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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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New Thundercats: Metamorphosis
By Jesse Morgan

*** No spoiler!  READ ON!  It's going to be worth it!  ^_^ ***

        Catsy should be at the palace, laughing with her friends.  She 
should be going out in the streets, living up her young eyars.  She 
should be running around, letting her imagination go as deep as it 
wanted to.  But yet she's not.  She sits trying to awaken the 
Thundercats once old friend Lynx-o.  She sits wondering why she is here, 
inside of the newly formed body of Mumm-ra, The Onslaught instead of 
doing the things she wanted.  "Please, sir you have to wake up... You 
have to get up now!  I'm trying not to worry and be scared but it's hrad 
alone" she trembles as she grasps the hand of Lynx-o, the new tratior to 
the Thundercats.  She is trapped in the evil creature that is now made 
up of pure shadow power and ultimate psonic energy.  he is The Onslaught 
the the Thundercats must now fear.  "Please get up.  I know you, you are 
a Thundercat.  You are one of Lion-o's friends!  Please help me!  You 
are a strong person... I need your help here.  Let's get out of here..." 
Catsy says.  She tries with all her might, but yet there is still no 
response from Lynx-o's cold body.  Catsy's only other companions are 
that of Destiny and White, the future children that Bengali and Pumyra 
now raise.  They are left unconscious from Mumm-ra's kidnapping of them 
from the future.  "You have to egt up before he comes back" Catsy 
whispers to Lynx-o as she looks around.
                "I don't know what happened.  I was sleeping and someone 
came into my room.  I heard a voice, a voice that was familar.  And 
then, I ended up here.  I don't know how I got here.  All I remember 
hearing was The Onslaught... What does that mean?" Catsy said as she 
looked hard at the face laying below her.  "Who is The Onslaught?   Tell 
me what to do.  Just tell me and I can do it.  I seem to be able to 
control what I want to happen" Catsy said with tears begining to roll 
down her face.  "Let the old Thundercat sleep, child.  In his own way, 
he deseerves this" a voice came from all around Catsy.  Ot echoed as 
much outside, as it did in her head.  Catsy only hopes it is not the 
being who brought her here, to suffer a dark life alone.  As she turns, 
she feels the beats in heart increase to an uncontrolable standard.
                She gazes upon the tall standing illsuions of Mumm-ra's 
new armor.  "Now relax child, you're going to need your strength for 
later" Mumm-ra's says as he glares upon her frightened face.  "For what? 
 Why..." Catsy barely aspeaks.  Her mind in a daze as she tries to 
think.  "BEcause you are going to help me.  As the child of King Claudus 
and the sibling of Lion-o, you have a power that is unknown to them.  
You have control over things that only I can grasp the aspect of.  You 
are the heir to a throne that I want to control.  With you Catsy I can 
conquer a world!" Mumm-ra says.  "I don't want to conquer anything.  I 
want to go home" Catsy pleads.  The illusion fades as Catsy cringes to 
Lynx-o's body.  As she does, a tear rolls from Lynx-o's closed eyes.
                As the Sky Cat falls to it's unsightly doom, Lion-o 
feels as if he has failed many.  He has failed Jaga, his father, Catsy 
and even Catlani.  He concentrates, making sure life doesn't give him a 
death sentence.  As he does, a deep blue glow forms around his body.  
The glow reaches out to the panels of the Sky Cat and controls them.  As 
fires blaze around the jet, the others get the idea that Lion-o puts 
across.  They must work together if they want to survive.  Quickly, 
Tygra pulls all of his pwoers to calm the flames that spark around the 
Sky Cat.  Tygres heads for the main control panel and begins to try and 
override the shut down sequence that was started by Mumm-ra's new psonic 
wave.  Cheetara concentrates all of her telekinetic energy on the 
outside of the jet.  Her eyes flutter as she gets a temporary control 
over the falling vessel.  "HURRY!" she screams out as she begins to feel 
weak.  Tygres quickly gets control back over the Sky Cat as Lion-o 
repairs the ships controls.
