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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Dragon Wizard: Part 5
By Pat Kelly

"Is it a deal Lion-O?" Drag-Ron asked. Lion-O had to think about this for a while. "Yes." Lion-O answered. "Good, bring the talesman in 10 hours." Drag-Ron said. Then the vision of Drag-Ron dissapeared on the screen. Then Lion-O walked back into the council room and explained the bargain with Drag-Ron. "What does that Mutant want with the star? Mumm-Ra was almost destroyed by only opening the Talesman." Pantho said. "And when we give him the star how do we know he if he will free Mandora?" Tygra asked. "Then we have to free the Lunatac prisoners, Snarf Snarf." Snarf said. "Don't worry Snarf, we'll get your relitives back." Cheetara said trying cheer Snarf up. "Okay we'll have to split into 3 groups. Me, Panthro, Snarf and Cheetara will go to Castle Plundarr with the talesman, while Pumyra, Ben-Gali, Snarfer and the Thunderkittens go to Sky-Tomb and free the Snarfs and Capt. Bragg." Lion-O ordered. "But what about Lynx-O and I?" Tygra asked. "You will stay here and work on those diagrams on the new Tower of Omens, and Lynx-O you will keep studying the poison." Lion-O answered. "I wonder if the Thundercats will show up, Hoo Hoo." Monkian wondered. "They'll have to come Monkian, They won't want to see the cop roting in a cell would they." Drag-Ron said pointing to Mandora's cell. "Let me out, or I'll have to take you all to the Grey Prison Planet for life." Mandora yelled. "Your not going any where Mandora, your jus-s-st bait to lure the Thundercats-s-s to there doom" Slythe said. "And when the Thundercats give me the star I will be the all powerful force in the universe!" Drag-Ron yelled. Pumyra, Snarfer, Ben-Gali and the Twins arrive at Sky-Tomb after a little while. "Okay now we break into Sky-Tomb, capture the Lunatacs, free the Snarfs, Capt. Bragg and Crownan." Wilykit said. "Here's the plan, Wilykit and Pumyra you create a diversion to destract the gaurd while the rest of us break the Snarfs out." Ben Gali said. Then they broke into Sky-Tomb and found the cell block. They found Red-Eye gaurding the cells. "Pumyra, Kit go now!" Ben Gali ordered. Then Pumyra and Wilykit jumped out and suprised Red Eye. "So, The Thundercats are here, just as Luna said." Red-Eye said. Then Red-Eye detached his disk from his chest armor. He threw it at Pumyra. She swung her sling at the disk causing it to go back at Red-Eye. The disk hit Red-Eye in the head, and he fell to the ground. He got up, and attacked his opponents. In the fight Ben Gali, Snarfer and Wilykat tried to open the cages. They blasted the doors open with their weapons. They opened several cages til they found Capt. Bragg and Crownan. "Thank you Thundercats, If you hadn't freed us I would have gone bananas with Crownan yelling all the time." Bragg said. "Hey, those Lunatacs torchered me." Crownan yelled back. "Pumyra, leave that Lunatac be Snarfer Snarfer, we have to get back." Snarfer yelled. "Okay." Wilykit said as she threw a pellet at Red-Eye causing him to go unconsence. Then the other Lunatacs ran in the room. "Time to die Thundercats." Luna yelled. "Pumyra, you and the others take Capt. Bragg and the other snarfs and go. I'll hold off the Lunatacs." Ben-Gali yelled. Then the others ran out of the room. "How are you going to beat 5 of us Thundercat?" Tugg-Mugg asked. "I'm going to do it like this!" Ben Gali yelled as he pulled a pellet from his pocket and threw it in the air. Then he bashed it with his hammer. Then a giant light blinded the Lunatacs. Then Ben-Gali ran out of the room and joined the others. After a while the