Rings Of Justice
By Jesse Morgan

                        The night was cold.  Lion-o had been tossing in 
his sleep all night.  Something was bothering but he didn't know what it 
was.  He just couldn't sleep.  He got up and walked to the control room. 
 There he saw Cheetara on a watch.  "What's wrong Lion-o?".  "I don't 
know Cheetara, I feel like somethings not right".  "But there has been 
no sign of Mumm-ra at all lately".  "Still something", Lion-o was 
interupted by the apperance of Jaga.  Lion-o for years knew he was the 
only one who could see Jaga but Cheetara could sometimes since his 
presence.  Jaga said "Lion-o the problem is that there is no justice on 
New Thundera.  There are five rings.  Rings Of Justice that belong to 
the treasure of Thundera.  You must find them for there to be true 
justice and peace on New Thundera".  At that Jaga disappeared.  Cheeatra 
asked him what's wrong?  Lion-o responded by telling her all Jaga told 
her.  "I want a full council meeting NOW!".
                    Tygra walked into the council room to see Lion-o 
pacing around, Cheetara talking with Lynx-o, the Thunderkittens playing 
around and Panthro sitting humbely in a chair.  "So is the gang all here 
yet".  Wily Kat responded with "No.  Pumyra, Bengali, Snarf and Snarfer 
aren't here yet".  Just then the door opened and Pumyra and Bengali 
walked in.  "Well we can't wait on Snarf and Snarfer" Lion-o said 
unpatiently.  "What's wrong Lion-o?" Bengali said.  "Jaga has informed 
me about the Rings of Justice and how they are a part of the treasure of 
Thundera".  "What kind of rings?" Wily Kit asked confussed.  "They keep 
the balance between evil and good" Lynx-o replied.  "I have heard of 
them and know that if someone uses them wrong they can throw all things 
of balance".  "There are five representing life,love,justice,truth and 
loyalty".  "So that's why we have the Code Of Thundera".  "Yes" replies 
Tygra.  "The rings of those three are important to all Thundercats".  
"So what do we do" asks Pumyra as she stares right into Lion-o's face.  
He had the look of uncertainity.  "They are kept in the Caves of Power". 
 "Thoses caves can be pretty powerful Lion-o.  They say anyone who 
enters will be filled with greed for power" says the most now unhumble 
Panthro.  "We must go Panthro.  We have no choice".  "Only five may 
enter to compete in the tests of power".  "Pumyra, myself, Lynx-o, 
Panthro and Tygra will go".  "Cheetara, you, Bengali and the 
Thunderkittens take care of Cat's Lair".
                      At Skytomb, Luna had been listening to what Lion-o 
was asying and planned to get the rings for herself.  "Amuck, we shall 
have those Rings Of Justice and control all of New Thundera and Mumm-ra. 
 Then we will destroy the Thundercats.  Lunatacs gets yourselfs 
together.  We have a trip to take".  At that Red Eye put in a course for 
the Caves Of Power.  The Thundertank had almost reaches the caves when 
they noticed Skytomb in the vicinity.  "Lion-o look Skytomb" came from 
Pumyra.  "I see it" responed Lion-o.  As Skytomb landed with a sandstorm 
from the engines, Lion-o leap out of the Thundertank.  As they all ruhed 
for the cave a figure appeared before them.  He said "I am the 
proclaimer of the Caves Of Power.  Only five from a group shall enter to 
receive the stones.  Since there are 10 of you you must compete in the 
tests of power.  This challeneged shall decide who gets the rings.  Do 
you except this challenge?".  Lion-o responed with a roar "We do accepet 
your challenge oh great spirit".  Luna said "Yess we will do the tests".
                   At that the spirit said "First test.  For the ring of 
Loyailty.  Chilla and Lynx-o step foward.  First person to the end of 
the maze wins."  Chilla said "Piece of cake".  Lion-o said "Lynx-o 
please be careful".  "I shall be Lion-o.  Don't worry about me, I will 
be fine".  From there they both rushed to the entrances of the maze.  
Lynx-o was feeling the walls for what he thought to be the perfect 
route.  Ever since he lost his sight on Thundera he has had to rely on 
his hearing and other senses.  He came upon a dead end.  "I should have 
been more wiser in my choices".  At that he tried to find different 
route.  But as he touched the walls his fingers begin to shudder at the 
coldness of the walls.  Chilla rushed to find the exit.  A look back and 
she noticed that her plan was working.  She froze everything behind her 
so Lynx-o would go the wrong way.  With one quick breath she froze 
another way.  She tought "Let that old Thundercat try to find a way out 
now.  Lynx-o tried to use his lightsheild to try to at least melt some 
of the frost around him.  The effoert failed for his sheild soon was 
nothing but a frozen peice of metal.  Chilla came upon away that she 
thought to be the exit.  Indeed it was.  She rushed and with one cool 
inhale froze what ever was behind her.  "Hah, Lynx-o you are no match 
for Chilla of the Lunatacs".  Lynx-o was teleported back to the 
Thundercats.  "I have failed you Thundercats".  "No Lynx-o you haven't. 
