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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Cat and Mouse - Part 1
By Dynasty San

Part one: A New Ally?
Note: This story is made strcitly for amusement. I do not intend to
violate copyrighted shows, so please don't sue me.

"Damn, Vinnie!"
That was Charlene Davidson, aka Charley. She was fixing a motorcycle for
the umpteenth time that month.
"Sorry, Sweetheart. But you know how it is with Limburger on the
That was Vinnie, who had just returned from battle with his bros, known
as the Biker Mice from Mars. He was refering to Lawrence Limburger, an
alien who, disguised as a businessman, was buying large amounts of land,
strip-mining it and shipping the resources to his home planet, Plutark.
It already happened on Mars, accompanied by war, and the mice would not
Earth suffer the same fate. Charley was with them on that, but she was
really sick of having to fix their bikes all the time. But then again,
Vinnie, with his reckless driving, ego, and all, was right. As he and
Charley were thinking infavorably about Limburger, the Biker Mice's
leader, Throttle, had his say.
"I know. Bastard Plutarkians. They really piss me off."
Then Modo spoke.
"Same here. So what if they did waste everything on their own planet?
They still should not have screwed with us. Damn Limburger and damn his
whole company!"
They didn't like to think about the war, but what a war it was. Fifteen
years of suffering to the mice. Mars was invaded, the Sand Raiders and
Rats joined the Plutarkians, most of the mice were wiped out, the
survivers lived in the underground caverns, and from those Martian mice,
rose the Freedom Fighters. The Biker Mice, Throttle, Modo, Vinnie, were
three of them. They fought better and won more battles than just about
everyone else, but, as it can be seen from their handicaps, they payed a
heavy price for some of the fights they fought. The Biker Mice were on a
mission when their ship was shot down. They landed on Earth, whose
residents were still unaware of the existence of extraterrestials. That
is, until the 'Mice crashed near the Last Chance Garage, where Charley
"I just can't believe Limburger almost killed us that time," said
"What happened this time?" Charley was worried, for Vinnie's bike was in
worse shape than usual.
"Limburger has brand-new allies to do his dirty work," said Throttle,
the brains of the three. "These guys are from a planet that we have
never heard of in our lives...uh...what was the name of it?"
Vinnie: "Um, Plandarr, or someting like that."
Throttle: "Ah, yes. These new wierdos have some bad-assed machines that
could've demolished Chi-town in a short time, like that 'fist-pounder',
or whatever. I'm afraid they're a huge threat to this planet."
Charley put down her tools. "Um, Vinnie. Bad news. The engine is really
trashed. I'm not sure how long it will take, but it probably won't be
done until next week."
Vinnie: "DAMNIT! Oh, well. Looks like I'll have to wait a while."
Later that night, as Vinnie was having nightmares about God-knows-what,
a strange figure went into the garage, it's shadow looming over the
bike. The mysterious being took out a tool of some sort, approached the
bike, and...
"Charley-girl, you bad liar! Was that your idea of a joke?"
Charley was half-asleep as she walked down to the garage part of the
building. "What the...?" An amused Vinnie was standing right next to a
good-as-new motorcycle.
Modo: "Heh, heh. I thought you said it'll take 'til next week."
Charley: "I-I was serious. That thing was a wreck up until now!"
Throttle yawned. "Now what?"
Vinnie: "Charley was jokin' about the bike needin' 'til next week to
fix. And now she's lookin' all surprised."
Charley: "It's not just an act, guys. I tried to fix the bike until one
in the morning. And now, here it is, looking like it was just bought!"
Modo: "What's going on here?"
As the Biker Mice were trying to figure this out, Limburger was in his
office, sitting in his desk. In front of the desk was an odd jackal-like
creature. "Jackal-man, you and these muatants are doing so well."
"Well, I do make a much better driver than Monkian for the fist-pounder,
Monkian: "And I suppose you think that you would make a better leader?
Oo, oo. I'd like to be the first to object to that."
Vulture-man: "Granted Slythe should be sent right to Hell, but you
leading? I'd hate to think what goes on in the minds of cowardly
Limburger: (pounds on desk) "Enough! Let's discuss our next plan, shall
we? What do you have, Dr. Karbunkle?"
