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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Unexpected Help
By Melissa O'Brian

It was a nice clear sunny day at Cat's Lair. Cheetara was in the control
room with Panthro, and Lion-o. Lion-o wasn't exactly in a good mood.
"Lion-o where are you going?" The young cheetah questioned him. "I have
to go scouting with Snarf. Now please Cheetara, take your hand off of my
shoulder. I don't have time for mushy stuff." Lion-o replied as he left
the control room abruptly. Cheetara lowered her head down sadly.
"Cheetara, I'm sure that Lion-o can take care of himself." Panthro told
her. "I hope that you're right Panthro." "Cheetara, Tygra will be here
soon. I'll be outside repairing the ThunderTank. She winked at Panthro
as he left the control room. A few minutes later Tygra arrived. He went
into the control room. "Hi Cheetara, where is everybody?" Tygra took a
short glance at Cheetara's face. He noticed that something was bothering
her. Bengali ran into the control room. "Please Tygra, can Lynx-o and I
use the Feliner? I'm worried about Pumyra. She's all alone on Third
Earth! She needs my help." Bengali pleaded. "Take it easy Bengali, you
can use the Feliner." Tygra said as he patted him on the shoulder.
Bengali thanked him immensely. He left the control room, and then he
went into Feliner with Lynx-o. As they flew away Panthro waved to them.
Cheetara was worried about Lion-o.

"Tygra, I'm going to my room." Tygra went over to her. "Wait Cheetara.
First tell me what's troubling you. We've known each other for so long.
Come on Cheetara, we always tell each other our problems." She gazed at
the young handsome tiger. "It's about Lion-o. I'm worried about him.
Lion-o also said something that upset me." "What did he tell you?" "He
told me that he didn't have any time for mushy stuff. I just tapped him
on the shoulder. But in his own mind he thought that I was mushy towards
him. I was just worried about him." Then she turned her back to him. She
didn't want him to hear her cry, nor did she want him to see her tears.
But that was impossible. Tygra was showing compassion towards her. She
was still distracted by her thoughts. He held her near, and he tried
everything in his power to accommodate her.

Meanwhile Lion-o was talking to Snarf. They were in the forest. "Lion-o,
this place gives me the creeps." Lion-o heard a noise. "Quiet Snarf, I
thought that I heard something in the bushes." They walked slowly
through the forest. "Look Snarf, an island! Let's rest here for a while.
My feet are beginning to get sore." So they sat down. The Berserkers
were watching them. Hammer Hand whispered "Cruncher, you grab them from
behind. The rest of you follow me. Remember Cruncher, you snatch them
from behind." Lion-o saw a humungous ship. Hammer Hand, and his men
surrounded them. Hammer Hand took the sword of Omans out of Lion-o's
hand. Snarf couldn't do anything to help Lion-o. Lion-o couldn't speak
clearly. Cruncher was squeezing him tightly. Snarf jumped on Cruncher's
back. He scrathced Cruncher's arm. Hammer Hand went over to Snarf. Then
he threw Snarf into the water. Lion-o was weak, and he couldn't move.
Lion-o fell unconscious. All of the Berserkers were laughing maniacally.
The humongous ship that Lion-o saw earlier attacked the Berserkers. The
Berserkers escaped from the ship abruptly.

There was a pirate on the ship. He wore a red bandanna. He had a leader
too. His leader was a female lion. They saw Lion-o, and Snarf
unconscious. "Grant, help me carry them to our ship. Then I'll put them
into my cabin." She told him. So he carried them to the ship. Then she
brought them into her cabin. She placed Lion-o and Snarf onto her bed.
Grant was navigating the ship. Lion-o was awakened by the sound of the
bell on the ship. "What happened? Where am I?" Lion-o asked in a low
voice. He only saw Snarf on the ship.

Suddenly a figure walks into the cabin. Lion-o's eyes widened with
amazement. He thought to himself 'She's so beautiful.' "Glad to see that
you're feeling better young fellow. My friend Grant Danasty, and I
salvaged you from the Berserkers. Those rotten sea dogs killed my
father, and Slythe the reptilian raped my mother. I've always wanted to
catch those sea dogs." "We thank you for your help young lady. I am
Lion-o, the lord of the ThunderCats. Who are you?" "I am Lionara. Grant
is my best friend. So you're Lion-o. I've heard a lot about you. From
what I've heard you're heroic." Lion-o was blushing.

"Um Lionara, would you like to become a ThunderCat?" Lion-o questioned
her. "What do I have to do to become a ThunderCat?" "You'll have to go
by the code of Thundara." "That's all?" "Yes Lionara." "Okay, I'll
become a ThunderCat." "Our home is close to the forest that we were at
earlier. Can you ask your friend if he could go back to the forest? If
you want to become a ThunderCat, you have to live with us." "Okay
Lion-o, I'll ask him." So she left the cabin, and asked Grant if he
could go back to the forest. Grant agreed to go back to the forest.
Lion-o whispered into Snarf's ear. "Lionara, is so beautiful. Maybe I
should ask her to my wife. But first, she must become a ThunderCat."
"Lion-o, Grant agrees to send us back to the forest." "That's great!"
Snarf yelled out with excitement. Lion-o left the cabin. "Grant, here's
20 Thunderian coins. We appreciate your cooperation." Lion-o told him as
he gave him the Thunderian coins.

