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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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New Thundercats: The Face of the Enemy
By Jesse Morgan

*** Well it's number 29 and a lot has changed.  The last story left you 
wondering who was dead, who was alive and who was still together.  This 
story will clear up a bit, but like I always say, the Thundercats are in 
for some major changes in the coming stories! ***

                Cheetara tossed and turned in her dark bedroom.  Her 
mind was filled with terror and nightmares as visions blitzed across her 
eyes.  Nothing made sense to ehr anymore.  The recent events of her 
bettraying the Thundercats and her love, Tygra leaving her alone has 
hurt her.  She is unsure where to run to and where to go.  As she sees 
visions of one of her fellow Thundercats, she can noit make out there 
face nor physical appreance.  All she can keep haring is Mumm-ra, 
Mumm-ra, Mumm-ra.  It was never this hard for her when she first became 
a Thundercat.  Life was good, escpecially when she fell in love with 
Tygra.  But all of that has changed.  Just as the person who she feels 
she can no longer trust comes into the light, her body is awaken and her 
eyes fly open.  She thrusts her body up in a cold sweat.  Her breathing 
has increased enormously as she gasps for air.  "Who?" she says as she 
stands from her bed.  She feels that something big is coming.  She knew 
that she had to find out who and what was coming.  The only way she was 
to do that, was to go back to someone she didn't want to.
                Bengali lays across the couch, flipping through 
different programs upon the monitor.  He can't figure what to watch.  He 
awaits his wife and cubs to come downstairs so they may eat.  As his 
finger flips another channel, he decides to settle with the news.  As 
his eyes fixate upon the screen he hears foot steps down the stairs.  He 
looked to see Pumyra walking into the room empty handed.  "Where are the 
cubs?" Bengali says as he makes room for his wife on the couch.  
"Snarfina fed them already" Pumyra says as she kisses her husband on the 
cheek.  Pumyra feels a sense of safety in love when she is with Bengali. 
 She has never felt that way except wihen she was with him.  As they 
watch the newsd together, their eyes widen to what the reporter is 
talking about.  "This just in, Vizzar, a known Thunderian criminal has 
escaped the local facility and is loose in the streets of Thundera.  
Please take all percautions" the repoter says.  Bengali quickly flicks 
off the monitor.  "How could he escape?" Bengali says as he wraps his 
arms around Pumyra.  Pumyra's thoughts are enough to aswer Bengali's 
question.  "He doesn't know that we are now staying at this new Head 
Quaters that Tygra set up.  he'll never find us" Bengali says to Pumyra. 
 She still does not answer him.  Her fears and troubles return to her 
just as quickly as they had faded.
                The Thudnercats all got to the council room for an 
emergency meeting.  Each one knew what the meeting was about, but each 
one was having problems with the other.  Tygra stood conveintly in the 
corner, eyeing Tygres and Panthro.  His thoughts were not on them but on 
Cheetara.  Cheetara sat facing away from everyone, looking out of a 
small window.  She only wish Tygra was sitting next to her.  Pumyra and 
Bengali sat together, holding each other's hand in comfort.  Lion-o 
stood before them, overlooking the stiuation they were in.  Wily Kit 
stood next to Lynx-o.  Wily Kat sat reclining in a chair, bored with the 
silence.  Jadakiss and Catlani stood in the doorway, awaiting Lion-o's 
word while Apollo sat next to Cheetara with ease.  "We have a serious 
situation on our hands.  With Vizzar being on the loose, there is no 
dobut he'll be looking for us" Lion-o said.  Each Thundercat looked 
around in concern.  "We have to assume the worst and that he is going to 
find us" Lion-o said.  "That is not the only thing we have to worry 
about" Cheetara said.  The Thundercats moved their stares from Lion-o to 
Cheetara.  "What do you mean?" Lion-o said.  "I had visions of Mumm-ra 
returning.  Someone is going to betray us and soon" Cheetara said.  
