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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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New Thundercats: Thundera's Eclipse
By Jesse Morgan

*** BIG Story!!!  This follows along with "Night Dreams".  The return of 
the Eclipses and more.  But you'll have to read on to find out what 
happens ***

                Apollo looked outside of his window at the horror that 
was now filling the street.  The terror of the Lunatacs and Mumm-rana 
were thought to be only near the Castle of the late Claudus, but it 
seems now that the battle has come even closer to home for the 
Thundercats and their friends.  People run in a rage as they destroy 
buildings and tear the property from the grounds.  Apollo looks in shock 
as Cheetara looks in horror.  The dreams and nightmares that have raced 
through Cheetara's eyes for some time now, seem to be bringing terror to 
the streets of Thundera.  All of the Thundera will lay in dust in time 
do to the great accient power that Mumm-ra posesses.
                When he was banished from Thundera by Jaga, his power 
was limited.  When he was once awakened again, his power was limited do 
to his unknown knowledge.  Now, with the powers of Mumm-rana and Vizzar, 
Mumm-ra has learned how to absorb all of the energy that surrounds 
Thundera.  The soruce of the great power forms around Mumm-ra's tomb is 
Mumm-rana.  She absorbs slowly everything that is Thundera through her 
hidden talent of telipsy.  Her hidden talent is enough to fuse the fire 
needed to charge Mumm-ra.  Vizzar stands in glory, not saying anything 
but feeling the nails that scratch at his head telling him to hold his 
words.  He knows that without the Eye of Thundera to help her, Mumm-rana 
would not be able to absorb the power she needed.  Their surprise 
attacks on the Thundercats days ago was enough for Mumm-rana to capture 
Lion-o and Catlani, two of the most powerful Thundercats.  She does this 
for personal glory, while Vizzar only wants his true prize.  That prize 
being Pumyra of the Thundercats.
                Mumm-ra feeds upon the flames that engulf his tomb.  His 
powers resurface in a greater way as his body gorws physically.  The 
flames expand in the stone tomb that encases Mumm-ra's body.  The 
accient evil of Thundera feeds upon the madness that now inhabits 
Thundera.  He thrives on the innocent souls being burned away by the 
evil that now crowds the streets.  He has been starved of his carve for 
chaos for too long.  His power eminates it's true force everywhere on 
                As the Sky Cat carries the Thundercats back to their 
home at Tygra's mansion, Tygra can't help but to feel the pain that 
surrounds the streets.  "By Jaga... what have you done to my home?" 
Tygra whispers to himself.  The flames that burn the city send smoke 
into the air.  The deep, black smoke fogs out the Sky Cat's 
transmitters.  "We have to land poeple" Panthro says as he pilots his 
spectacular creation to safe ground.  As the Sky Cat lands, the 
Thundercats evacuate onto safe area.  "We have to re-group with Lynx-o, 
Apollo and Jadakiss" Bengali says as he looks around.  The wreckage that 
srurrounds the area gives the term "safe area" a new meaning.  "It seems 
the inital attack is over, but the people are still affected.  You can 
see the echo of some kind of transdeminsonal force.  Bengali, the babies 
are out there with Jadakiss.  Do you think they are alright?" Pumyra 
says with concern.  "We will find out, but I believe in my heart that 
they are" Bengali says to comfort his wife.  She smiles at his attmept. 
 "Alright Thundercats, we are splitting up before heading for the 
castle.  Kit, Kat, Panthro and Tygra head for Tygra's mansion.  See if 
you can get Lynx-o and find out what's been happening since we've been 
gone" Bengali said.  The Thundercats aggreed and headed for Tygra's 
mansion.  Bengali looked at the remaining that stood before him.  "We're 
heading for Apollo and Jadakiss's.  We will get them and the babies and 
head for Tygra's.  Is that understood?" Bengali said with sure 
authority.  They agrred and sped off for Apollo and Jadakiss's home.
                Hours past quickly as each Thundercat team completes 
their mission.  Tygra sat in his chair in the monitor room.  He stared 
at the horror that was still plaguing the streets.  His sighs were not a 
comfort but yet another problem he couldn't control.  He never thought 
that the terror that consumed Thundera a short period ago could come 
back in such an intenese force.  He heard the slight shift in the doors, 
but kept his eyes fixated on the monitor.  "Bengali has returned" Tygra 
heard Wily Kit say as she exited from the room.  She did not even 
question Tygra's mood, for she felt the same.  Tygra adjusted hisself in 
his chair one last time.  He sighed once again and decided to get up.  
As he stood, he stretched before collecting his thoughts.  He switched 
the monitor off, but the pictures still flashed in his head.  An endless 
silence but a visual nightmare.
