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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Evil's Revolution
By Nathan Smith

        At the Black Pyramid, ratar-O and the mutants chew out Mumm-ra for
their defeats by the Thundercats.  Ratar-O begs Mumm-Ra to bring his
ancestor, Ratilla, who was defeated by Jaga, back to life and defeat. 
Ratilla comes back to life, and slkithe, vultureman, monkian, and
jackalman  form up their reptilian soldiers and monkien, vulturemen, 
and jackalmen soldiers for a big rebellion.  Ratilla has slithe summon
the berserkers and Jackalman summon the Lunataks. Monkian and Vultureman
phone up Captain Cracker and Captain Shiner, and free the 3 dangerous
criminals. Mumm-ra then frees Tashe from her pison warp and Ratar-O
summons Queen Tartara to help and he'll have monkian steal the Armietta
bird if she helps.  Spidera and Safari Joe decide to come and help.  The
Crab Men and the Mole Men all patrol their home territories with traps
in case the thundercats run by during the revolution.
        At Cat's air, Tygra goes to rescue Dr. Dometome after Scrape is
summoned by Ratilla and winds up being trapped by the singing mermaids.
Panthro is held hostage by Driller after the Giant Techno-Pede is
released and destroys the Tuska's home.  Mad Bubbler defeats Snowman and
frees the Ice King, who retrieves the egg, and argues with Tartara over
the egg.  The berbils homes were burned to the ground by the sky cutters
and wind up being Mumm-ra's slaves.  Ratar-O defeats the bullocks and
captures a wollo.  Hammerhead burns the home of the Unicorn Keepers and
Chilla freezes the Tower of Omens.  Spidera comes out of her web kingdom
and captures snarf, who was being chased by Mongor.  Cheetara fights
Tashe, but winds up getting kidnapped by Frogman and the leader of the
Mud Hogs.  Bengali thinks he can hide from the Crab Men in the Great
void, but winds up being captured by Red Eye.  Lynx-O is captured by
Safari Joe, who turns him in to Mumm-Ra.  Only Pummyra and Lion-O are
left.  they go out looking for the others leaving the thunderkittens
alone, but Pummyra is chased by Vultureman ointo the Tower of traps,
where Mumm-Ra brings robber Baron Carnor alive and she gets trapped
inside of there.  Lion-O goes to Mumm-ra's Pyramid.  Jaga goes to the
Astral World to free Tumgar of the Tuskas and then they set ut to save
3rd Earth.  Meanwhile, Wilykit goes to Castle Plundarr and gets captured
buy Slithe.  Wilykat and Rober-Bill go to Sky tomb, where they defeat
the Lunataks.  Captain Cracker tries to kidnap Lion-O, but gets beat up
and thrown into a black hole. Jaga defeats Ratilla at Castle Plundarr
and then all of the good guys find out that all of the evil beings are
at Mumm-Ra's pyramid throwing a celebration thinking they won, but they
all get defeated.  The mutants, who ewere embarrased and scoilded by
Mumm-Ra, go back to Castle Plundarr, and never come out for a long time
after such humiliation.

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