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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Legends (Part 2)
By Jesse Morgan

***This has a suprise ending and future comings for all you fans***

                      As the Feliner glided through the air, all the 
Thundercats were more on edge then ever.  Panthro placed the aircraft on 
autopilot and placed his head in his hands.  His thoughts drifted back 
to what happened to him in the Land of the Mists.  *I can't be related 
to Shadow.  It can't be*.  Fear began to rumble in Panthro's heart 
again.  Like his bond to Shadow had become deeper and more emotional.  
Lion-o guided his hand through his scarlet hair.  He eased his body into 
the chair.  His eys shut while he thought about his nightmare.  as the 
Feliner moved even closer to Bar'ian Island, Lion-o thoughts drifted 
even deeper.  He saw his father's face before his eyes.  He knew that he 
would never see his father again.  He knew he would never see his mentor 
and second father, Jaga again.  So he thought, though he loved Cheetara, 
Catlani was all he really had left.  His thoughts faded as they came 
upon the Island of Bar'ian.
                         All the Thundercats left their feelings asdie 
so they could be focused for the mission.  The Feliner landed on a flat 
area and all the Thundercats got out.  Lion-o thought for a quick 
moment.  "We will split into two attack groups.  Group Alpha and Group 
Omega.  I will lead Omega Group and Tygra will lead Group Alpha.  
Cheetara, Wily Kat, Panthro and Catlani shall join me.  Benali, Pumyra, 
Lynx-o and Wily Kit will join Tygra.  Tygra's team will search the area 
for any civilians or survivors.  Our team will search out the Eclipses 
and the Lunatacs".  Tygra swiftly replied to his lord's words.  "Lion-o, 
I don't believe you should take such a small force up against them".  "I 
agree Lion-o.  Though we are all strong individually, we are more 
powerful as a unit".  "I know Lynx-o but this is wiser.  We can get more 
done and a smaller group can move quicker".  "Well Lion-o then permit me 
to join the Omega Force.  I will be more helpful there".  "NO Bengali!  
I want you with Pumyra and White.  They are your responsibility.  They 
are your life and I will not have you abandon them for a fight.  We all 
lost a lot and you almost lost your life and Pumyra's last time we 
battled the Eclipses".  Bengali shook his head in agreement with Lion-o. 
 Panthro looked towards the ground with fear in his eyes.  "Lion-o, in 
you will permit, I think I will do better with Alpha Group then with 
Omega Group".  "NO!" Lion-o sturnly said.  "I am the Lord of the 
Thundercats and what I say is final.  We will all get ready and leave in 
one hour.  We will stay in contact through the Cat's Sound.  It enables 
us to hear each other from far distances.  Do not split the force unless 
for reconnisance".  They all agreed and unloaded the Feliner and 
Thunderstrike.  Tygra's team proceeded to the eastern end of the island. 
 Lion-o's team proceeded in the opposite direction.
                    Tygra guided his team carefuly through the wet area 
they walked through.  The tiger's mind was focused but in the back of 
his mind he still sees Lion-o and Catlani.  He feared for her life more 
than anyone else.  Pumyra stepped lightly because she had White on her 
back.  They were unable to take the Thunderstrike through such wetlands, 
so they all grabbed what they could.  Wily Kit gazed to the sky.  What 
was once blue was now turning gray with every step they took.  "Are you 
sure we are going the right way Tygra?".  "Don't worry Wily Kit, we will 
find any survivors.  They will probably be in the slave camps which 
according to the Siganl of Omens, is this way".  A crackle fell over the 
sky.  Then showers over water fell upon the swamp.  Lynx-o felt the 
water shimmer upon his head.  He grabbed a cloak from his pack and 
placed it over him.  He slipped the hood on and contiued the walk.  Wily 
Kit stopped for a moment.  "Tygra, my feet her and we haven't stopped 
for a rest yet".  "She's right Tygra.  We need to take a break.  White 
could use some food also".  "Fine.  We shall take camp over there".  
Tygra's finger pointed to a bushel of trees.  Tygra and the rest walked 
towards the area.  Tygra sat down on a tree stump in a open area.  He 
brushed through his hair with his hand.  He lifted his face to the sky 
to feel the drops of rain.  They slid like tears down his face.
                      Wily Kit dropped her back by a nearby tree.  She 
pulled out her sleeping bag and layed it on a flat area.  She got inside 
and immediatly fell asleep.  Lynx-o sat against one of the other trees. 
 He listened to the rain fall.  He heard the animal's cries for safety. 
