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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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New Thundercats: The Flames of Life
By Jesse Morgan

*** This story follows "Midnight Hour".  This is another part of the 
long battle the Thundercats are in for. ***

                   A new day dawned slowly upon Thundera's land.  Sun 
broke the clouds of night early.  Tygres stood in front of Tygra's 
mansion's gate.  She knelt slowly down and began to pick up the few 
pecies of mail the sat upon the grassy walkway.  She has never been an 
early person.  Most of her life she worked hard to make sure that she 
never had to get up early for anything.  Now her mornings are becoming 
too tough for her not to stay sleep.  With the recent news of her 
pregnancy, she has not been able to get much sleep at all.  She slowly 
walked back to the home of the Thundercats, where she too stays.  She 
wishes that it had not been such a surprise to Cheetara.  She also 
wishes that she knew who to tell the news to, Tygra or Panthro.  Her 
life has not been the easy since meeting with the Thundercats, but she 
is not trying to make the best of it.  As she approaches the huge 
mansion, she let the cool air sooth her confussed mind.  She comes upon 
the steps slowly, taking her time as she enters the place that has now 
become her home.
                   The early of the morning has no effect on some places 
of Thundera.  One of those places is the area in which Mumm-rana keeps 
Mumm-ra's forces while he recovers from his injuries.  She keep a stern 
rule over them as she prepares her own plans for taking over Thundera.  
"Why must I always be bothered with the non-important rituals of telling 
you insignifigant idiots what to do!" she yells in a strong voice as she 
lectures the Lunatacs and Mutants.  "All I need now is for you to take 
care of the Thundercats and I will handle the rest.  Is that 
understood?" Mumm-rana questions as she stares through all over the 
souls.  Nods and mumbles fill the room as she exits.  She walks swiftly 
down the well lit, glass cooridor.  She enters a dark and silent room.  
Her mind dazes as she re-thinks her plans for conquer.  "I become bored 
with tis waiting" a voice says from behind her.  "Patience is the key 
here.  Do not dare rush to your own dismise" Mumm-rana said in a 
commanding voice.  "I want a chance to claim the female Thundercat as 
mine.  I also want to destroy the male she loves so dearly" the voice 
replies.  "You will get your oppurtunity soon enough, trust me.  She'll 
be yours before the day is out" Mumm-rana says as she exits the room.
                   The day progressed quickly on Thundera, as the rising 
sun hit it's full peek on Thundera.  The heat had no effect on the 
Thundercats schedule.  Bengali, Wily Kit and Panthro stood in the 
courtyard of Tygra's mansion.  "So, why the new look?" Wily Kit said to 
Bengali as she bounced the ball they were playing with.  Bengali stood 
proud, his hair now slicked back with his new clothing on.  He also 
stood with a small beard growing on his chin.  "I don't know, it seems 
like it's time for a change.  Besides, Pumyra loves the beard" Bengali 
said as he prepared to catch the ball.  "It didn't take that long to 
grow the beard, just a couple of days" Bengali said as he caught the 
                   Bengali proceeded to bounce the ball on his knee and 
head before throwing it to Wily Kit.  Wily Kit enthusiastically jumped 
in the air to catch the ball.  "So how are things here?  I haven't had 
much time to see anyone" Bengali said as he wiped a drop of sweat from 
his brow.  "Well I wouldn't know because me and Kat have been staying 
with our parents until just a couple of days ago" Wily Kit said as she 
bounced the ball.  "It's been pretty rough emotionally but physically, 
everyone is trying to recover from their injuries" Panthro said.  Wily 
Kit stopped bouncing the ball and quickly threw it to Panthro.  "Now 
that we have all recieved new powers from Jaga, we should do better for 
ourselves.  It is the learning of how to use them that distrubs me" 
Panthro said as he passed the ball to Bengali.  "So there's a lot of 
loose ends here still" Bengali said as he kicked the ball back to Wily 
Kit.  "That could be trouble" Bengali said as he caught his breath.  
