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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Cat and Mouse - Part 3
By Dynasty San

Part three: The Handsome Swordsman of Legend
(Note: Don't mind the title if your a Tygra lover. It's a joke on
Rurouni Kenshin.[title of first episode])

The young, red-haired "officer" recognised the Mutant. "You bet your
fuzzy ass I am!"
Throttle: "OK, who is this guy?"
Panthro: "Well, shit, Throttle. He's only the lord of the Thundercats.
But why he's dressed up like that, I have no clue. Anyway, he's found
me, so now he's gonna pound on me for sneaking out and helping you guys
beat Limburger and company."
The mice started laughing their butts off.
Throttle: "So you're the only one who knows about all this?"
Lion-o: "First I lose the Sword of Omens to the Lunataks, then I get
transported here dressed up in police uniform that is a size too small,
and now I find one of my comrades, who has been 'missing' for a week,
hanging with these...biker mice. Gee, I'm having a good time."
Panthro: "Good for you."
Vinnie: "Heh, you're actin' a little braver now. And just how is
Pretty-boy here gonna pound you? You've taken all of Limburgers' goons
single-handedly, and then some."
Panthro: "Well, Mr. Universe's Gift To Women, he's a hell lot stronger
than me and has way more stamina."
Lion-o was amused. "Universe's gift to women?"
Modo: "I swear, this guy has an ego bigger than Limburgers' ass."
Vinnie: "Aw, shut up. And as for you Pretty-boy..." (shakes Lion-o's
hand) "Name's Vinnie. Nice to meet you."
Throttle: "Vincent. We still gotta take caution, considering what he
Vinnie: "About what?"
Throttle: "About us being enemies."
Panthro: "Well, jeez, thanks for pointing that out."
Lion-o: "Enemies?"
Throttle: "Yeah. He told us about the Sand Raiders attacking the lair,
and the Rats trying to eat you outside the lair. He's just a little
suspicious because we're from the same planet, Mars. He also tells us
that he and another 'Cat figured out that this is the same as 'Third
Earth', only you guys are in a different dimension. He's been away for
that week helping us out, beating up bad guys, alerting us to new
attacks on Chi-town, protecting Charley, and fixing our bikes in less
time than Charley would've."
Lion-o: "Well that's kinda understandable. He's a great mechanic. And he
is a powerful fighter. Some of our enemies are scared of him. But he and
whoever else knew about this really should've let the rest of us know.
And what's with him calling me 'Pretty-boy'? Either he feels that he's
got competition, or Rhea's been sitting around watching too much of that
Rur...Ruro...whatever that crap is called just before working on part
three of the story." (Somebody smack him! Rurouni Kenshin is NOT
crap!!)(In case you're wondering, Rurouni Kenshin is a Japanese cartoon.
The protagonists' name is Himura Kenshin [Kenshin Himura], a red-headed
swordsman who basically beats up everyone in less than ten minutes in
every episode. [Sound like someone you know? Hmmm?] Although to tell the
truth, even though he has two girls fighting over him, my fam thought he
was a chick when they first saw him. He sort of looks like one and he
sounds like one. By the way, Rurouni means wanderer. ["Kenshin the
Throttle: "Hell with what she's watching nowadays. She's just plain
insane. (Why, yes I am.) Anyway, what was Thundera like?"
Lion-o: "It was paradise, thriving with life. Some parts of it were a
bit dangerous, but as long as you avoid them, it's a planet to die for.
The Thundercats were once nobles on the planet, and I was the heir to
the throne. That is, until it was destroyed, for reasons we still don't
know. (Little history lesson here. Four words: JAGA THE PLANET KILLER!!!
[By the way, thanks to the Mad Bassist and Demonprist for that
nickname.] He tossed the sword of Plundarr into the core. Imbisile!) We
managed to escape the explosion, along with several other ships.
However, the Mutants of Plundarr shot down the other ships. The Sword of
Omens drove them from the Flagship (Flying Ship, whatever it's called).
However, they did some damage to our ship, so we couldn't get to the
place we first intended to. All of us but Jaga (The Planet Killer) got
into the suspension capsules, and we waited for 1000 years, until we
came to Third Earth. You know, it's funny, but when I was on the ship, I
was a kid. When I got out of the capsule, I was a grown-up. We lived and
fought as a six-person team until we discovered that three Thunderians
were rescued before the explosion. They became Thundercats. There was an
interesting turn of events when Thundera regenerated once. We settled
there for while, but that was destroyed, too. (I'll explain that in
another story.) So, we're basically stuck on Third Earth right now. And
now, here he is, with you guys, in another dimension, fighting
Jaga-knows-what in Chicago."
Panthro: "Yeah. Wierd, come to think of it."
Lion-o: "Not as wierd as the Battousai fighting with a wooden sword."
(He's talking about Kenshin, who was once a vicious killer known as the
Hitokiri Battousai, or Battousai the Manslayer. [I still gotta find out
what that name means. Battousai, that is. Kenshin means "Spirit of the
Sword", or something like that.] And, yes, Kenshin giving up his Sakaba
[reverse-blade] sword for a wooden one would be wierd.)
Throttle: "OK. Let's lay off the anime for a minute. How did you get
away with being dressed up like that?"
Lion-o: "The police department was sabataged, just about everyone was
captured or killed, so I really don't know. But the occassional criminal
does come along, so I can pass as long as I can catch a few." (walks
toward the front entrance) "And then, there are just plain wierdos, like
an example here." (takes out a pair of handcuffs, cuffs Jackal-man's
hands behind his back)
Jackal-man: "Hey, what did you...?"
Lion-o grinned. "You were supposed to be arrested, anyway. Now, get in."
(kicks Jackal-man in the back, forcing him into the car, slams car door)

