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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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By Jesse Morgan

                   Morning feel upon New Thundera and Cheetara left her 
watch over New Thundera.  "I'll see you later Cheetara".  Cheetara 
didn't answer Panthro as she stumbled out of th control room.  She 
awlked to her room and opened the door.  All she could do was fall on 
the floor and cry.  No one at Cat's lair knew of her troubles.  No one 
knew the pain she felt on this day.  She thought deep into her mind to 
forget all of her troubles and get some sleep.  She slipped into her bed 
and drifted to sleep.  The cheetah tossed and turned in her sleep.  She 
had visions of Thundera.  She was awakened by a knock at her door.  
"Yes".  Catlani entered her room.  "Cheetara, Lion-o wants to see us in 
the council room".  Cheetara didn't reply but just got up out of her 
bed.  Her and Catlani walked to the council room.  Catlani looked at 
Cheetara.  She couldn't figure out why she was so grim.  She thought 
maybe what she had heard was true.  Maybe Cheetara was jealous of her 
and Lion-o.  
                  They enterd the council room and sat down.  "Well, everyone 
knows what today is".  Wily Kit answered Lion-o's retorical question 
quickly.  "It's the day of Love.  Where all Thunderians spend the day 
with someone they love".  "That's right Wily Kit.  So I was just wanted 
to let you all know that I have decided to relieve everyone of their 
duties today".  Panthro jumped from his seat in protest.  "We can't just 
ignore all of New Thundera and our jobs".  "I know Panthro" Lion-o 
placed his hand on the panther's soulder.  "We won't ignore our duties. 
 While we are out we can keep watch for any problems".  Panthro eased 
himself back into his chair.  "So let's all go".  Lion-o approached 
Catlani and took her hand.  They left the room.  Lynx-o got up and 
walked to the window.  He gazed out to see Lion-o and Catlani walking 
away from Cat's Lair.  He wondered where the young lord and Jaga's 
daughter were headed.  "So where are you and Wily Kit going, Wily Kat?". 
 "Pumyra and Bengali are taking us on a picnic with Snarfer".  "That's 
right, snarfer snarfer".  The group left the room.  Cheetara just sat in 
her chair starring at the floor.  "Well, I'm going to the valley of the 
Snarf's to meet Snarfina".  Snarf walked out the room.  Panthro grubbled 
out the room knowing that everyone would ignore their responsibilites.  
Tygra sat in a chair next to Cheetara and placed his hand on her 
shoulder.  "What is it Cheetara?".  All she could do is cry.  Tygra 
placed his arms around her in an effort to comfort her.  "Come on 
Cheetara.  We have always told each other our problems".  "Tygra I don't 
know what to do.  It's been on my mind all night".  "What has 
Cheetara?".  "Today is the anniversory of Catar's death" Cheetara barely 
mumbled out.  Tygra couldn't think of anything to say to comfort her.  
He knew Catar and how much he meant to her.  He saw when Catar gave his 
life for his percious cheetah.  He knew the hatred for mutants Cheetara 
had, that nobody else understood.  He just held her close and tried to 
comfort her pain.
                  The wind blew a cool breeze as Wily Kit and Wily Kat 
approached the a green feild.  Behind them was Bengali, Pumyra and 
Snarfer in the Thunderstrike.  Wily Kit watched the trees as she flew 
by.  She shuttered as she flashbacked to her days on Thundera.  She had 
no real life their.  There was only a breif time that she saw anything 
that beautiful.  The only time that she ever saw trees on Thundera.  The 
only time she called Thundera home.  That was the time she spend at the 
palace.  The times when she went outside and ran around with Wily Kat.  
As she landed her hover board in a grassy area and watched Bengali and 
the others land.  She closed her eyes as the winds picked up around the 
area where the Thunderstrike was landing.  Pumyra hoped out.  Then Wily 
Kat ran over to his twin sister.  "So shall we set up for the picnic".  
"Right".  The two walked over to a shady spot near a riverbank.  Snarfer 
followed and plopped down next to Wily Kit.  Bengali and Pumyra walked 
over to them and sat next to a tree.  Bengali gazed to the sky.  "What 
are you thinking about Bengali?".  Bengali didn't answer Pumyra but just 
scratched his head.  She turned to him and looked into his eyes.  She 
could see he was happy and left it at that.  She grabbed his hand and 
held it in hers.  He finaly came from his daze.  "I'm sorry.  What did 
you say Pumyra?".  "Nothing cutie" Pumyra said as she tapped Bengali's 
nose.  Wily Kit and Wily Kat were playing in the steady stream of the 
water with Snarfer.  They laughed and splashed each other as the sun 
beaded down on them.  Watch it Snarfer!".  "Sorry Wily Kit".  Wily Kat 
began laughing to see his sister face down in the water.  Bengali began 
to masuage Pumyra's shoulders.  She leaned up against Bengali and 
started to doz off.
