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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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New Thundercats: Crimson Dawn
By Jesse Morgan

*** If you didn't read thelast story, DO NOT READ THIS ONE!!!!  It is 
very important that you know what is happening.  I will not reveal what 
is to happen in the next couple of stories!!!  So keep up ^_^ ***

                The morning doesn't come soon enough for the 
Thundercats.  The base that they just found as home lay half in ruins.  
The Thundercats burried under the rubble, life seems gone.  As time 
progressing a shard of wall flies into the air.  Standing strong from 
the wreckage is Panthro.  He groans as he removes the rest of the 
wreckage from Tygres's body.  She blinks her eyes slightly, adjusting to 
the still dark of the morning.  Panthro reaches his hand for her.  
Tygres grabs a hold and stands slowly.  "What happened?" Tygres said as 
she whipped dirt from her eyes.  "It seems that Cheetara was right" 
Panthro said as he looked around.  "What happened to everyone?" Tygres 
said as she looked around.  No sign of any of her friends.  Panthro 
walked down from the pile of wreckage that they stood on.  Just as he 
reached the bottom, a brash of rubble flew to one side.  Tygres 
suprised, leaped into the air, landing on the ground.  As they dust 
cleared, Cheetara stood holding Tygra up.  "Where is he!" Cheetara said 
in a rage.  Just as she and Tygra walked out, Wily Kit followed.  She 
fell to her knees coughing.  Another explosion hit as Lion-o emerged 
from the fallen base.  Catlani soon surfaced after him.  "Is everyone 
alright!" Lion-o called out as he tried to adjust his eyes.  "No, we 
don't know where Kat, Pumyra, Bengali, Jadakiss and Apollo are!" Wily 
Kit said.
                Her fear was growing with every second they were 
missing.  Just as her worries grew, Wily Kat emerged from a pile of 
fallen bricks.  "Luckily I put that forcefeild on huh?" Wily Kat said in 
humor.  Wily Kit ran to him and hugged him.  "Ah Kit, get off me" Wily 
Kat said while struggling with his sister.  As Wily Kat got his sister 
off of him, another explosion shattered the fallen rubble.  Rising from 
the ashes was Bengali and Pumyra, helping Jadakiss and Apollo out.  
"Where did he go!" Bengali said with as much rage as Cheetara.  Pumyra 
brushed dirt from her hair and looked at Bengali.  She felt his pain, 
his anger, his heartbreak.  Bengali looked around at the fallen area.  
"Where are the cubs?" Bengali said.  Snarfina, Snarf and Snarfer 
approached the enraged Thundercats.  "They are fine" Snarfina said.  "An 
ambulance is on the way snarf snarf" Snarf said.  The Thundercats 
gathered to check out the serious injuries.  "Apollo, Jadakiss, Tygres 
and Wily Kit should be checked out.  We will go from there" Lion-o said. 
 As the Thundercats headed to the hospital, each one thought about one 
thing, Lynx-o.
                Bengali sat patiently in a cushioned chair in the 
emergency waiting room.  He wondered how everyone was.  Next to him sat 
Cheetara.  Her eyes were fixated else where.  She stared at the lgihts, 
trying to avoid anymore visions that may hit her.  She wish none of this 
happened, but most of all she wished that she didn't know it was going 
to happen.  Sleeping next to her was Wily Kat.  he couldn't handle all 
the pressure of knowing Lynx-o was the second person to betray the 
Thundercats.  Cheetara looked away to the otherside of the room.  There 
stood Tygra, pondering thoughts that she didn't want to invade.  Tygra 
knew that Cheetara was looking at him, but he didn't want to look at 
her.  He knew that soon enough a doctor would walk through the doors, 
telling everyone what was wrong.  Tygra gazed at Panthro sitting on the 
otherside of Bengali.  He wondered if Panthro was thinking about Lynx-o 
or thinking about Tygres like he was.
