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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Dragon Wizard: Part 3
By Pat Kelly

Lion-O and Drag-Ron fight in a deadly sword combat. They clashed there swords left and right inside of the Book Of Omens. Then Drag-Ron used his Sword Of Evil to shoot lightning bolts. Lion-O dodged the bolts and took out his Claw Sheild. He shot the graples from the fingers from the sheild. The graples circled around Drag-Ron. Drag-Ron was tied up and he fell to the ground. "Ha Ha Ha, It will take more than ropes to stop me." Drag-Ron said. Then Drag-Ron dissapeared from the ropes. "Where did he go?" Lion-O thought. Then the tied up Snarf noticed Drag-Ron above Lion-O. "Lion-O! watch out, Snarf Snarf." Snarf yelled as Drag-Ron jumped from his ledge. Lion-O turned around to see Drag-Ron about to land on top of him. Lion-O moved out of the way and Drag-Ron landed on his feet. Then Lion-O pointed the Sword Of Omens at Drag-Ron. "HOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Lion-O yelled as the sword fired a laser from it's blade. The laser hit Drag-Ron knocking him to the ground. He stood up and said "Your not as weak as the other Thundercats Lion-O, but can you stand up to the power of the Sword Of Evil.". Drag-Ron takes out his sword and charges toward Lion-O. Lion-O jumped out of the way and to counter attack against Drag-Ron. "I'll tear you apart Thundercat!" Drag-Ron yelled as he pointed his sword at Lion-O. Then the blade zoomed out from the Sword Of Evil. The Blade then transeformed into a chain and circled around Lion-O. Lion-O then fell to the ground. "Let me free, you mutant wizard." Lion-O yelled. "No way Lion-O. The only one I intend to free is the prisoner of this book." Drag-Ron said, as he shot a laser from his sword at the empty space infront of him. Then out of no where the Gaurdian of the Book of Omens appeared before Drag-Ron. "Who summons me, the keeper of the Thundercats secrets." The Gaurdian said in his deep voice. "I summoned you Gaurdian, the all powerful Mutant warrior and sorceror." Drag-Ron yelled. "I want to free your current prisoner, now give me passage to the book's dungeon!". "NO, you are a mutant which does not give you permission in the dungeon.". "We'll just see about that.". Then Drag-Ron threw his Sword Of Evil right at the eye of the Gaurdian. The eye shattered in pieces. Then the Gaurdian spoke with a weak voice. "You have destroyed the power of the Book Of Omens. Now the Thundercats secrets will be untold forever.". Then a blue glow came from the destroyed Gaurdian. The glow took shape as Mumm-Ra. The bandaged mummy looked around to see where he was. "I'm free, but how?" Mumm-Ra said in puzzelment. "I have freed you Mumm-Ra, I am Drag-Ron the great sorceror of Plundarr.". "So a mutant freed me, but why would your kind free me when there leader Slythe is on the Island of Wayoutback?". "I went there first ,and freed the mutants. But I need you and your powers to combine with mine so we can free one of the most powerful forces in the universe.". "Forget it, I will never obey a mutant!" Mumm-Ra snaped. "Oh yes you will." Drag-Ron said as he blasted Mumm-Ra with a laser from his sword. The beam surrounded Mumm-Ra in an energy force. "You are weak mutant.". Then Mumm-Ra reflected the laser back at Drag-Ron. "Uhhh!" Drag-Ron yelled as he fell to the ground. "No one knocks Drag-Ron off his feet." He yelled as he got up to his feet. Then Drag-Ron threw a golden ring from his robe. Mumm-Ra caught the ring and wondered why Drag-Ron had thrown a powerless weapon. Then ring expanded around Mumm-Ra and turned into a ring of fire. "I'll show you some good tricks, mutant." Mumm-Ra yelled as he jumped out of the ring. Then Mumm-Ra stalked Drag-Ron. "Ancient Spirits of Evil transeform this decayed form to Mumm-Ra the Everliving!". As Mumm-Ra said this incantation his bandages flew off to reveil a loincloth and his red symbol with the 2 snakes