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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Cat and Mouse - Part 2
By Dynasty San

Part two: Thundercats - Friends or Foes?
Note: I'll be using some Japanese names throughout the story, so I'll
put the American names in ( ) or [ ].

As the Biker Mice watched Panthro fly in the Hovercat, they were even
more confused than before.
Vinnie: "Well, what do you think? Are we really enemies with this guy?"
Throttle: "I don't know."
Modo: "Well, we've got this whole 'cat and mouse' situation here. We
could be."
Throttle: "Like he said, we'll see."
The mice returned to the garage. Charley was waiting at the table. "So,
how did it go?" Throttle told her all about their adventure for the day,
the Lunataks, the battle, and the new "enemy".
Charley: "Do you guys really believe he's your enemy?"
Vinnie: "It's obvious just by his looks."
Throttle: "Please, cut the guy some slack."
Vinnie: "Think about it. He's this man-sized, scanty-clothed, gray cat
with a suspiciously deep voice. Ugly guy, too."
Throttle: "Better watch it. He might be spying on us again."
Modo was polishing 'Lil Hoss again. The AI bike seemed to appreciate it.
For the rest of the night, he was quiet.
The next day, after another not-so-good night's sleep, Modo woke up to
the sound of pounding and shouting.
The huge gray mouse opened the door, only to see a particularly
unwelcome bald guy with spikes on his costume.
Panthro: "Damn, Modo! I've been pounding on this thing for fourty-five
Modo: "Uh...sorry. What's up?"
Panthro: "What's up, my ass! The Lunataks took your bike and Vinnie!"
Modo: "Oh, shit! How could I have not noticed that?"
Panthro: "That's beyond me."
Modo: "Nevermind. Let's go!"
Panthro: "Don't you think you should wake up Throttle first?"
Modo: "Oh, yeah."
Throttle didn't need to be woken up. By that time, he was already at the
door. "I heard. Let's go whup some tail!"
Modo: "Um...I need my bike for th..."
Panthro handed the bike to him. "They left this out. I know it's part of
their trap, but we're not going directly into the lab, 'cause that's
where they all are. No one is at the front entrance, but they suspect
that you would know somehow, considering you didn't need Charley to find
the cannon the other day, so they will be expecting us to use it. Any
Throttle: "Try going in through the..."
Meanwhile, back in Karbunkle's lab, the devious villans, the Mutants,
Lunataks, and Limburger's goons, had Vinnie tied to a chair. They were
waiting for the mice to come blasting in. And, as Panthro suspected,
there were video cameras and autoguns by the front entrance. Everyone
was waiting for the mice to use either entrance. What pissed them off
was that they have been waiting for two hours, although for the first
thirty minutes (I know, he said he was pounding on the door for longer,
but for fifteen minutes they were making preparations.), the others were
asleep, anyway.
Karbunkle was waiting by the monitors, and he was getting impatient,
along with everyone else. He looked at his watch. "What's taking them so
Chilla: "You suppose they're checking out scores back home?"
Luna: "Who knows? They could be making out with that Davidson broad for
all I know."
Vinnie wasn't gagged, so he had the freedom to say, "What're ya talking
about? They wouldn't be 'getting some' at a time like this! They're my
bros! They wouldn't leave me here!"
Throttle: "Damn straight!"
Limburger: " did you...?" (Might I add that no
one realized that the vent was open?)
Throttle: "Get here? Simple. I waited a bit to piss you off, then went
through the fish tanks."
Vinnie: "Ha, ha! I knew ya won't let me down!"
Chilla: "OK, maybe we should've put cameras in the...wait a minute. You
guys can't go in through the aquarium, and if you could, those sharks of
Limbugers' would've eaten you guys alive by now. Besides, your kinda
"Throttle": "That's right! But what if I could come in that way. At
least they apparently don't like the taste of steel and titanium."
(unzippers his "skin")
Vulture-man: "What the...? He's a robot?"
Throttle Automaton: (slips out of the covering) "You got it! But I
noticed one other thing you got, but can't seem to keep." (points to the
Alluro: "Wha...? He's gone!"
Limburger: "That's it! Search the place!"
Everyone spread throughout the building to look for the rest of the
mice. The Lunataks took the front entrance, the Muatants took the
hallways, And Limburger and his gang took windows in various places.
But, even though they looked fully prepared, the solution Throttle and
Panthro came up with (Panthro's pretty brainy, too.) would turn out to
