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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Dragon Wizard: Part 4
By Pat Kelly

The Lunatacs meet the Super Mutants infront of Sky-Tomb. The Lunatacs notice that the Super Mutants are not the Mutants but cretures they have never seen before. They stop there veichals infront of the Super Mutant's veichals. Red-Eye opens the hatch of the Luna-Tacker, and Luna yells from her seat. "What do you want cretures?". "We want you destroyed, Luna!" Beeman yelled back as he blasted the Luna-Tacker from his Nose-Diver. "Ahhhhh" yelled the Lunatacs inside the Luna-Tacker. "I'll get them Luna." Alluroe said from his Jetpack. Alluroe dived into the Sky Cutter. "Stupid Lunatac!" Wolfor said as he flew his Sky-Cutter out of the way and blated Alluroe's Jetpack. "Ahhhhh!" He yelled as he crashed his Jetpack into the ground. "1 down 5 to go, Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha." Porkus said as he drove the Fist Pounder toward the Luna-Tacker. "I'm going to cause some damage to you creture." Chilla said as she chased the Nose-Diver in her Ice-Runner. "Beeman never gives up!" Beeman yelled while being chased. Then Beeman and Chilla came up on a forest. They drove into the forest, and Beeman tricked Chilla into running into a tree. "I'm going to mash you Lunatacs." Porkus yelled. Then Tugg-Mugg came out of the Luna-Tacker, and he fired his Gravity Carbine at the Fist Pounder. The Fist Pounder floated in the air. "I'm not so easily defeated, Tugg-Mugg.". Then Porkus pushed a button which caused the Fist Pounder to float over the Luna-Taker. Then the Lunatacs jumped out of the Luna-Taker while Porkus caused the Fist Pounder to drop right on top of it. "Ha Ha-Ha, These Lunatacs are weak." Beeman said in excitement. Then Beeman received a message from Slythe on his Nose-Diver. "Beeman come back to Castle Plundarr, the Snarf freed the Thundercats and Thundarians. We need you here." Slythe yelled. "Oh all right Slythe." Beeman said reluctantly. "Super Mutants let's get back to Castle Plundarr. We'll handle those Luny-birds later." Beeman yelled to the other Super Mutants. "Now that were free we'll have to save Lion-O, Capt. Bragg and the Snarfs from the Lunatacs." Panthro said. "But how? They've probily almost finished Sky-Tomb." Cheetara asked. "Well we have to do it or Lion-O will be worked to death, Snarfer Snarfer." Snarfer yelled out. "And we have the Mutants and Super Mutants to take care of. They might attack at any moment." Ben Gali worried. "There attacking now! prepare your stations." Tygra yelled. "Okay, Snarf, Pumyra and The Thunderkittens you guys go to Sky-Tomb and find some way to free Lion-O. While the rest of us hold off the Mutants." Panthro suggested. "THUNDERCATS HO!" All the Thundercats yelled at once. Infront of the lair Snarf, Pumyra and the twins sneak by the Mutants and Super Mutants in the Whisker. Meanwhile the other Thunderctas fight the Super Mutants on the ground. While Slythe and Drag-Ron watch in the sky from Vulturemna's Flying Machine. "Thos-s-se Thundercats-s-s will be fins-s-shed, once the S-s-super Mutants-s-s fight them in hand to hand combat." Slythe said. "Don't be overconfident cousin. The Thundercats have as much of a chance of winning as our warriors do." Drag-Ron answered. "But Drag-Ron, Beeman has-s-s thos-s-se pos-s-sionous-s-s darts-s-s.". "Prepare to be mush when I get through with you Panthro." Beeman thretened. "You don't know who your messing with Super Mutant!" Panthro yelled while swinging his nunchucks around. Then Panthro jumped in the air and kicked Beeman. Beeman fell to the ground. He got up and said, "Your strong Panthro, but can you handle this.". Then Beeman held his hand up and 5 darts zoomed out at Panthro. Panthro managed to dodge all the darts but 1. The dart hit Panthro's shoulder. Then Panthro began to sweat. Then he held his stomach and fell to the ground. "W-W-What is in t-t-thos-s-s darts?" Panthro asked in a weak voice. "Well there is Thundrainium and a unknown poison to you Thundercats know as Plundium." Beeman said. Then Panthro turned from grey to green, and passed out. Lynx O noticed Panthro's contition. He walks to Panthro and takes him into the lair. Meanwhile