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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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By Jesse Morgan

                    As all was quiet on New Thundera it wasn't at Cat's 
Lair.  Panthro was tired after a long watch and Lion-o had called a 
meeting of all the Thundercats.  Walking down the stone hallway of Cat's 
Lair, Panthro met Tygra on his way.  "So what's this council meeting all 
about Tygra?".  "I have no idea Panthor.  Your guess is as good as 
mine".  The wlaked curiously to the Council Chambers.  There they saw 
all the Thundercats.  The thunderkittens sat quietly while Cheetara was 
 questioning Bengali what it was all about.  Pumyra stood to a corner 
while Lynx-o sat as wise as any old Thundercat could be.  "I am glad you 
are all here.  I have been looking through the Book of Omens and there 
is a page here with pictures of all the Thundercats.  It even has 
pictures of Bengali, Pumyra and Lynx-o.  I have been wondering what it 
means".  "Lynx-o could you tell us".  "Well I was once told that the 
Book of Omens always change for do the Thundercats always change.  It 
seems to mean something of value".  "Well I think we should all get some 
sleep" said the very tired Panthro.  "We can interput it better when we 
have all got a good nights rest".  "Panthro is right Lion-o" responded 
Pumyra.  "Right Thundercats.  We shall meet here at 0800".  They all 
headed to there rooms.
                      As all the Thundercats drifted to sleep Lion-o 
examined the book even closer.  As he got tired the he put the book 
aside.  Then just as his eyes began to drift the book gave off a bright 
light.  It was glowing and the book flew open with a gust of wind.  It 
turned directly to the page with all the Thundercats.  Each picture 
showed a different tale.  What is this?  Is this all the Thundercats 
stories".  The book responed with "These are the origins of all the 
Thundercats.  Each picture shows the tale of how they became 
Thundercats".  As Lion-o looked it over he listened to the tale of each 
                 Tygra grew up close to Cat's Lair on Thundera for the 
Tygras were a valued raced.  Their wisdom and mind powers were very 
important to Thundera.  He knew his parents as a child.  When he turned 
sixteen he trained with the wisest of the Tygra's.  He learned the ways 
of the Tygra.  His father and mother soon had to let him go out on his 
own.  When he did he went to stay with the wise Tygra, Alfrat.hhSoon he 
was trained to be the newest of the Thundercats.  When he went to stay 
at Cat's Lair he met a young girl named Catlani.  She was beattful and 
the daughter of Jaga.  She was very athletis and graceful.  Tygra 
automatically fell in love with her.  As he got further into his 
training he met Cheetara.  Back then she was a young shy cheetah.  Tygra 
was visited by Alfrat one stormy day.  "Tygra it is time you knew about 
the secrets of the Tygra's".  "We are a wise people who learned the 
powers of the mind.  The first Tygra mastered the skill from a accient 
telepath.  All you have to do is concentrate with one part of the mind 
and you can make illusions.  Watch" as the Tygra formewd an image of an 
older loking Tygra.  "You will be the greatest of the Tygra's.  You will 
do things other Tygra's haven't.  It will be your destiny".  With that 
Alfrat lefted Tygra to learn and try hard to creat illusions.  Tygra 
tried all night with no success.  Finally Tygra jus got tired and shut 
off the logic side of his brain.  As he aws getting ready for bed he 
wished Alfrat was ther and then an imaged formed right before Tygra.  It 
aws Alfrat.  Later Tygra mastered the power and only used it when 
necessay.  When Tygra became a Thundercat noble he stayed at Cat's Lair. 
 He met Panthro,a technican who stayed at Cat's Lair for most of his 
life, Wily Kit and Wily Kat, orphans who proved worthy of being 
Thundercats and Lion-o, son of Claudus and heir to the throne of 
Thundera.  He didn't see Catlani and wonedred where she was.  He was 
once told that she left Thundera on her own.  Tygra fought along side of 
Jaga for a few years until the explosion of Thundera due to the Sword of 
              Lion-o surprised at this looked to the next picture.  It 
was of Bengali.  Bengali was raised in the village of Tigers.  It was a 
race of Siberians and other Tigers.  He was raised by his father.  His 
mother died when Ratar-o attacked Thundera in search of the Treasure of 
Thundera.  His father was the greatest blacksmith on Thundera.  He has 
been raised from a family of great blacksmiths.  At an early age Bengali 
became his father's apprentice.  His father was given the Hammer of 
Thundera by Jaga himself.  His father helped repair the Sword of Omens 
and taught his son about all the alioes of the sword.  He knew the 
people of the village well.  He admired Jaga for his strength and 
greatness.  He wanted to be a Thundercat all his lfe.  When try outs 
came to his village he was beat out by an older Siberian.  He vowed one 
day to become a Thundercat.  When he got older he lost that dream.  His 
father showed him all the ways of being a Thundercat since his father 
was once a Thundercat.  He was injured in a battle against Grune and had 
to stay at home.  So Bengali went and trained everyday with his father. 
 He learned all about being a blacksmith.  One fine day he met a young 
puma by the name of Pumyra.  She was trveling through the village a met 
him.  She was headed for Cat's Lair and just happened to stop in.  They 
talked and became good friends.  She enjoyed his company and asked if 
she would like to jion her on her trip to Cat's Lair he was thrilled.  
Then a young Thundercat by the name of Lynx-o came in.  He needed the 
sword to be fixed.  Thundera was under attack and Bengali and Pumyra 
didn't take refuge to the shelter but styed and watch Bengali's father 
repair the sword.  Lynx-o noticed that they were not scared at all and 
asked if they would like to train to be potential Thunderccats.  They 
knew they couldn't be real Thundercats but they knew the wise Lynx-o had 
stayed at Cat's Lair and respected for the good peson he was.  So 
Bengali and Pumyra went and stayed with him.  When Thundera was under 
attack by mutants, Bengali and Pumyra jumped in the fight against Lynx-o 
wishes.  There they saw the great Panthro fight.  Then when Thundera was 
exploding their friend/mentor was severly burned in the eyes and 
blinded.  From then on Bengali has become a great Thundercat destined 
for great things.
