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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Thundercats Forever
By Jesse Morgan

                       It was early morning as Bengali stared out his 
window.  He saw Snarf and the Berbils getting set up for the happiest 
day of his life.  He was too nervous to sleep.  He stared at his bed 
which he spent little time in the past three days.  He has not seen 
Pumyra for awhile and is begining to miss her dearly.  He couldn't wait 
until this day was over.  He walked to his desk a looked at a letter 
Pumyra gave him three days ago.  She told him not to open it until 
today.  He read the letter:
          Dearest Bengali,
              I love you with all of my soul.  I can not wait until the 
day we are wed.  You are so dear to me and I could not imagine life 
without you.
              He put the letter back on his desk and proceded to the 
control room.  Cheetara was sitting at the conrtol board.  "Hi 
Cheetara".  "Well hello Bengali.  Are you a bit nervous".  "I am more 
than just a bit nervous".  "You are having second thoughts are you?".  
"Of course not.  I love Pumyra, I want to marry her".  Cheetara got up 
from the control board and left the room.  "Well I have to go check on 
the bride to be".  Just as she left the room Tygra walked in.  "Bengali 
we have things to do.  Have you finshed the ring".  "I just finshed it 
last night".  "Well it's getting late.  Gusets from the Berbil, Bulkan 
and Warrior Maidens are already arriving".  "Right".  Bengali got up and 
walked out of the room with Tygra.  Pumyra was admiring a picture of her 
Siberian tiger.  She gently kissed it and put it on her nightstand.  
"Hey, there are epolpe in the courtyard and your still not sdressed.  I 
swear you and Bengali were made for each other".  Cheetara walked in the 
room and dragged Pumyra from her bed.  "Come on Pumyra and get 
dressesd".  Pumyra giggled at her friends eagerness and went into the 
              The Thunderkittens ran like crazy in the courtyard while 
Snarf talked with Robber Bill.  "Now are you sure everything is right". 
 The Berbil shook his head.  "Come here Thunderkittens.  Your goona get 
yourselves all dirty".  The two twins ran over to Cheetara.  "We're 
sorry Cheetar".  "Yeah we were just playing around".  "Just go inside 
and help Snarfer with the food".  The kids ran inside.  Panthro walked 
outside and helped move some tables.  Cheetara walked up the isle to see 
if all the chairs were placed right.  She dreamed that it was her and 
Lion-o doing this.  "Just hopeless dreams" Cheetara whispered to 
herself.  She walked up the steps of Cat's Lair and ran into Lion-o.  
"Um Cheetara I need to ask you something" he was interupted by Cheetara. 
 "Sorry Lion-o got to go help Pumyra".  Cheetara regretfully left him.  
She had been avoiding Lion-o for the past few days.  She didn't want 
Lion-o to feel a burden by how she felt for him.  She had been furious 
at Tygra for reveiling her feelings to Lion-o.  She walked to Pumyra's 
room.  "Are you ready yet?".  Pumyra stared at herself in the mirror.  
She was drapped in white.  The traditional Thunderian gown.  Cheetara 
looked at her.  She was sure that she would be the first to get married. 
 SHe was sure that she would be happy with either Catar or Tygra.  "Well 
I'm ready".  "I just hope Mumm-ra doesn't interfer".
              At the Peeks of Inferous, Mumm-ra and Mumm-mutt had plans 
of their owns.  "Accient Spirits of Evil, I need your help in defeating 
the Thundercats".  Mumm-ra gazed to the dark skies of the Peeks of 
Inferous.  The wind blew feircly as a cold voice responded to Mumm-ra.  
"You must bring back the Eclipses, Mumm-ra.  With their help you can 
defeat the Thundercats and rule New Thundera for all evil".  "How do I 
bring back the Eclipses?", Mumm-ra waited for an answer.  "Just call 
upon them and they shall come" came from another evil spirit.  Mumm-mutt 
staggered back from his master.  "Accient Spisirts of Evil, I call upon 
the Eclipses to aid me in defeating the Thundercats".  The wind around 
Mumm-ra and Mumm-mutt began to blow feroiusly as a storm approached 
them.  Lightining and thunder clashed around them.  A voice answered 
Mumm-ra's call.  "Who seeks the Eclipses?".  "I, Mumm-ra the Ever Living 
seek the Eclipses help in riding New Thundera of the Thundercats".  "We 
shall help you in reutrn we would like you to free us from our prisoned 
tomb".  "I shall.  I shall free you from your tomb".  Then a feirce 
lightining struck the ground before Mumm-ra.  Six feirce beings stood 
before Mumm-ra.  Shadow, the leader of the Eclipses.  His power of dark 
shadows and his forcefields are a fear to all.  Blaze, his lightining 
fast speed rivals those of Cheetara and Pumyra.  Hope, her ability to 
others teleport anywhere she's been and to teleport herself anywhere 
others have been.  Moonlight, she can create sonic beams of light and 
also create "time bombs" that explode in seconds.  Theory, he can 
control situations to his outlook.  Barbada, she can increase her 
strength by absorbung others.
