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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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By Jesse Morgan

                    It was a bright morning and Pumyra had just got up 
and went to Cheetara's room.  Cheetara was already to go.  "Just give me 
two minutes Cheetara" as Pumyra flew back to her room.  Within minutes 
she was back and they proceeded to the front doors.  As they walked down 
the steps of Cat's Lair they began their usual "girl talk".  "So have 
you decided to tell Bengali how you feel about him".  "No.  I'm afraid 
he doesn't care about me".  "Oh come on Pumyra.  You've known him for 
years.  I've seen the way he gazes at you and how you two always go 
side-by-side".  "I'm afraid he'll just wanna be..."  Pumyra mumbled the 
word "friends" to Cheetara as they reached the final step.  Cheetara 
turned to Pumyra.  "Look, the only way you're gonna find out is if you 
ask him".  Pumyra shook her head and they proceeded to the end of the 
walk way.  "Well all thoughts aside let's get ready" as Pumyra adjusted 
her belt.  Cheetara got into a set position as they both said 
"Ready..set..Thundercats HO!" as they both dashed into the feild.  
Cheetara just watched as all the trees flew behind her.  Pumyra gazed 
out ahead of her and picked up pace.  Though she wasn't as fast as 
Cheetara, she could keep her speed up longer than Cheetara.  Cheetara 
kept up her lightspeed two miles.  Pumyra kept her puma speed up to 
five.  Cheetara was pretty far ahead of Pumyra so Pumyra speeded up.  
When they both reached the end of the field they drew there weapons.
                   With one finger movement Cheetara's staff grew its 
full length.  She threw it at Pumyra.  Pumyra snatched her sling from 
her side in one brisk movement.  She grabbed a marble from her pouch.  
She swung the sling in the air and let it fly.  It hit the staff on 
contact and blew it back.  Pumyra grabbed a nearby tree branch and 
climbed up.  Cheetara stopped for a minute to glare.  She quickly 
regained her staff and it extended so she could pole-vault into action. 
 Pumyra jumped from the tree just as Cheetara got up there.  She got 
onto another tree.  Cheetara jumped down just as Pumyra grabbed her 
sling.  Cheetara swung her staff at the tree and cut it in half.  Pumyra 
leaped in the air with several flips and turns to land on her feet.  She 
threw a marble that split into ten different marbles.  Cheetara dodged 
everyone.  "TIME!" came from behind another tree.  It was Lion-o.  "Weh, 
that was fun eh?".  "Yeah Cheetara.  that was a workout".  "You gals 
sure did give each other a tough fight".  "With things like Mumm-ra and 
the Lunatacs to deal with..." Cheetara caught her breath.  "We have to 
be ready".  Lion-o walked towards them when they heard a loud raging 
noise.  "What is that?!?" Pumyra said as they looked to the sky.  "It 
seems to be a ship, I think".  "Cheetara get back to Cat's Lair for 
assistance.  Me and Pumyra will check it out".  "Right!  Thundercats 
HO!".  She blitzed off.
             Lion-o and Pumyra raced to the site where they saw the ship 
land.  "Be careful Pumyra.  There is no telling what evil might lurk 
here!".  Pumyra took caution as she approached the ship.  She touched 
it.  "By JAGA!  It's HOT!" she cried as she withdrew her hand.  Lion-o 
took the Sword of Omens and the Clawshield from his side.  "Sword of 
Omens,give me sight beyond sight.  Show me what is in this ship".  The 
sword revealded a banged up ship with nothing in it.  "It's empty".  All 
of a sudden someone jumped at Lion-o.  They both fell to the ground.  
Lion-o pushed the person off of him with his leg.  "Who are you?".  
Pumyra swung her sling in the air.  "Lion-o step aside".  The mystery 
person jumped to the air and threw some dust into Pumyra's eyes.  
"AAAHHH!" she screamed.  Lion-o grabbed the sword.  "Thunder, Thunder, 
Thunder, THUNDERCATS HO!".  A roar fell over New Thundera as the Thunder 
Tank approached the feild.  Tygra jumped out and cracked his whip as to 
break up Lion-o and the mystery person.  "Lion-o we're coming.  HO!".  