                   Lion-o amazed not knowing many things about Bengali. 
 The next picture was of Cheetara.  When Cheetara was young she learned 
of her ability to run at great speeds.  She beat all the other kids n 
races.  She was raised by both of her parents.  Her father was on the 
Council of Cheetahs and mother was a well respected woman.  Cheetara 
loved her parents and got to visit many great things thanks to them.  
When she was around the age of tweleve she started seeing flashes before 
her eyes.  She told her parents and they told her the story of the 
Cheetahs.  Cheetahs for as long as they could remember saw things others 
didn't.  They would have flashes of things from the past, present and 
future.  She was shocked to hear what kinds of things can be done with 
her power.  When she turned sixteen she won the trials of being a 
Thundercat in her town.  From there she went to train in Cat's Lair.  
She met Jaga and study with him.  She became very fast and knew the 
limits of her powers.  She ran up to 2 miles at top speed.  She learn 
acrobatics for a short time and learned how about the javalin.  Jaga 
noticed that she was very skilled with the pole vault.  One night 
Thundera was under the attack of the mutants and Cheetara went into 
battle with the other Thundercats nobles including her best friend 
Catar.  He had been her friend ever snce she became a Thundercat noble. 
They were not only best friends but also very close.  They had a kind of 
thing going on between them. The nobles weren't quite ready for action. 
 They had not trined enough to be ready for this kind of action.  While 
in battle another noble told her that Catar had betrayed them.  She was 
shocked but upset by this.  She was very distracted by what she had 
heard. Cheetara wasn't paying attention and a mutant fired a blast on 
her.  Catar jumped in the way to save  her.  He was hit by the blast.  
Catar fell to the ground.  She asked "Why did you save me?  Why did you 
do it".  "Because Cheetara,".  She was so angry that 
her energy burst into pure fury as she fought the mutant.  As the battle 
ended Cheetara had defeated many of the mutants in a vendetta for Catar. 
 From then on she has had a hatred for mutants.  She became one of the 
strongest Thundercatas from there on.  Sometimes she has dreams of Catar 
and invisions him as the great Thundercat he could have been.
            Lion-o just looked to the next picture hoping that it wasn't 
as bad as Cheetara's.  The picture was of Wily Kit and Wily Kat.  When 
the thunderkittens were young their parents were killed by mutants.  
They were orphaned and grew up on their own.  They were loners and both 
decided they had to find somewhere to live.  They ended up going to the 
run down city of Grabosa.  It was once a great city until Grune 
destroyed it and its population.  The mutants mainly ran the area now 
and the kittens didn't know.  They hudled in corners and stayed low 
where other people stayed.  Wily Kit and Kat didn't like this place but 
they had no money to go anywhere else.  One day they were caught playing 
in the streets and the mutants held them captured.  Jaga aws running a 
raid with other Thundercats and freeded them.  He took them to Cat's 
Lair where they stayed and grew up most of their lives.  When they saw 
other Thundecats training they wanted to become one too.  So one day at 
a trial in a nearby town they competed and won the trial together.  They 
were equally matched.  Jaga was mad at them for doing it but he also saw 
how they proved themselves worthy of being a Thundercats.  During 
training they were always playing around but when it came time to be 
serious they showed everyone they were tough.  When Thundera was 
exploding they felt they lost nothing because they had no real friends 
on Thundera.  At night they sometimes think about Thundera and wish that 
they had their arents with them.
                         As Lion-o looked to the next picture he saw 
Pumyra.  Pumyra didn't live the best life.  Her mother was killed by one 
of Grune's soldiers when she was very little.  Her father died short 
sfter due to illness.  She was raised by some nearby villagers.  They 
noticed that she was very fast and had a lot of agility.  When the 
Thundercats trials came to town she lost.  She was not very happy.  She 
had trained hard but she guessed not hard enough.  So she went to the 
circus.  They taught her all about acrobatics.  She became one of the 
greatest acrobats on Thundera.  Many people came to see her.  When she 
turned sixteen she left the circus in search of a way to become a 
Thundercat.  She raced all the people from many towns and no one could 
beat her.  She soon came upon a town of Tigers.  There she met a young 
man by the name of Bengali.  He was a blacksmith's apprentice.  When the 
muatants attacked Pumyra and Bengali both fought side by side and took 
down as many mutants as possible.  She was there when Lynx-o brought the 
Sword of Omens to be fixed and jumped to the chance to train with him 
and Bengali.  She had always gotten along with Bengali.  They did a lot 
of things together.  They became the best of friends and they sawLynx-o 
as the older brother who was wise and knew things before them.  Lynx-o 
taught Bengali how to use his hammer well.  Lynx-o taught Pumyra how to 
use her speed and agility to great use.  He gave her a sling and she 
tied it around her waist.  He taught her how to use it if she ever 
needed it.  When leaing Thundera Lynx-o was blinded and Bengali and 
Pumyra helped him as much as he needed.  She thinks back all the time to 
Thundera and is so thankful for Lynx-o and Bengali.
             The stories stopped there for Lion-o had already knew about 
Lynx-o and Panthro.  He was glad to know about the other Thundercats and 
now knows that they are his family.  He knows a true Lord of Thundercats 
knows about all his friends and family and must be there to help.  With 
that Lion-o drifted to sleep with two words on his mind THUNDERCTAS HO!

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