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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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New Thundercats: Night Dreams
By Jesse Morgan

*** In this story prepare for storyline fall ins to what has been 
happening in the past stories.  Find out the real truth behin Crowelin's 
plans for the Thundercats.  Find out why Pumyra has feared Vizzar for so 
long and what the Thundercats must do to save Thundera.  (This story 
falls before the 'Sneak Preview' in the last story.) ***

                Pictures of people running the streets of Thundera fills 
the screens before the Thundercats.  The horros of the screams are muted 
out by thoughts in their minds.  All the things they thought were fine 
were no longer what they seem.  And nothing they thought will ever be 
the same.  With Lion-o and Catlani being taken away during the battle 
against the Lunatacs, the Thundercata almost feel lost.  And with 
Cheetara leaving in a rage, that creates another issue of where to look. 
 But the final horror to them is the recent death of King Claudus that 
has got them with the feeling that the battle is already over.
                Bengali looked at the Thundercats and allies as they 
looked at the survallience monitor.  "We are not too late to stop this. 
 The Mutants and Lunatacs wanted us to know it was them doing this.  The 
problem is that we don't know where Mumm-rana and Vizzar are and where 
they are keeping Mumm-ra.  Perhaps they know that Crowelin is here with 
us.  This can be a warning that we have no idea of the secrets that are 
already here on Thundera" Bengali said.  "We are here to help Thundera, 
not to let it be destroyed.  I have no choice but for the few of us to 
go into direct combat against the evil that is begining to conquer 
Thundera.  As temporary team leader, I won't let them mock us like this" 
Bengali spoke with pride.  They all listened in silence.  He looked upon 
each one of them.  The mysterious Corwelin, the now preganant Tygres, 
the stronghouse Panthro, the swift Pumyra, the fisty Wily Kit, the 
cunning Wily Kat, the fiery Tygra and the nobel Lynx-o.  They all 
watched Bengali with promise.
                Bengali glared at Crowelin with mischeif.  "Crowelin, 
you used to be with them.  They have had less then a day to do this so 
they need a close HQ.  Do you have any idea of where they can be?" 
Bengali questioned.  "If they are using this area of Thundera as their 
main target, then their station would be the place that they kept Jaga 
before.  It is right near the castle, Bengali.  It's easy access for 
them to destroy whatever they want in a short period of time.  But I 
would guess it wouldn't be too easy for us to access" Crowelin said in 
spite.  "Then we'll assume that is where they are.  Even if it is not, 
it is a place to start our search.  We haven't had the practice to 
accomidate with the Lunatacs new powers, but that doesn't mean we will 
sit back.  We've done to little sitting instead of reacting to what's 
been happening" Bengali said with confidence.  "We are going to this 
station to find Lion-o and Catlani and we are going to destroy it when 
we are done" Bengali said as he stared out the window.  The night's sky 
was no comfort for him.  "I've never seen ol' tiger like this before 
Tygres" Crowelin whispered to Tygres.  "It's not often that you see 
someone doing something for good, is it" she whispered back to him.
                "You have not long before we leave, so get prepared now. 
 We'll talk plan when we're in the air" Bengali said with a comanding 
voice.  "Lynx-o?" Bengali said.  Lynx-o focused himself on what Bengali 
was to say.  "We need someone here to take care of the mansion and stay 
in contact with Apollo and Jadakiss" Bengali said.  "I will.  But will 
you find Lion-o?  Will you bring them back?" Lynx-o said as he stood to 
his feet.  "Truthfully, I don't know.  This is still their game and not 
ours" Bengali said.  "Do what you have to Bengali, but watch your steps" 
Lynx-o said with worry.  "Do not worry about me.  Thery have succeeded 
in gettting our attetnion.  Now it is our time to get theirs.  I will 
keep my eyes open for Cheetara" Bengali said as he walked away.
                The newly built Sky Cat cruises the skies silently.  