                Before Tygra could get his answer a doctor walked 
through the doors.  "Hello everyone" he said as he looked around at the 
room.  "Uhm, I have a report of everyone's condition for you.  It seems 
that Wily Kit has just a slight pain in her wrist and she will be ready 
to go.  As for Jadakiss, she is fine, so minor bruises.  Uhm, Apollo 
seems to be fine, but Tygres is another story.  From what I ehar she is 
pregnant" the doctor said.  The last statement caught Tygra and 
Panthro's ears and attention.  "Yes she is" Cheetara said.  "Well I have 
the results of who the father of her child is" the doctor said.  Tygra's 
eyebrow arched, while Panthro's eyes widened.  "Well the father of her 
child is Panthro" the doctor said with a smile.  "Congrats!" Lion-o said 
as he walked through the door with Catlani and Jadakiss.  "Yes, 
congratulations" Bengali said with cheer.  Cheetara was going to 
congrtaulate Panthro, but yet she felt a strong tension in the air.  She 
gazed at Tygra and felt his thoughts through his eyes.  He was not happy 
with the news he had just heard.  This brought pain to Cheetara's heart.
                "As for Pumyra, she is fine.  She is doing rather well 
since her pregnancy Bengali" the doctor said.  That made Bengali happy 
and with a smile he watched Pumyra walk through the door.  "Where's 
Tygres?" Panthro said as he stood.  Soon enough Tygres and Apollo came 
into the room.  "Right here" Tygres said as she ran to Panthro.  he 
grabbed her and hugged her with all his strength.  "I'm soooo happy!" 
Panthro said with cheer.  Tygres smiled, bet yet her eyes were fixated 
on Tygra.  "Why he smiling?" Tygres thought to herself.  "Alright 
people, let's save the good cheers for later" Lion-o said.  All the 
Thundercats and their friends turned their attention to Lion-o.  "We 
have to find Mumm-ra or Lynx-o or whatever he is.  We need to figure 
where he is and what he is up to" Lion-o said.  "I think there would be 
a good place to start" Wily Kat said as he pointed to the monitor.
                The Thundercats looked at the screen as a reporter told 
the escalating story of the rampage of sentinels on Thundera.  "That's 
right.  These gigantic robots are terrorizing Thundera, mainly around 
Thundera City!  They are tearing down buildings and destroying 
everything in their way.  It seems their main source is the palace, in 
which we believe an evil being is controlling them" the reporter said.  
The Thundercats awed as they saw the giant sentinels.  "They are WAY 
bigger then the ones we've fought before!" Wily Kit said.  "Oh no, they 
have the city surrounded" Tygres said as she clinged to Panthro.  "We 
have to stop them" Lion-o said.  "Let's move people.  Those who can move 
faster on ground, head for Alistar Complex and the rest will fly in the 
Sky Cat" Lion-o said.  "LET'S GO!" Panthro said.
                Each Thundercats headed for the Alistar building.  
Cheetara ran in a blaze, with Pumyra not too far behind.  Wily Kit and 
Wily Kat rode quickly on their Arial Blazers.  They were glad that 
Panthro built these new surf boards in time for this unexpected battle. 
 Tygres stood at the hospital with Panthro.  "Are you sure you're strong 
enough to do this teleport?" Panthro questioned Tygres.  "I am sure" 
Tygres said with a smile.  She pulled a spear from her pouch and twisted 
it in her hands.  "Get ready!" Tygres said as she threw the spear in 
front of her.  The spear created a portal.  "Let's go!" Panthro said as 
they both ran into the portal.  The portal transported them to the roof 
of the Alistar building, where Cheetara stood.  She was gazing over the 
side, watching sentinels move everywhere.  "Took you long enough" 
Cheetara said.  Her words had no emotions, but yet they were strong 
enough to cut right to the heart.
                Soon enough the Sky Cat landed as Pumyra arrived.  
Apollo, Lion-o, Catlani, Jadakiss, Tygra and Bengali walked off of the 
Sky Cat.  Wily Kit and Wily Kat came in a blaze to the top of the roof. 