Wolfor fights Tygra and Cheetara. "I'm going to make sure none of you walk away in 1 piece!" Wolfor yelled. Then Wolfor raised his fist infront of him. Then a metal crossbow came out of a attacment on his wrist. Wolfor shot 5 laser arrows at Cheetara and Tygra. Tygra dodged them all and cracked his whip at Wolfor. The whip hit Wolfor's arm causing no pain what so ever. "I'll stop that beast!" Cheetara yelled as she ran toward Wolfor. She charged at Wolfor with her staff, but Wolfor grabed Cheetara's staff and snaped it in half. "I'm just to strong for you Thundercats." Wolfor yelled. Then Wolfor opened his mouth and fire came out. Tygra got caught in the fire and was incased in a fire ball. Then Wolfor turned to Cheetara. He charged toward her and tried to slice her with his sharp claws. She dodged the claws and and jumped over Wolfor. But Wolfor managed to hit her with an laser arrow. "That takes care of those Thundercats.". "You Thundercats won't live for much longer!" Pokus yelled while attacking Ben-Gali and Snarfer. "Snarfer Snarfer, I have some pellets in here with your name on it." Snarfer said while digging into his pouch. He pulled out a blue pellet at Porkus. Pokus swallowed the pellet and burped. The burp unleased a gas which was the same gas used in Snarfer's pellet. "What was in those pellets, Snarfer?" Ben-Gali asked while coughing. "I put knock out gas in there, Snarfer Snarfer." Snarfer said as he fell to the ground as Ben-Gali did. "We have the Thundercats, take them back to the castle." Drag-Ron ordered from the Flying Machine. Then on the cat's head on the lair lasers came from it's blue eyes. The lasers hit the Flying Machine causing it to fall to the ground. "AHHHHHHHHHH!" Both Drag-Ron and Slythe yelled at the same time while crashing. "Were being counter attacked, back to Castle Plundarr!" Beeman yelled. Then Drag-Ron Slythe and the Super Mutants ran away into the background. Little did Drag-Ron and the others know is that it was Lynx-O who was controling the cat's eyes. At Sky-Tomb the other Thundercats find there way into the now compleat fortress. "Snarf Snarf, Were the heck is Lion-O, we've found all the Snarfs, Bragg and Crownan." Snarf complained. "I'm sure he's around here somewhere." Wilykit answered. Then they came up on a door with a window next to it. Pumyra looked through the window ,and saw Luna and Amuck interrogating Lion-O. "For the last time Lion-O, Where is the Castle Plundarr located?" Luna yelled. "I don't know, I've never been there before." Lion-O yelled back. "Don't lie to me!" Luna yelled as she smacked Lion-O with her riding crop across the face. "With there stelth device, the castle is undetectable to any radar." Luna said. "Amuck! Destroy him!" Luna yelled. Then Pumyra kicked the door open and attacked Luna and Amuck. She kicked Luna right off the top of Amuck. Then the Thunderkittens threw their gas pellets at Amuck. Then Amuck fell to the ground. Then the Thundercats left the room only to be confronted by Tugg Mugg and Red-Eye. "Get the Thundercats Tugg-Mugg!" Red-Eye yelled. Then Tugg-Mugg shot a laser from his gravity carbine. The laser hit the Thunderkittens causing them to fall to the ground. "I can't get up" said Wilykat in a struggle. Then Tugg-Mugg pointed his gun at Lion-O. But Lion-O reflected laser back at Tugg-Mugg with the Claw Shield. Then Tugg-Mugg floated in the air and hit the cealing. Then the Thunderkittens were able to stand up. Then Red-Eye shot a missle from his chest plate. The missle went toward Pumyra, but she dodged it and swung her sling at Red-Eye. The sling hit Red-Eye in the face and hit him to the ground. Then the Thundercats escaped Sky-Tomb and jumped into the Whisker. Then they flew toward Cat's Lair. Inside Cat's Lair, Lynx-O tries to find a cure for Panthro. "If I could only find out what was in that posion I could posibly find a cure, but 1 of the ingrediants is some unknown element."Lynx O said. "We better find a cure soon or Panthro will die!" Ben-Gali yelled. Then Tygra walked in and spoke up. "Maybe we could cure him with the Totem of Dera.". "That would work, except the totem's powers are limited, and if the powers would run out and 1 of us were hit by 1 of those darts. How would we