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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Cat and Mouse - Part 5
By Dynasty San

Part five: The Battle Begins
Note: This is one of those stories that hold people in suspense until
the end, so wait patiently. Thanks. And the Thundercats aren't gonna eat
the mice. It's not like it's gonna make the story any worse.

Lindi's ship was blasting off into space. The Feliner had already taken
off, and Panthro and the mice were already on the Plutarkian ship.
Panthro: "I suggest we split up and search for the sword."
Throttle: "OK. We'll meet up in the engine room."
So split up they did. Throttle searched in the upper part of the ship.
(Someone bear with me here. It's been too long since I watched the show.
Besides, it's not always the same Plutarkian ship.) He found a golden
box in the middle of one room. Could be it, but then, could be a trap.
He kicked against the wall and it busted open, releasing a powerful
sleep-inducing narcotic gas. I knew it. He tried to get out of the room,
but the door was locked. Before he knew it, he was KO'd.
Vinnie searched one of the storage rooms. He found a bunch of stuff,
mostly boxed. Although he also found weapons of alien manufacture,
mostly Mutant and Lunatak weaponry. Oboy! This is pretty sweet! He
looked among the stuff for the sword, but to no avail. Just then, a
Plutarkian came into the room with a ray gun. "Freeze, mouse!"
Vinnie: "Oh, great."
He froze and put his hands up. Then he stomped on a gun and it fired on
the Plutarkian, giving a bad open wound on his arm. "Ow! Nefarious
mouse! I'll get you for sure."
Vinnie: "OK, then, stink-face!" (turns his back to the Plutarkian, bends
over and pats his rear) "Come and get me!"
Plutarkian: "You will definately regret this."
And so he did. Vinnie led him to a wall. The Plutarkian was satisfied
and pointed the gun at Vinnie with his good arm. "Now I have you."
Vinnie: "Oh, yeah?"
He punched the Plutarkian in the head, snatched the gun away, and shot a
vent screen on the wall. He pushed the fish into the vent, then the
Plutarkian fell down into the garbage disposal and felt a pretty
unpleasant experience as the walls closed in on him.
Vinnie: "Oooo. That's gotta hurt."
Another plutarkian: "Not as much as you will." (shoots Vinnie with a
While Throttle and Vinnie were in Dreamland, Modo was having his fun
looking for the sword and blasting Plutarkians to get through. It didn't
get much easier as he went along. He reached the door to the main
computer room, but not without an obstacle.
Random Plutarkian: "Better not go any farther, rat."
That was the second Plutarkian on Death's list. But before the giant
mouse could proceed, he felt something grab him from behind. Then heard
an unpleasantly familiar voice talking.
Chilla: "I want that thing as much as you guys. The Plutarkians tricked
us into thinking that Third Earth and the sword would be ours by now. I
can't believe I'm offering this, but we'll have to declare a temporary
truce, or it's goodbye Earth."
She let go of Modo.
Modo: "Fine, although I'm guessing it's over when we find it."
Chilla: "Heh, you've been hanging with Panthro too long. Anyway, I'm not
entirely sure where they've stashed it, but it's nowhere near here.
Follow me, and *ugh* stay close."
So follow her he does, to a janitor's closet. Awaiting them were the
other Lunataks. Luna looked pleased.
Luna: "Well, you told him about our little deal, eh? You know where the
others are?"
Chilla: "No. Those bastards must've got 'em. Oh, well."
Modo: "You do know that I intend to look for them while we are on the
Luna: "Then, please. Do so. But don't try anything sneaky, or not only
will the deal be off, but..."
Modo: "I know. Well, don't worry, guys. I'll wait for you to try that."
Tug-mug: "Wuss. Oh, well. The search is on."
And so it was. The (usually) ruthless Lunataks led Modo to another of
the Plutarkian's storage rooms. Inside they found lotsa boxes. Luna
climbed off of Amuck and reached for one. As she did, two Plutarkians
jumped out and started to attack. After that, a bunch more boxes burst
open, sprouting out more fish.
Alluro: "I knew it. They just wouldn't let us claim the sword or Third
Earth. Well, it's the end for them."
The psychic Lunatak took out his psych-club and aimed it at three of the
aliens, hypnotizing them with ease. Chilla froze four more with little
trouble. Tug-mug aimed his Gravity Carbine at another two, making them
heavy as anvils. Red-eye tossed a sidewinder discus at another one and
