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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Day of Justice
By Jesse Morgan

                   As Pumyra walked down the halls admiring her new 
ring, Bengali was admiring his fiance`.  They approached the council 
room.  "Well I suppose we should tell everyone".  "YEAH.  Or we could 
just let them figure it out on their own.  Of course it won't be hard". 
 "yeah it'll take them seconds by the smile on your face", Bengali 
glared into Pumyra's eyes and she glared right back.  She leaned over 
and kissed him on the cheek.  They entered the council room where 
everyone was sitting on edge.  "So what is it that you have to tell us 
Bengali" Lion-o asked.  He was very unsure of what was going on since he 
spent most of his time watching Catlani.  Bengali looked at Pumyra one 
last time then he said "Well me and Pumyra have decided to get how do 
say married".  "WHAT!" Tygra spurted out as he nearly choked on his 
Thunderian tea.  Cheetara jumped to her feet and congradulated Pumyra.  
"I am so happy for you two" came from Catlani who was sitting to the 
side.  "Thanks".  "Well well well.  It's about time that Bengali and 
Pumyra finally saw thier love for each other" Lynx-o said so wisely as 
he hugged both of them.  "Thanks old man".  "How did this happen I 
mean".  "Oh come on Lion-o.  You mewan to tell me that you haven't seen 
the way they look at each other lately" Cheetar pointed to the couple 
holding each other.  "Come on".  "I still can't believe it.  I mean I 
told you to be yourself but this is" Tygra was interupted by Bengali 
saying "Just be happy for us".  "Of course Iam".  The thunderkittens 
rushed over and gave each of them a hug.  "This is great, snarfer 
snarfer.  Preperations must be made".  "Not so fast Snarfer.  They have 
to go through the Trial of Love".  "That's right Tygra".  "What's that?" 
Wily Kit asked.  "It is a period of time the all Thunderians must wait 
before they can get married.  On the last three days of the trial the 
two musn't be with each other.  It tests their love for each other".  
"Wow!  That's sounds tough".  "It's only going to be tough for me and 
Pumyra, Wily Kat".
                   "Lynx-o".  "Yes Pumyra".  "I wanted to know if you 
would do me the honor of givng me away".  Pumyra looked into Lynx-o face 
hoping she could figure out what he would say.  "I would be more than 
honoreed to, Pumyra".  "Oh thank you" Pumyra said as she hugged the old 
Thundercat.  "Well we'll have to make preperations for the wedding" 
Cheetara said as she and Pumyra walked out of the council room.  "She's 
right Bengali" Tygra said pulling him to the side.  "How did this 
happened" Lion-o said still looking puzzled.  "Come on,Lion-o you have a 
lot to learn about love" Catlani said dragging him out of the room.  
Tygra looked at them with a hint of jealousy in his eyes.  "Well me and 
the thunderkittens have work to do.  "Awe Panthro" the kids wined as 
they left the room.  "And I have watch duty".  Lynx-o left the room.
                "Are you crazy Bengali".  "What are you talking about 
Tygra?".  "You're getting married.  I told you to be yourself not to 
marry the girl".  "Look Tygra I love Pumyra and she loves me.  When the 
Red Eye had her, I thought I would never see her again.  When I finally 
saw she was allright, I was the happiest man in the world".  "Look 
Bengali I can understand you care for her but isn't this going a bit 
fast".  "Look Tygra I have things to do.  Me and Pumyra are going over 
to the Berbil Village with Snarf and Snarfer to ask them to help with 
the wedding".  "OK Bengali.  I just want you to be happy".  "I am Tygra" 
Bengali said as he sat down to one of the chairs that surround the big 
table.  "Well then at least let me help with the wedding".  "Thanks 
Tygra".  They both walked out of the council room.
             Pumyra and Cheetara walked outside of Cat's Lair.  "I can't 
believe he asked me!".  Cheetara giggles at her friends excitment.  "I 
am just so excited!" Pumyra said as she ran circles around Cheetara.  