 "The sentinels are headed all over" Wily Kit said as she ran towards 
Lion-o.  "They say that Catsy is missing!" Wily Kat said with anger.  
Lion-o looked at him with the same face.  "Lion-o, they got your 
sister!" Wily Kat said with more rage.  "We will get her back" Lion-o 
said.  "It would seem as if Lynx-o has planned this very well" Cheetara 
said.  "Lynx-o didn't do this, Mumm-ra did" Pumyra said.  Bengali 
glanced at all the Thundercats.  Their unspoken words were still felt by 
each one of them.
                The dawn brightens as dark turns into light.  Sentinels 
over come the city, by land, by sea and by air.  Their invasion begins 
swiftly, making sure their is no exit anywhere from Thundera City.  The 
swiftness and strength amazes all of the Thundercats.  A extraviganza of 
power consumes the city as sentinels break down buildings, terrorized 
people and destroy all hope.  No one dares to raise a hand to them, no 
can save any chance the Thundercats can hope for.  But yet they watch 
from uptop of the Alistar Building, waiting for their one chance to stop 
the menace that is reaching Thundera.  "I see that Lynx-o has found his 
soldiers" Apollo said s he watched the sentinels devour his home.  "I 
guess we came just too late" Apollo said.  "We all had our jobs and were 
unprepared for this assulat" Lion-o said.  "Yet our hopes are in vain.  
It seems Lynx-o..." Lion-o's words were cut.  "The Onslught, call him 
that.  he is no longer Lynx-o, nor working on Lynx-o's intent" Wily Kat 
said.  "You're right.  Lynx-o was never the kind to cause harm on 
anyone.  But with each moment we waste, it brings us closer to our own 
fated doom.  And with each moment, Lynx-o slowly loses what is him and 
becomes more Mumm-ra" Lion-o said.  They all looked over the edge to see 
the city being destroyed.
                "We supsect that Shadow or somebody on Mumm-ra's side 
has something to do with Lynx-o's lose of his sanity" Panthro said.  
"No, this is Lynx-o, I know" Bengali said.  He gripped Pumyra's hand as 
he looked at the flames that shattered the park that Pumyra and Bengali 
once walked their children in.  "I am disappointed we are unable to 
recieve help from Jaga or even Bengali and Pumyra's children like the 
last time" Panthro said.  "But they can't interfer this time. When a 
Thundercat breaks the Code of Honor, they can not help, nor stop it" 
Lion-o said.  "But yet they are here" Cheetara said.  "What is it now?" 
Tygres said with a hint of hatred in her voice.  "Stop Tygres.  Last 
time Cheetara was right.  She probably saved you and your baby from an 
untimely death!" Tygra said.  He walked over to Cheetara and placed his 
arm around her shoulder.  "Tell us Cheetara" he said.  Cheetara's hopes 
were brought up by Tygra's kindness.  "Destiny and White are here.  I 
don't know how, but I sense their presence" Cheetara said.  "We must 
find them then" Bengali said.  He knew that he too sensed a familar 
eriness in the air.
                "Whatever happens here, it means no less to us" Jadakiss 
said as she walked away from the edge.  "Presumably if Desint and White 
are here, then Mumm-ra is no doubt using them once again in his plot.  
We can not only watch and let Mumm-ra kidnap Lynx-o, White, Destiny and 
Catsy.  We have to stop this.  They must all have something in common 
with each other" Lion-o said.  "No one knows if or if not that is 
Mumm-ra inside of the palace.  If he is this new Onslaught that we have 
to fear, then fear will not go without battle!" Catlani said.  "Yeah, 
but how?  We don't know where to start" Wily Kit said.  "Why not with 
finding a way to stop the sentinels" Pumyra said as she sat on the edge 
of the roof.  "She's right.  Then we have to find the Onslaught himself" 
Tygra said.  "Fine, we split up then.  Bengali, you go with Pumyra, Kit, 
Kat, Panthro, Apollo and Jadakiss as a power force" Lion-o said.  