""Lion-o?" the person said.  "Who are you?" came from Cheetara.  The 
person removed their mask to reveal a beautiful woman.  "I am...." she 
was interupted by Tygra "Catlani!!!!".  He rushed and wisked her up.  
"Hey Tygra put me down" she giggled.  "Catlani.  But it can't be".  "It 
is Panthro give me a hug".  Panthro hugged her with his bear arms.  
"What are you doing here?".  "After I heard Thundera was destroyed I 
went to find a place to live.  When I heard about the Thundercats I went 
to Third Earth.  When I heard that Thundera was reformed I hurried here 
but my ship had difficulties and I ended up crashing".  "WOW!  Well it's 
great to see you".  "It's great to be here.  So Lion-o, you have grown 
from when I last saw you".  Lion-o was stunned to see Jaga's daughter 
before his eyes.  He remembered her as a beautiful little girl and now 
she is all grown up.  "Lion-o?".  "Oh, it's good to see you Catlani".  
"Well don't just stand there looking, give me a hug".  Lion-o walked to 
her and gave her a loving hug.  She smiled at him and said "So aren't 
you a handsome Lord".  He just blushed.  "So what are you doing here 
Catlani.  I thought you wanted to be on your own".  "I did.  But now 
it's time for me to be where I belong.  If the handsome Lord would 
grant, I would like to become a Thundercat".  "Well...I..uhh".  "Looks 
like you have Lion-o speechless, Catlani" Pumyra giggled.  "Yeah..Guess 
Lion-o has never been in the presence of such Cheetara".  
Cheetara gave Tygra an evil stare.  "Well we'll have to look it over at 
the council meeting".  "Well let's get back to Cat's Lair". "Me and 
Cheeatra will make the run back".  "Right Pumyra.  We have some 
talking".  With that the two Thundercats flew off like the wind.  "My 
ship will have to stay here but I'll ride with you guys in the Thunder 
Tank".  "OK!".  They all hoped in the Thunder Tank and drove off to 
Cat's Lair.
                Wily Kit and Wily Kat were outside playing hide-n-seek 
with Snarfer.  "Got'cha Snarfer!".  "AHHH, snarfer snarfer.  Geez Wily 
Kat this is a tough game, snarfer snarfer".  "Oh Snarfer, you just got 
to hide in better spots".  "Oll olly ox and free".  Wily Kit yelled from 
the top of the stairs.  "You couldn't catch me.  HA Wily Kat!".  "Oh 
Wily Kit, you always get away".  Then two swift bodies flew by Snarfer 
and Wily Kat.  All they saw was the dust their feet left.  "I almost had 
you that time Cheetara.  If I hadn't slowed at that last minute".  "Yeah 
(huff) almost".  "WOW, Cheetara you and Pumyra are so fast".  Then they 
heard a rumble fall over the area. "Look!, snarfer snarfer.  It's the 
Thunder Tank".  The Thunder Tank pulled up and Tygra and Lion-o jumped 
out.  Then Panthro and Catlani jumped out.  "Thunderkittens I'd like you 
to meet Catlani.  She is from Thundera and is" Tygra was interupted by 
the thunderkittens saying "She's Jaga's daughter".  "Yes.  How did you" 
again he was interupted by Wily Kit saying "Jaga told us all about her 
when we were younger".  "Yeah" came from Wily Kat who was drooling all 
over Catlani.  "Well we are thinking of making her a Thundercat".  "We 
we'll have a council meeting in one hour to decide if she is to become a 
             Bengali walked down the hall to come to a door.  "Come on 
Bengali.  You can do this".  All of the sudden the door opened and 
Pumyra was on the other side of it.  "Hi Bengali.  Uhm we have to go to 
the council meeting".  "Right, uh, wait first I want to ask you 
something".  "Uhm OK.  What is it?".  "Well I know we've been uh friends 
for awhile and...I was just wondering...if you wanted to..uh have dinner 
with me".  "Alone?".  "Well yeah.  I mean if you don't want to".  "I'd 
love to".  Pumyra gave him a kiss on the cheek and they walked to the 
council room. On the way they met Lion-o.  "Well Lion-o what are we 
going to do about Catlani?".  "I don't know.  We'll have to vote on it". 