"Come down Pumyra.  You still have to go through the Trial of Love".  
Pumyra stopped when she heard that.  "I know.  But I believe me and 
Bengali's love is strong enought to withsatnd any stupid trial".  "You 
might find it stupid but it is tradition". Pumyra begins daydreaming of 
her and Bengali as Cheetara contiues to speak.  "Pumyra do yuo here 
me?".  "Huh, oh yeah Cheetara.  I was dreaming of how wonderful it will 
be to be with Bengali".  "Oh your hopeless".  "Hey Pumyra!".  Snarfer 
calls while racing down the steps of Cat's Lair.  "Yes Snarfer.  What is 
it?".  "Bengali said that we'll hav to go to the Berbil Village 
tomorrow".  "But why Snarfer?".  "Tygra has planned a big celebration in 
the dinning room tonight and he says you have to get ready".  "Well I 
suppose he's right" Pumyra answers as she stares into the sky.  "Okay.  
Tell him I'll be ready" she says as she and Cheetara walk back into 
Cat's Lair.  "OKAY! snarfer snarfer".  Snarfer proceeds back into Cat's 
              At the Sinking Sands, Mumm-ra watched all that was 
happening from the Black Pyramid.  "So Pumyra and Bengali are having a 
party tonight.  Well it looks like we have some planning to do, eh 
Mumm-mutt".  The devilously looking dog just poputed.  "Mumm-mutt, get 
up. We have work to do".  Mumm-mutt got up and walked to his masters 
side.  "Acient spirits of evil grant me the help to defeat the 
Thundercats".  One of the tall totems responded to Mumm-ra's request 
with a ghostly tone.  "Mumm-ra, you must seek the Gem of Blackness.  It 
is located in the Cave of Fear".  "Ah, and what will this Gem of 
Blackness do".  "It grants you ultimate power" came from another totem. 
 Mumm-mutt backed up in fear of what his master's next move will be.  
"Good.  I will soon destroy the Thundercats!".  Mumm-ra then disappeared 
and reappeared in Sky Tomb.  "Luna!  I need your help".  "What is it 
Mumm-ra?!?" Luna said as her and Amuck approached the decaying devil.  
"I need you to bring me the Gem of Blackness from the Cave of Fears".  
"And WHAT do We get in erturn, Mumm-ra?".  "Well I will not have to 
destroy you and your stupid band of idiots.  Or when I recieve the Gemof 
Blackness and destroy the Thundercats, I will give you control over all 
the civilization of New Thundera".  "Fine.  We will get you this gem".  
At that her and Amuck walked back to the control board.  "Red Eye, take 
us t the Cave of Fears".  "Right away Luna".  Skty Tomb lifted off and 
headed for the Cave of Fears.
               All of the area was quiet until Sky Tomb came with a roar 
of evil.  It landed and the Lunatacs proceeded to the cave.  "Luna, how 
are we to get this gem".  "Mumm-ra said that the cave would have no 
effect on you Alluro.  Since you control people's minds and fears".  
Alluro proceeded in the cave.  As he walked he heard screams of those 
who have entered before him.  "I don't like this place.  He came to an 
end and saw a ebony-colored stone.  "Ah, the Gem of Blackness".  He 
picked it up and ran oput of the cave.  When he was finally out he 
glared at the stone.  He felt great power when he held the stone.  With 
a flash of light Mumm-ra appeared before him.  He snathced the stone 
from Alluro's hands.  "So here is the Gem of Blackness".  Mumm-ra 
laughed an evil laugh that was heard all over New Thundera.
               Pumyra walked down the stairs of Cat's Lair to come to a 
dorr.  She was nervous and her palms were sweating.  "Ok Pumyra, this is 
it".  She walked in to see the room sparkled to her eyes.  Cheetara 
walked up to her.  "Well what do you think?  Me and Tygra worked on this 
all day".  "It looks great Cheetara".  "So where is Bengali?".  "I don't 
know".  The Bengali walks behind her and covers her eyes.  "Guess who". 
