help of Shadow we can do it.  All Shadow 
has to do his create a shadow-psonic feild around us.  That'll nudge 
your powers in your mind up a bit" Tygra said.  "What's the risk level 
of this little idea?" Lynx-o said.  "Well it's rather big.  It could 
backfire and kill us all.  But we have other lives to think about 
besdies our own.  When we became Thundercats, we knew the risks of each 
battle.  Thundera is what really matters" Tygra said with a strong tone. 
 If there was anything about the Thundercats he loved, it was the strong 
will to fight for Thundera.  "I forbid this" Lynx-o said.  "You have no 
choice.  It's my body, my powers, my life.  If I want to help, the 
Thundercats have nothing to say about it because I am not a Thundercat. 
 So let's do it" Shadow said with confidence.  He was not afraid to die.
                "It is a pity that so often you Thundercats get 
yourselves into things you can't escape from.  I suppose I must be your 
salvation" Red Eye said as he looked at Pumyra and Theory.  "The 
Onslaught uses alot of his concentration and powers to control his 
forcefiled.  In order to get rid of the feild, you have to distract him" 
Red Eye said.  Pumyra glanced at him and then Theory.  "Why should we 
trust you?" Pumyra said.  "Because I have no intrest in a Thundera that 
has no one living on it.  Mumm-ra has to be stopped now.  Our next move 
is up to you and Theory.  You two alone have to work together to stun 
this beast" Red Eye said.  His words for once in his life, we're nothing 
but the truth.  "And why should I dare let my wife go into this battle 
with Red Eye or Theory?" Bengali said to Wily Kat.  "Because if you 
don't let her, you may be surprised by what may come of it" Wily Kat 
                There was no time to debate about it.  Red Eye quickly 
unfoiled his plan to Pumyra and Theory.  With that Theory made his body 
intaginable, as he could with his power that gave him control over 
situations.  He merged his body with Pumyra, giving her already powerful 
body extra control over the outcome of the situation.  While the process 
went on, Wily Kat used his fueled rage and let loose on the feild while 
Panthro and Barbada let their brute strength shatter the feild's 
stability.  Giving Pumyra and Theory just a moment's passage.  "Teleport 
Pumyra, go on!" Panthro said.  With that, Pumyra used her sling and orbs 
to teleport inside of Mumm-ra's omnious feild.  "You fools!  You are no 
match for me!" Mumm-ra said as he punched Pumyra and Theory out of the 
forcefeild with all of his might.  As they flew back into the outside 
world, they felt as if their bodies had been crushed by a series of 
waves.  "A blow like that should have at least fazed him" Blaze said.  
Hope quickly teleported to Theory's side as he lay, nearly alive.  "This 
is not good... how can this be?" Theory said as he tried to catch his 
breath.  "I'm here and that's all that matters right now" Hope said as 
she held Theory.  Bengali held Pumyra in his arms.  "I knew I should 
have stopped you" Bengali said.  "Oh come on Bengali, you wouldn't have 
been able to.  I think I'll be fine in a few moments" Pumyra said.  
Bengali kissed his wife on her cheek and watched as the battle went on.

"What is that noise?" Arial said as she glanced towards 
Mumm-ra.  "The belly of the beast!" Panthro said as he looked at the 
forcefeild fading around Mumm-ra.  "Looks like Red Eye's plan worked" 
Chilla said hesitently.  "We have to get to him while the feild is 
temporarily down" Chilla said as she prepared for action.  "Wait, send 
me in.  I can take him" Panthro said.  He walked over towards Cheetara. 
 "I need your help.  You have to get into my mind and temporarily block 
off my logical side.  Let loose the rage in my mind" Panthro said.  "But 
that may destroy you or leave you in that state forever" Cheetara said. 
 "It's the only way" Panthro said.  "Alright then, prepare yourself.  