 They all walked into the council room and took there seats with the 
rest of the Thundercats.  There was just a silence of deep thoughts on 
what to do.  Lynx-o broke the silence by saying "I think she would be a 
good Thundercat but it is up to the Lord of the Thundercats".  "He is 
right Lion-o.  It is your decision".  "I know Tygra and I suppose she 
would be a good Thundercat".  "Well then it is decided" said Tygra.  "We 
will begin the annoitment trials".  "What trials will she go through" 
Pumyra said as she took a glance at Bengali who had been staring at her 
all the time.  "Well she will have to go through the trials of the mind, 
speed, strength and agility".  "Tygra, Cheetara, Panthro will handle 
strenth, mind and speed.  Pumyra and the thunderkittens will handle the 
agility.  The first trial will begin at dawn tomorrow.  Be prepared".  
With that all the Thundercats left.
                Lion-o walked to tell Catlani about the trials but was 
shocked to see Tygra already talking to her.  Lynx-o walked by and could 
tell Lion-o was bothered.  He said "Lion-o is something wrong?".  "Do 
you know anything about Catani and Tygra?".  "From what I can remember 
they were very close and always got along.  When she left I remeber 
hearing that Tygra was upset for awhile".  "Well I can only remember 
little things about her".  "You were very young when she left".  Lion-o 
just stampered off.  Lynx-o proceeded to the control room.  Wily Kit and 
Wily Kat were helping Snarf in the kitchen when Bengali walked in.  "Hey 
Bengali".  "Hi Wily Kit and Wily Kat.  Snarf can I talk to you?".  "Sure 
Bengali.  What is it?".  "Well I need you to make a special dinner 
tonight.  Just for TWO".  "Oh, you and someone special, snarf".  "Yeah, 
actually Pumyra and me".  "Well sure, snarf snarf.  It will be ready at 
seven".  "Thanks Snarf.  Bye thunderkittens".  "Bye Bengali".  "See ya". 
 "I wonder what that was about".  "I don't know Wily Kat".  They said in 
unison "SNARF!".  "What?  snarf snarf".  Bengali walked down the hall to 
meet Tygra and Catlani.  "Ah Tygra,uh just the Thundercat I wanted to 
see.  I need to talk to you".  "Er,right uhm Catlani..".  "It's allright 
Tygra.  I need to get some rest if I'm going to be ready for tomorrow's 
trials".  Then she gave him a kiss on the cheek and went to one of the 
guest bedrooms.  "So Bengali what is it that you need to talk to me 
about".  As they walked down the hall Bengali proceeded to tell Tygra.  
"Well it's just uhh"  Tygra could see it in Bengali's eyes.  "Girls 
huh?".  "Well yeah".  "So who is it?".  "Well it's Pumyra actually".  
"Pumyra!  Wow I thought you two would never get together".  "Well I 
guess it was just meant to be.  I mean I've liked her for a long time 
now but I just haven't had the nerve to ask her out or anything".  "Well 
what seems to be the problem?".  "I asked her to join me for dinner and 
she said yes but I'm not sure what to do".  "Look Bengali just treat her 
with respect.  If you truly care for her then just take care of her and 
be yourself".  "Right!".  They proceeded down the hall.
                    "He asked you to have dinner with him!".  "Yep.  I 
thought that I was dreaming".  Cheetara and Pumyra proceeded down the 
hall continuing their "girl talk".  "Well aren't you happy".  "Yeah of 
course I am but I'm a little nervous".  "Don't be.  You've waited all 
this time for him so just be yourself and enjoy it".  As they contiued 
to walk they literally bumped into Tygra and Bengali.  "Oooff" came from 
Bengali and Pumyra as they fell to the floor.  "Uh I'm sorry Pumyra. I 
wasn't looking" he was interupted by Pumyra "It's okay Bengali.  Its 
quite allright".  "Come on Tygra.  Let's leave these two lovebirds 
alone".  "Right Cheetara".  "Let me help you up".  Bengali reached his 
hand to Pumyra and she took it and stood.  They looked deep into each 
other's eyes.  "Uh...I should go get ready for tonight".  "Right, I have 
some other things to take care of.  Um see you at seven".  They bothed 
walked in different directions and looked back at each other.  Then they 
begin walking again.