Karbunkle entered the room with a huge laser gun on wheels. "I call it
the Diminisher. We shall use it on the Biker Mice when they come to
rescue the human female, right after we capture her, of course. We'll
destroy them, like so." He pushes a button on the back of the gun, aims
for a table, and it fires, destroying the table within ten seconds.
Vulture-man: "Retard! You really expect to destroy them with that weak
Limbuger: "Do you have a better idea?"
As Vulture-man discussed his plan, a rather strange figure was hiding
behind a file cabinet, listening in on the sinister schemes of the
Plundarrian mutant. His amber-golden eyes narrowed. He put a hand behind
his bald head, trying to think about what to do about this situation,
when it finally came to him.
Meanwhile, the Biker Mice were still puzzled, as well as unaware of
Limbuger carrying out Vulture-man's plan.
Throttle: "This is just plain weird."
Vinnie: "Yeah, but I'm still glad to have my bike in such great shape.
Maybe, if Limburger doesn't strike, I can go to a nightclub tonight."
Modo: "Oh, Vinnie. You are so damn macho." (tugs on his white-furred
Throttle: "Besides, who knows what he's up to this time?"
Charley: "Oh, please. Can't you just relax for once?"
Throttle: "After the fight we had yesterday? No way. Those mutants and
Limburger would typically have some kind of plan."
Throttle, you don't know how right you are. Someone was hiding outside,
listening in and thinking to himself. Those damn mutants already tried
it on me. Can't let you guys get it.
As everyone was asleep, the mystery man went to Charley's office, with a
note in his hand. He dropped it on the desk, then proceded to the
bedroom. As he suspected, there were goons there, trying to capture a
still-asleep Charley. He pounced, snatched Charley from them, then
tossed the goons out the window, jumped out, and basically tore them a
new ass. Then he sat on the bed, beside Charley, and guarded her,
without falling asleep, until dawn. When dawn finally came, he quietly
walked over to the window, then leaped out, leaving the rest up to the
Charley: "Guys, we have a message here."
Throttle read it. "Throttle," it read, "I know I'm arousing confusion
among the Biker Mice, but you must trust me. For the time being, at
least. There is a thundrainium cannon three miles south of the garage.
Thundrainium may not affect Martian Mice, but it will cause damage.
Destroy it before it destroys the town. And no matter what Limburgers'
spaz-patrol does, do not split up."
Wierd. Throttle and the mice were immediately on their guard as they
began to leave.
Charley: "Wait! There's more to the note."
"P.S. Don't worry about Charley. I'll protect her."
Modo: "Who the hell do you suppose is doing this?"
Vinnie: "And why?"
Throttle: "Seems that we would have to worry 'bout that later. But for
now..." (garage door opens) "...let's rock and ride!"
Rock and ride they did. And, as the mystery man warned them about,
Limburgers' henchmen tried to get them to separate. But the mice did not
follow them to their traps. Instead, they advanced to the location of
the cannon. As the mice and the mystery man suspected, Limburger and one
of  the mutants were waiting by the cannon.
Vinnie: "Weirdo machine, dudes. It's tail-whippin' time!"
Throttle: "Hold on. I've got an idea. From that note, I can tell they
expect one of us to come alone. Right?"
Limburger was still in wait with Vulture-man. "Here's one, and he's
Limburger: "So, that pesky mouse leader came, even without Miss
Davidson. You know, I'm pretty irritated about those lousy goons failing
to capture her."
Vulture-man: "Caw, so, they did fail miserably. But at least the plan
worked just fine. Now all I have to do is wait for the right mo..."
Modo arrived in the nick of time. He drove by and punched Vulture-man
right out of the seat of the huge cannon. Then Vinnie arrived and got
out of the bike, then kicked Vulture-man in the gut.
Limburger: "What the...? They were supposed to be separated!"
Vinnie: "Well, we're not. So go back to Hell!"
Then Modo picked up Limburger with both his bionic arm and his natural,
gray one, and threw him on top of the cannon, breaking it in half. The
cannon exploded.
Vulture-man: "Aaahh. Damnit!"
Limburger: "Blast those nefarious mice!"
Throttle: "Good work, dudes!"
They went back to the Last Chance Garage, only to find a pile of goons
right beside the entrance.