Tygres?" Cheetara said as she began to enter Panthro's mind.  "Leave me 
that.  It's all I need" Panthro said.  "Well alright.  I never said this 
isn't going to hurt, but that is what it's going to take to let loose 
your rage.  Now concentrate" Cheetara said.  She began to shut down 
certain parts of Panthro's mind.  As she did, his rage built.  As she 
finished, the love in Panthro's eyes had faded.  Nothing but anger and 
rage were left there.  Panthro quickly jumped into battle.  He let loose 
his powers on Mumm-ra.  Blow for blow, Panthro battled Mumm-ra.
                "Looks like it's working" Barbada said.  "Catlani, I 
just want you to know" Lion-o words were never good enough for himself. 
 But as he looked into Catlani's eyes, he felt her love for him.  "Till 
the end Lion-o, till the end" Catlani said.  "But I don't want this 
world to end.  It can't end this fast" Lion-o said.  "I understand.  But 
sometimes, you can't control what happens" Catlani said.  "For the first 
time, I have nothing else to say.  Guess that's not what you expected 
from the punk you met not too long ago, huh?" Lion-o said.  "All I know 
is you are not the same Lion-o I first met.  So I am happy that you have 
nothing to say" Catlani said.  They leaned in, while the breeze blew 
they felt as if this was their last kiss.
                One by one, the people of Thundera City had bonded 
together.  Now they all fled as the raging battle between Panthro and 
The Onslaught went on.  Wily Kit and Wily Kat fleeding together as 
brother and sister.  Shadow helping Tygra in the battle to keep the 
debris from flying at the escaping survivors.  Blaze holds tight as he 
keeps Theory from being caught in the series of winds tearing up the 
city.  And true love stands strong as Pumyra and Bengali dodge trees, 
rocks and flares as they run from the battle.  Others are not that 
anxious to leave.  Tygres, Barbada and Moonlight head into the battle 
ready for action.  From each side of him, Lion-o can see and feel the 
sense of untiy as members from each team banned together to fight the 
Onslaught.  Once again, he must prepare himself no matter what the 
                Panthro ruthlessly battled Mumm-ra with all that he 
could.  Mumm-ra began to use all of his powers to battle Panthro and his 
torrent powers.  Soon Panthro began to lose the upper hand as Mumm-ra 
started using psonic waves against Panthro.  Though Pantho could handle 
the other attacks, attacks against his mind were something more 
powerful.  When Cheetara shut down his normal side, she also shutdown 
his control over his mind.  Mumm-ra took this to his advantage.  He 
began to hit Panthro with all of his might, causing Panthro to lose all 
control over the fight.  With one final attack, Mumm-ra knocked Panthro 
to the ground.  "I despise fools like you who think that they have the 
strength to destroy me.  You were not ready to handle an Onslaught as 
me" Mumm-ra said mocking Panthro.  "I think it's time that you except my 
rule over Thundera now.  Have I forgotten to mention anything?" Mumm-ra 
said.  "Just that you are battling Panthro.  I can become stronger with 
every battle" Panthro said as he strained to get his strength.  "And I 
do not fall easily" Panthro said as he gathered his powers.  With a 
quick instance Panthro reached back and swung all his might at Mumm-ra. 
 All of his power went into one swing, causing a chaotic explosion as it 
hit Mumm-ra.
                The explosion was strong enough to take out several of 
the remaining, standing buildings.  "WOW!" Wily Kat said as he blocked 
his eyes from the flying dust.  "That sounded like a nuclear blast" Wily 
Kit said.  "LOOK!" Wily Kat said.  As the dust settled, they all looked 
at Panthro lying upon the ground.  Tygres rushed to his side.  Her eyes 
filled with tears as she saw him.  She grabbed hold of him and checked 
to see if to see if he was still breathing.  She heard slight sounds and 
she knew he was barely living.  "He's alive, but we have to get him 
help" Tygres.  "She's right" Jadakiss said.  "Fine, get Panthro out of 
here but the rest of us are staying" Lion-o said.  Tygres looked at 
Lion-o with disgust.  She couldn't believe he'd stay and fight this 
menace and not help his friend Panthro.  "We have no time" Catlani said. 
 "Look over there!" Wily Kit said with joy.  "His armor is shattered, 
he's been destroyed!" Wily Kat said with as much happiness as his 
sister.  "Panthro beat him, we won!" Blaze said.  Everyone cheered, they 
finally beat The Onslaught.