"Hah, this coming from the same woman who betrayed us not too long ago" 
Tygres said.  "Don't you dare say that.  She had no choice, I know" 
Pumyra said with anger.  "Leave Cheetara alone Tygres" Tygra said.  "She 
has a point" Panthro said.  "We will look into that Cheetara" Lion-o 
said.  "We will being our watch around the perimeter in teams" Lion-o 
said.  The Thundercats all agreed and headed for the outside of the 
                Apollo sat in a tree observing Lynx-o's every move.  
Lynx-o sat at his desk in his quaters, working deligently for a reason 
that none of the Thundercats knew of.  Apollo always felt his home wa 
with the Thundercats, but he always knew that he'd learn much more from 
watching Lynx-o.  As Lynx-o being an older man of Apollo's race, he 
learned to grow from what he observed.  Apollo looks down to see Lion-o, 
the leader of the Thundercats walking by.  "*pssst* Lion-o?" Apollo says 
quietly.  "Apollo?  What are you doing up there?" Lion-o says as he 
looks up to see Apollo.  "Just thinking" Apollo relies solomely.  "About 
what?  let me guess, Jadakiss says that you are very suspcious now a 
days of who to trust.  So now you doubt you trust in Lynx-o?" Lion-o 
said.  "You feel that way too?" Apollo said softly.  "We all do.  
Sometimes I wonder if they are really suspcions or just a way of me 
avioding what's really bothering me" Lion-o said.  "I guess it would e 
Lynx-o's quietness lately that was bothering you.  He usually gives you 
a speech on how to do things right, hh?" Lion-o said.  "Tell me about 
it" Apollo said as he shifted his eyes back to Lynx-o's room.  "Don't 
judge him on that Apollo.  He hs had a lot to deal with lately.  he's 
still a good man and he'll prove very worthy" Lion-o said as his eyes 
looked towards Lynx-o's dim lighted room.  "There's not a single one of 
us who don't owe each other something.  Why don't you and the others 
call it a night since Vizzar hasn't shown yet.  I think I'll go and talk 
to him about this.  I mean, we'd lay our lives down if it came to 
Mumm-ra or Mumm-rana or..." Apollo's words were cut as he saw a laser 
fly past him.
                "Vizzar!" Bengali said.  He, Wily Kit, Wily Kat, 
Panthro, Tygra and Tygres all came running towards them.  "The sensors 
have picked his prescense up on the grounds.  He's on a rampage and 
he'll find us soon" Bengali said.  "What do you suppose he's after 
Lion-o?" Tygres said.  "Best guess, Pumyra" Lion-o said.  Lion-o looked 
at Bengali with discomfort.  "Knowing him, it's the only prize he wants. 
 But doesn't mean we will let him get her" Lion-o said.  "She must be 
protected at all costs.  Warn her Bengali" Panthro said.  "No, trust me. 
 I'm worried that will scare her and the cubs.  Just act as if nothing 
is going on and find him" Lion-o said.  "Let's head out and split up" 
Lion-o said.  "Bengali, you, Wily Kit and Panthro head for the front 
gates.  Tygres, with me and Apollo, we'll get do the perimeter.  Wily 
Kat and Tygra take the woods.  Let's move quickly" Lion-o said.  All the 
Thundercats split up and headed for the designated areas.
                Cheetara walked slowly towards her destination.  Slowly 
following her was the man who made her betray the Thundercats.  His name 
was Vizzar. Cheetara knew he was behind her, she told him to follow her. 
 She kenw that he kenw who was to betray the Thundercats.  If the 
Thundercats were not going to listen to her, then she was going to prove 
herself.  She owed them that much.  She owed Tygra that much.  She 
walked quietly towards a shed.  She turned around very stifly.  Vizzar 
smiled at her deviously.  "So are we going to get this over with or not" 
Vizzar said.  "I hope I can trust you" Cheetara said as she turned back 
around.  "Why not?  You have nobody else" Vizzar said.
                Cheetara slowly opened the shed and glared down the 
damp, dark stiars.  Cheetara and Vizzar both crept down the stairs 
nervously.  It was unlikely anyone would expect to find them down there. 