Throttle: "Whoa, man! Where'd this huge-ass pile of goons come from?"
Charley came through the door just in time to see the pile. "Hey, I
didn't even notice this!"
Modo: "This guy is either very quiet or very quick to beat them up."
Throttle: "Or chick. The question still remains: Who's doing all this?"
They were soon to find out, for the mutant leader, Slythe, finally found
his fellow mutants. "Where the devil were you?"
Jackal-man: "Slythe. Limburger sent for us to help him strip-mine the
place and destroy the Biker Mice. Didn't Monkian tell you that before we
left?" (turns to Monkian) "Well?"
Monkian: "Uuuhhhh...I...uh..."
Slythe: "Forget it! If we are to help you out with this, what's in it
for us?"
Jackal-man: "He did promise us the conquest of Third Earth. Ow, my
freakin' head."
Slythe: "Well, then may I share this with you?"
Limburger: "Very well."
As before, the new mystery man was spying on them in the tower. He was
shocked at how good this plan was. He was having trouble deciding how
the mice will be able to deal with this. Just then, he realized that
there was one dangerous, risky option: He had to make sure that the
machine was destroyed in advance. But, for that to work, he'll have to
somehow wake one of the mice up and bring him to the lab between
midnight and three A.M. Damn. This is gonna be pretty risky, but I'll
have to do it.
As it turned out, Vinnie was the last one to hit the sack, and this was
at eleven o'clock P.M.
Vinnie: (sigh) "That Throttle. He's just so tied up 'bout Mystery Man
here. Those guys gotta chill."
"Mystery Man" couldn't agree more, but he knew that Chicago had to be
saved, for the existence of his future world was at stake. So he
wistled, and Vinnie woke up. Vinnie suspected that something was not
right, so he followed it. He found Throttle's motorcycle good as new
(Grease Pit did a number on it during the fight). Whoa. What in the hell
is going on? He didn't have time to find the answer, for the wistling
led him outside, where he found his own bike, waiting for the rider. The
wistling stopped. As Vinnie was trying to figure this out, he saw a
strange flying vehicle hovering in front of him. He could not clearly
see the pilot. However, he could tell that it was definitely male, amber
eyes, muscular, and had spikes on his shoulders. Our Mystery Man, I
guess? Before he had time to ask, "Mystery Man" made a jesture with his
hand, which encouraged Vinnie to follow him. So he got on the bike and
followed the strange craft to Limburger tower. He heard strange chatter
from the lab, so he went into a vent and crawled his way to the lab,
where he found Karbunkle and the mutants working on a large,
dangerous-looking machine.
Jackal-man: "So let me get this straight. This huge ray gun is going to
disintegrate Chicago in a matter of minutes? And the Biker Mice won't
stand a chance against it?"
Karbunkle: "Right." (picks up a screw, screws it in the gun) "There. All
it needs now is a test."
Vinnie:(whispering) "God. This can be a problem." (picks up a gun)
"Gotta balst 'em before..."
That's when "Mystery Man" approached him, stopped him from shooting, and
looked at him in a way that told him to wait a bit. Just then,
Jackal-man looked up at the air vent and whispered to Karbunkle. "I
think I know just where to aim that thing. It'll be a good test for this
baby." Karbunkle followed his gaze, then aimed his machine at the vent.
Vinnie: "Are you nuts? He'll blow us both up!"
Just as Karbunkle was about to fire, "Mystery Man" let go of the gun,
and jestured Vinnie to aim for the gun barrel. As the gun fired, Vinnie
fired at it just in time to see it start to blow up. "Mystery Man" then
grabbed Vinnie, punched a hole in the bottom of the shaft, and jumped
down, taking the white mouse with him. As soon as they landed, they both
ran like hell and got out of the tower in time to be saved from the
explosion. Before Vinnie could ask the new hero who he was, he got into
the flying vehicle and started to fly off. It didn't get very far,
however, for Throttle and Modo arrived.
Throttle: "Holy shit! What just happened?"
Vinnie: "The Mystery Man brought me here, and I just shot a huge-ass ray
gun before they can use it on Chi-town."
Modo: "Who is that guy, anyway?"
Vinnie: "I really don't know."