                "Hardly!" Mumm-ra said.  Everyone looked to see the most 
unbelievable sight.  Mumm-ra stood no longer as a armored being, but now 
as a giant shadow surrounded by psonic energy.  "I am no longer the 
physical Onslaught.  I am now your worst nightmare as I am all your 
thoughts and all your shadows!  I am reality and reality is me" Mumm-ra 
said.  "We've been fooled.  His armor wasn't his greatest source and nor 
was Lynx-o.  He is nothing but pure energy, not a being that we once 
knew as Mumm-ra.  This is his final form!  We have to attack with all 
that we have before he leaves all of us brain-dead" Lion-o said.
                "If it's energy he wants!  Then he's going to get it!" 
Tygra said.  Tygra swung his whip in the air, pulling all of the air's 
heat towards it.  "You won't get my mercy Mumm-ra!  This is for 
Thundera!" Tygra said as he let loose a string of flames towards 
Mumm-ra.  "TIGER HEATWAVE!" Tygra said as his body illuminated heat.  
The others backed away as Tygra let loose a huge wave of fire at 
Mumm-ra.  Mumm-ra stood with no injury as he began to absorb Tygra's 
energy.  "AHHHH!" TYgra screamed in pain.  "He's aborbing Tygra, he'll 
be crushed in a matter of time" Catlani said.  "Then watch out!" Barbada 
said as she ran towards Mumm-ra with Blaze not too far behind her.  
Barabda walked inside of the massive energy, trying to absorb some of 
Mumm-ra.  Her plan back-fired and Mumm-ra began to absorb her massive 
strength.  Blaze ran in after her and began to feel his body weakening. 
 Mumm-ra's energy began to fade slowly, but not slow enough.  "It's 
working, but we need more power" Bengali said.  Cheetara looked around, 
she saw as everyone else did.  For one time, all of Thundera's allies 
and enemies were working together to destroy something evil.  No matter 
what their reasons may be, they were working together.
                "Well it's my time to go then" Grune said.  "But I am 
not doing this for you fools.  I know where I belong and if I should 
die, I'll die a warrior" Grune said.  He pulled his mace from his side 
and swung it to the air.  "Mumm-ra, death awaits you!" he said as he 
charged at the giant shadow.  He slammed his mace to the ground, causing 
a tremendous earthquake.  It also caused him to fall into Mumm-ra's 
shadow of a body.  Grounds split as everyone tried to get away from 
their uncertain doom.  "Well it was fun knowing all of you, but it's my 
time to go on this one" Wily Kit said.  Wily Kat looked at her with 
hurt.  "Don't worry Kat, I'll be alright!  I mean look at it this way, 
at least I'm going out fashionably" Wily Kit said with a smile.  She 
pulled four pellets from her puch and threw tem to the air.  They began 
to change into four flre bombs and surround her body.  "Bye" Wily Kit 
said as she blew a kiss.  She ran at Mumm-ra.  "Four... Three... Two... 
ONE!" Wily Kit said as she jumped into Mumm-ra.  A series of explosions 
errupted inside of Mumm-ra.  "What's happening?" Mumm-ra said as he 
tried to control his powers.  Jadakiss grabbed Apollo's hand as they 
watched their friends fade away.  "We have to go now" Arial said as 
Theory and Chilla stood behind her.  Cheetara looked at her and for a 
moment she felt pain.  A tear spilled from her eyes and slipped down her 
cheek.  "I will see you again daughter" Arial said.
                Chilla charged Mumm-ra and formed her infamous ice 
dragon.  "FREEZING DRAGON ARC!" Chilla said as she let the dragon fly 
into Mumm-ra.  The winds around her sucked her into his body.  "Here 
goes" Theory said as he pulled three orbs from his pocket.  "THEORICAL 
ASSAULT!" Theory said as he jumped into Mumm-ra's body.  His powers gave 
loose into Mumm-ra, giving Theory and the others good control now.  
Mumm-ra shrieked in pain.  "HOW!" he bellowed.  "It's my turn now" Arial 
said.  She concentrated and built a huge psionic feild around herself.  