                Tygra entered the room where the other Thundercats 
stood.  He searched and looked and he did not see Cheetara.  This did 
not surprise the wise tiger, but yet disturbed him.  Bengali stood with 
ponder on his face.  Next to him stood Pumyra holding White, Jadakiss 
holding Destiny, Crowelin, Tygres and Lynx-o.  "So what happened" Tygra 
said to break the silence.  "Well, it seems that the evil that has 
become Mumm-ra is spreading and taking over bodies all downtown.  
Cheetara seems to be caught up in this.  She was with Apollo until the 
latest explosion downtown.  It seems she left after that inccident.  Jae 
and 'Pollo say that this has been going on for hours since our leave.  
We have to stop them, and we have to do it now.  So we will go in as a 
team and leave as one.  If one shall fall, we all fall.  There is no 
split in the Thundercats, no matter what past problems.  Understood?" 
Bengali said.  The Thundercats and allies looked at each other before 
one-by-one agreeing to Bengali's request.  "So what do we do now?" Wily 
Kat questioned.  His faith that the Thundercats would prevail once again 
was slowly fading.  As with the others.  This was something that they 
were not ready for.  "We head for the castle and we find Mumm-rana" 
Bengali said.
                Just as the Thundercats prepared to leave another 
explosion rocked the mansion.  Celeing began to crumble over them.  "I 
just got this fixed" Tygra said in humor as he grabbed Wily Kit.  They 
both fell to the ground, trying to protect themselves.  Bengali pushed 
Jadakiss and his baby girl into a corner.  He searched for Pumyra in the 
dwindling dust and debris that was still filling the air.  The others 
moved quickly.  Panthro grabbed Tygres and covered her where he stood.  
Pumyra leaped towards the stairs, where Wily Kat stood.  She gave White 
to Wily Kat and covered them both up.  Lynx-o pulled out his light 
sheild and said "SPEED SHADOWS!".  His sheild let a torrent of shadows 
make a force feild for him and Apollo.
                As the last of the debris fell, the Thundercats 
recovered from the attack.  Bengali whiped the dust from his back and 
looked around.  The whole room had fallen, leaving barely one wall 
standing.  The Thundercats were all covered in stones and deris.  
"Headcheck, is everyone alright!" Bengali called out.  "Kit and Tygra 
are whole but not fine" Tygra said humorisly.  Wily Kit whiped the dust 
from her uniform and stood.  "Thanks Tygra" she said with a smile.  
"Anytime kid" Tygra said as he also stood.  "Panthro and Tygres, we're 
A-Okay!" Panthro said.  Tygres smiled at him.  "Pumyra, White and Wily 
Kat are fine" Pumyra said as she whiped debris from her arms.  Wily Kat 
held White lovingly as he looked around.  "Apollo and Lynx-o are 
alright" Apollo said.  "Bengali, Destiny and Jadakiss, just fine" 
Bengali said happily.  "Wait, where's Crowelin?" Wily Kit said as she 
looked around.  The others looked around also, with no sign of the 
traitor turned friend.  "I knew we couldn't trust him!" Tygra said with 
                "Look" Lynx-o said as he pointed to Crowelin.  He as 
running as fast as he could from the mansion.  "We have to stop him" 
Tygra said.  "I'm after him" Tygra said as he pulled out his whip.  
"Stop, this could be a trap" Bengali said with suspscions.  "He'll know 
where Lion-o and Catlani are.  He'll also kno where Cheetara is.  I have 
to find her Bengali, I have to" Tygra said with angst.  "Fine, go but be 
careful" Bengali said.  Tygra walked over to Tygres.  "Keep your 
distance from him you fuzzy tiger.  You're not fully recovered from our 
recent battles.  So you use all percautions" Tygres said.  "And you stay 
behind Panthro.  I don't want to see the little one getting hurt, nor 
you.  We have a lot to talk about" Tygra said.  They looked into each 
others eyes for the last time.  They btoh leaned in and kissed each 
other.  The others stood in utter shock.  Panthro couldn't believe his 
eyes.  They broke apart and Tygra chased after Crowelin without looking 
back.  His moment of destiny was to be deicded within a short period of 
time.  Tygres looked at him as he ran, not saying what she really wanted 
to say.  Not saying that the man that she once knew could be provoked 
into killing somebody by a man she thought she knew.
