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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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White Tiger
By Jesse Morgan

                    Bengali arose during the middle of the night.  He 
walked to his window to take a gaze outside.  He looked at the 
purple-black sky.  He stared at the stars as they began to fade away.  
He knew soon that it would be dawn.  He scratched his head as he looked 
towards his bed.  There sleep was his wife, Pumyra.  Her figure had 
become fuller.  He knew soon his cub would be born.  Ever since he found 
out that she was with child he has been by her side.  He looked back to 
that day.
               It was an early morning and Bengali had just awaken.  He 
turned to look at Pumyra.  She was at the other side of the bed. She had 
huddled up and seemed to be crying.  He touched her shoulder but she did 
not turn to him.  It had been a late night when he came to his room last 
night.  By the time he got to bed she was sleep.  He wondered what was 
bothering her.  He tapped her shoulder again and this time she turned to 
him.  "What is it Pumyra?".  She didn't answer him but he saw tears 
forming in her eyes.  He pulled her towards him and hugged her.  She 
began to cry on his shoulder.  He caressed her hair.  She had stopped 
crying by now.  He gently kissed her on her head and looked into her 
eyes.  "What is bothering you my love?".  She glanced into his eyes and 
then looked down.  "I think I might be pregnant".  She began to cry 
again.  He was shocked by his wife's words.  He decided that if she is 
he was going to be happy.  He touched her cheek.  She looked at him.  
Her tears falling like rain drops.  He kissed her and got out of bed.  
He put his blue robe on and walked to the window.  She covered herself 
up.  Bengali looked back to her.  She had closed her eyes and stopped 
crying.  "Well I have always wanted a child".  "But Bengali we have only 
been wed six months.  What will the others think?".  "What does it 
matter what they think".  Pumyra gazed at him and chose her words 
wisely.  "It will be the first of a puma and a tiger".  "I love you 
Pumyra.  I think our child will be beautiful.  Let's just see if you 
have actually conceived".  "I don't want anyone to know".  "We'll have 
Tygra check you out.  I promise you he won't tell a soul".  Bengali 
walked to the bed and kissed his wife on the cheek.  "Go down to sickbay 
in ten minutes".  Bengali slipped on his uniform and walked out the 
door.  Pumyra got out of her bed and slipped on her robe.  She sat in a 
wooded chair next to the window.  She stared out the window thinking of 
how great it will be to raise a child with Bengali.
                        Bengali proceeded down the quite halls of Cat's 
Lair.  He came upon Tygra's room.  He knocked on the door with no reply. 
 He knocked again.  Tygra tossed in his sleep as he heard the knocking. 
 He awoke from his slumber and put his robe on.  He opened the door.  
There Bengali stood nervously.  "Well hello Bengali.  What do you 
want?".  Bengali didn't answer but just walked in Tygra's room.  He sat 
down in a chair next to the bed.  Tygra plopped down on the bed and 
looked at Bengali.  Bengali had his head in his hands.  Tygra tapped him 
on the shoulder and Bengali looked up.  Tygra saw confussion in 
Bengali's eyes.  "Is something wrong Bengali?".  Bengali put his head in 
his hands again.  Tygra got up and walked to the window.  Bengali raised 
his head and thought what his next words would be.  Tygra pondered what 
he would say as he looked into the morning's sky.  'I hope he doesn't 
tell me that he doesn't love Pumyra anymore'.  "Me and Pumyra have a 
slight problem, Tygra".  Tygra didn't respond.  He gazed deeper into the 
morning's sky.  He gazed into the pink of the clouds.  The sun shimering 
over the blue.  Bengali raised from the chair and walked towards the 
door.  "So quick to leave, eh young tiger".  "Well I just thought you 
would respond".  "So what is the problem, Bengali?".  "I think" Bengali 
thought again while he paused.  "I think Pumyra has conceived a child". 
 Tygra grabbed his head and sat in the chair Bengali was just sitting 
in.  Bengali leaned up against the door.  "Well we need your help.  I 
need to know if she is pregnant".  Tygra put his head in his hands as 
Bengali was doing.  He lifted his head and looked at Bengali.  He didn't 
see confussion anymore, he saw fear.  Tygra stood up and walked to 
Bengali.  He knelt down to where Bengali was sitting.  "Let's go".  
                     They walked down to sickbay.  The halls were still 
quiet.  They entered sickbay.  Tygra walked into the back and slipped on 
a medical uniform.  Bengali went to the sink and looked into the mirror. 