 No one thought to look in Panthro's new workshop, which stood deep 
beneath the grounds of the Thundercats base.  Sperately, both Cheetara 
and Vizzar have faced Mumm-ra in some way.  Since then Vizzar has found 
out that his memories of what the supposed Mumm-rana told him of the 
future.  he also knew to trust Cheetara like he trusted Mumm-rana who 
was Cheetara's mother.  But unfortunately Vizzar can not unlock those 
secrets from his memories by himself.  In a desperate need, Vizzar asked 
Cheetara to break that bond with her new found telepathic abilities.  He 
knew that her powers were not as strong as her mothers, but he also knew 
that all cheetahs had the ability.  He wanted the secrets out before 
Mumm-ra calimed him and Thundera.  "Nice place you got here.  Where are 
we?" Vizzar said as he looked around at the dim lighted room.  "We are 
inside the most heavily protected chamber on the Thundercats base.  
Panthro's lab is practically impenetrable.  We I'll have the privacy I 
need to find out just what my mother put in your head" Cheetara said.  
She too looked around at the room, feeling very uncomfortable.  "I never 
figured you really had that much strength Cheetara" Vizzar said.  "We 
need to ensure that we are safe and away from the other Thundercats.  
Anyone one of them could be Mumm-ra's new found pawn.  From what I know, 
he is using one of the Thundercats powers to create a barrier of 
strength.  So he's inside one of them, growing in power.  He calls 
himslef The Onslaught now that he has all this power.  I know that much 
from my dreams" Cheetara says quietly.  "I know you're scared of him 
Vizzar.  Trust me, I am too" Cheetara said.  "Who said I was scared?  
But you're the boss for now.  I'm letting you get away with that" Vizzar 
said as he sat down.  Cheetara sat opposite of him.  There eyes telling 
each other many stories.
                "Notice you didn't expect anybody else.  The Thundercats 
really aren't sropping in are they?" Vizzar said with humor.  "They 
don't travel to this room often.  Only me, Pumyra, Bengali and Panthro 
come down here.  It is a room that Panthro keeps private for himself.  
So when he needs to think, or one of us needs to think, we can" Cheetara 
said.  "HA!!!  I can't believe that any of you get a bit tired of the 
Thundercat thing.  You're all such goody goddies that it is ridiculous" 
Vizzar said.  "I'm impressed.  But it's a shame that none of you knew 
that Pumyra was pregnant or Tygres.  or how about when Tygra killed 
Crowelin?  Or my past with Pumyra?" Vizzar said.  He was trying to pick 
at every nerve Cheetara had.  "Pumyra didn't keep it form all of us.  
Now cocentrate" Cheetara said.  "Ah, so you knew.  You know what really 
went on between me and her?" Vizzar said.  Cheetar tried hard to dig 
through Vizzar's mind, but she was feeling barriers blocking her.  "Shut 
up!" Cheetara said as she tried harder.  "What's the matter spots, huh? 
 Did I hit a nerve?" Vizzar said.  "No" Cheetara said.  But he really 
did hit a nerve.  Cheetara never revealed to others what people have 
told her.  She has never revealed what people haven't told her recently, 
but she has gotten with her power.
                She has been keeping many things inside since Mumm-ra 
revealed to her in her dreams what was to happen.  She saw everyone's 
darkside, there dark thoughts.  She felt uncomfortable inthe same room 
with many of the Thundercats.  Her mind has been in a daze and her heart 
has been racing.  "Pumyra did what she did to spare Bengali and many 
others pain.  Let's face it Vizzar, you are not the best man to be in 
love with.  But now, you are a very powerful cougar who we should fear 
huh?  If the Thundercats even knew you were down here, it would be over 
for me and you.  Now for the last time, concentrate" Cheetara said.  She 
began to pull at Vizzar's barriers, breaking them down.  A flash hit her 
eyes.  She turned around slowly to see that the door that kept their 
secrets from everyone else was open.  "NO!  If the door is open, then we 
are not protected from any others getting their pwoers in here.  Anyone 
could know we are here" Cheetara said.  She ran like lightining to close 
the door.