cure you?" Lynx-O asked. "Go cure Panthro with the Totem and I'll keep studying this strange posion." Lynx-O said. Then Tygra ran out of the room to the Tresure Chamber.A couple minutes later, Tygra ran back into the room with the totem in his hand. Then he held it infront of the dying Panthro. A beam of light came from the totem and shined in Panthro's face. Then Panthro went from his sickly colored green to his normal grey. Then Panthro got out of his bed and thanked his teamates. After a while, Lion-O and the others got back from Sky-Tomb in the Whisker. When they entered the lair, Lion-O annouced a council meeting. The Thundercats sat down a the council table. "Now that we have to deal with Mutants, Lunatacs, Super Mutants, Mumm-Ra and Drag-Ron, we have to construct a new fortress." Tygra said. "Where should we built this fortress?" Pumyra asked. "We could try building it where the Iron Glades use to be." Panthro suggested. "Tygra could you make some diagrams of what the base should look like." Lion-O ordered. "I'll start right now." Tygra replied. At Castle Plundarr, Vultureman discovers Mandora the Evil Chaser headed toward Castle Plundarr. "Drag-Ron!" Vultureman yelled. Then Drag-Ron walked into the room. "What is it Vultureman?" Drag Ron asked. "That lady cop we told you about is here.". "Okay, we'll attack her while she's still in the sky." Drag-Ron yelled. The Mutants boarded thier veichals and attacked Mandora. "Mutants! Give yourselves up." Mandora yelled. "Never!" Slythe yelled from the Nose-Diver. Then Monkian on his Skycutter blasted Mandora's spacebike and it crashed to the ground. She jumped off the bike right before it crashed and threw her boomarang at Monkian's Skycutter. "Hoo-Hoo-Hoo! I'm going to crash." Monkian yelled. "Ha Ha Ha, Mandora's in for it now." Jackalman said as he flew his Skycutter toward Mandora. He fired at Mandora, but she dodged the blasts and took her soap gun out. When Jackalman flew toward her again, Mandora fired her soap gun at the engine of the Skycutter. The engine was jammed which caused the Skycutter to crash. "That cop won't escape the power of my flying machine." Vultureman said. Then Vultureman swooped in for an attack. "Attacking an officer will cost you 10 to 20 years in the slammer." Mandora said as she tried to dodge Vultureman's attack. Then Slythe on his Nose-Diver flew in at the same time Vutureman was attacking Mandora. Mandora dodged them both, and Slythe and Vultureman crashed into each other. "Now That will show you not to mess with the law." Mandora said. "Now I'll have to take you back to Wayoutback.". Then Drag-Ron, Mumm-Ra and Ma-Mutt appeared behind Mandora. "Your not taking them anywhere copper." Drag-Ron yelled. "Ma-Mutt, attack!" Mumm-Ra yelled. "Roar Roar!" Ma-Mutt growled loudly. Then the vicious dog jumped up and attacked Mandora. Then Mandora threw Ma-Mutt off her and went up to Mumm-Ra. Then She put Mumm-Ra in handcuffs. Then Mumm-Ra pulled the cuffs apart and stalked Mandora. "We've got you now Mandora, and there's no Thundercats around to save you." Mumm-Ra yelled. "Were in trouble Luna, The Thundercats and Mutants have made the best of us, and Sky-Tomb isn't airborn yet." Alluroe yelled. "Don't worry, once Sky-Tomb is operational we'll stand a better chance of winning when Sky-Tomb is compleat." Luna said. Then Chilla spoke up. "And the Thundercats will comeback to save the Snarfs and Capt. Bragg." At Cat's Lair, Snarfer discovers a message Lion-O on the monitor. He ran in the council room, and interupted the council meeting. "Lion-O you have a message on the tela-screen, Snarfer Snarfer" Snarfer yelled. "Can't it wait Snarfer?" Lion-O yelled. "No it's very important.". Lion-O walked to the tela-screen. Lion-O answered the message. "Who's there?" Lion-O asked. "I am Lion-O.". Then Drag-Ron's face appeared on the screen. "What do you want here Mutant?" Lion-O asked. "I am here to make a bargain." Drag-Ron said. "What bargain?". "A trade, I'll trade you the freedom of 1 of your freinds for the Star of Thundera.". "Freind what freind?". "The lady cop you call Mandora, and if I don't the Star of Thundera Talesman I will destroy Mandora." To Be Continued...

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