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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Love Can be Deadly
By Tigress

        Tygra was getting lonley on Third Earth. Pumyra had gone back to visit the 
others and had left him alone. One day, as Tygra was walking into the control 
room, he saw something on the screen. He sat in one of the chairs and looked 
closer. "By Thundera! A suspension capsule! I have to see where it's landing!" 
he said. Soon, Tygra had he exact location of the capsule. He got into the 
ThunderTank and took off. The capsule had landed at Crystal Falls, a place 
that Tygra went almost everyday. Whe he got there, he found the capsule had 
landed in a tree. He climbed up the tree and got it down. He took the capsule 
and layed it on top of the tank.
        Slowly Tygra opened the capsule. Inside was a female Thunderian about 26. She 
was an orange tiger with long hair. Slowly, she opened her eyes and looked up 
at him. "Hello, who are you?" she asked as Tygra helped her out of the 
capsule. "I'm in love...I mean...uh..Tygra. I'm Tygra." he said. The tiger 
laughed as she got on the ground. "Well Tygra, I'm Tygres. Is this new 
Thundera?" she asked as she sat in the seat next to Tygra. "No, this is Third 
Earth. I've been living here for quite some time now." saisd Tygra as he 
started up the tank.
        Once they were back at the lair, Tygra showed Tygres where she could stay. As 
Tygra walked away from the dor he smiled. *Maybe living here alone won't be so 
bad after all.* he thought to himself. Meanwhile, back on Thundera, Lion-o was 
talking to Bengali. "I'm thinking about going back to Third Earth. I miss 
Tygra." he said as the two walked into the den. "Don't worry Lion-o, I'm sure 
Tygra is fine on Third Earth. You know that even when we were living there 
together, we still didn't talk much." said Bengali.
        Lion-o nodded as they sat down. Snarf was walking through the kitchen when he 
ran into Snarfer. "Oh, hello Uncle Osbert, I Mean Snarf!" he said quickly. 
Snarf sat up on his tail as he reached for a can. But, Snarfer had just moped 
the floor and so, Snarf fell to the ground. Snarfer was laughing when his 
Uncle Got up. "Come here and I'll give you something to laugh about!" said 
Snarf as he began to chase Snarfer.
        As the Snarfs ran through the lair, Panthro was busy in the workshop. "That 
should do it." he said as he gave his invention one more pund, but, that one 
last pound broke the invention. "Blast! If I had some blueprints, I could've 
had this finished by now." he said as he stormed out of the room. Back at 
Third Earth, it was night and both the tigers were asleep in the lair.
        But, there sleep was awaken by a sound coming from tygres's room. Tygra got 
up and ran into her room to find her on her knees on the floor. "What's 
wrong?!" asked Tygra as he went over to her. "There is too much Evil! There is 
An Evil Greater than your worst Enimie coming here!" she screamed. Tygra 
helped her up and she sat on her bed. "Tygres, how do you know this evil is 
coming?" asked Tygra. Tygres looked at him. "I-I have a power that will able 
me to see whatever the animals see, I can also call upon the animal spiritd 
for help." she said.
        As soon as Tygres went back to bed, Tygra got up and went to the control 
room. He tried calling the ThunderCats, but, there was another source blocking 
TAKE OVER THE LAIR!"   Tygra looked at the screen. *We have to get out of here 
tonight!* he thought as he gopt up and ran for the control room door.
                                                TO BE CONTINUED....
                          END PART ONE

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