                The Sky Cat eases to the ground of Thundera Ciy.  As 
they exit the Sky Cat, they wish that they had truely fallen.  "BY 
JAGA!" Tygra cowls as he looks upon his home.  All of Thundera City 
stands in ruins.  "The Onslaught has truely proven his powers" Cheetara 
says as she begins to walk around the wreckage.  "We have to find the 
others!" Lion-o says as he jumps from the pile of heep the Sky Cat sits 
upon.  "Cheetara, try and locate a main source of where everyone is" 
Tygra says as he looks around.  Cheetara begins to use all of her force 
to locate her friends.  In steady time, Cheetara begins to reach out all 
over Thundera City.  Soon enough her powers find her friends as they 
fight to save the city.  "I've found them!" Cheetara says with 
happiness.  "Good, let's go get them!" Lion-o says as his great hopes 
returns to him.
                Red Eye and Chilla watch from uptop of a mountain as the 
people of Thundera City run for rescue, for shelter, for their lives.  
"It seems Mumm-ra never really needed any of us to help him" Chilla says 
with a smirk.  "To think that he was this capable of controlling the 
masses is unbelievable Chilla" Red Eye says as he glories at his former 
ally's success.  "Indeed.  It is an apocalypse of events that has 
brought him to such great power.  And now, he suceeds in destroying the 
place he tried to conquer.  He must have ideas of greater things to 
come.  With that eletrco magnetic pulse he sent through here, he could 
have easily destroyed the whole city.  But he wanted people to suffer, 
how like him" Chilla hisses.  "I respect the people's need for survival. 
 But it is only for the fitest, that not being them.  But where stands 
the Thundercats in this chaos?" Red Eye questions.  He stares off into 
the distance, to where The Onslaught's citadel stands.
                To where Wily Kit and Wily Kat battle the oncoming 
flares of Mumm-ra's forces.  Wily Kat flies in quickly on his Arial 
Blazer, searching for his sister's thougts.  "Did I miss anything" Wily 
Kat says as he hops of his board.  He watches as his sister places a 
forcefield in front of them, protecting them from the constant flares.  
"Just about everyone else dropped back for recovery" Wily Kit said.  
"Guess that leaves me and you to save Thundera?" Wily Kat said with 
humor.  "Again" Wily Kit said, trying to bring a smile to her own face. 
 As the Thunder Kittens prepare to leave for an attack, Catlani flips 
ith ease over a wall from behind them.  "Room for one more" she says as 
she pulls her bow from her back.  "Catlnai?" Wily Kit said in shock.  
"We are sorta under attack over here" Wily Kat said as he grabbed his 
Arial Blazer.  "I can see that" Catlani said as she looked around.  "We 
at least could use some back up.  I am sure that you are aware of Catsy 
being trapped inside of Mumm-ra" Wily Kat said as he prepared to leave. 
 "Yeah, I know Kat.  But we're going to get her out" Catlani said as she 
pulled an arrow from her back.  "So let's try again.  The three of us!" 
Wily Kit said as she grabbed her Arial Blazer.
                "Not just yet people" Apollo said s he, Jadakiss, Pumyra 
and Lion-o came slowly into the area, via Lion-o's new power.  "It's a 
suicide run on the citadel that will only result in another pile up of 
dead bodies" Lion-o said as he safely placed the others upon the ground. 
 "Lion-o is right.  We want the others back just as bad as you, but we 
can't go killing ourselves over it" Jadakiss said. "Well Pumyra, Apollo, 
Lion-o and Jadakiss, what do you suppose we do about it?" Catlani said 
as she turned from them.  "The matter is that everyone else is fine.  