                The Thundercats quickly piled into the Thunder Lynx, 
once again leaving Apollo, Lynx-o and Jadakiss behind.  It's ablities 
that Panthro created with made it less then the Sky Cat, but good enough 
for their mission.  It was a suicide mission and the Thundercats knew 
it.  The were ready for whatever was to come their way.  The jet sped 
through the air.  "Okay, we have to assume that Tygra will bring 
Corwelin back here alive" Bengali said.  "But we have no time to wait" 
Bengali said as he looked at the monitor.  "This is one of our not so 
bright stunts, but if it means saving Thundera and Lion-o, we have to do 
it.  Now if we do not come out of this alive, I want you all to know 
that you mean a great deal to me.  We have grown as a family and that is 
how we should fight.  The vital thing is to get Lion-o back" Bengali 
said.  A tear formed in Wily Kit's eye, she knew the aspects that could 
come of this battle.  "I ask one thing of all of you.  Be careful what 
you do" Bengali said.  That was his final words to his friends as they 
went into battle.
                Jadakiss looked at the orchid dim skies.  Life was no 
longer going to be the same for her.  A flash of light slipped by her, 
but not without notice.  If anything else went wrong, it could mean her 
life.  "Cheetara?" she said as she finally caught visual of who the 
person was.  Cheetara, the great Thundercat who was now unsure of her 
status with them was standing before Jadakiss.  "Mumm-rana is not 
Mumm-rana really.  Oh, she's... she's..." Cheetara seemed to mumble her 
words slowly.  "Slow down Cheetara, what happened to you?  Where have 
you been?  The Thundercats amd Tygra have been looking for you" Jadakiss 
said as she tried to comfort her.  "Mumm-rana, she's really my mother.  
Her name is Arial.  She is really my mother.  I have seen it in my 
visions and it has been confirmed" Cheetara said.  She began to cry.  
"How can this be?  You have to explain everything to me" Jadakiss said.
                Cheetara told her story slowly.  "My mother was once a 
happy woman.  But she left when I was very young.  And since I just 
found out that my father is really A'tr'phor, I do not know why she 
wanted to kill him unless he knew something about her I didn't.  Well 
once she found the power she needed to bring back Mumm-ra, I decided to 
find out the truth about her.  So I went to Vizzar after my fight with 
Tygres.  I needed to comfort.  He filled my mind with things I never 
knew were true.  Well when he told me my mother was really Mumm-rana I 
didn't believe him.  Then he showed me the true Mumm-rana's body.  She 
has been kept in solitude until her day was really needed to save 
Thundera.  Well my mothre foudn what they call the Soul Sword that she 
can use to take over Thundera with the combination of Mumm-ra's powers. 
 So she is now trying to destroy Thundera by absorbing Mumm-ra's powers 
into her" Cheetara said.  She caught her breath.  Jadakiss couldn't 
believe her ears.  After all she thought she knew about Cheetara, it was 
all a lie in itself.  "So what do we do?" Jadakiss asked.  "Nothing.  
The Thundercats are not strong enough to battle Mumm-rana without Lion-o 
and the other Soul Sword" Cheetara said with a whimper.  "What other 
Soul Sword?" Jadakiss questioned Cheetara.  "There is another sword that 
will stop her.  It is the Sword of Omens.  If used by the right 
individual, the Sword of Omens can be transformed into the second Soul 
Sword.  But I have no idea who it is" Cheetara said with exhaustion.
                "We have to get to the Thundercats then.  We must save 
them and Lion-o before it is too late" Jadakiss said.  She helped 
Cheetara up and headed back for the fallen mansion.  Just before 
Jadakiss could reach the mansion, she heard a streaming screech in the 
air.  A blitzing light blinded her and Cheetar as they looked away.  
Jadakiss reopened her eyes to see six beings standing bfore her.  She 
looked at all of them: the brute looking woman who stood tall and 
strong, the old man that stood shifty with three orbs spinning in his 
open palm, a swift moving cheetah who seemed to know Jadakiss's every 
movemnts, a celestrial woman floating above the others with silver hair 
spiralling in the winds of the explosions, a young, innocent girl 
standing proudly with her hair breezing in the wind, and who seemed to 
be the leader.  He was a dark, almost invisible man with a huge smile 
upon his face.  He knew what was happening more then anybody, but his 
battle-ready stance fooled that of only Jadakiss.  Cheetara knew who 
they were, and she feared each movement they made.
                "Just who do you think you are?" Jadakiss said as she 
let go of Cheetara.  Jadakiss stood ready for battle, knowing that was 
what was coming to her.  "We are the Eclipses and I am Shadow" Shadow 
said as he stepped forward.  Jadakiss backed away slowly.  "We are here 
to retreive one of our spies" Shadow said with a smile.  "What spy?" 
Jadakiss said with disbelief.  "Well who else?" Shadow said with more of 
a smile.  Jadakiss was now beging to understand the situation.  She 
turned to Cheetar and before she knew it, Cheetara tripped her onto the 
floor with her staff.  Cheetara stood smiling at Jadakiss.  Jadakiss 
looked at her with hate.  "How do you think I found out all the 
information I told you.  Do you think that I just tripped upon it?" 
