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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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New Thundera
By Jesse Morgan

              As the Thunderstrike lifted off Snarfer was sad that he 
wasn't going on the mission with the New Thundercats.  He walked away 
hoping that Pumyra, Bengali and Lynx-o will be fine on there own going 
to the Gorunds Of Terror.  He had heard stories from the Berbils about 
the lands and he knew they were dangerous.  He walked a way saying 
                As Pumyra looked out she noticed the direction they were 
headed in was getting darker and uglier.  She knew that they were 
getting close to the Grounds Of Terror.  She closed her eyes wishing the 
Thundercats were out doing routine checks for the new vehicles.  Bengali 
noticed that they were loosing altitude.  He said "Lynx-o,why are we 
loosing altitude".  Lynx-o wisely said "The intense gravity around this 
area is causing the Thunderstrike to loose altitude".  As the dust sped 
around the Thunderstrike as it landed Bengali opened the hatch and began 
to survey the desilent area.  Lynx-o told him to help him with repairs 
that the Thunderstrike took from the pull of the gravity.  "Pumyra surey 
the area" the wise Thundercat said.  She hollored "Thundercats HO!" and 
she blitzed off like lightining.
                Bengali  withdrew his hammer from his side and began 
fixing the thrusters.  Lynx-o took the braile board so he could see what 
was going on around them.  "Lynx-o when do you think Pumyra will be 
back".  He responed "I believe very soon".  Bengali proceed with his 
hammering.  It started thundering and a crash of lightining fell upon 
them.  Lynx-o suggested they get to safer ground.  Bengali thought to 
himself "In an area like this there is no safer ground".  Lynx-o got in 
the Thunderstrike followed by Bengali.  They lifted off to search for 
Pumyra so they could find shelter.
                    Pumyra was almost finshed surveying and stopped to 
get a peice of candy fruit Snarfer had packed for her.  She began to eat 
the fruit when she heard a noise.  In an instance she leaped and pulled 
her sling to her hand and with the other pulled out one of her marbles. 
 She noticed that it was a Friggett.  She had heard a lot about the 
animal from Snarf but had never seen it.  She picked it up and it licked 
her.  Snarf had said they are very friendly and safe creatures.  She 
said "Hey there,how are you doing?".  Just then she heard a crash and 
jumped out of the way.  She put the Friggett down and swung her sling 
around.  There was a huge creature she had never heard or seen before.  
He charged towards her and she threw her marble at him.  It exploded and 
contact and threw the creature off balance.  Then she reached for 
another marble and the creature caught her off guard.  She was being 
squeezed by the creature and was having problems breathing.
                Suddenly the wind broke with a roar and it was the 
Thunderstrike.  Bengali hoped out and drew his weapon.  He yelled 
"Pumyra look out.  Thundercats HO!"  She jumped out of the startled 
creatures arms and Bengali fired a blast out of the front of the hammer. 
 It was the great Hammer of Thundera.  The creature fell back.  Bengali 
rushed to Pumyra to see if she had any injuries.  All of the sudden the 
creature pound the ground with his fists causing an earthquake.  The 
ground.  He fell back with a "UGGHHH!".  Lynx-o fired from the 
Thunderstrike on the creature.  The creature fled from the scene.  
Pumyra rushed to Bengali who was unconscious.  She quickly withdrew a 
bandage for his head and told Lynx-o "We have to get him to shelter".  
Lynx-o agreed and helped her get him to the Thunderstrike.
                Lynx-o landed at a nearby cave.  Pumyra had taken the 
Figgett with her and petted him as they went into the cave.  "Pumyra 
will you be able to help him".  "I will try but I don't know" she 
replied.  She began to bandage his arm.  The thunder got louder and rain 
started to pour.  Lynx-o was fiddling with the braile board.  He was 
trying to figure out exactly where were they.  Pumyra finshed bandaging 
Bengali's wounds and sat on a nearby rock.  The Figgett raced to her 
being scared by the rain from the storm.  Pumyra calmed the animal and 
told Lynx-o to get some sleep and she'll stand watch.
               She watched the outside pour of the rain. She thought to 
herself of when Thundera was beautiful.  She remembered when she first 
met Lynx-o and Bengali.  She was only 15.  She was walking and came upon 
a blacksmith's place where she saw a young appretice working.  She 
stepped inside and chatted with the young Siberian tiger.  He said "I am 
going to be the best Blacksmith on all of Thundera just like my father". 