                    Mumm-ra had been watching from his coldrine all the 
time and had a plan.  Then Luna walked in.  "Good Luna, I'm glad your 
here".  Luna and Amuck approached Mumm-ra with carefully.  "What is it 
that you want oh GREAT Mumm-ra?".  "I want you and the rest of the 
Lunatacs to attack Cat's Lair and take Catlani, the great daughter of 
the WISE JAGA".  "Fine but what do we get in return".  "You will recive 
Cat's Lair and all the Thundercat resources".  "Allright.  We will bring 
you this Catlani".  Amuck and Luna left the Black Pyramid and Mumm-ra 
began getting his plans together for Catlani.
                     Snarfer and Panthro approached the dinnig room.  "I 
hope Snarf has made something good tonight".  "I think Uncle 
Snarf was working all day on it, snarfer snarfer".  As they entered the 
dinning room they saw the thunderkittens talking to the side.  They also 
saw Tygra flirting with Catlani.  Lion-o was waiting patiently while 
Cheetara and Lynx-o had a humurious conversation.  "Well shall we eat". 
 "We're waiting on Snarf".  Lion-o finally spoke by saying "Where are 
Pumyra and Bengali?".  Tygra and Cheetara stared at each other for a 
moment and Tygra said "They had other plans".  And Tygra and Cheetara 
began laughing as they saw the expressions on all the other Thundercats' 
                    Pumyra and Bengali were in another dining room.  
"Snarf worked hard on this and I hope you like it".  "I love it.  I am 
glad you asked me to have dinner with you Bengali". "Yeah I am" he was 
interupted with a blast as the were thrown from their chairs.  Bengali 
gets up to see that they were not alone in the room.  He looks to see 
Pumyra being held by her hair by Red Eye. Bengali got to his feet just 
before Chilla shot ice from her mouth.  "PUMYRA!" he yelled, as he ran 
to her.  Red Eye removed the Side Winder from his chest and hurled it at 
Bengali.  He dodged it and jumped at Red Eye.  Red Eye punched him in 
the gut and Bengali fell to his knees.
                   The dinning room was filled with smoke as Tygra got 
up.  "Catlani...Panthro..anybody!".  Wily Kit got up and looked towards 
Tygra.  "Tygra.  I'm over here".  Tygra removed some rumble and got Wily 
Kit.  Snarfer was blown towards the kitchen when the explosion happened. 
 He got up and looked for anybody.  "Hello" he yelled as he looked 
throught the kitchen.  "Snarfer" Snarf scolded his nephew as he pulled 
him to the side. "Be quiet!".  "But Uncle Snarf we have to" "Look 
Snarfer there are Luntacs here and we have to find Lion-o before it's 
too late".
                   Lion-o awakened in the Thundercat dungeon.  He saw 
that Cheetara, Panthro, Lynx-o and Wily Kat in the cell with him.  "Is 
everyone okay?".  "Just some bumps and bruises, but everything seems to 
be okay".  "Where is Bengali, Pumyra, Catlani and the others".  "We have 
no idea Lion-o" came from Lynx-o who was sitting in a corner.  "But I 
hope they are safe".  Catlani got up from being burried under a deep 
pile of rubble.  She looked up to see Alluro standing over her.  "Well 
you must be Catlani.  It's time for you to go".  Alluro took his staff 
and threw his crystal at her.  It floated over her then a green light 
fell over her.  She was in his control.  "Give up girl.  You don't stand 
a chance".  His words had no affect on her.  She jumped into the air and 
threw some dust into his eyes.  "AAHHH, you stupid cat".  She ran past 
him and came upon Luna and Amuck.  "Amuck, get her!" Luna bellowed to 
Amuck.  Amuck grab her up an d began squeezing her in his death grip.  
She tried to scream but the breath was just taken out of her and she 
fell unconscious.
                  Bengali finally regain his breath and jumped back from 
Red Eye.  He took his hammer from his side and fired a blast at Red Eye. 