Meanwhile at Cat's Lair Cheetara was in her room thinking. Tygra
couldn't tolerate leaving Cheetara alone. So ho got up from his chair,
and he went into her room. "Tygra, why are you in here with me?" "I'm
worried about you Cheetara. It's been about four hours, and you haven't
been speaking to anyone. Are you sure that you're allright?" "I'm sorry
Tygra. I'm just upset about Lion-o." Tygra knotted his head angrily.
Then he left Cheetara's room. He decided to work on his control board.
Panthro had just repairing the ThunderTank. Panthro walked into the
control room. He was humming happily. "Hi Panthro, did you finish
repairing the ThunderTank?" Tygra asked politely. "Yes Tygra. It's all
done. But have you've seen Lion-o, and Snarf yet?" "No Panthro, they're
still scouting." "But Lion-o should be back by now." "Good point
Panthro. Let's go find out where they are."

"Wait a minute. Where's Cheetara?" "She's in her room."  “I think that
it would be better if Cheetara, and I go check on Lion-o. You stay here
Tygra.” Tygra agreed with Panthro’s plan. Lion-o, and the others thanked
Grant for his kindness. “Bye Grant, I’ll miss you.” Lionara told him as
tears rolled down her face. As Lion-o headed toward the forest he waved
to Grant. Panthro, and Cheetara were just leaving Cat’s Lair. They
walked to the forest. Lion-o bumped into Panthro. “Lion-o, are you all
right?” Cheetara aked with concern. “I’ll fine Cheetara. Thanks to
Lionara.” “Snarf, Snarf, yeah Lionara saved us from the Berserkers.”
Lion-o explained everything as they went through the forest. As they
headed toward Cat’s Lair Tygra greeted them outside.

Lion-o was flirting with Lionara. Cheetara’s eyes widened with jealousy.
Panthro was showing Tygra how well the ThunderTank worked. Cheetara kept
glaring at Lion-o. Snarf went into the lair happily. “Lionara, come
inside of the lair with me. I’ll show you some of our stuff.” Lion-o
told her as he walked her to the lair. Cheetara was extremely agitated.
Tygra went over to Cheetara, and asked “Cheetara, what’s the matter?”
She didn’t respond to his question. “Come on Cheetara, tell me!” “It’s
nothing Tygra! Now please leave me alone.” Tygra walked away from her.
Eventually they all went into the lair. They all introduced themselves
to Lionara.

The Crush

It took a couple of days for Lionara to get used to the ThunderCats.
Lion-o kept flirting with her. Cheetara lowered her eyebrows angrily. At
this point of time, Cheetara despised Lionara. She made an attempt to
make a lunge at Lionara. Tygra held her back. Cheetara spit into Tygra’s
face. Then she decided to go into her room. “Lionara, can I ask you
something?” Lion-o asked politely. “Yes Lion-o?” The young lion asked.
“Would you like to be my wife?” Her eyes glowed with joy. Lion-o gave
her a white box. “What’s in the box Lion-o?” “Open it up, and find out.”
So she opened the box. It was a wedding ring. Lionara’s heart was
elated. She kissed Lion-o on the lips. Tygra was happy for them. But he
had to tell Cheetara about Lion-o’s engagement to Lionara. So he went
into Cheetara’s room slowly.

She was surprised to see him. “Cheetara, I must speak to you.” “What is
it Tygra? If you’re trying to make me feel better you’re wasting your
time.” “No Cheetara, Lion-o loves her. I know that this is hard for you
to get over. But you must conquer this feeling you have for Lion-o.” She
grabbed Tygra by the neck angrily. “You don’t understand how much I love
Lion-o.” Then she let go of his neck. “I’m sorry Tygra. I just got
overly excited.” “It’s all right Cheetara. You’re not the only one who
has feelings. I’ve noticed that most of the female ThunderCats are only
attracted to Lion-o.” Tygra paused for a while. She saw a worried look
in Tygra’s eyes. “Tygra, is there something that I need to know?” “Yes
Cheetara. Lion-o is going to  marry Lionara.” “Are you serious?” “Yes,
I’m serious.” Tears began to roll down her beautiful face. “Don’t feel
bad Cheetara.” Tygra patted her on the head gently. She laid her head
against his chest. Her tears stained Tygra’s uniform. A few days later
Lion-o, and Lionara got married. They were a happy couple. It took a
while for Cheetara to get out of her misery. But she eventually became
one of Lionara’s friends.

The Fight For Survival

On Third Earth Pumra saw the Feliner parked near Cat's Lair. She saw
Lynx-o heading toward the Tower of Omans. Bengali was still unpacking
his stuff. Pumyra left Cat's Lair. She ran over to Lynx-o, and she
hugged him. "It's good to see you Lynx-o." Bengali was just entering
Cat's Lair. He didn't see Pumyra in the control room. So he decided to
wait for her return. "Pumyra, I'll be staying at the Tower of Omans."
"Okay Lynx-o. Please be careful my friend." The brown-eyed puma told him
as she walked into the Cat's Lair. Pumyra seemed quite happy. Bengali
thought to himself 'This would be the best time to ask Pumyra to eat
dinner with me tonight. I sure hope that she doesn't refuse having
dinner with me.' A moment later Pumyra went into the control room. "Hi
Pumyra." Pumyra jumped back ten feet, because he startled her. "Bengali,
you scared the Thundera out of me." "I'm sorry Pumyra. Has everything
been all right for you?" "Yes Bengali, I'm fine. But has everything been
all right with you?" "Well…ah…not really. The moment that Tygra arrived
at New Thundera I was worried about you."

Pumyra thought for a while. "Uh… Pumyra, can I ask you something?" "What
is it Bengali?" "Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?"
"Alone?" "Well…ah, yea." Pumyra gazed into Bengali's deep blue eyes.
They wouldn't stop gazing at each other. But they were interrupted by
the sound of the alarm. "Pumyra, it's the alarm!" There was a figure
outside of Cat's Lair. Pumyra looked on her control board, and she a
wounded creature. Bengali and Pumyra left Cat's Lair abruptly. Bengali
went over to the wounded creature, and asked "Are you all right?" "I
need your help ThunderCats. The mutants are destroying my village. They
already built a place on Third called the Isles of Fear. Please can you
help me?" "Yes we'll help you. Bur first you must tell us your name."
Pumyra told him. "My name is Shepardo. I'm leader of the German Shepherd
Village." So he led them to Isles of Fear. They saw German Shepherds
enslaved by mutants. There were only two mutants. Bengali's eyes widened
with anger. He saw Vultureman slapping the German Shepherd slaves.