 "Oh Bengali quit playing games".  He kissed her on the cheek and she 
hugged him.  "Well where have you been?".  "Me and Tygra had some last 
minute things to do Cheetara.  But before you ask anymore questions I 
have something to ask Pumyra".  "Yes Bengali".  "Who you do me the honor 
of a dance?".  "Sure".  They walked to the dance floor and began 
dancing.  Tygra walked in and went stright to Cheetara.  "Cheetara, have 
you seen Catlani?".  "Actually she is dancing with Lion-o".  Cheetara 
pointed to the dance floor.  There Tygra saw Catalani and Lion-o dancing 
and laughing.  He walked over to them.  "Mind if I cut in".  "Uh sure 
Tygra".  tygra began dancing with Catlani.  "Well you seem to be getting 
close to Lion-o".  "And what concern is it to you?".  Before Tygra could 
answer the ball room was filled with smoke as Mumm-ra appeared.  
"MUMM_RA!" Lion-o called as he reached for the Sword of omens.  Mumm-ra 
stood there while Lion-o attempted to shoot a blast of lightining at 
him.  Mumm-ra drew of sword with an ebony blade and deflected the blast. 
 Lion-o was blown back by the force.  Panthro jumped into action with 
his nunchuks.  Mumm-ra blasted Panthro with his sword.  Panthro flew and 
hit some tables.  Cheetara and Pumyra both got ready for action.  
Mumm-ra swung his sword in the air and it caused a tornado to fill the 
room.  Cheetara jumped to dodged the winds but was swept off her feet.  
Pumyra was grabbed by Bengali as they held onto a handrail.
                   When all the wind stopped, Pumyra and Bengali fell to 
the side.  Mumm-ra teleported Lion-o, Cheetara, Panthro and the 
thunderkittens to a dungeon in his pyramid.  Then Mumm-ra left.  Bengali 
pushed some rubble off him and Pumyra.  He helped her up and then began 
searching the room for others.  "HELLO!  Is any one here!".  A moan came 
from the other side of the room.  Bengali rushed over there.  He removed 
some rubble to find Catlani.  "Thanks Bengali".  He helped her up.  
"Where is everyone?".  Bengali looked over to see Pumyra helping Tygra 
up.  "They were all taken by Mumm-ra" came from Lynx-o who just walked 
in the room.  "We are all in grave danger if we do not stop him".  
Lynx-o proceeded to tell them about the fight between Lion-o and 
Mumm-ra.  How Mumm-ra has already started to attack New Thundera and 
destroy areas.  Lynx-o pointed to a area in the room.  They all walked 
to it to find the Sword of omens shattered into many peices.  Gasps came 
from all the Thundercats.  "What do we do Lynx-o?".  "Well here is what 
we must do.  Catlani, Tygra and Pumyra will go to the White Pyramid to 
seek Mumm-rana's help in this situation.  Bengali and me will stay here 
and try to repair the sword of Omens".  "Hey what about me?" came from a 
figure off to the side of the room.  As the figure approached Bengali 
began to recognize the character.  "SNARFER!".  "Yep yep.  That's me, 
snarfer snarfer".  "Well Snarfer, you will stay here and help Bengali 
repair the sword".  "OK!" Snarfer said as he stood on his tail.  "We 
have to move now.  There is no telling what Mumm-ra will do to the other 
Thundercats".  All the Thundercats ran to their the jobs they were told 
by the great lynx.  Lynx-o dropped to his knees from exhaustion.  He was 
feeling very dizzy.  "Jaga, help us all" he whispered as he bent over.