 He decided that he had to get over the initial shock.  He had to 
support Pumyra.  Tygra walked back into the sickbay area.  He went to 
the sink and washed his hands.  Just then Pumyra walked in.  She was 
dressed in her uniform and seemed very calm.  She sat down on one of the 
beds.  Bengali stared at her and then looked at the ground.  Tygra 
walked over to where she was sitting.  She stared at the ground in 
shame.  "How are we doing today Pumyra?".  She gave him no response.  
She touched her on the shoulder as an effort to calm her.  She looked up 
shyly.  "There is nothing to worry about Pumyra.  If you are with child, 
you two will make great parents".  That brought confidence to Bengali 
and he walked over to the bed.  He took Pumyra's hand in his.  She 
calmed down and Tygra began the procedure.  He ran several normal tests 
and other special tests.  Tygra walked out of the room to look over the 
final results.  Bengali looked into his wife's eyes.  "There is no need 
for fear Pumyra".  She just looked at him with no answer.  Tygra walked 
back into sickbay.  "So what is Tygra?".  Tygra smiled at Pumyra and 
then gave Bengali a slap on the back.  "Well congratulations you two.  
You're going to make proud parents".  Bengali stood in shock.  Pumyra 
gleamed with happiness.  She hugged Bengali around the neck and then 
gave Tygra a kiss on the cheek.  She walked out of sickbay quietly.  
"Aren't you happy" Tygra words were cut of by the intercom.  "There will 
be a council meeting in ten minutes".  Lion-o's words echoed troughout 
Cat's Lair but had no effect on Bengali.  Tygra pushed Bengali towards 
the council room.
                Bengali sat in a chair and tried to get over the shock. 
 He curiusly wondered what it would be like to raise a child.  He wasn't 
sure how he could make such an error but he knew that things were going 
to be okay.  Tygra sat down next to Cheetara and lightly tapped her 
shoulder.  She turned to him and he whispered into her ear.  She giggled 
a little and then looked at Bengali.  Catlani walked in and sat next to 
Bengali.  She could since something was troubling him.  "Is something 
wrong Bengali?".  Her words were just another thing that floated among 
his troubles.  Pumyra walked in and sat next to Tygra.  She studied her 
Siberian mate's face.  She knew this would trouble him for awhile.  
Lion-o walked in with the rest of the Thundercats.  They all sat in the 
other available chairs.  "We are having problems with our transmitters 
in the Alt'rian sector.  I need two of you to check it out.  I was 
wondering would Bengali and Pumyra be able to do it?".  Pumyra looked 
towards her estranged mate.  He gave no answer.  "We would be happy to, 
Lion-o".  Lion-o shook his head.  "Then this meeting is closed".  "We 
will need the ThunderClaw Panthro".  "Ok, but do you think that Bengali 
will be up to it?".  The old panther pointed towards Bengali who was 
still sitting in his chair.  "He will be fine".  Snarf approached 
Pumyra.  "Will you need some food for the trip?".  "That would be great. 
 Thanks Snarf".  Pumyra walked towards Bengali.  She stared at his ivory 
body.  With his blue stripes in his hair.  She placed her hand on his 
shoulder.  "We have to talk Bengali".  He stood to his feet and turned 
to her.  "When we return Pumyra".  He walked out of the room.  She 
followed him.
                     They approached their room.  When Bengali got to 
the door he turned to Pumyra.  She ignored him and walked in the room.  
She walked to the bed and got her sling.  Ever since their wedding, 
Pumyra has been staying in Bengali's room.  She hasn't moved her stuff 
in because the room is much too small for both of their things.  She 
gazed around the room.  She knew it would be much too small to raise a 
child in.  She looked towards the door where Bengali was standing.  He 
walked in.  He steped cautiously towards her.  He reached out towards 
her but she walked away.  She put some of her marbles into her puch and 
walked out.  Bengali knew why she was angry with him.  He grabbed his 
hammer and their overnight gear.  He walked out of their room and locked 
the door.  He proceeded outside where Pumyra was talking to Snarf.  
"This should last you until you come back".  "Thanks Snarf".  She walked 
towards the ThunderClaw.  Tygra ran towards her.  "Here is some medicine 
to ease the sickness Pumyra".  She kissed him on the cheek and countiued 
to load her stuff onto the ThunderClaw.  Tygra walked towards Bengali.  
"Care for her Bengali".  Tygra just kept walking and didn't give Bengali 
a chance to speak.  Bengali walked towards the ThunderClaw and began 
loading his stuff.  He got on the ThunderClaw followed by Pumyra.  
Cheetara waved at them as they took off.  "So do you think that they'll 
work this out Tygra".  "I hope so Cheetara.  I hope so".