Bengali took out the Hammer of Thundera. A laser came out of it, and it
hit Vultureman in the head. Vulture –man fell down in pain. Hyenaman
snatched Pumyra from behind. He tried desperately to rape her. She was
crying as he began to lure her into his trap. Vultureman got up, and he
held Pumyra down. She started to scream. Shepardo tried to help Pumyra,
but he couldn't. Vultureman grabbed Shepardo, and he threw him. Then
Bengali kneed Vultureman from behind, and he threw him into a wooden
table. Pumyra walked over to Bengali slowly. Bengali held her for a
moment until she got out of her dizziness. "Ahh thanks Bengali, if it
wasn't for you I would've lost my footing." Bengali gazed into her eyes
as if he loved her. The mutants ran away scared. Bengali and Pumyra
freed the German Shepherds from the mutants. Shepardo, and his people
thanked them immensely.

Bengali asked Pumyra if she was all right. She told him that she felt
light-headed, because of the mutants. "Relax Pumyra, I'll carry you to
the Tower of Omans." Bengali told her in a low voice. As he carried her
she closed her eyes. Bengali strode to the Tower of Omans abruptly.
Lynx-o! I need your help. Pumyra fainted!" Lynx-o checked her pulse.
'She'll be all right Bengali. But she will be unconscious for a while."
Bengali brought her to his room. He waited a while, and he grew
impatient. Then he placed his hand upon her forehead. He whispered
"Don't leave me Pumyra, I love you." She overheard what he had told her.
But she didn't want to open her eyes.  He kissed her on the forehead,
and then he began to massage her forehead. Several minutes later she
woke up sweating. "Lynx-o, Bengali!" She yelled out nervously. "It's
okay Pumyra, I'm here." "Thank Jaga, you're here. Bengali, were you
trying to speak to me when I was unconscious?" "Yes, I was trying to
wake you up." He replied as he kissed her on the lips. That night they
ate dinner together.

The following day Pumyra and Bengali were dressing up. Bengali kissed
her on the shoulder. She smiled at him, and said "Let's go to the Berbil
Village. But first let me tell Lynx-o this." So she told Lynx-o that
they were going to the Berbil Village. A few minutes later they went to
the Berbil Village. Robear Bill greeted them, and asked them if they
wanted anything. They both bought drinks. Suddenly Redeye and Alluroe
attack them. Bengali took out the Hammer of Thundera abruptly. He said
"Hammer of Thundera, strike for justice, truth, honor, and loyalty." A
laser came out, and the laser hit Redeye in the rear. Alluroe snatched
Bengali from behind. Pumyra took out her short whip. "Alluroe, take your
hands off of Bengali!" "Ahhh Pumyra, you'll be joining him." Alluroe
pushed Bengali out of his way. Bengali landed on his knees. He was
panting loudly. Bengali tried to help Pumyra, but he couldn't because
Redeye threw his electrocution discs at him. Alluroe began to hypnotize
Pumyra. Then Bengali fell down, and Pumyra couldn't stop Alluroe.

The Luntacs decided to carry them to Sky Tomb. "Not so fast Lunatacs!"
Two voices rang out simultaneously. "Oh no! It's Darren, and Cheeta!
Let's get out of here Redeye!" They were afraid of Darren, because of
his strength. The Lunatacs ran away scared. Darren went over to Bengali,
and Pumyra. He tapped Bengali on the back. Bengali opened his eyes. "Huh
Darren, it's great to see you!" Bengali told him as he shook hands with
him. Pumyra was awakened by Cheeta. They already knew Darren. Bengali
remembered when he was helping him fight the mutants. He happened to be
Bengali's best friend, and he was a ThunderCat. They spoke for a while.
Robear Bill and the Berbils thanked them for their help. "Bengali, we
have to leave now. We cannot leave Cat's Lair empty." Pumyra informed
him. "Oh the lair! I'm sorry Pumyra. I almost forgot." Bengali said with
excitement. Darren and Cheeta were already gone.

Bengali and Pumyra were in a hurry to get back to the lair. They ran
into Cat's Lair abruptly. The lair was safe. Bengali was staring at her
continuously. She noticed how he kept gazing at her. "Bengali, why are
you staring at me?" " there's something that I'd like to
ask you.." She noticed that he was a little nervous. "What is it
Bengali?" He took out a small black box, and he gave it to her. Her eyes
widened with surprise as she opened the box. She was surprised to see a
wedding ring. Bengali put his hands behind his back, and asked "Do you
like it? It's from New Thundera. Pumyra, would you be happy if you were
my wife?" "Oh Bengali, I'd be honored to be your wife." Bengali's eyes
lit up with happiness. Two days later they got married. This marriage
meant a lot to them.

The Treacherous Past

Bengali was watching the stars sparkle. Pumyra placed her hand upon his
shoulder. "Bengali, it's late. You have such a rough week. I think that
you should get some rest." "Pumyra, there's something that I have to ask
you. "What is it Bengali?" "I'd rather discuss this in our bedroom."
Before they went into the bedroom, Bengali kissed his mate. Pumyra sat
on the edge of the bed. Bengali was standing with his arms crossed.
"Bengali, what did you want to ask me?" "Do you think that we should
bear a child?" "Yes Bengali. But we both have to raise the child. Do you
agree with that?" "Of course my love." After making the agreement, they
made love to each other.