                    The wind blew a cool breeze.  It meant nothing to 
Pumyra.  Her only concern was saving her fellow Thundercats.  Flying 
over her was Tygra and Catlani on the ThunderClaw.  Catlani brushed the 
hair from her face as the ThunderClaw blew through the air.  "When do we 
get there?".   "Soon Catlani.  Very soon".  They flew over the Dessert 
of Lava Geisers.  Tygra looked down and saw Pumyra speed through the 
sands.  "She moves fast".  "HA!  If you think that's fast, you should 
see Cheetara".  Tygra looked down once more to see the puma's feet 
tracks in the sands.  "We are coming upon the White Pyramid, Catlani".  
Catlani looked up to see a beautiful ivory pyramid.  Tygra landed the 
ThunderClaw near Pumyra.  Pumyra jumped back to avoid the dust in her 
face.  "We have to get inside".  "Right Pumyra".  They proceeded into 
the pyramid.  Catlani gazed around the walls of the pyramid.  She tried 
to read all the writings on the wall.  When they reached the center of 
the pyramid, Mumm-rana stood before them.  "Mumm-rana, we need your 
help".  "I already know Pumyra" Mumm-rana said as she walked towards 
them.  "Mumm-ra has seized the Gem of Blackness.  You must use the Gem 
of Light.  Fortunatly for you, I have that gem".  Mumm-rana showed them 
the glowing stone which she held in her hands.  "You must get Bengali to 
forge this gem into a sword.  A sword of justice".  Mumm-rana handed 
Tygra the gem.  "We will do our best Mumm-rana" Tygra said as they left 
the pyramid.  "Let's hurry back to Cat's Lair".  Pumyra began her run as 
Tygra and Catlani got on the ThunderClaw.  They lifted off and headed 
back the way they came.  "LOOK" Catlani cried as she saw a Skycutter and 
a Nose Diver approaching them.  "We have to aviod them".  Tygra began to 
monuver the ThunderClaw to avoid confrontation with Jackleman.  Pumyra 
leaped through the air as S-s-slithe approached her.  "Your not going to 
get away that easily Pumyra" the reptilian said to himself, reversing 
his vehicle.  Pumyra kept on her way.  S-s-slithe began firing his 
lasers at her.  She dodged them and jumped backwards toward him.  He 
flew past her and reversed himself.  He increased thrusters as he 
approached her.  She stood her ground.  S-s-slithe approached and began 
firing.  The blasts went past her and she pulled her sling from around 
her.  She threw one of her marbles into the air and caught it with her 
sling.  She hurled the marble at S-s-slithe.  It exploded and sent the 
Nose Diver flying out of control.  Tygra averted the Skycutter and they 
all proceeded to Cat's Lair.
                        Lion-o awoke again to find himself in the 
presence of Mumm-ra.  Mumm-ra just laughed in Lion-o's face.  Lion-o 
tried to attack him but his chains were too tight.  "So Lion-o, you are 
helpless.  Even if you were free, without the Sword of Omens you could 
not defeat me.  Even with the sword, you would be no match for the Sword 
of Shadows".  Mumm-ra began to laugh at Lion-o again.  Lion-o contiued 
to struggle.  "You'll never get away with this Mumm-ra".  Mumm-ra just 
contiued to laugh at Lion-o as he walked away.  Lion-o looked around and 
didn't see the rest of his fellow Thunderians.  The others were still 
unconscoius in a cell.
                   Pumyra, Tygra and Catlani arrived at Cat's Lair.  
They rushed to find the others.  "Bengali, look what we have".  Tygra 
showed him the Gem of Light.  "Mumm-rana said you must make a sword out 
of this to defeat Mumm-ra".  "Thank Jaga.  I have just finshed the Sword 
of Omens".  "I will get to work right away".  The sun began to fall on 
New Thundera as the Thundercats approached the dark area surrounding 
Mumm-ra's pyramid.  They quickly got out of their vehicles and proceeded 
towards the entrance to the pyramid.  "Catlani, Pumyra and Snarfer go 
get the others.  We will handle Mumm-ra".  They all headed their seprate 
ways through the accient pyramid.  Pumyra led the others toward the 
dungeon area.  There, they found the others.  They were still weak from 
the effects of the sword.  "Snarfer lead the others out of here".  