                    The ThunderClaw crossed over many areas of New 
Thundera.  Pumyra wrapped her hands around Bengali.  The winds flew 
through her hair.  She gazed out to the open feilds.  Bengali saw the 
area they were supposed to land in.  He carefully slowed the 
ThunderClaw.  They landed in a rocky area.  Bengali hoped off the 
ThunderClaw.  He carefully walked over the area.  He surveyed the area 
closely.  Pumyra stepped off the ThunderClaw.  She walked towards 
Bengali.  He stepped foward as to step out of her way.  A hint of light 
dazed his vision and he stepped off the cliff.  Pumyra noticed Bengali's 
slip.  She blitzed over to the edge.  He was hanging by his shirt on a 
sharp rock.  "BENGALI!" she called.  She got no respsonse.  She pulled 
her sling from her side.  She threw it onto a nearby tree.  She gripped 
her sling and lowered herself towards him.  She tried to grab his belt 
but couldn't reach.  The rock which held him began to break.  She had to 
move quickly.  She reached out towards him but once again missed.  His 
shirt tore and he tumbled to the ground.  She leaped from rock to rock 
to where he fell.  She was in complete fear of what condition he was in. 
 She tohought for a breif moment before deciding what to do.  She raced 
up the cliffside back to the ThunderClaw.  She flew it down to the rocky 
area where Bengali's body lay.  She took the medical kit out and raced 
to his side.  She lifted his head in her hands.  She gently placed his 
head on her knees.  She took a cloth from the kit.  She then wet it with 
some water that Snarf had packed for them.  She placed it on his head.  
Then she got some bandages from the medical kit.  She wrapped his head 
with the bandage.  She took some more bandages and wrapped his other 
injuries.  She removed his torn shirt from his body.  She took a blanket 
from her bag and covered him up.  She laid next to him.  Her eyes began 
to droop as she laid there.  She dozed off to sleep.
                   The day fell into evening as Pumyra woke up.  Bengali 
had not awaken yet.  She gently kissed him on the forehead and went 
looking for wood.  She raced through the forrest picking up peices of 
wood.  She came back with a few peices of wood.  She proceeded to the 
ThunderClaw.  She wanted to move Bengali to a more stable area.  She 
tried to start the engine with no avail.  She looked inside and saw that 
the gas seemed to be extremely low.  She took their stuff over to where 
Bengali was lying.  She started a fire and took a book out of her bag.  
She had went to the Libary of Omens before leaving Cat's Lair.  She 
looked at the cover.  She read the words 'How To Raise Thunderian 
Children'.  She knew she had better learn about raising a child now 
before it was too late.  She never really knew her parents or how to 
raise a kid.  Her wedding night was her first experience in true love.  
They both loved each other dearly so she knew that raising a child 
wouldn't be too hard.  She touched her stomach.  She couldn't imagine a 
life growing inside of her.  Cheetara had once told her about what it 
would be like to have a child.  She never imagined that it would be so 
soon.  Most Thunderian couples wait a year of marriage before bearing 
their first child. That is what troubled all morning.  She didn't want 
to be looked down upon because she conceived at six months.  She heard a 
slight moan.  She looked towards Bengali.  He was waking up.  She walked 
towards him and lightly touch his head.  "What happened?".  Pumyra ran 
her fingers through his hair.  "You fell off the cliff".  He gazed 
around.  "I feel real dizzy".  "Shhh.  You might have a concusion".  She 
covered him up and contiued running her white fingers through his hair. 
 Pumyra began to feel sick and got up.  She went to her bag and took out 
the pills Tygra gave her.  She took two and layed against a rock.  
Bengali stood to his feet.  He had a slight headache.  He carefully 
walked towards Pumyra.  He sat down next to her.  He gently put his hand 
on her neck.  He wrapped his other hand around her stomach.  "So I guess 
we'll need a bigger room for our new cub".  She laid back against his 
body.  He kissed her on her head.  "Do you really think we should do 
this?  I mean, are we ready for this?".  "Well I was raised to stick by 
the one I love".  She turned to him.  She looked deep into his blue 
eyes.  She kissed him and he kissed her.  They laid in each other's 
                       They were awaken by morning's light.  A cold wind 
blew over them.  Bengali stood to his feet and helped Pumyra up.  "We 
should go check out the transmitter".  "Are you up to it?" Pumyra said 
as she touched his head.  "I should be".  Pumyra shook her head and they 
began their walk.  Hand and hand they walked towards the transmitter.  
Bengali could see the transmitter.  "It seems to be sabotaged".  Pumyra 
agreed with him.  The air turn cold again.  Pumyra got a eary feeling. 