Cheetara said. The Eclipses and Cheetara laughed, Jadakiss could feel 
her end coming near.
                Chilla glared out of the window of the castle.  She 
loved Thundera.  There wasn't a word to describe the feeling she had as 
she looked upon the ruins of Thundera.  Killing people didn't bother her 
at all, it was the destroying of the place she wanted to rule with a 
strong arm that bothered her.  Her door opened and she was shock to see 
who was standing on the otherside.  "So you have escpaed your 
imprisonment Lion-o" Chilla said with ease.  "Yes, I have Chilla.  Where 
is Catlani?" Lion-o said with anger.  "She is probably long gone my 
sweet prince.  It is pretty obvious that the red royalty of the Lunatacs 
has taken a good deal over Thundera with the help of the white royalty. 
 That leaves me and Red Eye to fend for ourselves, what a wonderful 
experience.  He is too wrapped up in trying to escape Thundera to stop 
anyone.  But I have not been driven so mad as to give up.  I am 
surprised that you haven't given up and decided to leave too" Chilla 
said.  She smiled seductively at Lion-o.  "I had a feeling that your 
cold heart would not melt for the people of Thundera.  You could be 
facing something more greater then you're simple abilities over cold and 
heat.  I have been thinking though, maybe it's time that you helped us 
to save your own life.  I have made it so that the effects of the powers 
of Mumm-ra do not effect me at all.  Even though I do not have the 
swrod, I can still keep it power with it but it takes a lot of 
concentration.  That is why I am requesting your help" Lion-o said.  
"What's your excuse?" Lion-o questioned, now suspecting everything is as 
it seems.  "Well, I have help" Chilla said.  "Vizzar?" Lion-o said but 
he aws caught off guard by a surpirse attack.  Vizzar pinned Lion-o to 
the floor, while Luna looked down upon him.  "You fool, you can not stop 
us" Luna said in a hissing voice.
                As the Thunder Lynx landed, the Thundercats all headed 
for the castle.  They headed for the front entrance slowly and quietly. 
 "The front door?" Panthro said.  "We are respectiable vistors to the 
castle, Panthro" Bengali said as he looked into the dark castle.  "It's 
empty.  Are they all dead?" Bengali said as he looked around.  Wily Kit 
cringed in fear, expecting the worst while her brother stood unafraid.  
"We should head that way" Pumyra said as she pointed to a lighted room. 
 "I think it's our best bet for now" she said as they all headed for the 
room.  The Thundercats walked percautiously.  "STOP!" Panthro said in a 
bold voice.  "Look!" he said as he pointed to the room filled with out 
of control sentinels.  "They have lost it" Wily Kit said.  "I don't 
think they had anything to begin with" Tygres said in humor.  "I think 
thet've noticed us" Wily Kat said as he pointed to them.  The sentinels 
aimed their lasers at the Thundercats.  They began to fire wildly, 
lasers beams bouncing of the titanuim walls.  "They're circuits are out 
of control.  Bengali, they won't be able to harm us easily.  But they 
are still very capable of doing it.  It would save vauable time if I 
held them here with the assitance of Wily Kat.  We could avoid any more 
hazards and the rest of you can get to the center of this place" Panthro 
said.  "Agreed, let's go people!" Bengali said.  Wily Kat looked at his 
sister and the Thundercats one last time before heading into battle with 
Panthro.  "Two of us gone and we've just begun" Bengali said as they ran 
down the damp halls.
                Jadakiss laid on the ground, thinking what she was to 
do.  "You won't win if you try to battle us" Cheetara said.  "But I sure 
can try" Jadakiss said as she leaped up, kicking Cheetara in the face.  
Jadakiss pulled her fans from her sides.  "So if you're going to kill 
me, elt's get it over with" Jadakiss said as she fluttered her fans 
expertly.  Hope and Blaze charged Jadakiss quickly.  Blzae swiftly 
reached Jadakiss, grabbing one of ehr arms.  Jadakiss leaped into the 
air, flipping Blaze off of her arm.  "FLOWER FAN!" Jadakiss said as she 
threw her fan at Barbada.  Barbada did not flinch, nor move at all.  
Jadakiss caught her breath and continued her battle.  Cheetara swung her 
staff at her, but Jadakiss dodged it.  She grabbed aother fan and said 
"DRAGON FLAME FAN!".  Her fan caught fire, abosrbing the heat from the 
air and hit Hope.  Hope fell to the ground.  Jadakiss smiled a little 
too soon as Moonlight hit her with one of her time bombs.  Jadakiss fell 
to the mud, trying to recover.  Shadow stood over her.  "Time is up" he 
said with a smile.  "Not so fast" Apollo said.  Apollo stood strong with 
Lynx-o and Snarf, all prepared for a battle that would end vilontely.  
