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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Legends (Part 1)
By Jesse Morgan

                     As night turned to morning, Thundercats turned in 
their sleep.  Lion-o couldn't sleep for he knew of the mission they 
would be taking today.  He knew it was a huge risk for the whole team.  
As the sky turned pink and the dew fell upon the feilds outside of Cat's 
Lair, Lion-o prepared himself for the mission.  His thoughts slid back 
to yesterday.  When he told all the Thundercats that the Lunatacs were 
trying to bring back the Eclpises at a dangerous sector of New Thundera. 
 He remebers the faces of all the Thundercats when he said they would ve 
taking a task force to stop the Lunatacs.  He was thankful for Catlani's 
intervention.  Her words drifted in his head.  "We are all Thundercats 
and are very capable of going.  So I think it should be a group mission. 
 Snarf and Snarfer can take care of Cat's Lair while we are gone".  
Those are the words of Jaga's daughter.  They whispered all through his 
mind.  *It's just such a dangerous mission.  But if all of New Thundera 
is to be safe, we must do it*.  
                  With that Lion-o left from his room.  He 
walked towards the control room where he found Tygra.  "I thought 
Snarfer was on watch, Tygra".  The architech sat gloom in his chair.  
"He and Snarf went to pick-up Snarferina, so she could help with Cat's 
Lair while we are gone".  Lion-o studied Tygra's face.  "Is something 
bothering you Tygra?".  Tygra huddled himself in the chair.  "Well I am 
not sure about this mission.  I mean we will have the Thunderkittens 
with us.  I am not sure they are ready.  I am also very worried that 
White about joining us.  He is but a meer infant".  "I know how you feel 
Tygra, but the Thunderkittens have trained vigorously with Panthro all 
week.  And as for White, I know it's dangerous but he shouldn't be 
without his parents so young.  Plus Bengali has insured his safety".  
The tiger stood to his feet and approached Lion-o.  "Forgive me Lord for 
being your counslor but why Catlani?".  Lion-o had a puzzled face.  "You 
could have any girl on New Thundera but why Catlani?!?  And now that 
Cheetara has confessed her feelings for you, your out chasing her and 
leaving Catlani brokenhearted".  Tygra left the control room with a 
angered face.  Lion-o plopped down in a chair and thought about what 
Tygra said.  His words echoed in his head.  He slid over to the control 
                     The intercom echoed over Cat's Lair.  It was the 
mission siganl.  It was only used with extreme missions and this was one 
of them.  Cheetara's eyes fluttered and she awaken from her sleep.  She 
walked over to a mirror hanging upon her wall.  *I love Lion-o, but I 
don't want anyone to be hurt* she thought.  She had been putting him off 
all this time for that very reason.  She grabbed her uniform and went to 
the bathroom.  The Thunderkittens still laid peacefully.  Their door 
slid open.  "Time to get up kittens".  They both awoke to see Panthro in 
their door.  "OK, we're up Panthro".  They grabbed their uniforms and 
changed.  Cheetara grabbed her staff from her nightstand and placed it 
on her arm.  She left out of her room and ran into Lion-o.  "Uhm, good 
morning Lion-o".  Before he could answer she walked away.  Bengali 
gently kissed Pumyra's shoulder as he got up.  He walked over to his 
cub's crib.  He looked at his young cub turn in his sleep.  He gently 
brushed it's head and then grabbed his uniform.  "Were you just going to 
forget about me".  Bengali turned slowly at the sound of his mate's 
voice.  "I thought you could use some more sleep.  You were up pretty 
late with White".  Pumyra arose from her bed and walked towards Bengali. 
 She kissed him on the lips and grabbed her uniform.  "I am a Thundercat 
just like you Bengali.  I am also your wife so I need to be your side". 
 Bengali kissed his wife's cheek and they got changed.