The readings that Cheetara got from here are dangerous" Lion-o said as 
he tried to look into his girlfriend's eyes.  "Well since you guys have 
everything else pretty much covered, Pumyra if you don't mind... You can 
help me in the streets.  We need to help the trapped and wounded get 
away from the sentinels" Catlani said as she grasped her arrow.  "I am 
staying" Jadakiss said with affirmaty.  "Jae?" Apollo had no time to 
question her.  "I only left the mansion in order to make sure everyone 
was okay.  Now my job here is to stop as many of these sentinels as 
possible" Jadakiss said with no expression.  She was not going to be 
fazed by anything they had to say to her.  Apollo feels her strength and 
decides to stay with her.  He feels that he is stronger with her, then 
without her.  They hold the key to many lives, but who holds the key to 
                Not too far away, many join in the attempt to save the 
lives of Thundera City.  The man known as Shadow, who had just come to 
Thundera to create havoc with Mumm-ra is not rethinking his efforts.  If 
Thundera is destroyed, where will he go?  But unfortunately, Shadow is 
unaware of his part in this destruction.  But the only thing he cares 
about right now is the people living on Thundera.  "There were people in 
here Mumm-ra!" Shaodwe says as he uses his ability to manipulate the 
shadows to rip apart a fallen building.  "Thank Jaga it is dark outside, 
so I can use the shadows" Shadow says as he rips open a wall into the 
building.  As he looks in, the people scream in terror.  "He is part of 
this!" the people inside scream.  As barrage for the door that Shadow 
has just crated for them.  "Get out of there Shadow!" Bengali cries as 
he vicisouly pulls one of his enemies from death.  Shadow quickly 
recovers and hoves hisself and Bengali to safety upon a building.  "Why 
are they attacking me!" Shadow says with strong anger.  "BEcause, you 
are a villain.  They get that way when they know of certain doom to 
come.  They had no one else to blame!" Bengali says with all calmness.  
"The life you have led, it's not the best.  But you seem to be trying to 
change by saving those people" Bengali said as he looked over th edge of 
the roof.  "To see such fear used to comfort me.  But now, I feel as if 
it causes me more pain then them" Shadow said with confidence.  His 
confidence was not as strong as it used to be.
                From another rooftop, Cheetara watches and gzes upon 
Bengali and Show's conversation.  Her thoughts are deepened in questions 
but she has no time to find the answers.  "If you're saying that I can 
change I know that better then anyone!  But there are things about my 
past nobody knows of!" Shadow says as he floats off of the building.  
"SHADOW!  Don't go getting into something you're not ready for!" Bengali 
calls out but his words are just echoes for the buildings.   As Shadow 
leaves, Arial floats on her telekinesis over to Bengali.  Bengali's face 
turns from disappointed to shock.  "What are you doing here?" Bemgali 
said.  "I saw what you did for him.  That was a very kind thing Bengali" 
Arial said.  She tried not to read his thoughts, but they were so 
strong.  As if they were written across his face for everyone to read.  
"It wasn't hard.  I know how it feels to feel as if you are rejected" 
Bengali said as he looked away from Arial.  He was unsure of how 
Mumm-ra's new take over was having such a strong effect on once enemies. 
 "But you were never rejected by Pumyra.  She has always had the deepest 
love for you" Arial said.  "But it's not her, it's something else.  But 
let's forget it" Bengali said.  As Arial tried to enter his mind, 
Bengali blocked her.  His small hint of mind powers touched in just in 
time.  "No, I don't think so Mumm-rana or Arial.  You may be Cheetara's 
mother, but you still have betrayed the Thundercats" Bengali said with 
intense anger.  "That's why I am here, to make-up for all the trouble I 
have caused.  I want to destroy Mumm-ra like he has destroyed me!" Arial 
said with feirce.  Bengali smiled at her new found confidence.  "Are we 
ready?" Bengali said as he looked over the roof.  "Always" Arial said 
with a smile.
                While Bengali and Arial prepare to head into battle, 
other Thundercats working quickly to try and find a way to destroy the 
hold over Thundera City that Mumm-ra has.  Cheetara looks around the 
dimly lighted labrotory, hoping to figure out whay she was there.  
"Lion-o" Cheetara said as she walked towards him.  "Yes Cheetara, is 
there a problem?" Lion-o said as he continued searching on his view 
screen.  "I just wanted to know why you called me here?" Cheetara said 
softly.  "I need a psonic search of sorts.  I know you are capable of 
reaching out to many things.  So I need your abilities to locate each 
Thundercat, ally or whatever that can help us or who si willing to help 
us in this battle" Lion-o said.  "As far as breaking Lynx-o's psonic 
template over Thundera City, that will take more effort.  So I need you, 
Bengali and Pumyra to try that.  I know that Bengali has a small range, 
so Tygra will assist as much as he can in that.  Also, I know that 
Pumyra has a very developing psonic ability, use her in anyway you can. 
 Plus, I will request the help of your mother Arial" Lion-o said.  