Lunatacs went after them. Alluroe was the only 1 able to catch up with them. He raised his physch club in the air and made the crystal ball glow. "Give up Thundercats, you can't win." Alluroe said. The Thundercats seemed to be under Alluroe's power except Snarfer. "Snarfer Snarfer snap out of it Ben-Gali." Snarfer yelled while shaking Ben-Gali. But Ben-Gali gave no response. Then Snarfer ran up to Alluroe. Then he whiped his tail at Alluroe's feet. "Whoa!" Alluroe yelled as he fell to the ground. The THundercats and Snarfs broke free of the spell. Then they managed to escape Sky-Tomb with the prisoners. The other Thundercats make their way to Castle Plundarr. "Are you sure the castle is around here somewhere?" Lion-O asked. "Yes, Put your catseyes on Thundercats." Panthro said. "We are approching the Jungles of Darkness.". "Snarf Snarf, I hope Mandora is in 1 piece." Snarf worried. Then the 4 Thundercats put on thier glasses. After driving in the Thunder-Tank for a while they get to the castle. They see Drag-Ron, The Mutants, Super Mutants and Mumm-Ra standing infront of Mandora tied to a post. Panthro steped on the brakes to stop the tank. "Give us the talesman Lion-O." Beeman yelled. "Okay, here it is." Lion-O said as he held the talesman up. Then he threw it to Drag-Ron's feet. Then the reptilian wizard picked it up and put it in his pocket. "Thank you lord of the Thundercats." Drag-Ron said. "Now let Mandora go!" Snarf yelled. "S-s-sorry, but we're changing the deal yes-s-s." Slythe said. "What?" Cheetara said in puzzelment. "Ha-Ha-Ha, you actually thought we were going to free Mandora." Mumm-Ra said. "You see this Mandora right here is a fake." Vultureman said. "Ma Mutt!" Porkus yelled. Then the THundercats saw that it was Ma-Mutt tied to the post and not Mandora. Ma-Mutt turned back to his original form. "So long Thundercats!" Jackalman yelled as him and his allies dissapeared. "Oh great, now what do we do?" Cheetara asked. "We go to Mumm-Ra's pyramid." Lion-O said. "Why do we want to do that?" Snarf asked. "Where else would the Mutants go? Now step on it Panthro!". "You got it Lion-O." At the Black Pyramid, Drag-Ron tries to turn the power of the Star of Thundera to an evil force. "It's real good you have these Anceint Spirits Mumm-Ra." Drag-Ron said. "Why is that?" Mumm-Ra asked. "So they can reverse the good powers within to a dark evil force.". "I don't think..." Mumm-Ra didn't get to finish. "You don't think! I do the thinkin' and I do the ordering and I'm ordering you to beg your spirits to reverse this talesman right now!". "Oh alright.". Then Mumm-Ra raised his arms in the air. "Anceint Spirits of Evil, Your eternal servent Mumm-Ra calls you.". Then the 4 statues turned their heads to face Mumm-Ra. "WHAT DO YOU MUMM-RA?" The Spirits asked in a loud booming voice. "I beg you to change the power of this talesman.". "GIVE IT TO US MUMM-RA!". Then Drag-Ron threw the talesman at the statues. It floated in the air in the middle of the statues. "THIS TALESMAN IS VERY POWERFUL, BUT WATCH THIS!". Then the statues shot lasers from their eyes. The lasers hit the talesman. While the spirits were doing this Drag-Ron thought that these spirits were a threat to his powers. After a while the talesman turned black. then Drag Ron took the talesman and put it around his neck. "Now I'm the all powerful force." Drag-Ron yelled. Then Slythe walked into the dark tomb. "Drag-Ron, the Thundercats are approching the pyramid right now." Slythe yelled. "Don't worry my cousin, the Mutants and Super Mutants should handle them.". The Thunder-Tank is 80 feet away from the pyramid. "We're almost there Panthro." Lion-O yelled. Then out