Several weeks later their kitten was born. They decided to call their
kitten WhiteCat. He had Bengali's stripes, and he also had Bengali's
deep blue eyes. WhiteCat was a mixed breed of a puma, and a white tiger.
The following night Bengali took Pumyra's hands into his. Pumyra was
sleeping, and Bengali was next to her with their cub WhiteCat. She was
having nightmares about her past. Her frail body stiffened to his touch.
Then she woke up sweating, and crying. Bengali was awake too. "Pumyra,
what is it that's bothering you my love?"

"It's nothing Bengali. I'm just having a nightmare." Bengali kissed her
passionately. As long as she was with Bengali and their cub she'd forget
about her past. They were her life. Her only fear was if Bengali found
out about her past. Pumyra, and Bengali were dressing up. Bengali kissed
her on the shoulder.

At Castle Plun-darr a creature was welcomed by the mutants. "Who are
you?" Slythe asked. "I am Catoro. I was the worst ThunderCat betrayer.
If you bring Bengali, and Pumyra, and their cub to me I'll give you 50
Thunderian coins. Do we have a deal?" "Yes Catoro, it's a perfect deal."
Slythe hissed out happily.

"Bengali, let's go to the German Shepherd Village." Pumyra told him.
They took a stroll to the German Shepherd Villlage. The mutants were
waiting in the forest to ambush them. Bengali and Pumyra ate breakfast
together. They left the German Shepherd Village, and then they walked
through the forest. They didn't see the mutants, because the mutants hid
behind trees.

At the Tower of Omans Lynx-o contacted Panthro. "Panthro, I can feel
dark powers. Bengali and Pumyra are probably going to get hurt badly.
Please Panthro, I'm going to need your help." "Okay Lynx-o, I'll be
there as soon as possible." Bengali heard a noise. He held Pumyra back.
He didn't want her to get hurt in any way. They paused for a while.
Bengali ignored the sound. They just kept walking until they would get
ambushed by the mutants. They ended up defenseless. The mutants caught
them. They carried them to a morbid cave. Pumyra kept begging the
mutants not to hurt WhiteCat. Bengali was so infuriated that you could
see the rage in his eyes. The mutants kept laughing.

Slythe punched Bengali in the face several times. His lips were
bleeding, and he felt groggy. Pumyra’s eyesight wasn’t exactly perfect.
Vultureman knocked her out. from the Tower of Omans Lynx-o could feel
the anxiety that they were in. “Okay Catoro, can we have our 50
Thunderian coins? Yes?” Slythe questioned him. “Here’s your Thuderian
coins mutants. Now get out of here. I have some business to attend to.”
Catoro demanded. So the mutants left happily.  Bengali was weaker than a
kitten. He was also chained up. WhiteCat was crying loudly. Catoro
grabbed Pumyra angrily, and demanded “You either keep your kitten quiet,
or I’ll have to hurt him!” “Catoro, you traitor! You betrayed the
Cheetah Clan, and you also betrayed the Tiger Clan, and above all you
raped me.” “So you remember me! You’re probably wondering why I’m still
alive. When Thundera exploded I got aboard a merchant’s ship with a few
of my men. Thanks to the mutants, I’ve finally found you. Now come back
to me my prized puma.” Catoro teased. Bengali hissed at the sight.

“I’ll never be a part of your life again. I was crazy to be your slave.”
Bengali demanded. “You lay one hand on her I’ll break your arms!”
“Bengali, every time you get me angry Pumyra suffers.” Bengali knew
Catoro from somewhere. He thought for a while. “Ahha, Jaga fought you.
Let me guess you’re Catoro the smuggler. You betrayed the Cheetah Clan
and the Tiger Clan too. You’re nothing but a treacherous coward.” Catoro
went over to Bengali angrily.

“Stay away from Bengali, and WhiteCat. It’s me that you want. If you
hurt them I’ll never forgive you.” Catoro slapped Pumyra, and said “Shut
up. I’m in charge here wench.” Pumyra spit at him with disgust. Bengali
hissed at Catoro. Panthro had just gotten to Third Earth. “I don’t know
Panthro. But all I know is that they’re in trouble.” Panthro contacted
Lionara. “Panthro calling Lionara. Do you read?” “Yes Panthro. What’s
going on?” “Lionara, we need you to tell us where Bengali, and Pumyra
are. Please concentrate deeply.” “Okay Panthro.” She concentrated

“Panthro, my Sense of Feeling tells me that they’re in a dark morbid
cave near the German Shepherd Village, and they’re in terrible danger.”
“Okay, thanks Lionara. Lynx-o guard the Tower of Omans. I’ll see if I
can help them.” Panthro said as he left the Tower of Omans. “Catoro
you’ll never get the best of me! I may have been your slave at one time,
but I’ll never be your slave again!” Catoro slapped her again. Bengali
was trying desperately to get free.

“Hey Bengali, do you still think that Pumyra is nice? She used to work
for me, and she used to steal for me. She was my prize. She never told
you that, did she?” Bengali growled at Catoro, and said “I don’t believe
that. Why should I trust trash like you?” “Well, my friend, because it’s
true, and nothing will change that. Why don’t you ask her? Even my men
know that it’s true, don’t we?’ “Yes master.” His men replied
simultaneously. Bengali looked at Pumyra, and asked her if it was true.
She gazed at him with a look of anxiety in her eyes. “Bengali, I’m sorry
but it’s true.” She couldn’t stop crying. After hearing that, Bengali
couldn’t trust her anymore. Suddenly they heard a noise. It was Panthro,
and he ran into the cave angrily. Panthro set Bengali, and WhiteCat
free. Pumyra glared at Catoro, and said “Catoro, you once raped me, so
it’s my turn to get even with you!”