                          Lion-o contiued down the hall.  He approached 
the hanger bay.  He stopped a few steps short of the room.  He thought 
for a moment.  *Why am I chasing Cheetara, when I love Catlani*.  He 
walked into the hanger and saw Panthro and Catlani hard at work.  "Is 
the Feliner almost ready for flight?".  Panthro turned his head to the 
young lord.  "We've almost finished extending it's boosters".  Lion-o 
looked over to Catlani.  He gazed at her gracefullness as she worked 
hard on the Feliner's circuits.  He approached her.  She didn't notice 
him as she kept fixing circuits.  "Catlani!".  She jumped at the sound 
of his voice.  "Catlani, I have a quaestion".  "It will have to wait 
Lion-o, I have more repairs before final lift off".  She walked away 
shyly and Lion-o dropped his head towards the ground.  Bengali and 
Pumyra walked into the hanger holding their new cub.  "Good.  We could 
use your help Bengali".    Bengali looked towards the older panther.  
"Sure thing Panthro.  Uhm, will you be alright Pumyra?".  Pumyra 
carefully lifted her cub into her arms.  "Go on Bengali.  Me and White 
will be fine".  Bengali took one more look at his cub.  The young White 
giggled at his father.  Bengali kissed him on his forehead and then 
kissed Pumyra on the lips.  Bengali walked away from his wife and 
towards Panthro.  Pumyra looked over to Lion-o, sitting on a crate.  She 
carefully approached him.  He sat drepressed on the crate.  His thoughts 
were even more confussed.  Pumyra gently touched Lion-o on the shoulder. 
 He looked up to her and quickly stood.  "Hi Pumyra".  "Hello Lion-o.  
Is something bothering you?".  Lion-o's head dropped again.  His eyes 
closed as the words of Catlani surfaced through his head.  He looked up 
towards the young puma and her infant cub.  He admired how she held him 
as a true mother should.  He wished he could remember his own mother.  
He envied Bengali and Pumyra for having such a cute child.  "Don't worry 
about me Pumyra.  I am more worried about White.  Are you sure you 
should bring him?".  Before she could answer Tygra walked in.  "Of 
course she is.  Like you said Lion-o, White needs to be with his 
parents".  Tygra put his arm on Lion-o's shoulder.  "May I hold White 
Pumyra".  Pumyra nodded and she carefully gave the cub to Tygra.  White 
giggled with joy as Tygra lifted him up.  He looked towards Lion-o and 
could see the pain in his eyes.  He feared the words he said earlier 
were troubling Lion-o.  "We should start loading the Feliner and 
Thunderstrike".  They both nodded.  
                        Everyone began loading the two vehicles.  All 
were nervous about the mission they were going on.  It was dangerous and 
it would be the toughest mission any Thundercat has ever been on.  The 
final crate was loaded and the Thundercats all met in front of Cat's 
Lair.  Lion-o thought carefully for the right words to calm the others. 
 "Let's go to it.  Like my old friend says, if were going to do it then 
let's do it".  All the Thundercats gave the Snarfs a final goodbye.  
Wily Kit and her brother entered the cockpit of the Feliner.  They 
proceeded into two small, seperate areas.  Lynx-o follwed as he climbed 
into the Thunderstrike.  His skills of arial flight were not needed at 
this time but he was glad of that.  His body was becoming weaker with 
age.  He gently caressed his beard.  The redish beard that was lined at 
the bottom with silver.  The black speckles that traced all along his 
beared and ears had begin to fade with age.  He soon feared the day when 
he wouldn't be able to guide his young friends, Pumyra and Bengali.  His 
hands began to tremble at the thought.  He carefully placed his head up 
against the headrest and dozed off to sleep.  Panthro stepped into the 
Feliner and sat into the pilot's seat.  He placed his hands on the 
controls with fear.  Panthro had been through many battles in his life 
but never had he dealt with the Eclipses.  Ever since Shadow violated 
his body, they have had a bond.  It was so strong that he saw visions of 
them as brothers.  He felt terrified at the thought of himself being 
linked to such evil.  He let his thoughts slip to the back of his mind, 
so he could be prepared for the mission.