"Well maybe it's time that we all put petty troubles behind us.  But 
then again, we never have" Panthro said.  he and Wily Kit begin to laugh 
                   Pumyra stepped outside to see the others playing on 
the grass.  She stood, dressed in her new Thundercat uniform, staring at 
them as they laughed at each other.  "Bengali, phone call" she said as 
she walked onto the grassy courtyard.  "Ah Pumyra, today is a day for 
many changes, eh?" Panthro said as they walked towards her.  "Well I 
have been watching the others and I have seen need to change" Pumyra 
said.  "Well it does suit sweetie" Bengali said to his wife.  "It's 
Apollo, he says they have found someone that we might be intrested in 
seeing" Pumyra said.  Just the sound brough intrest and suspesion to 
Bengali's ears.  They all walked inside, not knowing what to expect.
                   The Lunatacs stood in anguish, expecting Mumm-rana to 
enter soon.  "We have enough problems as it is without having to worry 
about a battle between the newly formed Royals of The Lunatacs" Red Eye 
said.  He stood, a new visor was builty by Brute men to correct what had 
happened in his battle with Apollo.  "We have all done very admiral jobs 
but this war between the Black and Red Royals is unecessary" Red Eye 
said as he stared directly into Alluro's eyes.  "This new idea of yours 
to go head on against the Thundercats is foolish and will not be 
excepted" he said as he walked away from Alluro.  "Maybe if you didn't 
bow down to kiss Luna's feet everytime we have a good oppurtunity to 
destroy the Thundercats we wouldn't have a problem.  But you believe 
that the Red Royals are better set to control the Lunatacs.  In the last 
abttle with the Thundercats it proved that we are not really as great as 
we should be when we expect a battle.  If we attack when they are not 
ready, this would stop our problem" Alluro said as he reached for his 
Orbin staff.  "These final steps for very delicate, we need to plan for 
a bigger battle when Mumm-rana arises as victor" Red Eye said as he 
looked back towards Alluro.  "Did you hear that?" Alluro said to 
Mumm-rana.  Mumm-rana made her prescence known to the others as she 
emerged from the dark shadows that silhouetted the walls.  "That I did" 
Mumm-rana said.  "Good, I'd hate to let all that delicious kissing up go 
unoticed" Alluro said as he raised his staff.  Red Eye drew his disc 
from his chest.  Just as Red Eye pulled his disc out it begin to freeze. 
 "Now now Red Eye.  We said no wars would take place" Chilla said 
happily.  "We will be taking the Thundercats soon enough children, soon 
enough" Mumm-rana said.
                   Bengali stood looking at the telle monitor, awaiting 
to hear the news from Apollo and Jadakiss.  "So who is it that you have 
found?" Bengali said in suspense.  Apollo and Jadakiss didn't look as 
happy as they wanted to be.  "Well, actually we have found Crowelin" 
Jadakiss said in a depressing voice.  "What!" Panthro said in anger.  
"Where?" Pumyra said.  "He was laying in an alley" Apollo said, trying 
not to cut the tension to sharply.  "Is he alive?" Bengali said with 
little sincerity.  "Yes, he is very much alive now.  But he is not at 
yet a threat to us" Jadakiss said.  "What do mean not a threat!" Panthro 
said, his anger raging.  "Panthro, please calm down" Pumyra said.  "So 
what re we going to do?" Wily Kit said.  "We will come and get him" 
Bengali said as he stood to his feet.  "Who?" Panthro said with more 
disguist.  "Me and Pumyra will take the new Midnight Cat that you 
created Panthro" Bengali said.  Pumyra followed Bengali silently, not 
knowing what to expect from her mate.
                   Lion-o stood in his room pacing.  He looked at the 
window, his mind drifting with every instinct that he was had.  Catlani 
entered his room, without Lion-o's eyes glancing over towards her.  She 
walked lightly towards him, still not effecting his glance.  "Have you 
made up your mind Lion-o?" Catlani asked as she placed her hand on his 
shoulder.  "Yes my love, I have" Lion-o said.  He finally turned towards 
her.  He felt her curiousity in her eyes.  He knew that what he was 
about to say wouldn't wipe the stars right from her eyes.  "I am going 
to the palace to stay with my father" he said.  He waited and expected 
her to suddenly breakdown.  Ctalani looked into his eyes and felt his 
sincerity.  "Then that is what you must do" she said with a smile.  