Bengali couldn’t believe what he heard. He put WhiteCat on his shoulder.
Pumyra wrapped her sling around Catoro’s neck. Panthro was in the
process of fighting Catoro’s men. Panthro beat them perfectly. After
being beaten perfectly, they ran away. Panthro didn’t bother to chase
after them. Then he ran over to Pumyra. “Pumyra, release him. He’s not
worth it.” “Not worth it! I’ve had nightmares, because of him. I should
rid myself of him.” “No Pumyra, killing never solves the problem. The
German Shepherd Village will help us put this coward behind bars!" “Shut
up ThunderCat! I’ll destroy you before you can send me to prison.”

“Be quiet Catoro, or I’ll snap your neck.” Pumyra commanded. They left
the cave, and they went to the German Shepherd Village. They had a
humongous prison. They agreed to help them. Then they left the village
quietly. Bengali didn’t speak to her throughout the trip. Pumyra was
ashamed of herself, because Bengali found out about her past. Panthro
asked them if they were all right. He was also wondering why they
weren’t talking to each other. “Bengali, come here. I have to ask you
something.” “What is it Panthro?” Pumyra was walking with WhiteCat. They
were going to Cat’s Lair.

“Bengali, why aren’t you speaking to Pumyra? I thought that you two love
each other dearly. Now tell me, what happened to the both of you.”
Bengali explained to him what had happened. “Listen Bengali, if you love
her you’ll forget about her past.” Bengali couldn’t listen to Panthro’s
advice. They slept at opposite sides of the bed for days. She cried
every night when he didn’t speak to her. But the following night he put
his hand over his face. He started to moan, because he couldn’t bear to
stay without her.

“Bengali, I’m sorry about what happened a few days ago. When I was
younger I was a slave. I couldn’t do anything to stop Catoro. If I would
ever do something wrong, he’d rape me over and over again. Please
Bengali, you must forgive me.” He had slight tears in his eyes. An hour
later he moved closer to her ear, and said “I still love you Pumyra.
Don’t cry anymore, because your crying breaks my heart.” Then he began
to kiss her ear gently. She loved to feel him do that to her. “I thought
that you’d never tell me that again.” She said. He hushed his mate up,
and he wrapped his arms around her dainty body.

She loved to gaze into his deep blue eyes. His caress was so soft, and
gentle. She knew that no one loved her like Bengali did. Whenever he’d
see Panthro again, he’d thank him for his advice. It seemed like a new
beginning for them, and their cub WhiteCat. Pumyra was so happy, and he
noticed that her passion was so much stronger than ever. His love
enlightened her. That night they couldn’t let go of each other. Panthro
returned to New Thundera.

The Lion-o Clone

It was dusk and all of the ThunderCats were asleep. At the Black Pyramid
Mumm-Ra was looking into his cauldron. He saw the ThunderCats asleep.
"Ancient spirits of evil bring the lord of the ThunderCats to me!"
Lion-o was transported to the Black Pyramid. Lion-o's eyes were closed,
and he didn't have the sword of Omans with him. "Ancient spirits of evil
I summon a clone of  Lion-o." After making the duplicate of Lion-o, the
clone appeared in front of Mumm-Ra. Mumm-Ra dominated the Clone. Then he
carried the real Lion-o to his prison cell. Mumm-Ra put a commanding
spell on Lion-o. Lion-o's eyes become red. "Lion-o, I command you to
stay in prison without summoning your sword."

The following day the ThunderCats woke up. Lionara couldn't find Lion-o.
She was crying hysterically. The other ThunderCats went into the control
room immediately. "Lionara, where's Lion-o?" Cheetara questioned her. "I
don't know. We have to find him." Lionara replied sadly. "I have a plan.
Lionara, and I will search for Lion-o. The rest of you stay at Cat's
Lair." Panthro commanded. They all agreed with Panthro's plan. Panthro,
and Lionara left Cat's Lair. Panthro drove the ThunderTank, and Lionara
sat next to him. "Lion-o is at the Black Pyramid. I can feel it."
Lionara told him. "Are you sure?" "Yes Panthro, I can feel his
presence." Panthro drove the ThunderTank to the Black Pyramid. "Lionara,
we must go into the Black Pyramid quietly." So they went into the Black
Pyramid silently. They saw Lion-o imprisoned. Lionara went over Lion-o's
prison cell. "Lion-o speak to me!" Lionara yelled out. Lion-o was in a
daze. He couldn't speak to anyone. "Lionara, move away from the prison
cell. I'm going to get Lion-o out of here!"

"You'll never get out of here alive ThunderCats!" A voice rang out. It
was Lion-o's clone. "Lion-o, is that you?" Lionara asked. "No I'm you're
worst nightmare! You'll never defeat me. I am the Lion-o Clone, and I'm
the strongest being that ever existed!" Panthro charged at the clone
angrily, and said "You might be strong, but I'll never give up my
strength!" Panthro was struggling against the clone. His strength
weakened. Lionara kept saying "Come on Panthro, you can beat him!" They
kept grappling. "Lionara, I cannot defeat him. His power is unbearable."
Lionara tried to help Panthro fight the clone. The clone punched Panthro
in the face  fiercely. Panthro fell down unconscious. Lionara backed
away from the clone. "You impostor!" Lionara yelled out angrily. Mumm-Ra
came out of his tomb. Lionara was trapped. There was no way that she
could've escaped from the Black Pyramid. She wasn't quick enough to
escape from the clone's grasp. He held her tightly, and he put her into
the same exact cell that Lion-o was in. Panthro was paralyzed. The clone
saw another prison cell. Panthro was thriving in agony. The clone
grabbed Panthro, and he threw him into the prison cell. Mumm-Ra was
laughing. "Good work my faithful clone. Now you must defeat the other
ThunderCats. The other ThunderCats will never stand a chance against
your power. Now go, and destroy them!" Mumm-Ra demanded. the clone left
the Black Pyramid.