                     Bengali kissed his mate on the cheek and stepped 
into the Thunderstrike.  Pumyra carefully placed the cub into his 
suspension capsule.  Her and Bengali wanted the child to sleep while 
traveling.  She dreaded taking the cub but she knew it was right.  She 
trusted Bengali and all the other Thundercats to protect him.  She 
adjusted her sling before entering the Thunderstrike.  Tygra helped 
Cheetara into the Feliner and then stepped in himself.  He traced 
through his orange mane as if to calm his emotions.  He looked out the 
window.  He saw Catlani and Lion-o talking.  He listened sharply to 
their words.  "Before we go on this mission Catlani, we have to talk.  I 
know what I said a few months ago hurt you".  The young cougar wiped her 
golden hair from her eyes.  She couldn't respond for the pain was still 
burried inside of her.  "But I still have feelings for you".  The words 
spoken from the lion brought hope for her.  She leaned foward and kissed 
him on cheek.  Tygra growled at the site and turned away from the 
window.  "Wait!  That's not all".  Catlani's face turned to confussion. 
 "I have feelings for you but it's not right.  Tygra cares deeply for 
you and I don't want to hurt him or anyone else.  Also I care for 
Cheetara and I think I am begining to love her".  Catlani's heart 
shattered at the words.  She thought to slap him but her body was numb 
with sorrow.  She walked away and began to cry.  She cursed herslef for 
still having feelings for Tygra.  He had been an important person in her 
life for many years.  Lion-o wanted to run to her but he knew that it 
was wrong.  He walked off and got into the Feliner.  Catlani was 
determined to let Lion-o go.  She got into the Thunderstrike and they 
took off.  The dust and debris spread all over the area.  The Snarfs 
watched as their friends flew away.
                "Panthro, set course for the Bar'ian Islands".  "Check" 
Panthro said as he adjusted the direction of the Feliner.  All the 
Thundercats sat in anticipation.  Tygra stirred in his seat.  He feared 
of what will happen to his companions when they pass through the Land of 
Mists.  He knew that his mind power would help him but he feared for the 
others.  He heard tales of the Land of Mists.  Once you get in contact 
with it, you begin to dream your worst nightmares.  He knew people that 
had past through the area and they were never the same.  "Lord Lion-o, 
don't you fear of what will happen in the Land of the Mists" the 
fearsome tiger asked.  Lion-o brushed through his red main and thought 
for a moment.  "I do not fear the Land of Mists and neither should you. 
 If we are to become true Thundercats then we must fight through 
anything to help others".  Tygra was confussed with Lion-o's last words. 
 "What do you mean others?".  Lion-o didn't realize what he had said to 
Tygra.  He had let it slip of the true nature of the mission.  It was 
not only to defeat the Eclipses and Lunatacs but to save other 
Thunderians.  Jaga had come to him in a dream and told him of the 
Thunderians.  Before Lion-o could respond to his friend and conslour's 
words they entered the Land of the Mists.
                 Strange purple mists circled the Feliner with the 
Thunderstrike attached to it's roof.  All the Thundercats braced 
themselves for the worst.  Panthro was the first to be affected.  He saw 
visions that he wished not to see.  He saw himslef and Shadow.  He saw 
his parents.  He seemed to be in a hospital or medical center.  His 
mother told him to take care of his brother S'lai'zer.  He remembered 
the name as if he heard it somewhere.  Then he realized that they were 
refering to Shadow.  He shook in fear.  All the other Thundercats had no 
idea what was happening.  Tygra tried to calm him, as Panthro began to 
hollar as if in pain.  The next to be affected was Cheetara.  She closed 
her eyes as she saw the worst of her fears.  Catar had returned to life. 
 He was right before her battling with Lion-o.  She asked what was 
happening and Tygra whispered to her that Catar had challenged him to 
the Cari`.  She knew that meant a battle to the death on accient 
Thundera.  She attempted to stop the battle but Tygra held her back.  
Then Lion-o was slain by Catar and he claimed his prize.  He wanted 
Cheetara and she trembled in sorrow.  She had lost Lion-o and had to 
return to Catar.  The one man who gave his life for her and now she 
feared him.  It was because of him that she has finally developed a 
telekinetic power.  It was because of him that she fears going to sleep, 
for she knows that her dreams are of him.  She began to cry as the mists 
overcame her.  Lion-o tried to console her but couldn't, for the mists 
began to take over him.  He tried with all his might to fight them but 
couldn't.  His visons were of losing his father, Catlani and Jaga in a 
great war.  All the Thundercats died because he decided to go to 
Bar'ian.  He saw Cheetara brutly totured and murdered by mutants.  He 
was enraged but couldn't stop the visions.  The next victims were Wily 
Kit and Wily Kat.  They both saw their parents murdered.  They watched 
the whole process and couldn't do anything.  Their past was catching up 
with them because they were too weak and too young to do anything about 
it.  They both cried and screamed as they saw their parents killed.  