Lion-o was shcoked by her.  She has always been a woman of mystery to 
him.  "Lion-o, I love you and this is what you must do.  I'll still be 
here to love you.  I will still be a Thundercat" Catlani said.  Lion-o 
smiled happily.  "I am leaving Cheetara in charge here" Lion-o asid as 
he grabbed a bag from his closet.  Catlani walked over to him and grbbed 
his hand.  She hugged him and she smiled.
                   Pumyra and Bengali sat in the Midnight Cat as it 
soared back to Tygra's mansion.  Crowelin sat in the back of the 
vehicle, not saying anything.  "We're coming up on the mansion Bengali" 
Pumyra said as she turned on the auto-pilot.  "Good" Bengali said as he 
looked back at Crowelin.  "Bengali, we're getting some kind of 
disturbance on the trackers" Pumyra said.  Bengali quickly turned 
around.  "Look!" Pumyra said as she pointed to the view screen.  In the 
street stood Alluro holding his staff.  "What?" Bengali said.  Just as 
they were preparing to change course, Alluro let a orb of energy fly 
from his staff.  The orb crashed into the jet, destroying it's right 
wing.  The jet crashed on the ground, skidding a few feet.  Pumyra 
grabbed her head as she felt it throb from pain.  She looked around 
woozily.  "Bengali?..." she said as she tried to find him.  "I'm fine" 
Bengali said as he grabbed his knee.  "Are you sure?" Pumyra said as she 
walked over to him.  "Yeah, I just have a cut on my knee" Bengali said. 
 He applied pressure to the wound sa he tried to stand.  "Where's 
Crowelin?" Pumyra said as she looked around.  "I don't know but e had 
better get out of here" Bengali said.  Pumyra helped him up and they 
quickly tried to get out of the jet.
                   Pumyra and Bengali looked outside to see the Lunatacs 
standing in front of them.  "So, where do you plan on going?" TugMug 
said to them.  "We have to move qickly Pumyra" Bengali whispered to 
Pumyra.  "But you're hurt" Pumyra said softly.  "Do not worry about me, 
I can handle myself" Bengali said.  Pumyra nodded.  Pumyra quickly 
leaped into the air, her new Thundercat uniform forming upon her body.  
She drew her sling from her waist and landed on the ground.  "Well well, 
if I have to take on the Lunatacs by myself, then I will" Pumyra said.  
Bengali quickly ran towards the mansion, not wanting to leave his wife. 
 Before he could get to the mansion, Mumm-rana appeared before him.  "I 
don't think so" she said as she raised her hand.  Just as Mumm-rana was 
prepared to destroy Bengali, the Thundercats appeared.  Bengali took a 
breather in relief.  "Thunderkittens, Panthro and Cheetara head for 
Pumyra.  Me and Catlani will handle Mumm-rana" Lion-o said as he drew 
his sword.  The other Thundercats headed for the battle scene.
                   Pumyra swung her sling furiously in the air, 
expecting her attack.  As the Lunatacs began crowding her, her only 
thought was to keep her children and Bengali safe.  She leaped into the 
air with ease.  "ASTRAL ILLSUION!" Pumyra said as she let an orb fly 
from her sling.  The orb formed an illsuion of Pumyra.  Pumyra and her 
illsuion attack Alluro with ease.  As her illsuion fooled the Lunatacs 
long enough, Pumyra flipped out of the battle scene.  "Fools" Pumyra 
chuckled as she watched the Lunatacs fall for her trick.  Just as Pumyra 
began to run she was grabbed from behind.  Pumyra fell to the ground, 
her hand slamming against the grass in agony.  Pumyra quickly gripped 
ehr head, trying to get her vision clear enough to see her attacker.  
"Well is it good to see me?" a voice said to her.  Pumyra adjusted her 
eyes to the light.  "No..." she quivered.  "It seems impossible that I 
am her, is that not true my darling" the voice said to her.  Pumyra 
clinched her head as she tried to ride from the ground.  She slowly 
stood to her feet to see her attacker.  It was a face that scared her 
and haunted her dreams.  "Vizzar... it can't be" she said in her most 
feared voice.  Vizzar laughed at her cowardness.  "So you do remember 
me.  Good, because I am here to take you back" he said with a commnading 
                   The other Thundercats prepared for battle as each one 
changed into their new Thundercat uniforms.  Wily Kit leaped into 
action, throwing a pellet at Red Eye.  The pellet quickly exploded, 
leaving a dust cloud behind.  Cheetara and Tygra soon followed, battling 
Chilla and Alluro back to back.  Lynx-o drew his lightseild as he 
prepared to take on Luna.  "You are challenge me old man" Luna said.  