Pumyra looked behind her.  There stood Chilla and Red Eye of the 
Lunatacs.  "You got that right Thundercats.  It was sabotaged by us" 
Chilla hissed.  Chilla blew a cold sheath of ice at Pumyra.  She leaped 
through the air with several turns and flips.  The ice froze some nearby 
plant life.  Bengali drew his hammer and fired a blast on Red Eye.  Red 
Eye dodged the laser and drew his Side Winder.  He adjusted his eyes to 
get a clear veiw of Bengali's form.  He hurled the disc in the direction 
Bengali was standing.  Bengali dodged the disc and pulled a pellet from 
the handle of his hammer.  He threw it to the air.  With one motion he 
cracked the pellet and smoke filled the air.  Bengali swiftly fired 
three more blasts on Red Eye.  Red Eye fell to the ground.  Pumyra made 
her move and threw a marble at Chilla.  It exploded and sent Chilla to 
the ground.  Bengali went to fix the transmitter while Pumyra kept her 
eye on the two grounded Lunatacs.  Bengali twisted some wires and 
repaired some pecies.  Bengali successfully repaired the transmitter and 
they transporterd the Lunatacs back to Skytomb.  They returned to Cat's 
Lair later that evening. Bengal i held his wife through the night.  When 
they dropped the news of their wedding, the Thundercats were in idol 
shock.  When they finally decided to tell them about Pumyra's pregnancy, 
that threw the others completely off balnce.  The nine months were spent 
working.  The Thunderkittens helped Pumyra all the time.  Cheetara and 
Catlani covered her work details.  Tygra became Pumyra's personal 
physcian.  He also drew up the plans for their new room.  Bengali and 
Panthro bulit the room by extending Bengali's room.
                    Bengali drifted back into reality.  He moved towards 
his pregnant mate.  She slept quietly in bed.  Her fulled form shimmered 
in the moonlight.  Bengali removed the covers from her body.  He put his 
hand on her stomach.  He knew it would be soon that there would be a cub 
born to them.  Bengali smiled at the thoguht of raising his first child. 
 Lynx-o quietly tapped on the door.  Bengali slipped on his robe and 
opened the door.  "We must get her to sickbay now Bengali".  Bengali 
shook his head as Lynx-o walked into their room.  Bengali shook Pumyra 
and she awoke.  "It's time Pumyra".  She stood from the bed and slipped 
on her robe.  Bengali took her hand as they walked down the sleeping 
halls of Cat's Lair.  Lynx-o opened the doors of the sickbay.  Cheetara, 
Tygra and Lion-o were awaiting them.  Pumyra sat on the bed.  Tygra 
injected her with a needle.  She flinched to the pain.  "This is to 
relieve you of any pain.  It will work soon".  Cheetara and Tygra both 
got ready for what they knew was soon to come.  Lynx-o placed a hand on 
Bengali's shoulder.  "We must leave now Bengali.  They will take care of 
her".  Bengali shook his head and they both left sickbay.  
                 Bengali paced inpatiently outside of sickbay.  "How 
long is this going to take?".  The stubburn tiger grunted.  "You must be 
patient Bengali.  It will take time".  "I am just so nervous Lynx-o.  
This will be my first child and I don't know what to do".  Lynx-o asured 
Bengali that it will be fine.  Cheetara then walked out of the sickbay. 
 "You can come in now".  Bengali walked into the room.  Lion-o patted 
him on the back as he approached the bed.  "Well you're a father now" 
Tygra said as he injected Pumyra with pain relievers.  "What is it?".  
Bengali blamed himself for waiting till the birth to find out whether it 
would be a boy or a girl.  Pumyra said "Come and see".  Bengali 
cautiously approached the bed.  He looked at Pumyra.  She glowed with 
happiness.  He looked into her brown eyes as she held the cub.  She 
caressed it's head.  "Come and see your new son Bengali".  Bengali stood 
next to the bed.  Pumyra removed the blanket covering the cub's head.  
Bengali looked at the peach toned cub.  It's body had already begun to 
devolpe ivory stripes.  The white stripes resembled the pattern of 
Bengali.  Lion-o said  "So what will you name him?".  Bengali thought 
for a moment and then replied "His name should be White".  Bengali 
placed his hand on Pumyra's shoulder and kissed her on her lips.  She 
gently lifted the cub for Bengali to hold.  Bengali cautiously took the 
cub into his arms.  He looked into it's sea blue eyes.  All the 
Thundercats gleemed as the looked at the new born cub.  Bengali smiled 
as he looked at his newborn White tiger.

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