 You did your best".  The spirit said "Chilla you recieve the Ring of 
                    "The next test shall be for the Ring of Truth.  
Alluro and Tygra are next.  You must catch this deerling without 
weapons".  At that Tygra and Alluro raced to catch the animal.  They 
raced into a jungle of pure blackness.  Tygra walked carefully for he 
couldn't even see his hand in front of his face.  Every step he thought 
out caerfully for he knew anything could be lurking in the woods.  A 
tree snapped and Tygra was sure it was Alluro for it was too big to be 
the deerling.  It took a swipe at him and he jumped back.  He said "Well 
wahtever you are you will not defeat a Thundercat that easily.  
THUNDERCATS HO!".  He hoped from tree to tree averting the creatures 
swings.  Tygra wasn't sure what to do because he was having more and 
more problems seeing anything.  Then he knew, he snapped off a vine from 
a near to eye tree and used ot as like a whip that he had.  With one 
toss back he cracked at the creautre who yepled and ran away.  Alluro 
was on the wrong path and decide it was time for him to make a change.  
He took his staff from his side.  It was in the shape of a claw with a 
ball on the end.  He dislodged the ball to find the animal.  Whne it did 
he said "Come here animal.  You don't stand a chance.  Give up.  You 
can't stop Alluro.  Give up".  At that the animal came to Alluro.  Tygra 
had notice a floating ball and could barely make out the deerling.  
Tygra raced to catch the animal but was to late.  Alluro already had 
him.  Alluro found his way out of the woods and the spirit granted him 
the Ring of Truth.  Tygra growled at the site knowing the TRUTH of what 
                      "The third test is for the Ring of Love.  Pumyra 
and Red Eye are on this test".  "It will be no problem for Red Eye".  
"The test will consit of you racing to the end of a valley.  First one 
to the ring with no problems wins.  With that Red Eye sped off to the 
valley.  Pumyra knew she was the fastest thing next to Cheetata.  So 
with one deep breath she flew through the lands like the wind.  Red Eye 
noticed different paths and dangers ahead.  He tuned in his infared 
vision and looked over the valley.  Pumyra had flew over some rocks to 
notice a mountain that she had not seen before.  "Where did this come 
from?  Oh well " and with that she leaped into action.  All of the 
sudden the mountain started eripting fierce lava.  It was racing down 
the valley.  Red Eye was on a different a came upon a river.  He had to 
cross but the waters were raging.  He got in a held all of his strength 
agaisnt the current.  Then a big creature popped out of the water.  
"What?!  You want a peice of Red Eye" as he pulled for his disk in his 
chest "then come get me".  With that he pulled his arm back and let the 
disk fly at the creature.  With ease the creature was knocked by the 
disk and Red Eye got it with his hand.  He raced out of the river to 
come upon the deep race down to the bottom of the hill.  He looked to 
one side and saw Pumyra running with the lava followed right behind.  He 
also noticed a glimmer at the bottom of the hill.  "It must be the ring" 
he thought.  So he chose a quicker route.  Pumyra stopped herself for a 
moment and looked back.  The lava was following very quickly.  The route 
she was going on was a sandy dessert area.  She reached into her pouch 
from her side.  She pulled out a small marble.  She grabbed her sling 
that was with her at all times and threw the marble in the air.  WIth 
one swing she caught the marble in the sling.  She twirled it and then 
let it fly.  The mable hit the lava and exploded into a blinding light. 
 It swept the lava awya into a hole in the ground. The light threw Red 
Eye off balance.  She thought this would be her chance.  Then she heard 
a cry for help.  She knew the voice.  A person from that she had known 
for a long time.  it was Bengali.  He was drowning in a sea of quick 
sand.  "Hold on Bengal!" she said and out of the corner of her eye she 
saw Red Eye recover from the explosion and head back down the hill.  She 
started to head down there herself but she knew Bengali didn't have 
long.  She hoped into a tree and lowered her sling so he could grab it. 
 She held the other end and used it like a pully to get Bengali out.  
Then she saw it.  Red Eye got to the ring before her.  She felt much 
anger but she knew she could not have let her long time friend die.
                    "Congratulations Red Eye.  You made it there before 
Pumyra.  The next test will be for the Ring of Life.  Panthro and Tug 
Mug shall face the mountain of doom in a efforrt to see who can climb it 
first and destroy the baest at the top".  "No problem for Tug Mug.  I'll 
just jump up there".  "The gravity is too intense for even you Tug Mug 
to just jump up".  Panthro looked at the face of the mountain and began 
his climb.  Tug Mug leeped about half way up but it then got too tough 
due to the gravity pull.  Panthro used the paws of his nunchuks to help 
in his climb.  Then his foot slipped.  "Agghhh!  By Thundera this will 
be tougher then I thought".  He began his summit up the mountain once 
more.  As Tug Mug was going he thought if he made himself light then he 
could just float to the top.  He aimmed his gun at himself and fired.  