                 "You called upon us Mumm-ra".  "Yes, I need your help 
in destroying thoses annoying felines, the Thundercats".  "We will aid 
you in this but you must free us from our prisoned tomb".  "I will as 
soon as I see the Thundercats are gone".  "Fine" Shadow pointed to Hope 
and she knew what to do.  With a wave of her hand they were gone.  
Mumm-ra laughed a devilish laugh as he knew he would soon be rid of the 
             Pumyra walked down the isle looking at her friends who 
she's known so long.  Lynx-o walked with her as they approached the Lord 
of the Thundercats and Bengali.  Bengali wiped his sweaty hands on his 
traditonal marriage suit.  "Don't be nervous" Tygra whispered into 
Bengali's ear.  "How can I not be".  Bengali lost all nervousness when 
he looked at Pumyra.  Her white dress draped from her slinder body.  He 
knew she was as nervous as he was.  Lion-o smiled at Pumyra as she 
approached the stand.  "Shall we begin".  Bengali shook his head.  "Who 
gives this beautiful woman to this Thunderian".  Lynx-o said "I do".  
Pumyra kissed him on the cheek and Lynx-o sat down.  Pumyra walked up to 
Bengali and took his hand.  She stared into his eyes and Lion-o 
proceeded.  "We have all come here today to see the marriage between 
Pumyra, the swift one and Bengali, the feirce one.  It is a Thunderian 
custome for two people to tell why they believe this puma and this 
siberian should be wed".  Tygra moved up to Lion-o and turned to the 
crowd.  "Pumyra and Bengali have known each toher for quite awhile.  I 
consdier Bengali a brother and I know that he could make Pumyra a very 
happy person".  Cheetara proceeded to the other side of Lion-o and 
turned to the crowd.  "I believe that Pumyra and Bengali should be wed. 
 Pumyra has loved Bengali for a long time and I think they would be 
perfect for each other".  They both stepped down and went to their 
seats.  "Well I give my blessings to these two because they have shown 
admiration for each pther and have passed the traditional Trial of 
Love".  Bengali turned to Pumyra and stared into her eyes.  "Now Bengali 
and Pumyra will trade rings".  Bengali took Pumyra's hand into his.  He 
pulled a shining object from his pocket.  He slipped the ring on 
Pumyra's finger.  She looked down at it.  It was a heart with the word 
"LOVE" written inside.  He looked at the bottom of the ring and it said 
"Bengali Loves Pumyra Forever" written in tiny letters.  She slipped a 
ring on Bengali's finger.  The ring was in the shape of a White Tiger.  
Pumyra had Panthro make it for her.  He glared at the ring for a moment 
and then at Pumyra.  They bothed turned to Lion-o.  "Well then if no one 
objects to this, I now pronouce you tiger and mate.  You may kiss" 
Lion-o's words were interupted by a explosion.  The corwd rushed out of 
the way.  The smoke cleared and there stood the Eclipses.
                   "Who are you?" Panthro said as he drew his nunchuks. 
 "Your worst nightmare old man".  Panthro jumped into action.  He was 
thrown aside by Barbada's brute strength.  Tygra and Cheetara both drew 
their weapons.  "Lynx-o, get the Thunderkittens back to Cat's Lair".  
Lynx-o pushed the Thunderkittens towards Cat's Lair.  They ran towards 
the front steps.  Tygra lashed his whip at Theory.  The whip didn't hit 
him but went back in the direction Tygra was standing.  Tygra jumped out 
of the way.  Cheetara sped into action against Blaze.  Blaze raced past 
her and they went head on.  Bengali pushed Pumyra to the side.  "Get out 
of here Pumyra".  "Not without you Bengali".  "But you have to" 
Bengali's words were cut off by Pumyra.  "I am your mate now, I will not 
leave your side".  Bengali said nothing but just grabbed her by the 
hand.  He pulled his hammer from his side and fired it on Shadow.  The 
laser went right through Shadow.  "WHAT!".  Pumyra threw one of her 
marbles at Moonlight.  Moonlight jumped out the way.  Moonlight raised 
her hand and threw a sphere at Pumyra.  It exploded and knocked Pumyra 
off her feet.  Lion-o drew the Sword of Omens and fired a blast at Hope. 
 She teleported before the blast could hit her.  It hit a tree that came 
falling down near Cheetara.  She leaped out the way.  She wasn't paying 
attention and was knocked broadside by Blaze.  She fell to her knees.  
Barbada grabbed Tygra up and began to absorb his strength.  He growled 
as he tried to free himself from her death-grip.  Panthro got to his 
feet and fired a blast from his blue nunchuk.  His blast had no affect 
of Barbada.  Shadow morphed into a shadow and took control of Panthro.
