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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Jesse's Bios for the new team

New Thundercats - New Life, New World

   The Thundercats have been Thundera's protection for awhile.  But now 
it is time for a change.  The characters of my stories will change 
following their battle with Mumm-ra.  A new team, new villans, new loves 
and new problems.  It will all begin starting with story #34 or 35.  
Here are the stats and some spoilers of what is to come of Thundera's 
best hope.

New Thundercats team


Species: Tiger
Weapons: Bola whip
Marital Status: Currently dating Cheetara; in love with Tygres
Relatives: none
Age: 25
Powers: Ability to control fire/slight mind control/illsuions
Notes: The soulful and sensitive tiger is in for more then he can 
handle.  He must face the future alone as he bares a heavy decision.  He 
is going to develop to be a very unconfident man.  He is going to be the 
angst of the team.


Species: Lion
Weapons: Bow & Arrows
Marital Status: Currently dating Lion-o
Relatives: Jaga (father/deceased)
Age: 19
Powers: Control over water/controls density of body
Notes: Originally Catlani was to be a kind hearted girl that was mean to 
change Lion-o for the better, but my thoughts of her has changed.  She 
will no longer have to be the sweet girl that everyone considers her.  
her days of sunshine will discontinue after Lion-o leaves the team.  She 
will be the force of the team.


Species: Tiger
Weapons: Spear shaped poles
Marital Status: Currently dating Panthro
Relatives: unknown
Age: 18
Powers: Teleportation with spears/can give target uncontroable pain
Notes: She has always been pretty cute.  I never found her as a real 
fighter.  In recent sories, she has changed.  In ways she is more 
ruthless, more dangerous.  Her look will change with each story.  Soon 
enough she will be married to Panthro, but before the couple even 
settles, a unexpected event takes place.  But expect the birth of her 
cub to change her life.  She will be the hope of the team.


Species: Panther
Weapons: Nunchuks
Marital Status: Currently dating Tygres
Relatives: unknown
Age: 27
Powers: Control over electricty currents/can make body rock hard
Notes: Of all the team, Panthro has always been the calm and collected 
one.  He's a stand-up guy, but yet a gentle person.  With the birth of 
his cub and the marriage to Tygres, Panthro will feel even more at 
peice.  But don't expect peace to last without war.  He will be the joy 
and strength of the team.


Species: Puma/Cougar
Weapons: Sling/orbs
Marital Status: Married to Bengali
Relatives: Mother, Father, White (son), Destiny (daughter), Jadakiss 
Age: 20
Powers: Teleportaion/speed/slight psonic powers/time control
Notes: Her sunshine look and personality has always been why I liked 
Pumyra.  She is pretty much a backbone of the Thundercats.  She will 
soon be in a situation where she can not change her ways.  A new power 
and personality will be given to her.  A draker and colder side of 
Pumyra will appear.  Also expect a new life in hers.  She will be the 
new myserty of the team.


Species: White Tiger
Weapons: Hammer
Marital Status: Married to Pumyra
Relatives: Father, Destiny (daughter), White (son)
Age: 21
Powers: Slight mind control/magnetism/wind control
Notes: I wasn't sure if I wanted to make Bengali team leader in the 
begining, but he seems like the type to take Lion-o's place.  He is 
going to go through rough times as leader, with his wife and with the 
team.  He will be the light and love of the team.

Wily Kat

Species: Lion
Weapons: Pellets/sling
Marital Status: Single
Relatives: Wily Kit (sister), Father, Mother
Age: 15
Powers: Can half senses, instincts and abilties of a Lion/healing powers
Notes: He is half shy boy and half wolf, but he is all Thundercat.  he 
is a main suppoter of the tema sticking together.  Expect changes in him 
as he begins a relationship with Catys and ends a friendship with his 
sister Wily Kit.  He will be the supporter of the team.


Species: Panther
Weapons: none
Marital Status: Single
Relatives: None
Age: 26
Powers: Control over shadows
Notes: The one person I never expected to be on the team is.  Shadow has 
made his ways from being on the badside to being a Thundercat.  Actually 
he is not a Thundercat, but he will be their as apart of a reform 
system.  Expect that not to last long.  But who will take over the 
Eclipses?  Well since Shadow was not intended by me to be on the 
Thundercats, expect him to develop as apart of the team that is not seen 
often.  He will be the rage of the team.


Species: Cheetah
Weapons: Staff
Marital Status: Currently dating Tygra
Relatives: Arial (mother), A'trphor (father/deceased)
Age: 24
Powers: Speed/telethatpy/telekinetics/control over the cold
Notes: Cheetara was another person who was not supposed to be on the new 
team.  But after consideration, she has proven that she is not as insane 
as other think.  She will learn to handle herself very well in combat, 
but yet she will still have a darkside.  She will be the devious of the 

Other characters:

Lion-o: Former Thundercat leader is the new King of Thundera.  He will 
be seen often but no longer as the Thundercats friend.  His relationship 
with Catlani will dwindle slowly.  He is one of the first to leave the 

Lynx-o: After he betrays the Thundercats, he can no longer be apart of 
them.  He leaves as the first to leave.  He will be out of the stories 
for awhile.

Catsy: She will remain princess of Thundera, but start an intresting 
relationship with Wily Kat.  Expect to see more of her, as I plan to 
develop her attitude towards the Thundercats and her brother.

Destiny & White: I have not left out Pumyra and Bengali's cubs.  As they 
grow, they begin to feel the love their parents share for them.  The 
future Desinty & White will make several cameos to try and save Thundera 
from it's ongoing threat.

Wily Kit: Orignally planned to be on the new team, Wily Kit will leave 
after an encounter with Shadow.  Her ideas of the Thundercats will 
change.  A possible comeback for one of the cunning twins.

The Lunatacs: With one dead, one in a coma and the others lost, Red Eye 
decides it's time he regain his strength and with the help of one evil 
mummy, ragain control over the Luna Royal Court.

Jadakiss: Jae will still be around and her character will develop even 
more.  She was intended for the new team, but she will now decide that 
her and Apollo need to take things a step more in their relationship.

Apollo: Apollo will be around often to help the Thundercats, but yet not 
become one.  His life will change dramatically in a few moments.  He was 
also intended for the new team, but I changed plans so that he could 
develop as a friend of Bengali and Pumyra's.

Mumm-rana (Arial): Cheetara's mother is far from being long and gone.  
Her deadly ways will soon return.

Snarf: He, Snarfer and Snarfina will still be around in the stories, but 
will fall short of being main characters.

The Eclipses: The terror has not stopped with these new villans.  They 
will be recieving a new leader in an old face.

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