knocked him out good. Luna got on Amuck and he knocked down one of them.
Modo aimed his bionic arm cannon at another one and gave him some pain.
However, even though they brought down twelve Plutarkians down with
little trouble, there were still about thirty more to handle. They were
Amuck: "Damn Plutarkinan fish. Amuck hate this."
Luna: "Tell me about it."
Plutarkian: "Now, you're through. We've dealt with you for too long
Tug-mug: "You have dealt with us for too long? What about you guys
backing out on our deal?"
Plutarkian: "Well, maybe you should choose your allies better."
Tug-mug: "We didn't choose to be with you. You called us! And if you
don't like us, get out of our faces."
Plutarkian: "No problem. Pretty soon, you'll be so erradicated, you
won't have a face for us to get in." (pulls out a laser pistol)
Modo: "Ewwww."
Plutarkian: "Aw, shut up. It won't hurt..." (aims for Chilla) "...for
Modo: "Why don't you aim for me first? We've been the biggest burr in
your behind, after all."
Plutarkian: "What's wrong with aiming for a different person? Besides,
it's usually the females who get shot first."
While the fish wasn't looking, Luna got down form Amuck, took out her
riding crop, and litterally whipped his ass. He didn't like that.
Luna: "If you hate females so much, you shoulda kept your eye on me."
Plutarakian: "OK, that's it! Get them!"
A bunch of Plutarkians charged for them.
Chilla: "Damnit, Luna! Now you've really done it."
Modo: "Got an idea if you want it."
Luna: "Well...oh, alright."
Modo: "On the count of three, everyone blast 'em with everything you've
The Plutarkians started to pull their weapons out.
They lunged forward as the Lunataks held their positions.
A Plutarkian shot Modo's bionic arm and left a little bit of a dent.
"Aw, man. It took me three days to..."
The Lunataks started firing all weapons. Modo shrugged, then fired along
with them. The Plutarkians were in a bit of a shock for a second, giving
everyone enough time to hit 'em and hit 'em hard. Good thing they were
in the middle, because before they knew it, about twenty-five more
Plutarkians were out cold. Four of the rest were amazed, the remaining
one just stood there.
"Resourceful, but it shall not save you, for..." (walks over to a large
box) "...we have..." (opens the lid, gasps in shock)
Throttle and Vinnie jump out of the box and sock the other five
Throttle: "For once, Vincent, you had a really good idea."
Vinnie: "Thanks. But you know, it's hard to come up with good ideas
after you've been shot with a tranquilizer."
Modo: "Where were you guys?"
Throttle: " In the dungeon, until he got us out. We found this thing
along the way."
He held up a short sword with nifty-looking crossbars and a cat's-eye in
the hilt. Modo decided it must be it. "Whoa! You guys found the sword,
all right. But who got you guys out?"
Luna snatched the sword away. "That doesn't matter. We have it so...
Chilla?" Chilla was knocked out. So were Tug-mug and Red-eye.
Alluro: "What in the hell is going on?"
Panthro: "Good question. Look up here for the answer."
Alluro looked up, and got socked. Luna got on Amuck and prepared to
attack. Panthro jumped down from the celing, allowing Amuck to charge.
But he dodged, the shot him with a tranquilizer. Amuck was out and Luna
was pissed.
Luna: "Alright, how did you know we were here?"
Panthro showed her a map of the ship, which conveniently showed an X on
the porper spot. Luna smugly presented a map just like it. Panthro
knocked her out. "Too bad you had your map upside-down. That'll give us
some time to get the real sword."
Throttle: "One question. Where did you guys get those maps?"
Panthro: "The engine room. As for Luna, she must've got it from the same
place as Lion-o's uniform. Rhea's twisted mind (Why, yes, they did.
Although there is an explaination for New Thundera's destuction. It's
best explained in another kind of crossover.) She makes up some of the
crappiest stuff. Well, let's forget about this and get on with it. I
want this story to end, damn it!"
Modo: "I'm with you on that one."
So they proceded to the main computer room, where Modo was about to
search. There were no Plutarkians to get in the way this time. But
inside was Slythe - with a gun.
Slythe: "One more step, and you're toast!"
Too bad Slythe was alone (Dum-dum.), because that's when Lion-o and his
squad came in from behind him and pull out their guns.
Lion-o: "FREEZE!"
Slythe put his hands up. "Oh my God! What's he doing in that outfit?"

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