Bengali agreed with him.  "Tygra, Cheetara, Tygres, Catlani and me will 
try to find a way to find Mumm-ra and see what his plans are" Lion-o 
said.  "Do take care of Tygres Tygra, I don't want anything happening to 
her" Panthro said with a cold tone.  "I have never done otherwise!" 
Tygra said with a fury.  "No need to get all hot under collar, I am just 
advising you!" Panthro said.  "If I need advising, I'll go to someone 
with half a brain to do so" Tygra said.  Cheetara looked at both men 
with dispare.  As they approached each other, they found their bodies 
paralized to movement.  "Panthro!  Tygra!  Stop it!" Cheetara said.  She 
now had full control over their bodies.  "We don't have time to bicker 
or waste anymore time!" she said with anger.  "We have to work together 
to save Thundera!" Cheetara said as she pulled her control over them off 
of them.
                "The carnage, the horror.  It shouldn't be this way.  
Why must it be that now Mumm-ra or Onslught finds it time to destroy 
Thundera" Apollo said.  Jadakiss comforted him with a hug.  "He is a 
lost soul that will never find his way back.  All we can do is hope that 
we can stop him once again" Jadakiss said.  Apollo looked into her 
emerald eyes and felt a since of faith.  He kissed her and held her in 
his arms.  "We have to egt moving..." she said.  Jadakiss did not want 
to lose this moment.  "I wish things could be that way for me and 
Cheetara" Tygra thought to hisself as he looked at Jadakiss and Apollo.
                "Alright.  With Bengali's team covering the streets and 
my team taking everything else, we have to move fast.  Okay people!  
We're burning light ehre, let's go!" Lion-o said.  His team headed for 
the Sky Cat as they prepared to leave.  There was only little time for 
good byes between the Thundercats and friends.  They all felt as if they 
did this once too often, but this time could be the one were it counts. 
 As the Sky Cat lifted off from the roof, the others prepared to leave. 
 "Okay, let's go!" Bengali said.  Wily Kit and Wily Kat grabbed their 
Arial Blazers and jetted off into the air.  Bengali looked at Pumyra as 
she pulled an orb from her pouch.  Panthro looked at the ground and then 
decided it was time to move out.  Jadakiss pulled two fans from her back 
and looked at Apollo as he pulled out his orbs.  "Shall we?" Catlani 
said as she pulled her bow from her back.  "Yes" Pumyra said as she 
began to swing her sling in the air.  The sling caused a portal open out 
of nowhere.  The Thundercats walked percautiously in, no one looking 
back to what they were leaving behind.
                "Let us go!" Catsy screamed as she looked at the blank 
area she stood in.  There laying on the ground was Destiny and White, 
unconscious to what was happening.  "You don't really want to leave, do 
you Catsy?" a voice said.  Catsy felt fear for the first time since her 
father's death.  Soon Lynx-o emerged from the clouded place.  "Do you?" 
Lynx-o said, setting fear in her heart.  "Why are you doing this?" Catsy 
said with haste.  "Because, you are like me.  And so are they" Lynx-o 
said as he pointed to White and Destiny.  "We are all beings that have 
powers that can not be controlled by others" Lynx-o said.  "But I don't 
want to be here" Catsy said as she back away from Lynx-o.  Lion-o's 
younger sister was no longer feeling the comfort she needed.  I thought 
you were my friend?!  Aren't you a Thundercat?" Catsy questioned.  "Well 
that I was.  But with this new power, I can be more!  So won't you help 
me?  Help us so that we can control all of Thundera.  You won't live in 
the shadows of your brother anymore" Lynx-o said.  His words brought 
terror to her heart.  "What are you talking about?" Catsy said.  She had 
no where else to go.  "Don't think I don't know how you feel.  For so 
long your father took care of you, but then he found his dear missing 
son.  From there, it was Lion-o all the time and no Princess Catsy" 
Lynx-o taunted her with his words.  "NO!" Catsy said as tears began to 
stream down her face.  "Ah, good.  Now help me to create my new 
fortress.  Concentrate now, use that anger" Lynx-o said as he got to her 
inner soul.