"WHAT!  You can't be serious.  After she faded away from the last 
battle, I don't even want to speak to her!" Cheetara said in rage.  
Lion-o could feel her betrayel.  The iromy was that Cheetara had also 
betrayed the Thundercats.  "Thank you Cheetara, but Bengali has located 
her and we will require her help.  So get over it" Lion-o said with as 
much harshness that was available to him.  *Amazing.  In ways he reminds 
me so much of me and Tygra combined.  But yet he is the Lord of the 
Thundercats.  And yet I can sense his feelings, he is not as dedicated 
as he may have thought.  This is a vendetta for him* Cheetara thought.
                "Where do you want me to put this armor Lion-o?" Panthro 
said as he carried a huge crate with ease.  He looked as if he wasn't 
even fazed by the weight of it.  Panthro placed the crate on the floor 
and gazed over at Tygra who was limping slightly.  "Where do you think 
you are going?" Panthro questioned.  "Word just in, Mumm-ra seems to be 
building up on power.  He may decide to make an apperance" Tygra said 
with a low tone.  "And you don't think what we are doing here is more 
important.  The others in the street should be able to handle this" 
Panthro said.  "But we are Thundercats.  it's our duty!" Tygra said with 
determination.  Panthro frowned on him.  He walked over to him and 
helped him get to the Sky Cat.  "Let's just go and egt this over with" 
Panthro said as they walked slowly to the Sky Cat.
                At the citadel, Mumm-ra charged up his body by absorbing 
what he could of Destiny and White's powers.  "It is as I thought it 
would be.  Merging with Lynx-o's powers and the first children of the 
future!  Such power!  I am growing and changing into something powerful 
enough to swallow Thundera alive!" Mumm-ra said as great power 
surrounded his new body.  He absorb upon all of Thundera's resources to 
the best of his ability.  Nothing could stop his powers now, nothing.
                "I think we shouldcall the others" Apollo said to 
Jadakiss as they awed at the site of the citadel.  "Yeah, maybe you 
should.  I think it's time I went in" Jadakiss said stubbornly.  "What! 
 No, you are not going in alone.  You, nor me, nor any of us alone can 
battle Mumm-ra" Apollo said.  "Isten to Apollo, Jae.  He knows what he 
is talking about" Bengali said as he and Arial came running to Jadakiss 
and Apollo.  "But..." Jadakiss stopped her own words.  She knew they 
were right, but yet her fear for the people inside of Mumm-ra made no 
comfort for her.
                Deep within the core of The Onslaught, young Catsy tried 
to giver herself the extra strength she needs.  All she has is her tears 
to make her stronger.  And her tears slid from her face to the still 
motionless body of Lynx-o.  But the tears are just enough.  "Hush dear 
Catsy" she hears.  Her head slowly lifts up to see Lynx-o has awaken.  
"You're awake?" Catsy said.  "Yes Catsy I am.  How did you get here?" 
Lynx-o said.  As if he was unsure of what had happened in such a short 
time.  "Iwas taken here by this thing.  He calls himself The Onslaught" 
Catsy said.  *By Jaga, does this evil have no end?* Lynx-o thought as 
his memories slowly returned to him.  "Catsy, can you trust me?" Lynx-o 
said.  "You are a Thundercat, of course I can trust you" Catsy said.  
She felt as if the man who once told her she was never leaving had now 
changed for the better. "This 'Onslaught' is an evil being.  He's going 
to want you to help him destroy Thundera.  Whatever you do, you must not 
help him.  You must be strong and fight him" Lynx-o said.  he hoped that 
she understood him.  "How?" Catsy said.
                "Simply, you can't" Mumm-ra said as his illusion once 
again appeared before Catsy.  "Don't you know that I am more pwoerful 
then this mere child.  She is just a key to opening one of many doors!  