None below notice it's stealth illsuion in the sky.  "We are over the 
area now, going into diamond orbit" Wily Kit said as she controlled the 
vehicle's stealthing ablities.  "Sheer trust, Kit's abilities have 
gotten better" Panthro said.  "What do we have Tygres?" Bengali said as 
he looked out the Sky Cat's tinted windows.  "Okay, not so great news.  
this place has a forcefeild covering it.  I don't know how we can 
penentrate it yet.  I am doing some optics checks on it.  The good news, 
it doesn't seem to affect communication's signals.  I can get into their 
computers easily but we'll have to move quickly.  They should at least 
have a log somewhere telling us whether or not Lion-o and Catlani are 
here" Tygres said with a smile.  "Give me a minute and I'll tell you how 
to get through the felid" she said as she continued her typing on the 
Sky Cat's computer.  Crowelin looked out the window.  Not too long ago 
he was in that fortress, fighting to keep his sanity.  "We're in people" 
Tygres said with excitement.  "Good, I can't get us into mode unless I 
know where we need to go.  Alright, Wily Kit, once we're in you have to 
take point.  You're faster then Panthro so you'll have to search the 
rooms for Lion-o and Catlani.  Head to this area where they should have 
their newest prisoners.  If they are in there, they should be there" 
Bengali said.  Wily Kit nodded her head in agreeance.
                "Pumyra, do you think the forcefild is going to be a 
problem for you?" Bengali said to his wife.  "From the looks of it, it 
is electromagnetic.  I can break it" Pumyra said with confidence.  "you 
lead Pumyra, but I want you to teleport Wily Kit, Tygra and Panthro with 
you.  Can you manage that?" Bengali said.  "It'd be easier if Panthro 
didn't change into full attack mode until I teleport him" Pumyra 
replied.  "Fine, this is the run down.  Drop Kit and Tygra just before 
you reach the forcefeild.  Destroy the feild and drop Panthro off inside 
the building.  Then run interference for Wily Kit.  Panthro, go to 
Thundercat change and get us an entrance.  then destroy all that is in 
your path.  Wily Kit, as soon as there is an entrance, go find Lion-o 
and Catlani, okay?" Bengali said.  He directed them with ease as if he 
was meant to be the leader.  "What about us?" Wily Kat questioned.  "I 
want serious damage.  Tygra, take out the buildings perameters.  Wily 
Kat, be his back up and handle anything electronical.  Crowelin, I need 
you to lead Tygra towards the main outside systems" Bengali ordered.  
"No, I wlll not be led by someone who betrayed me!" Tygra said in 
resistance.  "There is no time for argument Tygra" Bengali said 
angerily.  "Tygres, you're with me.  We go straight for Operations 
Center" Bengali said as he put a hand on Tygres's shoulder.  "Okay, 
people let's get moving" Bengali said as he pressd the drop-hatch 
button.  The doors to the Sky Cat opened, pulling gusts of winds inside.
                Pumyra pulled her sling from her waist and pulled out a 
orb from her pouch.  Wily Kit, Panthro and Tygra gathered around her.  
She placed the orb in her sling and began to swing it in the air.  Winds 
picked up around her sling, teleporting them into time's space.  Pumyra 
reappreared just before the ground, dropping Tygra and Wily Kit off.  
Wily Kit quickly recovered from the fall, running quickly for the 
facility.  Tygra laid on the ground for a moment, trying to gather his 
thoughts.  "Time to go!" he yelled as he began his assault on the 
facility.  Pumyra reppared right in front of the station.  "Brief stop 
Panthro" she said to Panthro as she pulled a new orb from her pouch.  
She swung the sling quickly in the air.  She let the orb fly into the 
air.  The orb pulled debris from the air towards it.  The orb then 
exploded, sending streams of light towards the forcefild.  The lights 
shattered the forcefeild with the thickness of their power.