of nowhere the Space Drill with Vultureman, Monkian and Jackalman riding it rolled out and attacked the tank. The 2 tanks attack each other. "Lion-O you and the others get off the tank and go to the pyramid I can hold these mutants off." Panthro said. "Are you sure, Snarf Snarf." Snarf yelled. "I'm sure.". Then Snarf, Lion-O and Cheetara jumped off the tank. They ran toward the pyramid only to be attacked by the Super Mutants. "It's time for destruction!" Wolfor yelled. "Lets get the kitties." Porkus yelled. Then Cheetara used her staff to knock Beeman off his feet. "You'll pay for that Thundercat." Beeman yelled. Then Cheetara ran around Porkus until Porkus got so dizzy he would fall. "I think Cheetara has everything under control." Lion-O said. "Come on we have to get to the pyramid." Snarf said. Lion-O and Snarf made it to the very entrence of the pyramid. They ran in and found away into Mumm-Ra's tomb. Mumm-Ra saw them first. "Get them Ma-Mutt." Mumm Ra yelled. Then Ma-Mutt charged toward Lion-O. "I don't have time to fight you now Ma-Mutt." Lion-O yelled as he picked Ma-Mutt and threw him. "We'll handle them Drag-Ron yes-s-s." Slythe said. Then Mumm-Ra and Slythe charged to Lion-O and Snarf. "I'll desroy you Lion-O." Mumm-Ra yelled as he took out to the Sword of Plundarr. Then Lion-O and Mumm-Ra clashed thier swords. Then Slythe joined in with his ax. "Okay if you want to play hard ball fine with me." Lion-O said as he raised the Sword of Omens. "THUNDER-THUNDER-THUNDER-THUNDERCATS HOOOOOO!". As Lion-O yelled this the Eye of Thundera glowed and the Thundercats symbol came out and blew Mumm-Ra and Slythe out of the way. Then Lion-O and Snarf ran up to Drag-Ron. "Drag-Ron! Let Mandora go." Lion-O yelled. "If you would like to see her free you have to fight me." Drag-Ron yelled. Then Lion-O pointed his sword at Drag-Ron. "HOOO OOO!". Then a laser fired from the sword at Drag-Ron. But Drag Ron held the talesman infront of him to block the blast. "Your tiny sword can not match the power of the Star of Thundera." Drag Ron yelled. Then Drag-Ron took his Sword of Evil out. "Time to die Lion-O.". Then Drag-Ron shot a lightnig bolt at Lion-O. Lion O dodged the bolt and punched Drag-Ron in the face. The punch did not even phase him. Then Jaga's ghost appeared to Lion-O. "Lion-O I will enter the Sword of Omens to help win this fight." Jaga said. Then Jaga was suck into the Eye of Thundera. The glowed and blasted the casket behind Drag-Ron to reveil Mandora. "Mandora, Get out of here I can handle this mutant." Lion-O said. Then Lion O used the sword to blast Drag-Ron in the head knocking him to the wall. Then Snarf and Mandora left the pyramid while Lion-O fought Drag-Ron. "HOOOOOOOOO" Lion-O yelled. "Argh!" Drag-Ron said as he fell. "That is it Lion-O, Now I'm going to unleash all my powers." Drag-Ron yelled. Then he held the talesman infront of him. "Star of Thundera, Grant me the power of 100 Drag-Rons!" Drag-Ron yelled. Then the star glowed. "Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha." Drag-Ron laughed. Then the tomb started to colapse. "Are you mad? The pyramid will fall apart." Lion-O yelled. "Your wrong Lion-O. I know exactly what I'm doing.". Then when the cave in got really bad Lion-O left the pyramid. "Lion-O, what's going on?" Mandora asked. "No time to explain we've got to get out of the way." Lion O said. Then as they got out of the way they saw Slythe, Mumm-Ra and Ma-Mutt running out of the pyramid as it crumbled to the ground. "My pyramid! It's been destroyed." Mumm-Ra yelled. Then the Thunder-Tank drove up. "We took care off the Mutants and Super Mutants." Panthro said. "Where are they now?" Lion-O