It cancelled out all the gravity around him.  He began to float to the 
top.  Panthro was getting very close to the peak.  When he finally got 
there he saw Tug Mug was having a tough time defeating the creature.  
Panthro grabbed he nunchuks and swung them around.  All of the sudden 
smoke came out of one of the paws blinding the creature.  The creature 
was down and already injured from battling Tug Mug.  Panthro couldn't 
fight him anymore.  "I couldn't hurt a living creature.  He deserverd to 
live like the rest of us.  That didn't dtop Tug Mug who knocked the 
creature unconscoius.  At that they were teleported to the bottom of the 
mountain.  "You are rewarded the Ring of Life TugMug".  
                   "The final test shall be the test of Justice.  Luna 
and Lion-o will battle it out till true justice is served".  "I am 
Luna,Princess of the Lunatacs.  I will not be defeated".  "Well I am 
Lion-o, Lord of the Thundercats.  We serve by the Code of Thundera. 
Justice, Truth, Honor and Loyalty.  By Jaga I will not fail".  Lion-o 
grabs from his side the Clawsheild and the mighty Swrod of Omens.  
"Thundercats HO!" he roars as Luna on Amuck's back charges him.  With a 
swiftness he leaps through the air.  He shoots a claw from the sheild 
which wraps itself around a tree.  He glides back into action.  "HO!" he 
yells as a blast of pure enrgy fires from the sword.  It knocks Luna 
clear off Amuck.  Amuck still charges.  Lion-o battles in a tug of war 
with Amuck.  Amuck grips his bearing hands around Lion-o and squeezes 
him for his last breath.  He begins loosing all will.  Jaga appears 
before him.  "Don't give up Lion-o.  You are the Lord of the 
Thundercats.  Justice...Truth...Honor and Loyalty.  With that Lion-o 
breaks free with a burst of energy.  He catches Amuck off guard and 
fires another powerful beam of energy at Amuck.  "Thundercats HO!" is 
his battle cry again.  Luna begs for Lion-o's mercy knowing that Amuck 
is right behind him.  "Please Lion-o, I am but a little nothing compared 
to your power".  "You are right.  I shall not do this for it would be me 
no justice".  Just then Amuck knocks Lion-o clear off his feet sending 
the Sword of Omens flying.  "Yess,ha ha!  You are so nieve Lion-o as to 
believe that a Lunatac would give into a Thundercat".  The other 
Thundercats gasp at the sight.  Was there leader finished?  
              Then the Sword of Omens began to glow a powerful glow.  
"What trickery is this?!?".  The sword hovered over Lion-o and he got up 
like a raging fire.  He grabbed the sword and said "You have not proved 
any justice!".  The spirit said "Lion-o is correct all the things you 
have done were lies".  "The rings belong to the Thundercats for they 
have past every test".  "No, Lunatacs get them".  The other Thundercats 
jumped into action.  Lynx-o took his lightsheild and blinded Chilla long 
enough to give her his touch that left her unconscious.  Tygra cracked 
his whip with a firey ring around Alluro.  Alluro reach for his staff 
just as Tygra snatched it up with his whip.  Pumyra went circles around 
Red Eye leaving him too dizzy to get his disk.  She pulled one of her 
mabels out and with a blazing turn the ball exploded with a devestating 
light in Red Eye's eyes.  Panthro used his nunchucks to knock TugMug's 
gun out his hands and sprayed a smoke gas at his face.  Lion-o took the 
sword and fired lightining bolts at the Lunatacs.  "Lunatacs retreat!!!" 
                The spirit gave the Thundercats the rings.  "You have 
all truly earned them.  Lynx-o you proved loyalty by staying with a path 
you knew was correct.  The wall you came to Chilla had frozen to make 
look like a dead end.  Tygra you proved truth by not using your weapon. 
 Instead you used something resourceful.  Pumyra, you proved love for 
the love you have for Bengali like family.  He is true family and you 
chose to help him above getting to the ring first.  Actually that wasn't 
Bengali but a illusion.  Panthro didn't choose to take a life that is 
the meaning to what we know is life.  To live it and let others live 
theirs for whatever reason.  Lion-o showed justice by not giving up.  
You all deserve the power of the Rings of Justice".  Then a glow of 
light as all the rings became one never to be broken.  "Thank you 
spsirit".  "THUNDERCATS HO!" as a roar fell over all of New Thundera.  
Justice once again is in the hands of good.

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