Granted, I needed you Lynx-o to have control over mny things.  But you 
are of no use to me anymore.  I have absorbed your powers to the 
fullest.  You are but a mere inking in the plot now.  I have no use for 
you and could destroy you in an instance of time" Mumm-ra said with 
feircenes.  You had all control of the situation now and Lynx-o could do 
nothing to stop the thing that he helped make stronger.  "I have the 
child and you can not get her back" Mumm-ra said as he made Catsy fade 
away.  "Don't worry Lynx-o.  I will fight him!" Catsy said with more 
boldness then Mumm-ra.  "You monster!" Lynx-o said as he reached for 
Catsy's fading body.  "May I be forgiven for recreating you!  But as I 
brought you back, I will destroy you!" Lynx-o said with pain in his 
voice.  "How will you do that?  Without your powers, you are but a small 
figure in a huge war" Mumm-ra said.  As his laugh shattered Lynx-o's 
heart, Mumm-ra's illusion faded.
                Outside of the citadel, the battle begins.  Apollo looks 
on as Mumm-ra finally makes his appearance to the Thundercats.  "What is 
he doing!  And more important, what is Shadow doing" Apollo said as he 
watched Apollo confront Mumm-ra.  Shadow flared up his powers as he 
gazed upon the mask of Mumm-ra.  "Alright Mumm-ra, quit playing foolish 
games and let's really see what you are made of!" Shadow said with fire 
in his eyes.  "Shadow, isn't it?  How fitting that the great Ecliptic 
leader would return to the side I pulled him from!" Mumm-ra said.  He 
taunted Shadow to throw him off guard.  He knew this battle was his with 
good control.  Shadow concentrated to absorb all of the shadows around 
him, but it was hard when Mumm-ra was doing that of the same.  "If I had 
something to do with your recreation, then I will have something to do 
with your demise!" Shadow said as he unleased a furry of blasts on 
Mumm-ra.  "You and Lynx-o both were just little pawns in the game" 
Mumm-ra said as he used a fist of shadows to knock Shadow from his feet.
                "I don't fear you anymore then I need him!" Mumm-ra said 
as his armor began to open.  "What's he doing?" Tygres said as she came 
upon the battle with Tygra.  "Who can say?" Panthro said as he too 
arrived.  As the Thundercats looked on they saw Lynx-o, struggling to 
free himself from the shadows that bond him to Mumm-ra's armor.  "Is 
this what you think holds me togetehr?  Must I kill that which has 
spawned me before you realize that I am indestructible?" Mumm-ra said 
with no emotion.  "Or would you prefer I torture him slowly and 
painfully?" Mumm-ra said.  "Take him!" Lion-o said as he watched on.
                And so it begun once again, the battle that plagued the 
Thundercats grew with tension.  As Shadow flared up, he felt his body 
being suddenly controlled.  He let loose a streaming shadow blast that 
he had no control over.  "A flare?" Shadow said with a confussed face.  
"Where did it come from?" Shadow said as he backed away from the battle. 
 "That would be me who did that" Tygra said as he concentrated.  "I do 
have psonic control over people when need be" Tygra said as he still 
held control over Shadow.  "Hope you didn't mind!" Tygra said as he drew 
his whip, preparing to now take on The Onslaught.  "Yeah, I did!" Shadow 
said as he tried to regain control over his powers.  Apollo watched as 
the Thundercats battled Mumm-ra.  He noticed a slight crack in Mumm-ra's 
armor.  This was his chance to prove himself worthy to everyone.  He 
built up his power, as all lynx did.  The shadows built around his body 
steadily.  "Drop back everyone!" Apollo said as he felt his power reach 
the max.  With a slight blink, he let loose his power.  A suge of energy 
beamed at The Onslaught, taking him from his feet.  Mumm-ra fell into a 
nearby building, totaling what was left standing.  "You will pay for 
this... Thundercats!" Mumm-ra said as he tried to regain balance.  
Jadakiss glared at the now strong barrier that had been cracked into 
Mumm-ra's armor.  *Apollo has used his shadows to blast a whole right 
through Mumm-ra's armor.  With my fans, I can make the whole slightly 
bigger* Jadakiss thought.  Jadakiss oulled two fans from her back.  
"FLOWER FAN!" Jadakiss said as she let her fans fly at Mumm-ra.  They 
caught fire as they blitzed through the heated air.  They shattered a 
peice of Mumm-ra's armor on impact.