It was then that "Mystery Man" said to them, "We will meet again, and
perhaps you'll find out, whether by me or those goddamn mutants." He
spoke with a deep, strong voice. Then he flew off. The mice were
The following day, Charley approached the mice with another message.
"Throttle, bad news. I had no idea that Limburger could come up with a
new plan so fast, but there is no time to figure that one out. The
Lunataks found their way to Chicago, and they brought the Lunataker with
them. By the time you read this, it's probably gonna be wreaking havok
on the city. It won't get too far, though, so I would suggest looking
near Limburger tower first. Wherever it is, it has to be stopped ASAP.
Fortunately, Charley plays no part in this, so I will be there to help
as soon as I find it."
Throttle: "Guys, this is getting too wierd. But I guess we can play
along for a while longer."
The mice got on their bikes. "Let's rock and ride!"
They did search near Limburger tower, and, as it turned out, the
Lunataker was nearby. The mice were a bit in awe when they saw the
strange vehicle; they had never seen anything like it before. A
fire-breathing, dragon-like ground vehicle, and inside were some of the
wierdest, most hideous creatures they had ever seen. One was an small
old woman with big purple and white hair. Another one had a disk on his
chest and hideous red eyes. Another one was a really fat one, and when
he came out they saw that he lacked legs. The last one looked more like
an animal than the others, and although he was the one firing the
cannons, he seemed to have the IQ of a brick wall. And it was also
obvious that he was the most loyal of the group. They all had cresent
moons on their foreheads and horns.
Throttle said sarcastically, "God! This just keeps getting better and
Modo: "I know. But they're trashing the place. I say it's tail-whuppin'
Throttle: "You get no argument from me!"
They found that the animal-like Lunatak did know how to talk. "Luna,
mice on bikes."
Luna looked behind the Lunataker. "So, those are the 'Biker Mice' Slythe
told us about. It's the end of the line for them. Amuck, let's get 'em!"

Amuck: "Get 'em, get 'em. Amuck like this."
Luna and her steed Amuck got out of the Lunataker. Then Luna climbed on
Amuck's back and prepared for impact as the huge critter charged right
for the beige mouse. But Throttle did manage to dodge it, then turned
around to attack the bizzare pair. He fired his cannons on them,
knocking Amuck down. Luna pulled out communcator of some sort, then
talked into it. "Chilla, you and Alluro get your butts over here and
help us!" Seconds later, Throttle saw another strange vehicle approach,
though this one was flying. Inside was a woman wearing a large cape and
had white hair, white gloves, and black eyes with no pupils, which gave
her a cold appearance. On one of the wings was a man with long light
gray hair, odd pants, and a belt which had an eye in the center. On the
side of his waist he had a strange club. They also had cresent moons and
Luna: "Now that you're here, teach this mouse a lesson."
Chilla: "Alright."
Chilla blew a stream of ice at Throttle, which he barely managed to
dodge. The ground where he once stood froze in a dozen ice-spikes. Just
then, Modo arrived. He fired on the flying vehicle, which was just
parked, and busted a wing off. Chilla was really pissed. "That'll cost
you, smart-ass!" She fired on him, and even though Modo just barely
dodged it, the road froze, causing the bike to slide. Modo fell off.
Just as Modo was starting to move, Chilla froze him in a big block of
ice. God. Throttle thought. Cold breath, cold voice, cold heart. No
wonder they call her Chilla. As Chilla was about to freeze Throttle (in
case you're wondering what happened to Vinnie, he's already occupied by
Tug-mug), a stream of lightning struck down on her and Alluro.
Chilla: "What the...?"
Another stream of electricity came down, and this time it hit it's
target. Chilla fell down aching all over, and Alluro fell on his butt.
Yet he did manage to get up, pull out his club, and shoot the glass ball
at Throttle.
Alluro: "That's it!"
Throttle: "Better watch out, 'cause now I'm gonna kick your..."
A light came pouring out of the ball, and onto Throttle. And if he
thought dealing with Luna, Amuck, and Chilla was tough, he was about to
find out why they call him Alluro.
Throttle: "I'm...gonna...kick...your..."
Alluro: "Give up, mouse. You may have defeated Luna, but you have no
chance agaist me. No chance at all."
Throttle, already off his bike, kneeled weakly, while Alluro droned on.