Meanwhile at Cat's Lair Cheetara's six senses were disturbing her
rampantly. "Cheetara, what is it?" Tygra asked with concern. "There's
danger at the Black Pyramid. I have never sensed anything worse than
this." Tygra put his hand under his chin, and he thought for a moment.
"WileyKit, and WileyKat you stay here. Do everything that you can to
protect the lair. Cheetara, and I will try to find the others." Tygra,
and Cheetara left the lair. "Tygra, what are we going to do?" "I don't
know Cheetara." They went through the forest cautiously. The clone
waiting for them to make their next move. They thought that the clone
was Lion-o. "So, you're my last opponents. Give up ThunderCats, you'll
never defeat me." "Lion-o, we're not your enemies. We are your friends.
We do not want to fight you." Tygra told him.

"You fools! I am Lion-o's clone. Lion-o is at the Black Pyramid, and
he's imprisoned by Mumm-Ra. Your Thundercat friends are there as well.
If the mighty Panthro couldn't defeat me, how can you? Come you striped
freak. Give me your best shot. I want to see how strong you really are."
Tygra took out his bolo whip. "Let's see how you like to feel the wrath
of my flaming bolo whip." Tygra whipped at the clone. The clone was
immune to Tygra's bolo whip. Tygra backed away from the clone. He backed
up until he bumped into Cheetara. "Cheetara, can you get the clone's
attention? I have a plan. I sure hope that my plan works. Let him chase
him." Cheetara listened to his plan. "Hey metal face. Do you have the
guts to stand up to a woman?" The clone started to chase her all around
the pond. He was getting so frustrated that he screamed. "I'll get you!
My power will outlast your speed young cheetah!" Tygra became invisible.
He waited for the clone to get into his path. When the clone was in
path, he tripped the clone.

The clone fell into the pond, and Tygra pushed the clone further into
the pond. Tygra wrapped his bolo whip around the closest tree. "You
can't do this to me ThunderCats! Get me out of here you fools!" They
ignored the clone's decree. The clone's body began to flicker rapidly.
Tygra walked toward Cheetara. He knew that the clone would explode any
moment. "Get back Cheetara! The clone will detonate in any second."
Tygra informed her as they hid behind the tree. The clone's whole body
exploded. Pieces of shrapnel flew out in every direction. The tree
protected them from the pieces of the shrapnel. "Let's get out here
Tygra." "Yes Cheetara. My next destination is the Black Pyramid.
Cheetara, you must go back to Cat's Lair." "Why Tygra? Mumm-Ra is too
strong, he'll kill you." "Cheetara, please don't argue with me. I am
second in command, and it's my duty to help the other ThunderCats if
they're in trouble. If I do not survive, you'll be second in command."
She gazed into his eyes, and said "Please be careful Tygra."

Cheetara used her quick speed to get back to the lair. Meanwhile at the
Black Pyramid Mumm-Ra was enraged, because Lion-o got out of his
commanding spell. "Ancient spirits of evil transform this decayed form
to Mumm-Ra the everliving." Mumm-Ra was transformed. Lion-o said "Sword
of Omans come to my hands. The sword came to his hands. The Sword of
Omans broke through the prison bars. Lion-o held the sword up. Power
blasts came out of the sword of Omans. Lion-o aimed the power blasts in
Mumm-Ra's direction. Lion-o missed him several times. Several minutes
later the power blasts hit Mumm-Ra directly. Tygra had just gotten to
the Black Pyramid. Mumm-Ra slowly shrunk down to his original size.

Then he went into his tomb. The ThunderCats decided to escape from the
Black Pyramid. Panthro asked "Tygra, did the clone attack you yet?"
"Cheetara, and I defeated the clone." "Maybe that explains why Lion-o
got out of Mumm-Ra's commanding spell." "Yes, I think that you're right
Panthro. We have to get back to the lair." Tygra said. When they got
back into the lair Cheetara was happy. "I'm so glad that everyone is
okay. But I'm so tired." Cheetara told them. "Well I think that we all
need some rest Cheetara." Tygra added.

The Golem

At the Black Pyramid Mumm-Ra was pacing back, and forth. It was dusk.
"Ha, ha, I will be victorious this time ThunderCats. Ancient Spirits of
evil grant me the power to summon the strongest Golem that ever
existed." Mumm-Ra desired. Suddenly a humongous rock figure appears in
front of Mumm-Ra. It was a Golem. Mumm-Ra demanded "I want you to
desecrate anything that gets in your way. But do not attack yet. I need
to rest for a while in my tomb. Whenever I summon you again, I want you
to attack all of New Thundera." The Golem agreed with him. For many
years the Golem demanded to be free. Whoever would summon him he would
become their servant.

The following day Tygra was in the control room. He was doing work on
his control board. Cheetara strode toward the control room. She thought
to herself 'I don't think anyone else is awake.' As she went into the
control room she saw Tygra. "Tygra, why are you up so early?" She
questioned him. "I couldn't sleep Cheetara, because something isn't
right." She tapped the tiger on the shoulder, and said "Don't worry
Tygra. Everything will be allright." He smiled at her, and said  "I sure
hope that you're right Cheetara." Tygra thought to himself 'I never have
gotten a chance to tell her how much I really love her.' Tygra turned
around, and he looked at her. She saw a look of nervousness in his eyes.