                "Cheetara?" Lion-o said with confussion.  "Lion-o?  
What's wrong?" Apollo said as he and Tygres ran towards him.  "I just 
felt her.  She was in my head" Lion-o said.  Lion-o walked dizzly to a 
nearby tree.  He quickly rested up against the tree, catching his 
breath.  Lion-o recovered quickly.  "You two keep on looking, I have to 
go checksomething out" Lion-o said.  Tygres and Apollo watched as their 
young leader ran back towards the base.  "Lion-o?" Tygres questioned.  
"Great, now we're down one great hunter" Apollo said.  "I don't get it. 
 Why can't Lynx-o or Panthro use the new Cyber-Seek to find Vizzar?  Or 
even let Cheetara use her new telepathic powers?" Apollo said as he 
looked around.  "I guess we have much to learn" Tygres said.  "Vizzar is 
not a Thundercat.  The Cyber-Seeker was set up to find specific things. 
 Vizzar is not one of them.  That makes him almost invisible to the 
seeker.  As for Cheetara, even with her new pwoers, she is no good to 
any of us in her current mental state" Tygres said.  They both began 
their seek again.
                "Usually we can at least sense trouble ahead of time" 
Wily Kit said.  "But Vizzar isn't just any trouble" Bengali said.  "Any 
luck Kit?" Bengalis aid.  Wily Kit searched the water's surface 
carefully.  "Nope.  I can't find a trace of him anywhere here.  Which 
means that we are loosing much time if we're going to find him" Wily Kit 
said.  "She's right, we have to find him soon" Bengali said.  "Where?" 
Panthro thought.  The chances of finding him now we're becoming smaller 
and smaller.
                "Looks like the first time we battled Vizzar.  We 
weren;t ready and were unsure of where he was.  We battled the Lunatacs, 
while it seems that Lion-o had to take on Vizzar" Tygra said.  "You're 
kidding right?  I mean we didn't even know Vizzar was there.  We were 
trying to save Pumyra and Bengali before they were killed" Wily Kat 
said.  Tygra walked on the soft grass slowly.  "Where is he?" Tygra 
said.  "Oh he's around here somewhere?" Wily Kat said.  Tygra was not 
referring to Vizzar.  Deep inside of him he believed every word that 
Cheetara said.  He knew even after Cheetara betrayed him, she was still 
full of good intentions.  So his heart led him to believe that Cheetara 
was telling the truth.
                Lion-o was trying hard not to think about Vizzar.  
Vizzar couldn't be the reason Lion-o had just felt Cheetara's mind in 
his own.  Lion-o would have felt pain if Vizzar had found Cheetara.  But 
yet he didn't.  He felt peace and calmness.  Only one man could now help 
him find Cheetara.  "Lynx-o!" Lion-o said as he barged in the old 
Thundercats' room.  "Lion-o, I asked that nobody disturbed me in the 
middle of thr night" Lynx-o said as he turned from his desk.  "It's 
about Cheetara Lynx-o.  I got a psonic link from her and I am worried 
about her" Lion-o said with little confidence in his voice.  "That's 
odd.  I no longer feel hre either.  i can not even sense her through the 
shadows. it's as if she has totally disappeared from here altogether" 
Lynx-o said.  Lion-o new that all the Thundercats now have some unknown 
power.  Cheetara has her new telekinetic and telepathic powers.  Lynx-o 
too has a telepathic power, one controlled by others shadows.  "That's 
strange.  But if anyone can handle themselves, it's Cheetara.  That will 
be all Lion-o" Lynx-o said as he dismissed Lion-o.  "No Lynx-o, it 
won't.  You must forgive me, but I have no time for your ridiculous and 
outraged behavior lately.  You're toubled by something and the others 
are worried about you.  That is probably the reason why Cheetara didn;t 
come to you about her dreams involving Mumm-ra" Lion-o said.  The name 
made Lynx-o's ears rise.