 He tried to enjoy the area but he sensed danger nearby.  His ears 
shifted to a awful feeling.  His mind cleared as he tried to focus on 
what might lurk around them.  Bengali placed his pack by a tree and took 
a compass from it.  He fiddled with it for a moment.  He put it back in 
his pack and looked to his young mate.  He gazed upon her brown hair 
with it's white tipped ends.  He watched as she gently fed his young 
cub.  He proceeded to walk towards her.  She carefully put the young 
infant on a blanket.  The cub slept quietly upon his blanket.  Bengali 
quietly placed his hand upon his wife's side.  He wrapped his strong 
arms around her fraile body.  He whispered into her ear "I just can't 
keep my hands off you".  She giggled and placed her hand on his cheek.  
"I hope White sleeps well".  "I do too.  But right now let's just rest 
in each others arms".  With that, Bengali sat down near a tree.  Pumyra 
rested back upon his body.  He kissed her head and took her hands into 
his.  She looked towards the trees.  She looked at all the branches 
spread upon the trees.  Then her thoughts traced back to what happened 
in the Feliner.  Her dreams of terror haunted her as she rested.  She 
sat up with fear.  Her body stiffened to Bengali's touch.  "What is it 
Pumyra?".  She turned her face to him.  She loved to gaze into his deep 
blue eyes.  She loved to feel him hold her at night.  She always dreamed 
of having a mate who loved her as deep as Bengali did.  She knew that if 
he knew of all her secrets he would never love her that way again.  She 
leaned foward and kissed him on the lips.  He returned the kiss but more 
passionatly.  They both shared pure bliss but it was soon interupted. 
                       Lynx-o felt the ground move beneath his swift 
feet.  He quickly moved from the spot he was standing.  Tygra felt the 
rumble as did the others.  Wily Kit quickly got up from her sleep.  
"What's going on Tygra?".  "Everyone be ready!".  Tygra's words were 
drowned out by a tree falling.  It caused everyone to move but Lynx-o 
was not swift enough this time.  It crashed upon his weak, old body.  
Pumyra quickly grabbed White and moved.  Then smoke filled the area.  
Tygra quickly withdrew his whip.  Wily Kit rushed to Lynx-o.  She 
quickly knelt to see if he was allright.  She felt for a pulse and the 
old lynx was still alive.  She rejoyced but that was soon ended by an 
attack.  From all sides, Lunatacs and Eclipses attacked.  Red Eye threw 
his Side Winder at Wily Kit and it knocked her clear off her feet.  
Tygra moved quickly in effort to help her.  He was caught off guard by 
Blaze.  Blaze swiftly took Tygra's whip and strung it all around him.  
Tygra fell to the ground.  He growled and strained to get his whip off 
of him.  Bengali quickly stepped in front of Pumyra and White.  He 
pulled the Hammer of Thundera from his side.  "You shall not hurt my 
family".  Luna quickly remarked "We are not here for just your family.  
With the Thundercats captured and kept here by the ruler of this land, 
we shall run all of New Thundera".  Barabda came from behind and knocked 
Bengali out with a strong punch.  Blaze snatched Pumyra and Red Eye took 
White.  "We shall take all of you to the ruler of this land".  "Please 
don't hurt White" Pumyra pleaded.  Blaze knocked her out and they were 
all taken to a dark place on Bar'ian Island.  Lynx-o had attempted to 
contact Lion-o but little did he know that Lion-o's team were allreeady 
in a feirce battle of their own.
                     Wily Kat quickly ran from the attackers.  Barbada 
and Chilla were in hot pursuit of him.  He thought about the others who 
were fighting.  He remembers seeing Panthro's face in fear for the first 
time.  He didn't know why Panthro feared Shadow so much or what Shadow 
said to him to make him that way.  He still remembers seeing Catlani and 
Moonlight battling and Cheetara on the ground.  He was sorry he couldn't 
help her.  She was beaten bu TugMug and he couldn't help her.  He felt 
the air turn cold around him.  His fingers felt like they were being 
dipped in frost.  He realized that he was a gonner.  He grabbed the last 
pellet from his pouch.  Chilla quickly approached him.  He threw the 
pellet down on the ground and it exploded.  The explosion caused Wily 
Kat to fly in the air.  It had an intense shockwave effect.  Chilla was 
swept from her feet.  Wily Kat tried to recover his barrings but was too 
late.  Moonlight put her hands together.  Within seconds a sphere of 
explosive light formed.  She hurled it at Wily Kat and with the same 
effect of his pellet.  His body was thrown into a tree.  He fell into 
some mud and was unable to move.  Barabda wisked him up into her arms 
and carried him to Shadow.
                         Pumyra was awaken by a loud laugh that echoed 
through the area.  She lifted the head with fear.  She ahd heard that 
laugh before but she couldn't believe it.  She gently opened her eyes in 
disguist.  She gazed around briefly.  She saw slave women and guards 
everywhere.  Her eyes then focused on a throne.  Her head throbbed from 
the hit she took, so her vision was blured.  She stare in disbelief to 
what she was seeing.  She closed them quickly in hopes that it wasn't 
true.  When she opened them again she saw the figure approaching her.  