"Tygra, what's the matter?" Cheetara did have a casual interest for
Tygra. But she didn't want to show it. He got up from his chair, and he
moved closer to her. "Cheetara, can I ask you something?" she placed her
hands upon his shoulders. "Tygra, you can ask me anything that you'd
like." They tried to flirt with each other. Tygra made an attempt to
kiss her, but he was interrupted. His control board was flickering.
"Cheetara, someone is trying to contact us." The other ThunderCats
strode into the control room. "Lion-o, someone is trying to contact us."
Tygra informed him. "Who is it Tygra?" "I don't know Lion-o. But I
cannot locate where it's coming from." "Lionara my love. Your Sense of
Feeling can help us locate where it's coming from." Lion-o told her. so
she decided to use her Sense of Feeling. Cheetara began to sigh to

The mutants were in the process of finishing their new home. "Jackalman,
we're safer here. We don't have to put up with Mandora, Captain Bragg,
and those warrior women." Monkian laughed out. Jackalman heard stomping.
"Be quiet you fool. I heard something." Jackalman commanded. It was the
Golem. The Golem approached the mutant's home. Vultureman went over to
the Golem, and demanded "Hey you! Get off of our property. We live here,
and if you don't leave I'll shoot you with my Sonic Gun." the Golem
grabbed Vultureman by the throat, and he threw him into Monkian.
Jackalman was scared. Slythe went over to the Golem. "We aren't the
ThunderCats. We are their rivals." The Golem spoke "I don't care who you
are. I'll destroy anything that get's in my way. I only obey Mumm-Ra."
The Golem squeezed Slythe's chest tightly. For once, Slythe was begging
for mercy. The mutants were bleeding terribly. The Golem wrecked their

The mutants were unsuccessful against the Golem, and they couldn't do
anything to stop him. They ran away without fighting. The mutants were
trembling with fear. "Lion-o, the mutants are running away from the
stone creature. The stone creature is ravaging New Thundera. The stone
creature is immune to everything. Lion-o we are doomed. There isn't a
way that we can defeat something like that. Not even the Sword of Omans
can save us." Lionara explained to him negatively. The ThunderCats felt
hopeless. "There has to be an explaination for this." Lion-o said as he
wondered aimlessly. "Wait a minute Lion-o. Maybe the Book of Omans can
tell us how to defeat the stone creature." Panthro told him as he gave
him the Book of Omans. "Tygra, can you decipher what we're going
against?" "I'm not sure Lion-o. But this creature's status is exactly
like a Golem's status. If my calculations are correct, this creature is
a Golem. We should contact Bengali, and Pumyra. Maybe they'll know of
someone that can help us." "I don't know Tygra." "He's right Lion-o. We
should contact them. I have a feeling that there is someone on Third
Earth that can help us against the Golem." Cheetara told them. So they
contacted them. "Bengali, and Pumyra do you read?" "Yes, what's the
matter Lion-o?" Bengali asked. "Do you of someone that is stronger than
Panthro?" "Ah... yes. Darren is powerful. He's at the Tower of Omans
with Lynx-o, and Cheeta." Bengali told Darren to go to New Thundera
immediately. Darren, and Cheeta used the Feliner to get to New Thundera.

The Golem had a tendency to destroy the mutants. Darren and Cheeta
arrived. They ran into Cat's Lair abruptly. "Darren, we need your help."
Panthro told him. Cheeta thought that Tygra was handsome. So she began
to flirt with Tygra. "Tygra, Cheetara, and Cheeta you stay here. The
rest of us will try to confront the Golem." Lion-o commanded. "Lion-o,
please be careful." "Don't worry Tygra, we'll find a way to defeat the
Golem." Lion-o, and the others left Cat's Lair.

Tygra was thinking. Cheeta went over to him, and asked "Tygra, why do
you look so nervous? Lion-o, and the others will resolve the problem."
"I sure hope that you're right Cheeta." Tygra smiled at her. She stood
in front of him, and she tried to flirt with him. Cheetara knotted her
head contempuously. Tygra made an attempt to kiss her, but he couldn't.
"What's the matter Tygra? Don't you want to kiss me?" Cheetara's eyes
lit up with jealousy. Cheeta was so close to his face. Tygra tried to
avoid her. "Look Cheeta, I don't know you." "So what Tygra?" "No Cheeta,
I cannot just fall in love with you." "Why?" "I don't even know you. I
prefer to love someone that's very close to me. I'm sorry if I'm
upsetting you in anyway." after hearing that, she slapped him in the
face. She pitied him. Whenever she'd look at him, she would glare at
him. Tygra sat next to Cheetara.

Meanwhile the mutants were trying to fight the Golem. The ThunderCats
saw the mutants struggling against the Golem. "Hey Golem, why are you
trying to destroy New Thundera?" Lion-o questioned him. The Golem turned
his head toward the ThunderCats. "You must be the ThunderCats. I will
destroy you all!" The Golem demanded. As they clashed the mutants
managed to escape. Darren grappled with the Golem. Darren's life force
was weakening. Panthro grabbed Darren abruptly, and the ThunderCats ran
away from the Golem.

They went into Cat's Lair. The Golem wasn't quick enough to catch up
with them. The ThunderCats kept shooting at the Golem. He was immune to
their lasers. "Our lasers aren't hurting him. He's immune to our power."
Tygra said nervously. "Lion-o, should we use the ThunderTank as a
submarine? Maybe he'll sink." Cheetara asked. "No Cheetara, the ocean is
too far from here, There has be another way to defeat the Golem." Lion-o
told them. "Wait a minute! Let's go to the forest." Tygra told them with
excitement. So they drove to the forest. The Golem followed them.
"Panthro stop here! The Golem will never get out of the quicksand. We
have to somehow lure him into the quicksand." Tygra told them. "By Jaga,
he's right. The Golem is extremely slow, and it would be difficult for
the Golem to get out of the quicksand." Panthro said with surprise.