Despite Lynx-o's blindness, he has many abilities that are greater then 
most of the Thundercats.
                   Cheetara swung her staff in the air, creating a 
whirlwind around her.  Chilla blocked the sand and dirt from streaming 
into her eyes.  "COLD DRAGON!" Chilla said as she sent an ice storm 
shaped as a dragon as Cheetara.  Cheetara's whirlwind shifted the dragon 
from hitting her.  Cheetara's eyes filled with fury.  "FURY CAT!" 
Cheetara said as her body glowed of amber.  A sudden wave of ice formed 
around her.  Her eyes turned red, red as the blood that covered the moon 
in her dreams.  The frost slowly took the form of cheetahs.  "Attack!" 
she said as the mob of cheetahs ran for Chilla.  Chilla tried to create 
a sheild, in attempts of saving her self.  Soon enough the cheetahs got 
to her.  Just as they were ready to attack a fury of heat melted them.  
"What the..." her words were once again cut by her lover's eyes.  "Our 
job is not to kill as Thundercats" Tygra said as he reached his hand for 
her's.  "No, but it's our job to leave others in their time of need for 
past lovers" Cheetara said as she refussed his hand.  She stood to her 
feet and with a blink was gone.
                   Pumyra swung at Vizzar and he caught her fist.  "You 
are a quick little one, aren't you?" he mocked at her.  Pumyra snatched 
her hand and flipped back.  She took her sling and swung it at him, 
grasping his arm.  She pulled only to be pulled forward by him.  She 
fell forward onto her knees.  "You won't give up will you?" he said.  
"Never!" she said as she kicked him in his side.  She flipped backwards, 
her feet catching him in the face.  She grabbed an orb from her puch and 
slipped it into her sling.  She swung three quick swings and said 
"DEADLY FLAME KISS!".  The orb flew from her sling, igniting with a pink 
flame.  The orb hit Vizzar, sending him falling to the ground.  She 
relaxed as he laid motionless.  Just as she prepared to walk away he 
jumped from his spot.  "Not so easy" he said as he punched her in the 
stomach.  Pumyra fell to the grass, gasping for air.  "You will be mine 
again" Vizzar said as he grabbed her by her uniform.  "I won't die so 
easily" Pumyra said as she grabbed his leg.  She caught him off balance 
and they both fell to the floor.  Vizzar stood and Pumyra leaped to the 
air.  She grabbed hold of a tree branch, thrusting her feet directly 
into Vizzar's chest.  She then grabbbed the branch and slap Vizzar in 
the face with it.  She handled the tree as easily as Cheetara handled 
her staff.  Pumyra stood to her feet as she felt rain pouring on her 
face.  Vizzar stood to his feet, preparing for his second assault.  
Pumyra felt as if her whole body was on fire.  Tears streamed down her 
face as the raindrops did.  "This ends before it starts" she said.  She 
grabbed one last orb from her pouch.  "DARK CAT KISS!" she said.  She 
held the orb in her hands strongly, until it shattered forming millions 
of little orbs.  The orbs cascaded towards Vizzar with blinding speed.  
Vizzar, unprepared for this final assault, had no time to runas the orbs 
slammed against his body.  Pumyra fell to her knees as she felt pain.  
Vizzar also feel, to the ground unconscious.
                   Lynx-o battled Luna furiously.  "SHADOWING WALL!" 
Lynx-o said as a wall of shadows surrounded him.  Lynx-o fell to the 
floor, clinching his body.  Wily Kit and Wily Kat battled Alluro and 
TugMug with ease.  The battle went on as the storm raged.
                   The Lunatacs ran in fear as they were one by one 
being defeated.  Tygra looked around for Cheetara s the smoke from 
battle faded.  "Where is she?" he said softly as the rain feel upon the 
muddy grass.  Wily Kit stood to her feet, whiping the mud from her 
clothing.  Wily Kat helped Lynx-o up slowly, trying not to hurt the 
already injured Thundercat.  Pumyra laid on the ground as Bengali walked 
towards her.  "Pumyra?" he said as he touched her shoulder.  "He's back" 
she said softly.  Bengali knelt down next to her.  "Who?" Bengali said. 