 Just then a middle aged man walked in asking for the real blacksmith's 
assitance.  That man was Lynx-o.  He had the Sword Of Omens and said 
"Claudus is in a battle and Jaga needs the Sword Of Omens fixed right 
away".  Bengali's father quickly repaired the sword with the Hammer of 
Thundera.  Bengali watched throughily as his father fixed the sword.  He 
was amazed on how much his father knew about the sword and its alloies. 
 Pumyra and Bengali became close friends that day and hoped to one day 
see the great Jaga in action.  They soon stayed with Lynx-o learing the 
ways of Thundera.  When they were leaving Thundera Bengali's father gave 
him the Hammer Of Thundera.  He said "Son,take care of this hammer for 
it will be your weapon as well your friend".  Pumyra remembers she was 
always a loner and Bengali and Lynx-o were pretty much her only family. 
 The other Thundercats were like a family but they didn't mean to her as 
much as Lynx-o and Bengali did.
                 She remember training with Lynx-o.  He gave her the 
sling to use whenever needed.  She always could run fast and all her 
training help her use it well.  She remembered going to all the fairs 
they used to have on Thundera.  She went to all the circuses and loved 
the acrobats.  When she was 13 she was taught by some of the acrobats 
some tricks and she has used them to her advantage.  "I really miss how 
Thundera used to be" she whispered to herself.  She learned lessons that 
could help her everyday but couldn't think of a way to save her long 
life friend.  She blinked at the lightning and felt a nuzzle against her 
leg.  It was the Friggett.  She picked him up to feel him tremble in her 
arms.  As she looked up she saw the creature.
               She dropped the Friggett and reached for her sling.  The 
creature tossed her aside and she hit a rock.  She collapsed from pain. 
 Lynx-o heard noises and hurried to the outside.  As the rain hit his 
face he could tell he wasn't alone.  He heard the air rush and ducked.  
The creature had swung at him and he sensed it and rushed to the side.  
With a quick motion Pumyra threw a marblre in the air and caught it with 
her sling.  She hurled the marble at the creatures head.  It broke the 
wind with an explosion sending the creature back.  Pumyra rushed to 
Lynx-o's side and helped him up.  He told her she was fine and she ran 
to the cave to stop the creature from entering.  Her speed like light 
just flew at ease.  She didn't even hear the wind in her ears as she 
jumped towards the monster and he caught her with one hand throwing her 
back.  Lynx-o reached for his arm.  With one swipe he opened his light 
shiled.  He tried to use it but the creature just snatched Lynx-o up 
into one arm.  With that he began squeezing Lynx-o in one arm.  Lynx-o 
was loosing all breath and he knew there was no hope.  He knew that 
Pumyra had to be down and then he heard it.  The wind moved in a quick 
rush as Pumyra threw another marble at the creature.  This time it had 
an acid in it and burn the creature.  It didn't stop the creature from 
squeezing on Lynx-o and with the other arm he quickly grabbed Pumyra up 
by the neck.  She was loosing consciousness and turning blue.  Lynx-o 
ribs were being crushed.
                       There was silence and then a blast broke the 
silence.  It knocked the creature clear off his feet.  Pumyra regaining 
color looked up and saw Bengali.  He yelled "Lynx-o,Pumyra THUNDERCATS 
HO!".  They yelled back "THUNDERCATS HO!".  With that Lynx-o blinded the 
creature with his light.  Bengali reached and pulled a pellet out of the 
handle of his hammer.  With a swift move he threw the pellet into the 
air.  He swung his hammer up and shattered the pellet.  A smoke filled 
the rain.  Pumyra reached into her pouch.  Out she pulled her last 
marble.  She swung it in her sling and hurled it at the creature.  On 
contact it broke with a fierce wind.  The creature dropped like the 
rain.  Pumyra rushed to Bengali and asked him is he okay.  She noticed 
that he had a glime in his eyes.  His whispered to her "With friends 
like you I am A-okay".  She giggled and help him to the cave.  They all 
slept well that night. 
                     In the morning they packed up and headed for home. 
 When they landed at the new Cat's Lair Snarfer greeted them with glee. 
 "So how was the trip Snarfer Snarfer".  Bengali answered "Very 
intriguing".  Lynx-o had to rest in bed with a broken rib for awhile as 
did Bengali and Pumyra.  Everynight Pumyra went to the window in her 
room and whispered to herself "Thank Jaga for family like Bengali and 

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