Tears began to fall down her face.  The figure reached a hand out to her 
and touched her on the face.  She jerked away in tremendous fear.  The 
figure mad a hand movement and one of the guards released her hands.  
She was too scared to run, she moved her legs closed to her body.  She 
put her hands in front of her face and began to cry.  The figure just 
laughed at her.  She refused to speak and stopped her crying.  She 
decided that she was a Thundercat now and refused to cry in the face of 
fear.  "What's wrong dear Pumyra?  Do you not remember your old master. 
 You used to be my prized puma.  I bet your wondering how I'm still 
alive.  Well I'll tell you.  When Thundera exploded I got aboard a 
merchant's ship with some of my men.  We have been going from world to 
world in search of you, dear Pumyra.  When I heard of Thundera's 
reformation, I plotted to get you back.  I am so sorry I missed your 
wedding.  And the birth of you dear child".  Those made Pumyra stand to 
her feet.  Her clothing torn aprat and her weapons taken.  The man 
before her had already stripped her of her pride but he was not going to 
strip her of her love.  "You keep your hands off of my husband and my 
child, VIZZAR!".  "Oh so you do remember me".  Pumyra stepped lightly 
towards him.  Her footsteps as light as her stride, she approached him. 
 "I have tried for many years to forget you.  By all of Thundera that I 
hold holy, you shall not hurt them.  You used me, raped me and tried to 
kill me.  I have gotten past you and I refuse to go back".  He put his 
hand on her shoulder.  She quickly yanked it off.  His eyebrow raised, 
he could see that she has grown tougher since last time.  "You must have 
read my mind young puma.  I do want you back and IF you Do not return, 
then your PRECIOUS BENGALI and cub will be harmed".  She turned from him 
and with another raise of his arms guards took her away.  
                        The other Thundercats were still knocked out in 
front of him.  "Awake Bengali!".  One of his guards woke the young 
Siberian.  He looked around at the surroundings.  Then he gazed at the 
man before him.  "Hello Bengali".  Bengali had once seen this man.  He 
knew he was a tyrrant who was defeated by Jaga's forces.  Bengali's 
shirt was ripped but all his wounds had been attended to.  "You must be 
the great Vizzar".  Bengali hissed at the site of the man.  "Well it's 
so nice to be appreciated.  You must be wondering where your wife is.  
She happens to be getting dressed at the moment.  We have sort of a past 
together but I guess she never told you about that.  She was my helper 
in my reign over most of Thundera.  Oh and don't worry about your 
precious child, he is well taken care of.  But back to Pumyra, she 
worshipped the ground I stepped on.  We have a good relationship.  You 
know she's not the good little girl you know, she is rather quite 
feisty."  Bengali spit towards the man.  "I will never believe that my 
wife has ever had anything to do with the likes of you".  Pumyra walked 
out and everyone saw her.  Vizzar pulled her towards him.  He told all 
of them about her past.  She cried as she saw the look on Bengali's 
face.  She couldn't believe that this was happening to her.  Bengali was 
so enraged by what was going on that he broke his bonds.  He fought 
Vizzar in a feirous battle.  Pumyra fell to the ground and no one could 
see what was happening.  When all the smoke cleared Bengali stood 
victorious.  All the guards freed the other Thundercats and the 
Thunderian slaves.  Bengali didn't speak to Pumyra as they all headed 
for the Feliner.
                Awaiting them when they got to the Feliner was Lion-o, 
who told them all about the feirce battle and how Lion-o tricked all of 
them into going into the Portal of Omens.  He explained the portal lead 
to a realm of endless time.  Cheetara sat in the Feliner crying.  Pumyra 
and her talked all the way back to Cat's Lair.  Cheetara told her how 
Lion-o had decided that he loved Catlani and he wanted to be with her.  
She also told her about Shadow being Panthro's brother and that Panthro 
had edcided not to return to Cat's Lair until he figured out his past.  
Pumyra was shocked by all that had happened.  Bengali and Pumyra slept 
at opposite sides of the bed for days.  She cried everynight that he did 
not speak to her.  He heard Tygra's words ring through his head "If you 
love her you'll forget the past".  He reached over to her and rubbed her 
shoulder.  He whispered softly into her ear.  "I love you more than 
anything".  She turned and began to cry again.  This time her tears fell 
in happiness instead of pain.  "I thought that you would never say that 
again.  After I was raped by Vizzar I would never be able to bear 
children.  Whne I did concieve I was so happy that you would have the 
chance to raise a child.  I have always loved you Bengali and I am so 
happy that I have you".  Bengali hushed his mate and kissed her on the 
lips.  He held her tight and let all his thoughts vanish from his mind. 
In his heart his father and his mate will always be legends to his 

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