                Pumyra quickly telporterd herself and Panthro over the 
station.  "This is your stop Panthro" Pumyra said as she let him fall 
into the station.  "Thanks for the ride Pumyra" Panthro said s he 
quickly changed into his new Thundercat uniform.  He fell slowly towards 
the building.  In his new Thundercats uniform, he semmed to gain more 
strength and power.  Panthro has always seem to lack confidence and 
Bengali knew that.  But when in battle, he is defined as a fighting 
force in himself. As he grips his ninchuks, destroying the sentinels 
that block his way, he has no hesitation in destroying them.  He is in 
control.  "Come on in Wily Kit" he says as he looks a the destroyed 
robots on the floor.  Wily Kit quickly leaps in from the hole that 
Panthro has made at the top of the ceiling.
                "They're in.  Time for us to move in" Bengali saiys from 
the now landed Sky Cat.  "You think Crowelin will be all right?" Tygres 
said with confussion.  "You still have feelings for him?  You still have 
feelings for all of them, don't you?" Bengali said with doubt.  "I do" 
Tygres said softly.  "I'll never understand why.  Well with the 
teleportation abilities on the Sky Cat, we can move pretty fast.  So 
let's go" he said as he gripped her hand.  They swiftly teleported to 
the inside on the compund.  Awaiting them were sentinels.  "We weren't 
prepared for this" Tygres said with fear.  Bengali quickly drew his 
hammer, prepared for battle.
                Outside of the compound, Tygra looked upon the already 
damage of the fortress.  "That looks like a fuel area.  Well since I am 
still mind from my quick drop off, I mine as well do some serious 
damage" Tygra said as he drew his whip.  He flickered his whip in the 
area.  "HOT FLAMES STRIKE!" Tygra said as his whip let several flares of 
flmes head for the compund.  In an istance, part of the compound catches 
fire with extreme explosions.  "Hmm, what's next?  Ah, it seems I have 
got the sentinels attention.  Maybe I should light their fires before 
leaving?  But it looks like they are heading for Crowelin.  Maybe I 
shoyuld let them have a little target practice?  Nah, Tygres would have 
my hid if I did" Tygra said in humor.  He quickly flicked his whip in 
the air again, the whip's bolas letting streams of fire hit the 
sentinels.  The sentinels easily exploded.  "I was tempted to let them 
get you" Tygra called down to Crowelin as he headed down the hill.
                Crowelin fought the sentinels in a fury as Wily Kat 
began destroying the outside of the station.  "Hurry it up Wily Kat.  I 
don't know how many more I can hold of" Crowelin said as he fought off 
more sentinels.  Wily Kat moved quickly as he destroyed the panels on 
the outside of the station.  "Here some cover up" Wily Kat said to 
Crowelin as he pulled a pellet from his pouch.  "THUNDERA SKY FOG!" Wily 
Kat said as he threw the pellet over to where Crowelin was.  The pellet 
exploded, creating a thick fog, good enough for Corwelin to escape from 
his attackers.
                Inside of the station, Bengali fought feircely with 
Tygres against the sentinels.  As the lsat sentinel fell to it's grave 
upon the ground, bengali quickly caught his breath.  "I was hoping for a 
little more fight out pof these robots" Bengali said as he stood once 
again.  "Let's get moving Tygres" he said as he placed his hammer back 
on his side.  "Got you.  Opening the computer's main frame.  I'll upload 
the files on newest prisoners" Tygres said as she quickly worked on the 
computer.  She was happy that all her eyars in the T-Star High School 
were good for something.  She concentrated highly on the computer as she 
                Wily Kit looked down at the security cameras and the 
sentinel blocking her way.  It had not yet noticed her hanging from the 
top of the ladder that led to the prison area.  She attacked with one 
lunge, not caring what she did, as long as she found her friends.  She 
tore through the sentinel with no trouble as she headed down the 
corridor.  She tore through each door, her strength growing with each 
door.  Each cell, she found empty.
                "I think this is the last one" Panthro said as he 
dropped the wreackage of a sentinel into a big pile they had formed.  