                The Sky Cat cut across the skies swiftly.  It's 
passengers, four worried people. They headed for their homebase, which 
had just recently been torn apart by The Onslaught.  "We're close to 
getting to the base" Lion-o said.  "What's the stats Tygra?" Lion-o said 
as he put the Sky Cat on it's auto-pilot system.  "Well from what I see 
here on the monitor, Mumm-ra has just about sealed anyways out of 
Thundera City.  Plus from what Lynx-o knows, Destiny knows and White 
knows, we can all expect a short battle.  They all know our secrets and 
weakness.  Tjis would benifit Mumm-ra highly" Tygra said.  He began to 
type into his system different places to search from Mumm-ra.  His main 
objective, the Thundercats new base.  "What about you Tygres?" Lion-o 
said as he turned around in his chair.  "Well from what I see, the 
others are making little damage against the new sentinels systems.  
Also, it seems that there has been no official sings of anyone seeing 
the Onslaught" Tygres said.  She looked at Tygra who was too bust typing 
to even look at her.  Lion-o glanced at Cheetara.  She was glaring out 
the window, trying to see what was left of Thundera City.  "What about 
you Cheetara?  Any signs yet" Lion-o said.  Cheetara tried once again to 
feel for Lynx-o's mind, but no avail.  "Nothing.  Lynx-o seems to now 
have some psonic ability.  I can reach him" Cheetara said with 
disappointment.  "I know this is hitting all of us hard, but we have to 
concentrate on our mission" Lion-o said.  Cheetara tried once again to 
pick up Lynx-o, but once again failed.
                The Thundercats scattered the town, each one taking on 
the new sentinels.  Wily Kat and Wily Kit fought sentinels side-by-side. 
 "These guys are tough" Wily Kat said as he threw another pellet at a 
sentinel.  The force of the pellet took down ther sentinel, who crashed 
upon a building.  "Oops!" Wily Kat said.  "Kat, try not to detroy the 
city while fighting these guys!" Wily Kit said.  "I'm heading up!" Wily 
Kat said as he hoped on his Arial Blazer.  Wily Kit watched as he flew 
circles around one of the sentinels.  "Time to use my new power while 
Kat has this one distracted" Wily Kit through as she pulled four pellets 
from her side.  She threw them into the air and they all formed a circle 
around ehr.  "Three, two, one!" she said as she leaped away.  Wily Kat 
took that as a sign and hurried away from the sentinel.  The pellets 
exploded with a tremendous impact.  The sentinel crumbled and all of 
it's part fell to the streets.
                Panthro fought brutly with his nunchuks.  Tearing heads 
off of sentinels as he leaped from roof to roof.  He looked down to see 
Catlani battling sentinels from the ground.  She was his rescue when too 
many sentinels got near.  She fired her arrows with grace as she 
followed Panthro's path.  He smiled at her and began his attack once 
again.  They both ahd one thing in common, a fighting spirit.
                 Bengali pulled his hammer from his side and fired 
several lasers at a sentinel.  He accomplished his duty, he wanted the 
sentinels attention.  He began a swift run away from the sentinel, the 
sentinel following him.  As Bengali got to his destination, he let 
Pumyra finish the rest.  Pumyra pulled three orbs from her pouch and 
swung them in the air with her sling.  The crackling sounds of her sling 
as it swung caught the sentinels attention.  "PSONIC BUTTERFLY KISS!" 
Pumyra said with intenseness.  She let the orbs go with a blaze and the 
orbs shattered against the sentinels head.  The orbs caused several 
explosions, totalling the sentinel.
                Apollo and Jadakiss worked justa s well as Bengali and 
Pumyra.  Apollo used his shadow orbs to throw the sentinel off balance, 
while Jadakiss used her fans to do away with the sentinels.  Apollo ran 
over to Jadakiss as they finished off the last sentinel in their sector. 