                *Amazing, I'm existing on Mumm-ra's psonic barrier and 
yet I am here in the real world as well.  How can this be?  Is my power 
so strong that even I did not know the limits* Lynx-o thought.  "But I 
suppose with Mumm-ra there is no bound!" Lynx-o said as he tried to pry 
his body from the bondage that held him.  "Are you... finished!..." 
Mumm-ra said as he stood from the wreckage.  "I don't know?  Panthro, 
Pumyra, Bengali, are we finished?" Lion-o said.  Pumyra and Bengali 
looked at each other and then knew what to do.  Pantrho began to charge 
his body up with the electricity that surrounded his body.  Pumyra 
concentrated with all of her psonic energy.  As she did, her husband 
Bengali pulled all his magnetic powers together.  "Are we ready Pumyra?" 
Bengali said.  Pumyra nodded and they both concentrated together.  
Pantrho prepared himself for the worst as Bengali's magnetism began to 
bond Mumm-ra's body into one psot.  Pumyra then began a psonic wave that 
she was usually unable to do.  With all her strength she clouded 
Mumm-ra's thoughts for a slight moment.  Panthro then hurled himself as 
Mumm-ra, with the help of Cheetara's telekenisis.  "FOR THE 
THUNDERCATS!" Panthro cried as he ripped through Mumm-ra's armor.  
Leaving a gapping whole in the center of the armor, Panthro pulled 
Lynx-o's body from Mumm-ra's armor.  With that, Mumm-ra should be 
destroyed.  He should be demolished with a sinch.  The being that helped 
recreate him and brith his new powers was ripped from his insides.  
Lynx-o was The Onslaught.  The Onslaught was Lynx-o.  They couldn't 
exist without each other.
                But they did.  "AT LAST... I AM FREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!" 
Mumm-ra cried as a psonic storm surrounded him.  "Now behold my true 
power!" Mumm-ra bellowed as the flares grew larger.  With that, all was 
blown.  Never before has Lynx-o's shadow abilities and his new psonic 
powers ever mixed with Mumm-ra's forever eternal magics.  Never before 
has Lynx-o's inner rage and fury mixed with Mumm-ra's uncontroable evil. 
 Never before has the powers of Lynx-o, Mumm-ra, Catsy, Destiny and 
White combined to let lose the fury that now exploded on Thundera City. 
 Even though the people of Thundera City long evacuated after the 
appearance of Mumm-ra's new citadel, this did not leave the city without 
casualties.  All of the Thundercats and their new found friends were 
blown back by the shockwave that hit the city.
                As debris still fluttered the air, the most powerful 
Thundercats sheilded the others.  Pumyra stood with all of her might, 
creating a psonic feild to surround the magnetic feild that Bengali 
created to save his wife, hisself, Tygra, Tygra and Catlani.  Lion-o 
also used all of his powers to protect hisself, Wily Kat and Wily Kit.  
Arial held a sheild protecting Apollo, Jadakiss and herself.  And as 
buildings fell, Shadow helped Cheetara hold up a forcefeild around 
Panthro and Lynx-o.  "We have to get back there and get the others" 
Cheetara said as she strained to hold her psonic sheild around Shadow's 
shadow-feild.  "Cheetara, even I haven't thought of such a crazy thing!" 
Shadow said deviuosly.  Even in Shadow's evil time, he has never done 
such evil things.  "That psonic storm that is outside will rip your mind 
from isnide to out.  Even with your powers, you would not survive" 
Shadow said.  "Shadow knows of what he speaks Cheetara.  If you were to 
dare battle that psonic wave out there, even with all your strength you 
would not survive" Panthro said as he moved a peice of rock that blocked 
them.  "But if we are to live through this, living here may be worse" 
Cheetara said as she onlooked the growing damage to the city.  "Lynx-o, 
can't you use your shadow powers to find out what is happening out 
there?" Cheetara said in a low voice.  Lynx-o's sharp ears listen 
carefully.  "I can't Cheetara... For the moment and maybe forever I have 
lost my powers" Lynx-o said with pain.  As time grew on, the near battle 
became clear to everyone still living in Thundera City.  It was time to 
destroy The Onslaught.

*** Sneak Preview: NONE AGAIN!  All I'll tell you is the title for the 
next story is "The Onslaught".  The answers to what will happen to all 
of the Thundercats and allies will all be answered within time! ***

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