"Get away from Jadakiss" Apollo said with anger.  Cheetara looked 
around, her mission was completed.  She quickly sped off from the 
mansion, so quickly that no one noticed her leave.  "So you are looking 
for a fight, well I've got one for you" Apollo said.  Shadow smiled as 
his Eclipses stood next to him, ready for the first move.


                Tygra looked around at the deserted streets.  Stores and 
homes abandoned, but yet the feeling of hate was still there.  Tygra 
looked and saw Crowelin racing down the street.  Not too long back, 
Tygra would have consider this panther as a competing business man.  Now 
he sees him as a killing man who spares business for the pleasure of 
death.  He didn't kill Crowelin when he adh the chance before, but he 
may have to now.  Tygra leaped upon a fallen wall and swung his whip.  
"TIGER CLAWS!" Tygra said as his whip let loose a stream of blade shaped 
flames.  The flames destroyed several buildings as Crowelin leaped into 
the air.  He rolled to the ground and stood to his feet.  "Well, well, 
well.  If it isn't our old friend Tygra.  You had a clear shot at me and 
you didn't kill me.  Do you remember what it is like to see someone 
lying in pain?  You were always so more loving then I was about who I 
fought.  Maybe I should remind you how" Crowelin said.  He drew his 
staff and said "DARK CHAOS DEMISION!".  His staff let a long stream head 
for Tygra, destroying everything in the streets.  Tygra laid on the 
ground, shards of glass cutting his leg.  "You missed you stupid 
panther" Tygra said.  Flames engulfed the area around ygra, making him 
more powerful.  Crwelin leaped into the flames, ready to kill Tygra in 
an instance.
                Cheetara runs so fast that she teleports through open 
portals with her speed.  She is hoping to arrive at the castle to see 
the end of her once friends.  But each time she emnters a portal, she 
ends up where she doesn't want to be.  Her heart races and her body is 
exhausted but yet she still tries.  Her mind spins in circles, trying to 
figreu out what is right and wrong now.  Her mind says give up, but yet 
she teleports again.
                Chilla stands before Lion-o, her new power taken full 
effect.  "This is my new ability Lion-o.  It is called Cold Skinning.  I 
can slice away at your mind and body at the same time.  I could cut out 
all your mental functions, leaving a defenseless lion for the prey.  Or 
I could kill you quickly with a smiple movement.  Unless you would like 
to see me take advantage of Mumm-rana's new power, thought not" Chilla 
said.  "Just breach the forcefeild so I can kill him" Vizzar said with 
chaos in his eyes.  "That's it, get off of me!" Lion-o said as he swung 
Vizzar off of him.  The amplitude of his forcefeild was enough stretngth 
to throw Vizzar into the wall.  Luna looked around before deciding to 
attack.  "LUNA LASHER!" She said.  Before her attack could comense 
Lion-o grabbed her and swung her into the wall.  She fell unconsious on 
the floor.  Chilla tries to use her psychic blades but they just cladder 
off os his forcefeild.  Lion-o conctrates and throws part of his feild 
at Chilla, sending her crashing out of the window.
                Apollo faught Shadow to the best of his abilities.  
"BURSTING SHADOW!" Apollo said as he threw a bomb at Shadow.  As the 
bomb exploded, Shadow absorbed it's effect.  "What the?" Apollo said in 
shock.  "Oh didn't I tell you.  I use shadows as my power.  So you're 
little bombs and attacks have no effect on me" Shadow said.  Apollo 
frowned in anger, but he did not give up.  As he looked to see Snarf 
trying to battle Blaze, Jadakiss battling Moonlight and Lynx-o fighting 
Theory, he knew it was too late to give in.
                Bengali, Pumyra, Tygres and Wily Kit ran down the halls 
with speed.  Wily Kit looked at the sides of her and felt uncomfortable. 
 "Stop!  Nobody move!" Wily Kit said.  She looked down the upcoming hall 
with fear.  "Guards, several of them.  I don't know if ew should stop 
and take care of them" Wily Kit said.  "If they are sentinetls, then I 
can grab at their organic structure.  Hopefully I can push them back in 
time before they get me" Pumyra said.  Pumyra pulled three orbs from her 
pouch and begun to swing her sling.  "I'll hold them here, keep going" 
Pumyra said.  Bengali looked at ehr then kissed her upon the lips.  