Panthro: "Heh, you sure know how to take 'em."
Another police car approaches and stops right next to Liono's car. A
policewoman steps out. Vinnie nudges his bros with his elbows. "Talk
about hot." The policewoman about 5'9", had long blonde hair, a sleek
figure, and a flattering bust. Her face was lovely, big sky blue eyes,
full lips, rosy cheeks, and a very nice smile. She was smiling at the
red-haired Thundercat lord. "Hey, handsome! I could use a little help
with a notorious murderer right now. Whadya say?" Her voice was
melodious, and she was speaking in a seductive tone. This made the
all-high-and-mighty lord of the Thundercats a bit nervous.
Lion-o: "Alright. Let's get on it." (turns to Panthro and the mice) "See
you guys later, and good luck with the Mutants."
Lion-o got in the car and drove away, following the beauteous
policewoman's car.
Panthro: "Damn. Wonder if Mandora has to put up with stuff like that.
Well, let's go in."
Modo: "Why are we going back in there?"
Panthro: "To get the Lunataks to give back the sword."
So they went in. Meanwhile, south of the tower, the murderer that was
being chased approached a teenage girl in an alley, took out a knife,
and plunged forward. But before he could insert it, the blonde
policewoman grabbed him. But he was too strong for her, and she was
pretty strong, so he broke free of her grasp. He threw her onto the
ground, licked his lips, and held up the knife. "This is my lucky day."
Before he could kill her, two policemen grabbed him and managed to hold
him down and take the knife away. However, they can't hold him for long.
He threw them off, and a all-out fight began between the three cops and
the killer. The fight drew more cops to it, and lasted for ten minutes.
It was getting nowhere, though the psychotic killer seemed to have the
upper hand, until Lion-o got out of his car, walked up to the killer,
and punched him in the head, knocking him out cold. The criminal woke up
in the police department building thirty minutes later, with Lion-o
standing right in front of him. He took out a licence which bore the
alias Leo Thunder (Suits him, dosen't it?) and said cooly, "You're so
under arrest."
When Lion-o got out of the building, the pretty blonde policewoman was
leaning against her car. She had on her face a bandage and a smile.
"Hi." She walked up to him. "You're so amazing. Those were some of the
strongest cops in the whole department, and they can't knock him out
altogether. You must new in the department." She reached into his
pocket, took out the bogus licence badge, and looked at it. "That's a
nice name. I'm Lindi Greentree." She tugged on his arm. "C'mon. Let me
introduce you to the guys." They got in Lindi's car and she drove him to
the doughnut shop. Inside were about ten or eleven cops, who were happy
to see Lindi and still amazed with Lion-o.
"Hey, dude!" one said. "That's one hell of an arm you got there!"
Lindi introduced him to the others. (Alias, not real name. She doesn't
know his real name yet.) The cops got up and walked over to the pair.
Lindi introduced them, and as she did, they shook hands with Lion-o.
Mac, the cop with auburn hair, hazel eyes, and a wiry build. Lance, the
pretty-boy cop with sandy blonde hair, purple-ish dark blue eyes, and an
athletic build. Marv, a cop that looked somewhat like a summers beach
lifeguard with jet-balck hair, light brown eyes, and lightly tanned
skin. Butch and Lex, twin cops with an all-too-average appearance,
average height, average build, brown hair and brown eyes. Billy, a cop
that looked like a pro wrestler with sandy brown hair and his eyes were
a little too small to make out the color. Tyrese, a black cop with a
swimmers' build, black hair and black eyes. Jarred (the one who
complimented him), a Chinese cop with black hair and black eyes. And
Brad, the punk cop who had black hair with the top and the front
bleached blonde, ice-blue eyes, and an athletic build. Lion-o counted
them; there were ten, eleven if you include him. As he shook hands with
them, he noticed that he towered over them all by at least three inches.

Lex: "That's some height there, man."
Lance (the tallest next to Lion-o): "Yeah, it's like, holy cats!"
"Holy cats" he says. This made the cat feel a little uneasy, but he held
it pretty well. He followed the gang to the table and sat down. Butch
shot a spitball at the table next them. He missed the teenagers sitting
there, but they were pissed off anyway. "God! Here they are again." The
others looked at the four teens, and all but Lion-o sighed.
Lion-o: "Now what?"
Tyrese: "It's those juvies again. Every time we try to have a good time,
they gotta ruin it. Those two boys are Thor and Jack, the chicks are
Tanya and Jess."
Tanya: "And who's your friend here?"
Jess: "He's so hot."
Brad: "Damn. How do you get women so fast, man?"
Lindi: "Can it."
Lion-o: "Thanks a lot."
All the other cops: "Ooooooo! Lindi and Leo sitting in a tree,
Lion-o: "Aw, shut the hell up. And what's with you guys?" (stands up)
Jack: "Oh my God! We gotta huge problem."
Jess: "That ain't funny." (stands up, walks up to Lion-o) "I always had
a thing for tall guys."
Jack: "That's it! I'm gonna make y' pay big time for stealin' mah gal!"
Thor: "Let me join ya, b'fore he steals mah galfriend."
Lion-o: "I hate fighting over something like chicks, but in your case,
(Now they done it.) BRING IT ON!"
Brad: "Now you're talkin'!" (stands up) "Let's kick some ass."

To Be Continued...

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