She flew up towards Mumm-ra and then she too went inside.  Her psionic 
powers went crazy inside of Mumm-ra, causing him to lose slight control 
over his own psionic powers.
                "I suppose time was meant to be this short for us?" 
Cheetara said as she looked around.  She walked over to Lion-o and gave 
him a kiss upon the cheek.  "Thank you" is all she could say to him.  
She looked at her friends one last time.  Tears rolled from her eyes and 
theirs.  She then began to flare up her powers, her body shimmering in 
gold.  She looked towards Mumm-ra and her eyes deepened in scarlet.  
"PHEONIX PSONIC SHATTER!" Cheetara said.  She blazed inside of Mumm-ra 
and let loose a stream of psionic powers inside of Mumm-ra.  Lion-o 
looked towards Apollo.  "What's wrong?" Lion-o said.  Apollo looked 
away.  "Where's Red Eye?" he said.
                Destiny, Catsy and White looked around as Mumm-ra 
literally came apart on the inside.  "What are we to do?" White said.  
"We have to get a way out" Catsy said.  "We have to contact somebody 
with psionic powers" Destiny said.  "But how?" Catsy said.  They watched 
as sparks flew everywhere inside, each one getting closer and closer to 
them.  "We have to find the time and we have to make it now!" White 
said.  He and Destiny concentrated on contacting someone while Catsy 
tried to use her powers to keep the psonic sparks away.
                Mandora looked around her and she knew what to do.  She 
leaped into the air and headed for Mumm-ra.  "What is she doing?" Tygres 
said.  "The only thing she knows how to do.  She is saving the world by 
sacrificing herself" Catlani said.  Hope looked at Shadow.  "I have to 
go now.  Theory, Blaze and Barabada are already inside" she said.  
Shadow looked at her with hurt.  "Then you must do what you feel is 
right" Shadow said.  "Unlike you, I have not changed my ways.  I am not 
doing this for the Thundercats or Thundera.  I am doing this because the 
others did it" Hope said.  She then concentrated into Shadow's eyes and 
telelported inside of Mumm-ra.  "She must have use my shadow abilities 
to get inside of him" Shadow said.
                Lynx-o listened as each one of his friends left. He sat 
on a pile of rocks, with tears glistening down his old face.  He refused 
to understand why they would do this.  "I did this to them.  I have to 
make up for it" Lynx-o said.  "Shadow, will you help me?" Lynx-o said.  
"Yes, it is time I proved that I can do something for this world" Shadow 
said.  He helped Lynx-o to his feet.  They began their slow walk to 
Mumm-ra's form.  "Not without me I hope" Moonlight said from behind 
them.  "Shadow turned around and with a smile he answered her question. 
 She ran over to them.  "You may not be one of us anymore, but that 
doesn't stop my love for you" Moonlight said as she kissed Shadow.  He 
smiled once again.  They all began to walk towards Mumm-ra.  As they 
reached the tip of his psionic surroundings, they all began to flare up 
their powers except Lynx-o.  He had nothing left.  He just walked into 
Mumm-ra, the Onslaught he created.  Without a goodbye in his heart, he 
fell away.  Shadow blazed into Mumm-ra.  Moonlight watched as he 
shattered Mumm-ra's feild of shadows.  "Goodbye my Shadow" Moonlight 
said as she let loose explosion after explosion of her light bombs.
                 Pumyra, Bengali and Wily Kat began toehir run for The 
Onslaught.  "Goodbye" is all they could say before Lion-o stopped them. 
 "You can't go in, MUmm-ra is now unstable.  You have to be here for 
your children" Lion-o said.  Bengali and Pumyra stopped their run.  WIly 
Kat soon followed.  "Fine Lion-o.  I am sorry to see everyone else go, 
but I am happy that we are spared" Bengali said as he held Pumyra.  
Pumyra felt tears burning her eyes and she let them fall.  "Oh Bengali, 
I do love you so much.  But you didn't hear him.  He said you, not us.  