asked. "We left them tied up back there." Cheetara said. "Where is Drag-Ron?" Panthro asked. Then a giant rumble started to occur. "What the heck?" Lion-O yelled. Then something came out of the ground. It was Drag-Ron only he was 50 ft tall. "NOW I'M GOING TO TEAR YOU APART!" Drag-Ron yelled. Then Drag-Ron raised his sword in the air and stabed the ground. "We've got to stop him." Snarf said. Then Mumm-Ra got so mad at Drag-Ron for destroying his pyramid he shot lasers from his hands at Drag-Ron's chest. There was no effect and Drag-Ron bend down and picked Mumm-Ra up. "IT'S TIME YOU LEARNED WHO THE MASTER IS!" Drag-Ron said. Then Drag-Ron threw Mumm-Ra into the crumbled pyramid. But right before Mumm-Ra landed in the pile of rocks a giant stone hand grabed him. The hand belonged to the statue of the Anceint Spirit of Evil the Vulture King. "NO LIVING BEING CONTROLS MUMM-RA BUT THE ANCEINT SPIRITS OF EVIL!" The spirit yelled. Then the statue walked toward Drag-Ron. Then Drag-Ron punched the statue and it's head fell off. Then the head reasembled. "I KNEW YOU SPIRITS WERE TROUBLE!" Drag-Ron yelled. Then Drag-Ron stabed the statue. Then Ma-Mutt in anger ran up to Drag-Ron's foot and bit it. "GET OFF MUTT." Drag-Ron yelled as he blasted Ma-Mutt off. As the giants fought Lion-O came up with an idea. "Cheetara, Do you think you could pole vault up to Drag Ron's neck and remove the star?" Lion-O asked. "I'll try." Cheetara said. The Cheetara jumped out of the tank and extended her staff. In the meantime the giants fought grusomly. "I'LL RIP YOUR STONE BODY WILL BECOME RUBBLE!" Drag-Ron yelled as he sliced the statue apart. "I WON, I'M THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE EVER!". Drag-Ron was too wraped up in himself to notice Cheetara breaking the chain on the talesman. Then the star fell off Drag-Ron's neck and landed on the ground. " NO! MY STAR!" Drag-Ron yelled as the star landed on the ground. Then the talesman shrunk down to normal size and turned back to its normal size. Then Drag-Ron shrunk to his normal size. "No!" Drag-Ron yelled. Then Drag-Ron tried to get the talesman only to be stoped by Lion-O. "Its all over Drag-Ron, You've lost.: Lion-O said. "I'll be back Lion-O, I will be back." Drag-Ron said as he dissapeared. Then the Mutants and Super Mutants dissapeared after that. "Snarf Snarf, It looks like we haven't seen the last of the Mutants and Lunatacs." Snarf said. At Sky-Tomb the Lunatacs try to get Sky-Tomb started. "Luna, Sky-Tomb is complet." Red-Eye yelled. "You better be right Red-Eye." Chilla said. "He's positive Chilla. He has to be or we will blow up." Tugg-Mugg said. Then Luna pused a button on the control pad. Then Sky-Tomb lifted in the air and flew. "It worked we have lift off." Luna yelled. "Now where should we live?" Alluroe asked. "How about the Mosslands, It's uninhabited." Tugg Mugg said. "Good idea Tugg-Mugg, to the Mosslands!" Luna yelled. At Cat's Lair, Everything was normal. The Mutants, Mumm Ra, The Super Mutants and Lunatacs were defeated. "Thank you Lion O, you and the Thundercats helped me escape from Sky-Tomb." Bragg said. "We have to be going now." Crownan said. "Good you could use the new circus train we built for you." Panthro said. Then Bragg and Crownan entered the train and left. Then Mandora left shortly afterwards. "I wonder when Drag-Ron will strike." Ben Gali said. "Only time will tell." Lion-O answered. Then Lion-O raised the Sword of Omens in the air liked he had done so many times and all the Thundercats yelled "THUNDERCATS HOOOOOOO!". THE END See the previews for the next Fanfics by Pat Kelly

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