"I'm going ou there. I know exactly how to make the Golem lose his
balance." Tygra jumped out of the ThunderTank. The Golem charged at him.
Tygra became invisible. He kept using his disappearing trick until the
Golem would lose his balance. Tygra got very close to the quicksand. He
was behind the Golem in a bent position. The Golem tripped over Tygra,
and he sunk into the quicksand. The Golem couldn't move. He was stuck
there eternally. Tygra jumped into the ThunderTank proudly, and Panthro
drove them back to Cat's Lair. "Tygra, what made you think about
quicksand?" Panthro questioned him enthusiastically. "To be honest with
you, it was Cheetara that gave me an excellent idea. The moment that she
mentioned water I thought of quicksand." Darren and Cheeta went back to
Third Earth. They flew back with the Feliner. Cheeta was so angry at
Tygra. Darren wanted Cheeta to be his lover. Darren loved her
tremendously. At the Black Pyramid Mumm-Ra was infuriated. "I will get
my revenge. One day I will destroy you all."

True Love

Cheetara heard knocking on her door. She opened the door slowly.
"Cheetara, how do you feel?" Tygra asked with concern. "I'm fine, thank
you." She replied. She was wearing her silk gown. "I'm glad to see that
you're feeling better Cheetara. Well, I'm going to the control room." He
told her as he closed her door. She took off her gown, and she slipped
on her uniform. Moments later she went to the control room. She saw
Tygra, and Panthro doing work on their control boards. "Good morning
Cheetara. How do you feel?" Panthro asked with concern. "I'm fine
Panthro. I'm going out for my morning jog." Cheetara replied as she left
Cat's Lair.

Fifteen minutes later she finished her jogging. Tygra was outside
waiting for her to finish her morning jog. As she headed toward the lair
she saw him. "Cheetara, would you mind if we take a walk for a while?"
"That would be fine." As they walked she noticed that something was
bothering him. "Tygra, is there something that you're not telling me?"
"Yes Cheetara. I have strong feelings for you." She couldn't believe
what he had told her. "You should've told me that you had feelings for
me. Why didn't you ever tell me?" "After Thundera exploded, I thought
that you loved Lion-o. You actually told Lion-o that he was handsome."
Cheetara lowered her head sadly, and asked "Do you still have feelings
for me?" "Of course I do. Would you like to have dinner with me
tonight?" "I don't know yet. You have to give me a chance to think about
it." "Cheetara, I never have gotten a chance to tell you how much I
really love you."

Tygra kissed her on the lips passionately. Cheetara's eyes lit up with
shock. Cheetara, what is it? Did I go too far? If I did I'm sorry." He
apologized to her several times. "Tygra, there's no need to apologize. I
was just astounded by your kiss." "Cheetara, I couldn't conceal the
feeling I have toward you. Can I ask you to have dinner with me
tonight?" "Only us?" "Yes, of course." "Okay Tygra." He kissed her
again. "Cheetara, I love you. This night is very important to me." They
decided to go back to Cat's Lair. They pretended that nothing happened
between them. But that impossible, because Panthro saw the look in their
eyes. He knew that they were in love with each other.

That night they ate dinner together. "Cheetara, I'm going to sleep."
"Okay Tygra." Before he left the room she kissed him. It took several
days for them to get used to each other. Tygra bought her a wedding
ring. He hid it in his drawer. Tygra, and Panthro were in the control
room. WileyKat went over to Panthro. "WileyKit, and I will be on our
space boards." "Try not to make your space boards break. It almost takes
me forever to repair them." Panthro told them as they left Cat's Lair.
Cheetara was outside, and she sat against a tree. She loved to feel the
warmth of the sun. She sat back, and she tried to relax. "Panthro, I do
not have any work to do. I'll be outside." Tygra told him as he left
Cat's Lair.

He saw WileyKit, and WileyKat on their space boards. They were heading
toward Tygra. "Whoa, look out Tygra!" WileyKat informed him. Tygra
ducked as they flew past him, and he was invisible. He ran over to the
tree that Cheetara was sitting against. She felt a slight breeze. Tygra
admired everything about her. He appeared in front of her. She picked
her head up nervously, and said "Tygra, you scared me!" "I'm sorry
Cheetara, I didn't mean to frighten you." She noticed how he kept gazing
at her. He massaged her shoulders gently. She looked into the young
architect's eyes. She closed her eyes as he kissed her on the lips.
"Come Cheetara, I bought something for you."

Tygra brought her to his room. She sat down on Tygra’s bed impatiently.
“Where is it Tygra?” “Hold on Cheetara, I have to look in my drawer.” He
opened the drawer, and he found it. “Close your eyes Cheetara, and give
me your hand.” She extended her hand. He opened the bluish gray box.
There was a wedding ring in the box. He placed the wedding ring on her
finger. She opened her eyes, and she looked on her finger. Her eyes lit
up with astonishment. She couldn’t believe it. “Cheetara, I know that
we’ve been best friends for so long. Sometimes a close friendship can
turn out to be a relationship, and besides we know each other better
than anyone else. Cheetara, can I ask you to be my wife?”

“I’d love to.” He wrapped his arms around her, and she gazed into his
eyes for a while. He decided to kiss her romantically. She thought that
his strong passionate kiss was habit- forming. She would’ve never
imagined having Tygra as her husband. Four days later they got married.
Lion-o pronounced them as husband, and wife. Tygra loved her deeply. She
knew that she meant a great deal to him. They were entwined to
perfection. The sun was shining brightly until dusk.  That night
Cheetara was tossing in her sleep. She was having a nightmare. Tygra
happened to be awake. He held her tightly and then he began to massage
her arms, because she was trembling with fear. She loved to feel him by
her side at night. No matter what would happen, Tygra would always be
true to her, and he’d always go by the code of Thundera.

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