"Good, mousling. You know you have absolutely no chance against me. Now,
get up, and help us to conquer this miserable excuse of a planet."
Throttle obeyed, got on his bike, and followed Alluro, with the ball of
the psych-club still over his head. By that time, Vinnie was already
finished with Tug-mug and Red-eye. He noticed that Throttle was looking
brain-washed, with a light ball over his head and a strange man in front
of him. Although he wasn't usually the one to make smart conclusions, he
decided that he had to destroy the ball to free his friend. As Throttle
was about to fire on a skyscraper, Vinnie aimed his cannons and shot the
ball, shattering it. Throttle looked like he had just suffered from
Alluro: "ARGH!!"
Throttle: "What just happened?"
Vinnie: "I don't know exactly what that was, but it took over your
Alluro was pissed. "That's not the first time the psych-club was broken,
but I really don't take kindly to people who break it." He ran over to
Vinnie, attempting to punch him, when suddenly, someone jumped out from
behind a bunch of debris and socked the psychic Lunatak good. Then he
ran off before the mice can have a good look at him. Then the mice got
on the bikes and drove over to Modo, who was defrosted. Chilla was gone.

Modo: "Boy, that felt wierd."
Throttle: "You're luckier than I am. Another second and I could've
demolished somethin'. Why, that good-for-nothin' son of a..."
Tug-mug shot Throttle with his Gravity Carbine, making him feel way
heavier than before. "How does it feel to have the weight of the world
on your shoulders?"
Then a familiar voice said, "Bet he feels like shit. I would." Then he
fired a laser beam at Tug-mug. The fat Lunatak fell down unconscious.
Throttle was then free of his weight-gain.
Throttle: "What was that? Who was that?"
Vinnie looked up at the top of a car, and the other mice followed his
gaze. There they saw a fairly tall, strong-looking man. He had gray
skin, amber eyes, pointed ears, and odd features. He was wearing the
most unusual attire: a big blue jockstrap, or at least that's what it
looked like, a big blue belt, which were both held in place by straps
which had silvery spikes running half-way down either side, with blue
ninja-type leggings. He looked at them with a serious expression, and
finally introduced himself.
"My name is Panthro. I'm not entirely sure, but from the look of things,
I may be your enemy."
Throttle: "Enemy? Then why are doing such things for us?"
Vinnie: "And what makes you think we're enemies?"
Panthro: "Firstly, I realize that if the mutants, Lunataks, and
Limburger strip this planet of it's resources, my world in the future
may not exist. To be honest, this seems to be a bigger threat than you
guys. Secondly, the Sand Raiders keep attacking my home, Cat's Lair.
Then there are those freaky-ass Martian Rats who stalk us outside the
lair. I spyed on them recently, and found out that they are from the
same planet as you. So, until I find out otherwise, we just might have
to consider ourselves enemies."
Throttle: "Look, just 'cause we're from Mars like they are, it doesn't
mean we're...hey, hold it! Whadya mean by 'us'?
As he asked him that question, he noticed the symbol on the mysterious
warrior's belt. It looked like a red circle enclosing a black
saber-toothed tiger's head. Panthro followed his gaze.
Panthro: "We all wear that insignia. As for who we are, we are the
Thundercats. Our home planet Thundera was destroyed, and we were in
suspension for 1000 years, until we landed on a place called Third
Earth. Tygra and I found out that this planet you live on is the same as
ours, only our home is centuries in the future, and in another
dimension. When I learned of the Martian war and the ties this world has
with mine, I just had to come here and fight for Third Earth and this
Earth. It's a shame I can't take the Thundertank, since the portal was
in mid-air, but it seems that the Hovercat suits just fine."
Modo: "So...Panthro, was it? You're saying that you're only helping us
because the fate of your home depends on ours? And you're just using us
as tools to help out with this?"
Panthro jumped off the car. "Believe me, Modo. With the way you guys
fight for such a good cause, I'd like to think of you as friends. But
we'll see. Besides, I enjoy protecting innocents and gaining allies. It
basically is my job. Go ahead and tell Charley about me for all I care,
but don't fight me just yet. I said I'm not sure that we're really
enemies. We shall meet again."
He ran back to the Hovercat, bowed slightly, got in, and flew off.

To Be Continued...

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