                "That's right, according to Cheetara he has an 
unlimitied power now.  He will be strong enough to enihilate us all if 
he returns" Lion-o said.  "Perhaps your braile board can help us?" 
Lion-o said.  "How odd, but I don't know if it can't.  Very well Lion-o, 
I will find Cheetara and Mumm-ra.  you have my word" Lynx-o said.  
Lion-o wished he could look into Lynx-o's eyes and figure what was 
bothering him.  "One last thing then.  Vizzar is loose on the base.  We 
can't find him at all.  Please watch over Pumyra" Lion-o said as he 
prepared to walk out of the room.  "I think you should turn off all the 
security.  Lure him in here.  then attack him" Lynx-o said.  "What?" 
Lion-o said.  "You heard me.  I trust you to handle him.  You have never 
let any of us down before.  Get rid of Vizzar" Lynx-o said.  Lion-o 
could feel the cold that was in Lynx-o's voice.  It was if he was a 
different person.  Lion-o waslked out of the room with a feeling of 
                "It's weird.  Me and Pumyra always seemed to get along. 
 At least that is how I saw it.  But she seemed to think that she had to 
be good to be liked" Vizzar said as Cheetar still tred to get into his 
mind.  "I doubt that much reason for her to feel that way.  Now drop it, 
I am finally in" Cheetara said.  Cheetar's hard work was now paying off 
as her mind taveled through Vizzar's.  She foudn his spirit blocked 
behind a wall that he was trying to break.  She didn't know what was 
behind the wall, but she knew it was time to find out.  With an instant 
and all her strength, she broke the wall.  Revealing more then she was 
ready for.
                Lynx-o sat in his room.  All the lights were off, but 
that didn't bother Lynx-o.  He grew accustom to the shadows.  After 
Lion-'s request, Lynx-o tried to use the shadows to find Mumm-ra.  His 
effort was weak.  Somehow he cannot focus.  There is too much thought in 
his head for him to even try.  He is distracted by the visions he seems 
to be having in his head.  With no reason, Lynx-o can now see what was 
to happen in the future.  he knew that only Cheetahs had that ability, 
but somehow he could do it too.  He saw that his ignorance to stop 
Shadow will cause near death for Pumyra.  His inability to help Wily Kit 
will cause her to do something uncalled for.  And his arrogance against 
Lion-o will make a serious decision that will throw all the Thundercats 
off.  But how could he stop it?  These were not his proud moments.  He 
looks all around trying to answer his questions but nothing helps.  
Lynx-o grabs his braile board and throws it all the wall.  And that was 
finally too much. The burden takes over his powers as his shadows begin 
to attack him.  He is thrown all over the room in disguist.  Finally 
Lynx-o releases all of his rage that he kept inside.  And when he does, 
thay one instance makes he realizes the truth about himself.
                "MUMM-RA!  I know who he is!  Vizzar go!  you have to 
keave after of here now!" Cheetara said.  She felt a pain in her head as 
she realized who wa snow that of Mumm-ra.  The being that now called 
himself The Onslaught had revealed himself too easily.  The person who's 
face had been covered for so long in her dreams was now revealed.  "Huh? 
 You figured it out?  I still don't know?" Vizzar said.  "But I do!  
Vizzar, if you ever trusted me, get out of here now.  Your life depends 
on it" Cheetara said.  "By Jaga, go!  Mumm-ra's here on the base!" 
Cheetara said.  "What?" Vizzar said.  "Run as far as you can!  It is 
your only hope.  Do you hear me?" Cheetara said.  Vizzar began to head 
for the door.  "RUN!" Vizzar said.  But where to?
                Vizzar headed for inside of the base.  But he can't find 
his way through it.  Suddenly the ase became a grotesque maze to him.  