"Don't get yourself hurt" Bengali said as he left.  A tear graced 
Pumyra's cheek as she watched her husband leave.  She threw her orbs at 
the approaching guards, nearly destroying the whole hall the surrounded 
                "HALT!" Alluro said as he stopped the remaining 
Thundercats dead in their tracks.  "I am of the red royalty.  We have 
noiw control over Thundera, so you might as well give in.  What lies 
beyond thei area is mine.  Dare to trespass and I shall kill you" Alluro 
said as he raised his staff.  "Tygres, please get Kit and yourself out 
of here.  It's over, I'll get you past him.  You two must get back to 
the mansion and hopefully save my childern.  Please take care" Bengali 
said.  He pulled his hammer from his side.  "If it's a fight you want, 
this tiger will be happy to oblidge" Bengali said.  Wily Kit and Tygres 
both ran down the hall, hoping to spare themselves but wishing the best 
for their friends.
                The streets were still epmty, but held the fight of two. 
 Tygra limped down the streets, his pain folllowing him.  Crwelin 
follows close behind, using attack after attack.  Not talking, just hate 
as the shouting.  As Crowelin throws another of his blasts at Tygra, 
Tygra's injured body flies into the galss of an abandoned store.  "Come 
on out Tygra" Crowelin says with glory.  "Sometimes I wonder why you 
ever tried to be with Tygres.  She needs a man, not a cub.  Killing you 
will be l.ike killing her baby, so easy to do" Crowelin said as he 
entered the store.  Crowelin was shocked when he felt a hand wrap around 
his ankle.  "Don't move!" they both said simutaneously.  Both were ready 
to kill each other.
                Bengali battles Alluro with ease, no breaking much of a 
sweat as he hits Alluro to the floor.  "Is that the best you can do?  If 
I had known I was going to battle such a old combatant, I would have 
offered to wear a blindfold" Bengali says as he flips away from his 
opponent.  "Not only am I a better fighter, but I look better then you 
too" Bengali said.  "I am a Lunatac, I am powerful and I am in love.  
And I shall destroy you Alluro said as he stood to his feet again.  
Alluro grabbed his staff and charged Bengali once again.  :love makes 
you want to kill people?  Well I must check my data again" Bengali says 
as he powers up.  "SIBERIAN SPIRIT!" Bengali says as his hammer lets a 
being in the shape of a tiger appear.  The being lets loose a wind, 
carrying Alluro into a brick wall.  Alluro slides down the wall, unable 
to move any part of his body.  "That wasn't love, that was brain damage" 
Bengali said with a small smile.  "Though I can understand your 
confussion on some days" Bengali said as he headed for the center of the 
                "I do hate to resorting to killing the now King of 
Thundera, but I can not allow you to stop me" Vizzar said as he looked 
at Lion-o.  Lion-o stood over Luna's still unconscious body.  "You won't 
mind dying by me, because my power will just absorb yours after you have 
parished.  I think that's what I liked about killing your father, 
everybody thought that it looked like natural death or that he killed 
hisself" Vizzar said with a grin.  "What was your point?  Why the 
Lunatacs and Mumm-rana?" Lion-o questioned as he looked into Vizzar's 
eyes.    "To eventually rule Thundera of course.  And to have my queen 
next to me" Vizzar said happily.  "Who?" Lion-o said with fear.  He 
hoped not hear that is was Catlani.  "Why Pumyra of course.  Did she not 
tell you of our past.  I am the one who gave her the name Asrine.  She 
was mine and we ruled the streets.  But then she thought she could leave 
and get her life straight.  So now she is caught up with this Bengali 
mess, but she will be mine again" Vizzar said.  Vizzar raised his hand, 
preparing for his attack.  "Until then, I must go see what Mumm-rana is 
doing" Vizzar said as his hand began to glow bright.  Lion-o braced 
hisself for the attack.  Vizzar quickly let two blades fly from his 
palms.  The blades sliced at Lion-o's forcefeild, eating their way in.  
Vizzar left the room, laughing at Lion-o.  Lion-o felt his doom reaching 
it's peek.
                Jadakiss battled Moon;light fearlessly.  "ARRIAL BOMB!" 
Moonlight said as another one of her time bombs sent Jadakiss to the 
ground.  She was determined not to give up.  Jadakiss pulled her last 
fan from her side.  "SHINING FAN!" Jadakiss said as she let her last fan 
flip into the air.  As the fan approached Moonlight, it multiplied into 
three fans.  The fans all were surrounded by blue flames.  Moonlight 
screamed as the fans hit her, causing a trmendous fire on impact.  