 "Mumm-ra..." she said as tears began to roll down her face. Tygra ran 
up to them.  "Lion-o and Catlani are missing" he said.  "Cheetara is 
too" Panthro said.  Tygres walked outside, with tears tracing her face. 
 "What is it?" Panthro said as he ran to her.  "King Claudus was found 
dead..." she said in a whimpered voice.  "No" Wily Kit said.  "He's 
doing this" Pumyra said as she looked to the sky.  "Who Pumyra?" Bengali 
said.  "Vizzar" Pumyra said.  "Who?" Wily Kat questioned.  "Someone 
thnat you don't want to meet" Pumyra said as she stood to her feet.  
"And what of you Tygres, will you be able to battle in your condition?" 
Lynx-o said to her.  "What condition?" Panthro said in concern.  "I am 
pregnant" Tygres said to him.  Panthro's face of shock was had for even 
Tygres to read.  "We have to destroy Vizzar and Mumm-rana before they 
can revive Mumm-ra" Pumyra said as she headed for the house.  "Let's go 
people, the fire is just begining" Bengali said as he followed his wife.
                   The Thundercats pondered their every move in the 
Confreence Room.  "Is this how it's going to end?" Wily Kat whispered.  
"No, it won't end this way" Tygra said with anger in his voice.  "What's 
happening?" Wily Kit said.  "It could be the end of Thundera as we know 
it.  Vizzar is a powerful man and with Mumm-rana they can bring back 
Mumm-ra more powerful then ever.  With no Lion-o and Claudus deead, we 
are in trouble" Pmyra said as she stared at the video monitor.  What she 
had just witnessed weeks ago was nothing to what she was seeing now. As 
the people of Thundera once again ran the streets in fear, Pumyra 
wondered in how a few seconds that the Thundercats lives were once again 
flipped over.  "Who is Vizzar?" Bengali said to her softly as he put his 
hand on her shoulder. "Someone from my past that I don't want to 
remember" Pumyra said.  "Bengali, we will be leaving at dawn" Tygra 
said.  "Where, we don't even know where to look for them" Wily Kat said 
in disbelief.  "We will search the city" Lynx-o said.  "We don't have 
that kind of time.  It will only take Vizzar and Mumm-rana but so long 
before they have revived Mumm-ra" Pumyra said as she stood.  "Pumyra is 
right" a voice came.
                   As the Thundercats looked, they were surprised to see 
Crowelin.  "Hello Tygres" Crowelin said to her.  Her eyes sliced through 
him him hatred.  "I hear that we are expecting a baby" he said as he 
walked towards her.  "No, it can't be your child" Tygres said in 
disguist.  "That baby is mine" Tygra said as he walked in front of him. 
 "Are you sure that it isn't mie little tiger" Panthro said.  "Stop this 
foolish fighting!" Wily Kit said in anger.  "We are Thundercats, and we 
have failed Thundera by letting Claudus die.  I know I will not fail 
again and let Lion-o and Catlani die" she said as she left the room.  "I 
will take command of the Thundercats despite what any of you have to 
say.  We will concine with Apollo and Jadakiss and we will ALL go into 
this battle against Mumm-ra, should it be our last" Bengali said.  
Pumyra watched her husband like a hawk, knowing that he was the right 
man to fill Lion-o's place in his absensce.  She just wished that he 
knew the dangers he would be entering against Vizzar.  She walked up to 
him and kissed him on the cheek.  "I love you" she whisperd in his ear 
and a smile touched his face once again.  The time had once again come 
for the Thundercats to go into a battle that required them to all give 
their lives for Thundera.

*** Sneak Preview:  The Thundercats must depend on Crwelin to help them 
find Lion-o and Catlani, but at what price * Pumyra deserts her greatest 
fear to battle Vizzar * Tygres decides whether her baby is worth losing 
all that is hers * A death hits home in a BIG way * Cheetara finds 
comfort in Vizzar * The Thundercvats battle the Lunatacs for the last 
time * The debut of Catsy and the return of the Eclipses!

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