"Right.  Snarfer snarfer".  "WAIT! where is Lion-o".  Cheetara told 
Catlani that Mumm-ra had him upstairs.  As Snarfer and the others 
proceeded out, they met up with Mumm-mutt.  "We'll handle Mumm-mutt, 
Snarfer.  Just get the others out of here".  Snarfer helped the others 
out as Catlani and Pumyra sprung to action.  "OK Mumm-mutt, it's time we 
play cat and dog".  Pumyra drew one her marbles and threw it at 
Mumm-m utt.  It exploded with a shining light.  Mumm-mutt was blinded 
breifly but still was ready for action.  Catlani jumped behind him a 
drew her weapon.  She was masterful archor.  She drew and arrow from her 
side and fired it at Mumm-mutt.  It blinded him again and Pumyra drew 
another marble that exploded on contact.  Mumm-mutt was no match for 
them and ran.  They left the pyramid hoping the others were okay.
                       Tygra and Bengali walked on edge as they 
approached Lion-o.  Lion-o was awaken by Tygra's voice.  "Are you okay 
Lion-o?".  "Yes, thank you".  Bengali used his hammer to break the 
chains.  Just as they were about to leave  Mumm-ra appeared before them. 
 "Going somewhere, Thunder-kittys".  Lion-o quickly grabbed his sword 
from Tygra and battled with Mumm-ra.  Swing after swing, they battle 
furiously.  The Sword of Omens was no match for the Sword of Shadows.  
Mumm-ra knocked the sword out of Lion-o's hands.  Lion-o fell back.  
"You are no match for the Sword of Shadows".  Bengali and Tygra jumped 
to Lion-o's aid but were sent back by the Sword of Shadows.  Mumm-ra ust 
laughed as he approached Lion-o.  "This is the end for you, Lion-o!".  
Then Mumm-rana appeared and took the other sword from Bengali.  "You can 
not defeat the Sword of Justice, Mumm-ra".  The two jumped into battle 
with each other.  The swords collided and Mumm-rana broke Mumm-ra's 
sword.  "NO!" Mumm-ra cried.  He disappeared and Mumm-rana teleported 
the Thundercats back to Cat's Lair.  "Thank you Mummrana".  "I will keep 
the Sword of Justice.  If there is ever another time for its use, I will 
be ready".  All the Thundercats gathered to the council room.  Lion-o 
said "Well this having definetly been a day of justice".  They all began 
to laugh.  "Well, shall we go back to making preperations for Bengali 
and Pumyra's wedding".  "Yeah1  I think that we should get some rest 
first, snarfer snarfer".  They all agreeded and headed to their rooms.  
Catalani stared out her window.  She looked to the cold sky of the 
night.  She whispered to herself "Thank you father" and headed to sleep. 
 Lion- looked at the same sky and began thinking about Catlani.  He 
headed to his bed and heard a knock on the door.  He answered it and saw 
Catlani.  "Lion-o, I just wanted you to know that" before she could 
answer Lion-o hugged her and told her that she loved her too.  Pumyra 
and Bengali walk the halls of Cat's Lair chatting about their wedding.  
"You know Pumyra, we still have the trials of love to go thorugh".  "I 
know Bengali".  They stopped and looked out one of the windows.  "It's a 
dark sky tonight" Pumyra said as she laid her head on Bengali's 
shoulder.  He walked her back to her room and kissed her good night.  He 
walked to his room to see Tygra standing in front of it.  "What is it 
Tygra?".  "I'm just concered about Catlani".  They talked awhile and 
Tygra left to his room.  The white tiger entered his room and looked at 
a picutre of him a Pumyra.  "I hope I don't have the problems Tygra and 
Catlani have".  He drifted to sleep thinking how lucky he was to have 

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