 "We make a good pair" Jadakiss said as she looked at the wrecked 
sentinel.  "Yes we do.  You never cease to amaze me Jae" Apollo said.  
"It makes me feel comfortable that I can depend on you to watch my back" 
Apollo said with a smile.  Just as his smile grew, another sentinel 
appeared from out of the shadows.  Apollo turned around, not expecting 
to see A force of magnetism rip the sentinel to peices.  Apollo looked 
to see Bengali standing to the side.  "Thanks!" he said with a smile.  
Bengali smiled back and walked over to them.  Wily Kat and Wily Kit came 
flying in on their space boards.  Following them was Catlani and 
Panthro.  "Where's Pumyra?" Apollo said as he saw no sing of her.  Soon 
a flash blinded them as Pumyra appeared from a portal.  "Always there 
huh Pumy?" Bengali said.  Pumyra smiled at him.  "We have finished off 
most of the sentinels" Panthro said.  "I am afraid most isn't all 
though" Catlani said.  "It's not over, look!" Wily Kat said as he 
pointed to a nearby park.
                It starts as a dawning day with the sun rising, then it 
flares to a super nova.  The bright light startles and blinds the 
Thundercats.  After it fades, it reveals a starking citadel.  It shadows 
over all of Thundera.  It was the last bright light that Thundera ever 
saw.  As they looked, they saw what they come to know as The Onslaught 
standing upon the citadel's edge.  "Insuperior beings of Thundera, hear 
the words of The Onslaught!  From this day forward, the people of 
Thundera will no longer hold control over Thundera!  The ultimate beings 
 as me and others shall control Thundera!" Mumm-ra said.  He was no in 
control.  Everyone listened to his words as if they were the last words 
they were to ehar.  "People of Thundera..." Mumm-ra said as he watched 
the Thundercats.  "What's he doing!" Wily Kit said.  They rushed towards 
the citadel.  "FEEL MY MIGHTY HAND!" Mumm-ra said as he let loose a 
furry of power on Thundera City.  The shockwave hit like a comet.  With 
a small gesture, The Onslaught blankets Thundera City with a paralyzing 
blast of uncontroable energy.  An electromagentic pulse so feirce as to 
cause the ground to come up from the streets, cqause sparks and 
explosions across the city, shatter buildings, destroy all power, 
destroy forcefeilds, destroys hope and send all of the city into it's 
final tomb.
                The Sky Cat's controls malfunction due to the new power. 
 "What the?" Tygra said as sparks shatter everywhere.  "No, all our 
work!" Tygres says as she backs away from her computer.  Cheetara tried 
to control all of the sparks with her powers, but she can't.  "I can't 
get the fail safe unti going, we're out of control!" Lion-o says as the 
jet skids from right to left in the sky.  "We aer going to free fall!" 
Tygres says as she grabs utno a handle.  "If anyone hs to say any "I 
love you's", say them now!" Lion-o says as the jet falls closer and 
closer to the ground.
                The city stood in ruins.  The grounds were ripped up, 
filled with piling rubble.  A shattered peice of building is lifted up 
by Panthro's strength and Bengali's wind control.  "Is everyone 
alright?" bengalisa id as he uses all of his might to throw the building 
aside.  "Yeah!  What was that?" Wily Kat said as he stands.  "It seems 
to be an electromagnetic wave pulse.  Strong enough to level the city.  
And strong enough to make this city an island from the rest of Thundera" 
Bengali said.  "It appears that The Onslaught has made his opening 
statement" bengali said.  Ctalani looks around at the city, barely 
anything stands.  The Thundercats try and recover quickly.  The hands of 
Mumm-ra have just begun to move over Thundera.  The Onslaught 

*** Sneak Preview: NONE!  Just be sure to be back for the next story!  
It will be a shocker!  The ONSLAUGHT CONTINUES!!!!!!! ***

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