I love my babies very much, but this is so that they can live free" 
Pumyra said.  Beofre Bengali could say anything, Pumyra used her psonic 
powers to push Bengali off of her.  She ran towards Mumm-ra with an orb 
in hand.  "I love you Bengali!" Pumyra said as she let all of her powers 
rage.  Bengali felt as if his heart stopped as he watched her.  She 
threw the orb into the air and she began to shatter Mumm-ra with her 
strong powers.  "NO!" Bengali said.  "You can not go in!" Lion-o said.  
BEngali looked at Lion-o and then at Mumm-ra's being.  He punched Lion-o 
in the face, causing Lion-o to fall to the floor.  "Don't you ever tell 
me that I can not be there for my wife!  I trust Snarfina and Snarf to 
bring up my children well.  If I don't return, at least I know they'll 
be alive.  You were never a leader to us, especially not now.  Farewell 
Lion-o" Bengali said in a rage.  Bengali pulled up all of his magnetism 
powers, causing metals to fly from the ground.  "You are mine Mumm-ra" 
Bengali said as he ran into Mumm-ra's being.  Wily Kat looked at Lion-o 
and then removed his Thundercats insignia.  "It's over Lion-o" is all he 
could say.  He let go of all his inhibitions to become a ferocious 
animal.  He charged Mumm-ra as he too became another victim of 
Thundera's controller.
                "The air burns with energy.  If only I could absorb it 
all" Red Eye said as he looked around at the heroes of Thundera.  "But 
yte my Eye Convulsor can absorb some of it" Red Eye said as he held a 
metal disc in hand.  As he looked at it, a fan came and shattered it.  
"Who dares tto destroy my disc?" Red Eye said.  "Red Eye, I'm hurt you 
didn't want to stick around with us.  I thought we had something going 
on together" Jadakiss said with another fan in hand.  She was ready for 
him and she didn't plan on wasting time that she didn't have.  "Guess he 
doesn't like us as much as we thought" Apollo said as he grabbed ahold 
of Red Eye.  He ran with all of his might inside of Mumm-ra, dragging 
Red Eye with him.  Jadakiss followed him and all three let loose their 
                "Well Catlani, it looks as if the Thundercats has 
ended?" LIon-o said as he held her hand.  "No, it looks as if we have 
all made up our mind on where we want to be.  There are a lot of things 
that happened that we are all not prepared for.  But we had better 
decide what we are going to do now" Catlani said.  They watched as 
Mumm-ra's energy expanded.  Tygres held Panthro in her arms.  I love you 
Panthro with all of my heart" she said.  Panthro opned his eyes and 
looked into hers.  The energy then sucked them inside of Mumm-ra.  "If 
we go in, there is no telling if we're going to coem out" Catlani said. 
 Lion-o said nothing to her but kissed her on the lips.  They both 
flared their powers together and ran into Mumm-ra.  As they did, The 
Onslaught began to explode.  Mumm-ra's being had been too overwhelmed 
with powers.  Explosion after explosion shattered Thundera's main city.
                "We have to get out, now!" Catsy said.  Destiny and 
White grabbed her hands as they jumped out of Mumm-ra's being.  As they 
did, they fell from the sky, screaming as they did.  Soon Destiny and 
White disappeared, re-appearing in their time.  Catsy fell until she was 
caught.  As she looked up again, she was surprised to be in the arms of 
Lynx-o.  "Are you alright?" Lynx-o said.  Catsy looked around to see one 
by one, all of the allies returning.  "Yes!" Catsy said.  Flames 
surrounded buildings as Catsy ran over to Lion-o.  Everyone was shocked 
that they were still alive.  Lion-o looked at Catsy and then swepted her 
up into his arms.  "You're alive!" she said with joy.  "I am alive..." 
Lion-o whispered.  Everyone cheered, they had destroyed Mumm-ra.  But at 
what cost.  Thundera City laid in complete ruins.  Tygra looked around 
with pain in his heart.  "Someday, it will be great again" Tygra 
whispered.  Soon enough, they were all headed to regroup.  Villains 
planing their take over and the Thundercats all headed in seperate 
directions.  The time had come for the Thundercats to be reborn and for 
them to take this chance to decide what the Thundercats were really for.

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