                    Catlani and Lion-o walked deeper into a wooded area. 
 "What are we doing Lion-o?".  "You'll see".  They came upon a beautiful 
brook.  "Oh Lion-o, it's great".  She hugged Lion-o around the neck and 
they got into the water.  They splashed each other as they swam up and 
down the stream.  Cheetara went to her room at Cat's Lair to lay down.  
Panthro and Lynx-o were working in the control room.  Lynx-o began to 
feel dizzy and grabbed his head.  "Is somehting wrong Lynx-o?".  "Oh, 
no.  I am fine Panthro".  Lynx-o began to fiddle with the braile board 
once again.  Panthor got up and walked over to Lynx-o.  "Lynx-o, do you 
know what is bothering Cheetara?".  "I sense this day will give her 
great pain".  Panthro took his words seriously and went back to the 
control board.  Cheetara tossed and turned in her sleep.  She kept 
getting images of Catar's death.  She finally awoke with a glow in her 
eyes.  She was possessed by revenge.  "By Jaga!  No one help Catar.  
Tygra watched him die.  No one cared about him but me.  I will revenge 
you CATAR!".  Cheetara began to get a severe headache.  Silence fell 
over Cat's Lair.  Then with a blink of an eye Cheetara destroyed all of 
Cat's Lair.  Her telekinetic powers finally established themseleves.  It 
ripped Cat's Lair by it's seems.  Tygra couldn't believe his eyes.  He 
watched the whole fortress fall to peices.  He rushed to see if there 
were survivors.  Cheetara floated away from Cat's Lair with a fire in 
her eyes.  Tygra called to her but she did not hear him.  He rushed to 
the wreckage of Cat's Lair.  "Is anyone hear!".  Tygra moved huge pices 
of rumble in search of survivors.  He moved a peice that he knew was the 
control board and found Lynx-o's wristband.  He knew he needed help.  He 
used the wristband to send out a light signal.  A flash of light fell 
over New Thundera.  Bengali saw the light and jumped to his feet.
                      "There is trouble at Cat's Lair".  Pumyra got to 
her feet.  Before they could get to Wily Kit and Wily Kat, a wind filled 
the air.  Bengali and Pumyra were swept off their feet.  Wily Kit and 
Wily Kat were swept away in a feild created by Cheetara.  "CHEETARA!" 
Bengali yelled.  "What are you doing?".  Cheetara didn't answer him.  
She just knocked him off his feet with a thought.  He got up and sprung 
into action.  "Bengali wait!" Pumyra cried.  Bengali fired a couple of 
blasts from his hammer.  Cheetara's forcefeild blocked every one of 
them.  "By Jaga" Bengali said as he ran towards her.  She looked at him 
and he automatically double overed with pain.  "STOP!" the 
Thunderkittens cried, from the forcefeild they were being held captive 
in.  Cheetara glared at them.  Then they grabbed their heads.  They 
cried from the intense pain Cheetara put upon them.  Snarfer tried to 
run, but was caught in another forcefeild by Cheetara.  "STOP!" Pumyra 
cried.  She grabbed her sling and one of her marbles from her pouch.  
She swung her sling in the air.  "I don't want to hurt you Cheetara".  
"You can't hurt me.  All those pratice sessions and you still can't 
defeat me".  "By Jaga, this is the day where Pumyra wins".  Pumyra threw 
her marble which split into several smaller marbles.  They all flew at 
Cheetara but her forcefeild blocked every last one.  Pumyra ran circles 
around Cheetara creating a tornado.  The winds didn't even move 
Cheetara.  Pumyra swung another marble at Cheetara.  This time it 
exploded with a fierce aftermath.  Pumyra leaped to a tree.  "You can't 
escape".  "You can't catch me".  "Oh but you won't leave your precious 
Bengali".  Chetara began to cause Bengali more pain.  "Don't hurt him". 
 Pumyra leaped from the tree.  "Why are you doing this?".  "Because none 
of you helped Catar.  He died for me".  She cvlosed her eyes and Pumyra 
grabbed her head.  She was in so much pain her body lost all feeling.  
She collapsed to the ground.  Cheetara flew off.
                        Tygra removed more peices and found Panthro.  
"Panthro!  Are you okay".  Panthro opened his eyes but couldn't speak.  