And his heart pounds quicker then his feet can run.  Franticaly Vizzar 
searches for Pumyra.  His mission was not only to find Cheetara, but 
once again attempt to get Pumyra.  "Oh no!  he's in my mind!" Vizzar 
said as he stumbled around.  Vizzar headed for Pumyra's room.  "Somebody 
help me!  Please I need help!" Vizzar said as he busted Pumyra's door 
in. "Pumyra?" he said with confussion.
                Just as he looked around, a strong hand pulled him up.  
As the hand turned Vizzar to look qat his attacker, Vizzar only hoped 
that it wasn't Mumm-ra.  "OH NO!!!" Vizzar screamed at the top of his 
lungs.  "Don't kill me.." Vizzar said.  He looked at the newly created 
Mumm-ra.  he wasn't a man, he wasn't the Mumm-ra he once saw.  Mumm-ra 
was now much bigger and stronger.  His body covered in a scarlet red 
armor.  No one could imagine the way he was now.  His face covered in a 
face-plate, but no covering his now ivory eyes.  "Kill you Vizzar?  What 
a great idea!  But how would that be possible? You're protected by your 
little powers.  So as long as your bonded to Arial, you can't rally be 
harmed" Mumm-ra said.  Mumm-ra reached at and grabbed Vizzar's chest 
with his huge hand.  "AHHHH!" Vizzar scaremed as he felt his chest in 
pain.  Mumm-ra removed his hand from Vizzar.  "That's it Vizzar, 
whimper.  Beg for my mercy.  Do you realize how long I've been waiting 
for this moment?" Mumm-ra said.  Mumm-ra dropped Vizzar to the ground.  
Vizzar looked up with pain in his eyes.  he was chocked to see the image 
of Lynx-o inside of Mumm-ra's form.  "No..." Vizzar said as he stop all 
                Cheetara ran with all of the Thndercats shortly behind 
her.  They couldn't believe they were going to follow her after she 
betryaed them.  But they had a feeling that all of the noise they had 
just heard would prove differently.  "Thundercats, I think you should 
abandon your seacrh for Vizzar.  I believe he has been handled" Lynx-o 
said in eahc of the Thunderats head.  "NO!" Cheetara said.  All of the 
Thundercats quickly ran into the base.  They saw Lynx-o standing at the 
door.  "What is wrong?" Lynx-o said.  "Well nothing I guess" Lion-o 
said.  Cheetara looked around and saw Vizzar inside of a small orb on 
the table.  Lynx-o felt her looking towards Vizzar.  No one else noticed 
the orb, but Pumyra  "What's wrong Cheetara?" he said.  Cheetara quickly 
looked at him.  He felt her eyes.  "Get out of ehre now!" Pumyra said.  
Catlani looked at Lion-o as Lion-o headed towards Cheetara.  Bengali 
looked at his wife as she grabbed Wily Kit and Wily Kat.  "What?" Tygra 
said as he looked towards Cheetara.  Panthro grabbed Tygres and moved 
back.  Cheetara's eyes were still fixated on Lynx-o.  With an instance, 
Lynx-o transformed into Mumm-ra's form.  That quickly, half of the base 
exploded, sending rubble all over the Thundercats.  All of the 
Thundercats tried to take cover but it was too late.  Mumm-ra laughed 
with pleasure.  He looked at the Thundercats, burried under the rubble 
that was the base.  "Now I shall rule Thundera" the evil being said as 
he faded away.  It had begun, the end of Thudnera once again came near.

*** Sneak Preview - The onslaught of Mumm-ra has begun.  And soon enough 
all of Thundera will feel his wrath.  The Thundercats regroup carefully 
as Mumm-ra/Lynx-o sends newly built sentinels against all of Thudnera.  
The sentinels have been created to the size of buildings, making it 
harder for the Thundercats to destroy.  What will the Thunercats do to 
free Lynx-o and stop Mumm-ra?  How will they stop him as he let's loose 
his full strength against all of Thundera?  The Thundercats must prepare 
for another big battle as they figure away to stop Lynx-o's tyranny and 
Mumm-ra's onslaught. ***

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