be as clear as daylight. (And on pot. Juuuuust kidding!) First ones to
be defeated were the Mutants. They were beaten up by Modo and tied up.
(Although he could be on pot.) Next in line were the Lunataks. (Like,
one time, Lion-o shot up the Thundercat signal, and Panthro's first
reaction was, "Look at the pretty colors!".) Throttle took on Tug-mug
first, shooting the Gravity Carbine before he could fire it. (Did you
know that Panthro is a male stripper?) Throttle then threw dirt in
Redeye's eyes, blinding him. (Or was that Bengali? Hmm. I'll have to
check.) But, the Elton-John's-glasses-wearing Lunatak was not completely
helpless, for he fired an energy beam from his sidewinder in Throttle's
general direction. (He's one of the kindest guys you'll ever meet. Well,
when he's not kicking villan ass.) Fortunately, Throttle dodged it and
it hit Amuck, knocking Luna off, and Throttle knocked her out cold.
(Like, one time, when Chilla poured hot fudge on Pumyra as a joke,
Panthro beat the snot out of Chilla and licked the fudge off. Yeah, he's
a great friend.) Next was Alluro, who got him under the ball of the
psych-club once again. And, once again, he's saved, but this time by
Modo. After that, they both socked Alluro, Tug-mug, and Redeye a good
one.(And he's soooo attractive. NOT!!) Just then, Chilla froze Throttle,
but Vinnie came up from behind and knocked her out, then took out a
flare and defrosted his bro.This is the real Throttle this time. After
the fight, they shot the already deactivated autoguns, just in case. (I
heard that when Panthro was a kid, he tried to carve his initials on
Kano's [Lion-o's dog] dad, but the "canine-feline" bit the panther in
the butt.) Then they proceded to the skylight on the top floor, where
Limburger and his goons had moved to. But when they got there, the nasty
villans were already beaten up, and Panthro was standing there. (And he
has a love affair with Missy Elliot. OK, I'll stop.)
Throttle: "Well, you beat us again."
Just as Panthro was about to make a smart remark, a monkey fell through
the skylight. A monkey in a purple cape. "Beware, Townsville. I, Mojo
Jojo, shall destroy you yet. I have built this great big machine and
it's going to destroy this place. I will use this device to demolish the
building I am in right now. I will turn on the ray gun and tear this
place to...where the hell am I?"
Throttle: "Uh, Limburger Tower."
Mojo Jojo: "Aw, cripes! I told Fuzzy to punch in the number 7770, but he
didn't obviously. And the ray gun didn't come with me. Why, I oughta go
back there and tear Fuzzy Lumpkins a new..." (looks at Panthro) "Say,
aren't you the guy who won first place at the Automaton Building Contest
at the fair last year?"
Panthro: "Um...yes."
Mojo Jojo looked really pissed off. He grabbed Panthro's jockeystrap
from under the back of the belt, pulled it up (BIG wedgie), and hung him
on a coat rack.
Panthro: "Hey, at least you made second place."
Mojo Jojo: "Hey, what can I say? I'm a supervillan. I'm supposed to take
revenge on anyone who beats me at anything. Battles, foot races,
Automaton building contests, whatever. Besides, you're a superhero, so
it comes with the job."
Panthro: "Yeah? Well, guess what, Mojo. You're outnumbered."
Mojo Jojo looked behind him and at the mice. They looked pretty tough to
him. He kind of freaked, then blew a raspberry at Panthro. "I shall have
full revenge yet." Then he pushed a button on what seemed to be a wrist
watch, and disappeared. The mice got the panther down from the coat rack
and they all walked down to the front entrance. They stepped outside.
Vinnie: "Boy, what a day. How 'bout we all go get some hot dogs and..."
A police car appeared.
Throttle: "God. What a time to be confronted by the police."
The car stopped in front of the bunch. A tall, red-headed man stepped
out. He was wearing the typical police uniform, but there was something
strange about him. He was buff, his muscles almost popping out of the
uniform, and had a nice tan except for the area around his mouth. He had
strange eyes, amber colored with slitted pupils, and attractive
features. (Not that the mice would tell. I don't think they're gay.) His
semi-long, fire-red hair was tied back to fit the cap on his head. But
what was really strange was that Panthro was shaking at his precence.
Throttle: "What the...? I didn't know he was scared of cops."
Panthro: "Th-that ain't no cop. It's...?"
Red-head: "Panthro, what the hell are you doing here?"
Jackal-man recovered from the hit he took during the fight. (Mojo Jojo
freed him before he actually left.) "Lion-o?"

To Be Continued...

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