"It's okay old friend.  I'll help you out".  Tygra dragged Panthro out 
of the wreckage.  Lion-o and Catlani began to play again.  Then Ctalani 
looked up.  "Catlani what is it?".  "LOOK!".  A sphere of light 
apppeared before them.  It caused the water to fly everywhere.  The two 
Thundercats leaped from the brrok.  Catlani drew her bow and fired an 
arrow at the sphere.  It had no affect.  "WHAT?!?".  Lion-o drew the 
Sword of Omens.  He tried to use it but it wouldn't do anything.  "Why 
won't the sword work".  A blue figure appeared before him.  A ghostly 
figure appeared before him.  "JAGA" Lion-o said with shock.  "You can 
not use the Sword of Omens on a Thundercat".  Jaga disappeared before 
Lion-o could say anything else.  Lion-o was confussed by the words of 
his deceased mentor.  He looked at the sphere and he saw Cheetara.  "BY 
JAGA!  It's Cheetara!".  Catlani jumped back.  Chetara caused Catlani to 
fly back into a tree.  The tree began to fall and Catlani was helpless. 
 Lion-o jumped to push her put the way.  he cut the tree in half with 
the sword.  "What are you doing Cheetara!".  
                    Lion-o looked deep into her 
eyes.  All he saw was pain.  He didn't see the woman he once knew.  He 
didn't see the woman he once developed a crush on.  All he saw was the 
hurt in her eyes.  She din't attack him.  She felt the same jealousy 
that Tygra felt.  She felt the hurt to know that Lion-o liked Catlani.  
She was hurt even more by the fact that Catlani liked Lion-o too.  Tygra 
came flying from behind some trees.  He drew his bola whip and jumped in 
front of Catlani.  "No Cheetara.  Don't hurt Catlani".  Catlani tried to 
move but couldn't.  Lion-o pushed Tygra out the way and got in front of 
Catlani.  "Cheetara I am the Lord of the Thundercats.  I order you to 
stop this".  "Don't be foolish Lion-o.  You are just as much the problem 
as Catlani".  "Don't you dare tell me Tygra what to do.  I am the Lord 
of the Thundercats.  Your job may be to council me but it is not to boos 
me around".  Tygra looked at Lion-o with feirceness.  "Lion-o, this is 
just a grunge between Cheetara's feelings".  Cheetara was confussed by 
what was going on.  Tygra was showing compassion towards her.  She was 
not sure if was becxause he had feelings for her or because he didn't 
want Catlani hurt.  Cheetara threw Lion-o to one side.  "You couldn't 
know how I feel Lion-o.  You and Catlani haven't even cared how me and 
Tygra feel".  She threw him again.  "You don't care about me Catar!".  
Then she realized it.  Tygra was shocked by what she said.  Catlani 
finally got to her feet and ran to Lion-o's side.
                     Then Cheetara let all of her energy go.  She fell 
to her knees.  Tygra went and helped her up.  Tygra hugged her close as 
she cried.  "It wasn't Lion-o or Catlani.  Catar did it.  he gave his 
life for me.  After all that he did, he still cared for me".  Tygra just 
comforted her.  He looked towards Catlani who was helping Lion-o up.  
"Is she all right?".  Tygra just stared at Lion-o wuth anger.  They all 
reurned to the wreckage of Cat's Lair.  Panthro was all right and he had 
found Lynx-o.  "Did I cause all of this".  "Yes, yes you did Cheetara". 
 "How can I fix it".  "All you have to do is use that energy you used 
for good this time".  Cheetara concentrated as her mind recreated Cat's 
Lair.  All the Thundercats stared in amazement.  Then they heard a roar 
fall on the area.  The Thunderstrike landed and the Thunderkittens hoped 
out.  "Pumyra needs help".  Bengali walked over with Pumyra in his arms. 
 "My Siberian tiger powers couldn't help her".  Cheetara walked over to 
Pumyra and touched her on the cheek.  Pumyra awoke and everyone cheered. 
 Bengali swept Pumyra up in his arms and lightly kissed her on the lips. 
 Lion-o pulled Catlani off to the side.  "What is it Lion-o?".  "Uhm, 
Catlani due to all that has happened I think it would be best if we just 
went our seperate ways".  He gently kissed her on her cheek and walked 
away.  Everybody celebrated the rest of the day in the council room.  
Catlani stayed in her room.  She sat in her windowsill and gazed at the 
stars.  SHe began to cry as she has once again lost the one she loved.  
The day was suppossed to be a day of celebrating love.  And everyone at 
Cat's Lair but Lion-o and Catlani could.

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