               Bengali raced to Pumyra's side and picked her up.  
Moonlight threw another one of her spheres at them.  Catlani pushed them 
out of the way.  She drew on of hre arrows and fired it on Moonlight.  
They battled as Bengali and Pumyra escaped.  The Thunderkittens were 
being chased by Hope.  "Run Wily Kit!".  She tried to comply with her 
twin brother's words but slipped on a rock.  She fell to her knees.  
"Wily Kat, help me!".  He ran back to her and helped her up.  "I think 
I've sprained my ankle".  Before he could get moving Hope appeared 
before them.  "So you thought you could escape me".  "Well let's see 
where you think I'm going to send you".  Wily Kat thought a minute and 
then they were teleported to Cat's Lair sickbay.  "WHAT?!?".  Hope had 
been tricked by the cunning Thundercat.  Bengali ran with Pumyra in his 
arms.  He was getting tired and had to stop.  "Oh Pumyra, please be 
okay".  He touched her head.  She blinked her eyes and woke up.  
"Bengali?".  "Yes sweety".   He kissed her gently on her lips.  He 
helped her up and they began to run again.  Panthro battled Lion-o 
unconscoiusly.  "Why are you doing this Panthro?!".  "He's not".  Lion-o 
looked into Panthro's eyes and they turned ebony.  Lion-o had no idea 
what was going on.  Wily Kat raced inside Cat's Lair to the Sacred Room 
of Omens.  He grabbed the Book Of Omens and opened it.  He turned to a 
page with six picutres.  He reconigzed them.  They were the Eclipses.  
The same people the others were battling.  He read on about their powers 
and weaknesses. 
              Lion-o threw Panthro to the side and raced to Cheetara's 
side.  He picked her up just before Thoery got near them.  "By Jaga, who 
are these people?".  He put Cheetara near a tree and went back to 
battle.  Bengali and Pumyra battled the possesed Panthro and Moonlight. 
 Pumyra threw one of her explosive marbles at Moonlight.  It knocked to 
the side when Barbada came upon her.  She lifted hre up and began to 
squeeze her.  Bengali saw her but couldn't get to her.  He battled 
moonlight and Panthro at the same time.  Catlani intervined and shot an 
arrow at Panthro.  "Catlani, get to Pumyra".  Catlani raced to Pumyra.  
Barbada was squeezing her.  Catlani pulled another arrow from her side. 
 She fired it at Barbada.  It exploded and Pumyra fell to her knees.  
Catlani helped her up and they ran.  Wily Kat ran to the mist of the 
battle.  He showed Lion-o the Book Of Omens.  He showed him the page 
with the Eclipses on it.  Lion-o then knew what to do.  he raised the 
Sword of Omens to the sky.  "Sword of Omens, send the dark back to it's 
prison".  A thunderstorm came upon the area and winds picked up around 
the area.  One by one the Eclipses began to disappear.  Panthro feel to 
his knees when Shadow left his body.  The storm left the area.  They 
rushed all the injured Thundercats to the Cat's Lair sickbay.
                  Bengali walked into the sickbay.  He walked over to 
see how Tygra was doing.  His heart rate had stayed the same but he 
wasn't looking any better.  His face was still paile.  Then he saw Wily 
Kat helping Wily Kit with her new braces Panthro made.  Cheetara was 
tending to Pumyra.  Bengali walked over to her.  He hated to see her so 
hurt.  "How is she doing Cheetara".  "Well she is doing much better.  
She should be awake soon if you want to see her".  Bengali shook his 
head and took Pumyra's hand.  He sat in a near by wooden chair.  "I love 
you" he whispered into her ear.  Lion-o walked into the sickbay.  "Do 
you think that your healing powers can help her in any way, Bengali".  
He stared at Pumyra and then looked up to Lion-o.  "I will try".  
Bengali placed his hand on her forehead.  he closed his eyes and 
consetrated. A blue glow shined from Pumyra.  She opened her eyes and 
looked at Bengali.  She just smiled at him.  He kissed her on her head 
and let her rest.  he stayed in sickbay till that night.  Just as he 
began to leave she woke up.  "Please don't go Bengali".  He walked over 
to her.  She kissed him on the cheek and held his hand.  "I huess were 
not officially married yet".  "What makes you say that?".  Bengali 
didn't answer but just called for the others to come in.  Lion-o walked 
over to them.  "Well let me pick up where I left off.  You may now kiss 
your bride Bengali".  Bengali leaned over to Pumyra and passionatly 
kissed her on the lips.  "Fellow Thundercats, let me introduce you to 
the newest cople of New Thundera, Pumyra and Bengali".  The all yelled 
two words.  "THUNDERCTAS FOREVER!".  A roar fell over New Thundera.

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