Panthro looked at Pumyra, Tygra, Crowelin and Wily Kat as they surveyed 
the area.  "We need to get out of here.  By the looks of things, they'll 
be more coming.  I am not sure that we are ready for another assault" 
Crowelin said.  "Why would you think we aren't ready?" Tygra said with 
suspsion.  "Trust me, you aren't ready" Crowelin said.  He walked away 
from Tygra without even a thought.
                "Can anybody hear me?" Wily Kit said into the wall 
intercom.  Wily Kit pondered what was taking so long for a response.  
'Could the other Thundercats be captured?' she thought to herself.  
"Kit?" a response came from the intercom.  "Yes, Tygres is that you?" 
Wily Kit said with excitment.  "Yes, what's happened?" Tygres responded. 
 "I looked everywhere but I can't find them.  This place is empty" Wily 
Kit said in disappointment.  "Stand by.  We are preparing to leave so 
you had better get from down there.  The others will be waiting outside" 
Tygres said as she disconnected from the intercom.  "The downloads are 
complete" Tygres said to Bengali.  "Good, let's get out of here" Bengali 
said as he left the room.  Tygres pulled the disk from the computer and 
                All the Thundercats ran for the Sky Cat except for 
Pumyra.  She stood in front of the building.  "Go ahead Pumyra, but 
hurry" Pumyra heard from the Sky Cat's intercom system.  Pumyra grabbed 
a orb from her pouch.  She raised the orb in her sling high, towards the 
darkening skies.  The ground under her shook and trembled as she swung 
the orb in the sling.  The winds formed several tornados around her body 
as the grounds began to break apart.  "PUMA LONG KISS GOODBYE!" she 
whispered as she threw the orb to the sky.  She quickly leaped in the 
air, grabbing another orb from her pouch.  As the orb in the sky 
crumbled the station, Pumyra used her other orb to teleport her back to 
the Sky Cat.  The Thundercats looked as the ground crumbled and fires 
broke loose everywhere near the station, engulfing them in flames.
                "By Jaga!" Bengali said as he looked at the grounds that 
used to hold the station.  "What would we do without you sweetie?" 
Bengali said in humor.  "Probably hire really big construction workers" 
Pumyra said with a smile.  The Sky Cat speeded through the skies as it 
headed for home, to regroup for the war that was to come.
                Apollo looked at the windows of his and Jadakiss's home. 
 "I think that we should get in contact with the Thundercats now" 
Jadakiss said as she left the room.  "Right" Apollo quietly said.  He 
heard a knock at the door.  "Geez Jae, you don't have to knock to come 
in" Apollo said as he headed for the door.  "What?" Apollo said in shock 
as he saw who was at the door.  "You need to help me and hurry Apollo.  
We do not have much time before all we know we be destroyed" Cheetara 
said in fear.  "Cheetara, come in.  The Thundercats have been looking 
for you" Apollo said as he guided her in.  "You don't have much time 
Apollo.  The life you have now will not exist in a day" Cheetara said as 
she sat down.  "Tell me everything" Apollo said in hopes of comforting 
her.  "The Lunatacs have become more powerful and they are leading now 
under the guide of Luna instead of Mumm-ra.  But it seems that Alluro 
has chnaged.  And now, Mumm-rana and Vizzar are planning on taking over 
the Lunatcas.  But the problem is the Lunatacs have a power that 
Mumm-rana doesn't, that is Chilla.  She has been given some new powers 
that no one knows of.  I saw all of this in one of my dream-visions.  
You have to help me.  You have to stop this" she said as she trembled.  
"What msut we stop what?" Apollo said.  All of the sudden there was a 
huge explosion outside of the house.  "That" Cheetara said.  Apollo 
looked outside to see flames scattering the streets.  He didn't know 
what to do, just that it seemed life was about to end abruptly.

*** Sneak Preview: This sneak preview will come true.  The return of the 
Eclipses brings the end of the Lunatacs.  Look for the battle between 
Pumyra and Vizzar that will end it.  The death of someone brings pain to 
Tygres.  The Thundercats battle their one of their own who has betrayed 
them.  A BIG story! ***

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