Shadow looked from his battle with Apollo to see her.  "Hope, get us out 
of here.  Our job is done" Shadow said.  Hope quickly teleported each of 
the Eclipses from their battles.  Apollo feel to the ground, gasping for 
air.  "What happened?" Snarf said as he looked around to a now empty 
mansion.  "Something bigger then we expected" Lynx-o said as he felt the 
breeze cool over his bald head.
                Bengali ran quickly down the halls.  He reached the 
center in no time, expecting the worst.  "Okay, I've had my fun.  What's 
the situation..." his words were cut short by his view.  He looked to 
see a tremendous force surrounding Mumm-rana and the Eye of Thundera.  
He looked around and saw Catlani tied to a pole while Tygres and Wily 
Kit gazed on.  "There's a lot of stuff happening that we can't handle" 
Tygres said as she pointed below them.  A sphere was growing bigger and 
bigger, preparing to release Mumm-ra.  Mumm-rana's eyes had lost all 
soul and all thought.  "Can we do anything about this?" Bengali 
questioned Tyges.  "That's a good question" Tygres said.  "What about 
Catlani?" Wily Kit said as she pointed to her fellow Thundercat.  
"They're probably going to kill her if we don't help her fast" Bengali 
said.  "I'll get her, you two get working on stopping Mumm-rana" Wily 
Kit said as she headed for the pole.  "So, my guess is that we use our 
powers to release her from the Eye of Thundera" Tygres said.
                A portal soon opened up benhind Bengali.  "By Jaga, I 
thought I would never get here" Cheetara said as she fell to the ground. 
 "Cheetara!  What are you doing here?  What ahppened to you?" Bengali 
asked as he helped her back up.  "I have no time for this.  Mumm-rana is 
my mother and if I don't stop her now, then it is the end of Thudnera 
and me.  I must get the sword to Pumyra.  She'll know what to do" 
Cheetara said.  Cheetara quickly grabbed the sword from the mantle.  She 
noticed the other Soul Sword was missing.  "The power you need is right 
in you.  Stop her from bringing back Mumm-ra.  I know it sounds crazy, 
but trust me.  I have already made more then one mistake, don't let this 
be another" Cheetara said as she quickly teleported out of the building. 
 "I am not sure whether or not we should trust her" Tygres said.  "Trust 
me, I know we should" Bengali said.  "Alright, let's get to work" Tygres 
said as they headed for Mumm-rana.
                Vizzar ran quickly away from the castle.  His life 
depended on getting away from the castle before Mumm-ra appeared.  He 
knew that if he got ahold of Destiny and White, he could surely get 
Pumyra.  "Going somewhere?" a soft voice came from behind him.  "Well, 
who wants to know" Vizzar said.  He turned around to see a very angry 
Pumyra standing behind him.  "Why nody, but me" Pumyra said, ready to 
battle.  "Well, are you ready to finish what we started?" Vizzar said.  
"Oh yeah" Pumyra said.  Before they could battle, a gate opned and out 
jumped Cheetara.  "Here Pumyra" Cheetara said as she threw the Sword of 
Omens towards Pumyra.  "Ah, my lovely Cheetara.  I knew you could mean 
the standards that Pumyra did" Vizzar said to Cheetara.  "Oh, don't you 
worry.  Your days of fooling are over today.  Kill him Pumyra.  I must 
get back to Bengali and Tygres in hopes of saving Thundera" Cheetara 
said.  She quickly got out of the way of the two enemies.  "So you have 
one sword and I have the other" Vizzar said as he pulled the Soul Sword 
from his back.
                Pumyra stepped back, feeling the cold breeze touch her 
cheeks.  Vizzar quixkly charged her and she charged them.  There sword 
fight had begun.  Pumyra swung expertly, as did Vizzar.  pumyra swung 
with hopes in ehr eyes while Vizzar swung with blood in his.  "I will 
have you" Vizzar said as he swung violently at her.  Pumyra flipped 
backwards swiftly.  "Never" Pumyra said as she charged him again.  
Vizzar showed the better, tripping Pumyra to the floor.  Pumyra quickly 
jumped back up and swung at him.  Their clashes filled the streets.  
Pumyra swung and hit Vizzar arm, leaving drips of his blood on her 
sword.  "It won't end that easy my love" Vizzar said as he grabbed her 
arm.  He swung her into the wall, causing her to fall once more.  Vizzar 
swung at her and Pumyra rolled away.  She stood to her feet exhausted.  
"Don't give up now my angel" Vizzar said taunhtingly.  Pumyra leaped 
behind Vizzar quickly and swung at him.  He fell to the ground and so 
did Pumyra.  She was exhausted and now she was free.
                Crowelin raised his staff once more, preparing to 
destroy Tygra.  Tygra summounded all his strength once more.  "SUN 
BLADES!" Tygra said as he let several baldes fly from around him.  The 
hot blades sliced at Crowelin, leaving him on the floor.  "I still ahte 
you" Tygra said as he walked away.  Crowelin took his last breath, 
apologizing to Tygres as he died.