Tygra didn't know what to do about the Thundercats.
                  Then Tygra's mind power wasn't strong enough because 
the mists began to affected him.  He saw Lion-o and Catlani at their 
wedding.  He tried to fight the dreams but, he knew he wasn't strong 
enough.  He was angered by the fact that both Catlain and Lion-o could 
hurt him in such a way.  Lynx-o was next to be overcome by the mists.  
He visioned that he was too weak and old to help anyone. No one wanted 
him because they thought that his blindness had finally caught up eith 
him.  He felt pain when Pumyra and Bengali rejected him.  He saw himself 
walking the exiles of New Thundera.  He then saw his own death by the 
hands of Grune the Destroyer, who had killed the others in a grave 
battle.  Tears began to trickle down his face.  He had not cried in 
years because he had nothing to cry about.  Catlani was next.  She saw 
what she feared the most, the death of her father.  Her father being the 
Great Jaga of Wisdom scared her.  She has never been able to forgive 
herself for leaving Thundera.  She was to be a great conslour in the 
house of King Claudus.  She would also one day marry Claudus's only 
child, Lion-o.  Now she had ruined that.  She left the royal family and 
Thundera.  She now has no relationship with Lion-o and his hurt with all 
the pains of her life.  She doubled over and began to cry.  Pumyra was 
next to be taken over by the fearsome mists.  She saw what she had 
feared for years, her past.  Before she met Bengali she did a lot of 
things for money.  She stole from people and helped a evil tyrant by the 
name of Vizzar.  He treated her well but kept her as a slave.  When she 
finally escaped him, she vowed never to do anything so wretched in her 
life.  When she married Bengali she knew that she left that life in the 
past.  Now she was seeing Vizzar's return.  She thought he was killed in 
the explosion of Thundera.  Now he was on New Thundera and informed 
everyone of Pumyra's past.  Bengali no longer wanted her and she was 
stripped of her title as a Thundercat.  The others said she was not 
worthy  of being a Thundercat.  She cried at the lose of her best friend, 
Cheetara's trust.  What hurt her the most was the lose of Bengali.  Ever 
since she met him, he was her heart.  He is the one thing that kept her 
going.  Now that she has had White, they are both her heart and soul.  
She couldn't bare loosing either of them.  When she was Vizzar's slave, 
she felt violated and didn't speak to anyone.  When she met Bengali, she 
felt that she could open up to him.
                           Bengali was the final to be effected by the 
mists.  He saw his father.  The only person he had left on Thundera.  
When his father was presumed dead, he felt an emptiness in his soul.  
The day he married Pumyra, the hole was filled by her love.  When his 
child was born he knew that his bloodline would live on through him.  
Now he feared the day when his son says "Father, what am I?".  Bengali's 
father was full Siberian as was Bengali.  Siberians held much respect 
for the fact that their breed was all pure.  Their was never a different 
breed child in the whole clan.  When Bengali met Pumyra, his father 
accepted her as a friend.  He had no idea of how Bengali truley felt for 
Pumyra.  His father had always wanted Bengali to marry the high preist's 
daughter Jasmine.  She was a beautiful tigress and had much respect from 
all the Tigers.  Bengali's father never knew of his feelings for Pumyra. 
 Bengali could tell Pumyra wasn't full Puma.  She had told him that her 
parents were full Puma but her grandparents were of Puma and Cougar 
clan.  He had onced talked to her about his father's wishes.  That is 
what bothered her during her pregnancy.  Bengali wanted to follow his 
father's wishes but cared more about Pumyra and his unborn cub.  He knew 
that he would tell his son that he was part Siberian and part Puma.  His 
son would just have to accept the fact that he was mixed breed.  Bengali 
knew he could handle it when he first saw his cub.
                     The mists cleared and the Thundercats all regained 
composure.  They all kept their dreams to themselves.  They didn't want 
the other to know how they truely felt.  Their mission contiued as they 
came upon the Bar'ian Islands.

                           END PART I

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