 Red Eye dropped Pumyra and fired three missles at Bengali.  Bengali 
dodged them and fired another laser from his hammer.  Red Eye fell back 
and Chilla fired fire from her fingertips.  Bengali dodged that too and 
Chilla blew ice upon his hammer.  It froze the hammer and Bengali 
dropped it.  "Now you die Thundercat!" she hollered as she charged at 
him.  Then she was caught off guard by a blast of light.  It was Pumyra. 
 She had thrown one of her marbles at Chilla.  "WHAT?!" Chilla yelled as 
she tried to regain balance.  Pumyra leaped high into the air and 
withdrew another marble. She hurled it at Chilla.  The marble exploded 
in mid air and caused sparkling dust to fly into Chilla's frozen blue 
eyes.  "AAHHH!!!" Chilla screamed from the dust burning her eyes.  
Pumyra took her sling and pulled Chilla off her feet.  Chilla hit her 
head leaving her unconscious.  Red Eye got back up and charged at Pumyra 
and Bengali hit him with one of the chairs.  Red Eye fell to the ground 
with a large thump.  "Bengali are you" she was stopped when Bengali 
pulled her into his arms.  "Bengali..I..uh" Bengali stopped her again 
"Pumyra it's OK".  He kissed her on her lips and contiued to hold her.
                   Luna told TugMug to teleport Chilla, Alluro and Red 
Eye back to Sky Tomb.  Then with a rush of wind Mumm-ra appeared.  "Ahh, 
I see you have captured Catlani.  Good job Luna.  Cat's Lair is yours 
for the doing".  Mumm-ra grabbed Catlani from Amuck.  "Not so fast 
Mumm-ra.  What do you want with her?".  "With her I can find out more 
secrets of Thundera".  Mumm-ra took Catlani and was preparing to leave 
when Lion-o entered the room.  "Not so fast Mumm-ra!".  "How did you 
escape".  "The Lunatacs didn't get all the Thundercats.  Tygra and Wily 
Kit were still free".  "That's right Mumm-ra".  Mumm-ra raised his hand 
and fired a burst of energy at the Thundercats.  Lion-o quickly took the 
Sword of Omens and it sprung to full length.  He hollered "HO!".  A bolt 
of energy blasted at Mumm-ra.  "AHHH!".  Mumm-ra flew back.  "Luna get 
them".  "I don't think so Mumm-ra.  The Lunatacs will fight another 
day".  Then Luna and Amuck teleported out Cat's Lair.  "No, I will not 
give up.  But I am too weak.  I have to get back to my pyramid".  
Mumm-ra turned back into his red robe and bandages and teleported back 
to his pyramid.  Catlani awoke to see all the Thundercats surrounding 
her.  "Well she's finally awake".  "I'll say.  Catlani are you all 
right?".  "I'm fine, thanks Lion-o.  So when do we start the trials".  
"They are already over Catlani".  "You have proven all the qualities 
that is needed to become a Thundercat".  "So when you're better you will 
become an official Thundercat".  Catlani had nothing to say but "HO!".
                  The next day everyone gathered to see Catlani become a 
Thundercat.  Lion-o gave her her ensignia and everyone cheered.  She 
gave Lion-o a hug and a kiss on his cheek.  Lion-o blushed and everyone 
laughed.  It was a beautiful day.  The thunderkittens and Snarfer were 
out playing another rousing game of hide-n-seek.  Tygra, Cheetara and 
Panthro were fixing the Thunder Tank.  Snarf and Lynx-o were monitoring 
New Thundera and Lion-o and Catlani were out scouting.  Bengali took 
Pumyra by the hand and led her to a feild filled with beautiful flowers. 
 "Bengali, I've never seen anything so beautiful".  Bengali stared at 
her and said "Neither have I".  Pumyra blushed and they sat down and 
watch some of the flowers fly in the wind.  "Pumyra I have to ask you 
something".  "Yes Bengali".  "Will you do me the honor of being my 
mate".  He took a ring out of his pocket and put it on her finger.  "I 
know were still young and haven't dated long.." he stopped and looked at 
her.  As tears ran down her cheeks she replied "I would be happy to".  
Bengali leaned over and kissed her on the lips.  He held her and they 
watch all the flowers fly away.

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