                Catlani opened her eyes slowly.  "Where am I?" she said 
as she looked around.  "Somewhere no of us want to be" Tygres said.  "I 
can only hope that we all get out of ehre alive" Cheetara said as she 
emerged from the shadows.  "Are we ready?" Bengali said.  They all 
noded.  They all grabbed hands and concentrated.  As they concentrated, 
they began to glow.  Their animal signs formed upon their heads, as did 
the Thundercat sign.  "GO!" Cheetara yelled as each Thundercat attacked 
the feild aurrounding Mumm-rana.  Cheetara swung her staff, as Wily Kit 
sliced with her hands, as Bengali used his hammer, as Catlani used her 
bows.  Soon enough Mumm-rana was thrown from the Eye of Thundera.  "We 
did it" Tygres said as she caught her breath.  "LOOK!" Wily Kit said in 
fear as she saw Mumm-ra beginging to emerge from his tomb.  Cheetara 
looked around and then began to think.  Her body glowed golden as she 
floated to the air.  She remember that it was her mother that freed 
Mumm-rana, so only her daughter could lock him back up.  She lifted her 
hands and her unknown telekenetic abilities to control.  The feild that 
trapped Mumm-ra began to engulf him once again.  She fell to the stone 
floor, weakened to her best.  Mumm-rana's body began to fade away, 
giving Cheetara no chance to say farewell to her mother.
                Bengali, Tygres, Cheetara, Catlani and Wily Kit emerged 
from the fallen building that was th castle of Thundera.  Thundera was 
being restored slowly as emergency vehicles flooded the city.  "Good to 
see that you are all alright" Panthro said as he and Wily Kat approached 
them.  Panthro happily hugged Tygres in his arms.  Tygres smiled and 
said nothing.  "Are you the Thundercats?" a lady approached them.  "Yes, 
how may I help you" Bengali responded.  "I am Officer Mandora and I have 
been strict orders to make sure that you get safe passage to your new 
facility" Mandora said.  "Thank you, we will be with you shortly" 
Bengali said.  "Okay, you're children are waiting in the jet" Mandora 
said as she walked away.  Lion-o walked slowly to his friends.  Catlani 
glimpsed at him and then ran to him.  She hugged him, Lion-o grunted in 
pain.  "You've been hurt" Catlani said with concern.  "Just a wound to 
my stomach, but I'll be alright" Lion-o said with a smile.  A young girl 
approached Lion-o.  "Are you my brothr, Prince Lion-o?" the young girl 
said.  "Well I am Lion-o.  You must be Catsy, I am happy to meet you".  
The young Princess Catsy smiled.  "You are now king" she said as she 
hugged her older brother.  "No, I will not be taking that 
responsibility.  I belong here with the Thundercats.  But that does make 
you queen" Lion-o said with a smile.  "Who's that?" Wily Kat whispered 
to Wily Kit.  "It's Lion-o younger sister Catsy" Wily Kit whispered 
back.  Wily Kat smile at her.  "Uh oh, looks like somebody's got a 
crush" Wily Kit said.  They both began to laugh.
                Tygra lipmed over towards thew Thundercats.  tygres ran 
to him and hugged him.  "Crowelin is dead" Tygra whispered to her.  A 
tear ran down Tygres's cheek.  "I am happy that you are alive" Tygres 
said.  "Me too" Tygra said with a grin.  He looked towards Cheetara.  He 
let go of Tygres and walked towards her.  They looked at each other 
briefly.  Tygra then snatched Cheetara and gave her a kiss.  "Don't ever 
leave me" Tygra said.  Cheetara began to cry with joy.  bengali looked 
for Pumyra.  He pushed through crowds to find her sitting on a grassy 
hill.  He hugged her close to his body, happy that she was alive.  "I 
love you more then eternity" Bengali said as he kissed ehr.  Pumyra 
looked into his eyes and felt the true love he showed.  "I do too" 
Pumyra said as she kissed him upon the cheek.  They both watched the 
eclipse, a new dawn had broke upon Thundera.

*** Sneak Preview:  Just when the Thundercats thought it was safe to 
take a rest... Mumm-ra is coming.  Lion-o helps his younger sister Casty 
to bring Thundera back where it belongs.  The father of Tygres's baby is 
revealed.  Pumyra and Bengali take some time off from the Thundercats.  
Chetara tries to have a stable relationship with Tygra.  The Thundercats 
get a new HQ and prepare to be betrayed once more when Mumm-ra uses 
someone to his advantage.  ***

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