intertwining on his chest. Then he grew in size and strengh. Then his robe and hood turned into a helmet and cape. "Now do you have the power to defeat me?!" Mumm-Ra yelled as he charged toward Drag-Ron. Drag-Ron blasted Mumm-Ra and he fell to the ground. Then Mumm-Ra took out the handle of the Sword of Plundarr. Mumm-Ra called to the sword and both blades on each end appeared. Then Mumm-Ra twirled the sword in his hand to create a tornado. The tornado captured Drag-Ron and send him in the air. Then Drag-Ron broke free of the tornado and send it back at Mumm-Ra. The tornado dissapeared as Mumm-Ra broke free off it. Then Drag-Ron fired lasers from his eyes. The laser hit Mumm-Ra and turned him back into a decayed mummy. "Now Mumm-Ra, you have learned not to mess with mutants. And you will help me with the ceromony at your pyramid." Drag-Ron yelled. "Alright Mutant, I will do your biding...".Mumm-Ra said. "For now." He said so soft Drag-Ron could not hear him. Then Drag-Ron used his sword to project him and Mumm-Ra out of the Book of Omens leaving Lion-O and Snarf behind. "So great Luna, how are we going to defeat the Mutants and Thundercats when we don't have any veichals or a Sky-Tomb?" Alluroe asked. "Well we could use the parts of the damaged train behind us." Luna said pointing to the Circus Train with her riding crop. "Sure that will work, but how will we finish that if we don't have Brutemen to finish Sky-Tomb?" Chilla asked in sarcasim. "There are inhabitence on New Thundera you know. We could inslave some weaker spieces than us." Luna yelled back. "Well what inhabitence are there besides Thundarians and Snarfs?" said Tugg-Mugg. "How about the Snarfs, according to the radar on the train the Snarf valley is only 40 miles away from here." Red-Eye said as he stepped out of the train. "But I suggest we better be careful, the Snarf's homes are a short distance from Cat's Lair." Red-Eye suggested. "Okay, Lunatacs to the Valley of Snarfs!" Luna yelled. "This is strange Cheetara, Lion-O hasn't contacted us since we arrived at Third Earth." Lynx-O said as the Feliner landed infront of Cat's Lair. "I agree, we should have atleast gotten permision to land." Cheetara said in suspision. Then Cheetara noticed something on the radar flying away from Cat's Lair. "Lynx-O what do you think it is?" Cheetara asked. Lynx-O fiddled around with his brailboard for a while until he came up with an anserw. "I think it's a mutant veichal Cheetara, And it has the Thunder-Tank held under it." Lynx-O said in shock. "Let's follow it to where it is going. If it is the Mutants then will have a chance to get in on some info." Cheetara said. Then the Feliner sped away chasing the mutants. "Snarf Snarf, There's no way out of the book aslong as were tied up Lion-O." Snarf said in doubt. "Don't worry Snarf, if only I could break out of this chain we would be out of here." Lion-O said. Then Snarf came up with an idea. "Well maybe I can chew threw my ropes Snarf Snarf.. Then Snarf started biting on his ropes like there was no tomorrow. "Go Snarf!" Lion-O yelled in excitment. After awhile Snarf broke free. "Now let's see if I can set you free Lion-O.". Then Snarf tried to loosen the chains for Lion-O to get out of. Then Lion-O noticed that the Key of Thundera in the pile of chewed up ropes that Snarf destroyed earlier. "Snarf, I didn't know you had the Key of Thundera." Lion-O said. "I was able to grab it before that mutant draged me in here Snarf Snarf." Snarf anserwed as he untied Lion-O. Lion-O stood up and walked over to the key. He picked it up and studied it. "Maybe it could restore the Gaurdian." Lion-O said. "It's worth try." Snarf shrugged. Then Lion-O presented the key to the shattered Gaurdian. "KEY OF THUNDERA! RESTORE THIS SPIRIT OF THE THUNDERCATS TO HIS TRUE FORM!" Lion-O yelled. Then the pieces of the Gaurdian contracted together until the Gaurdian was at true size. "Thank you, Lord of the Thundercats, now you have restored the Thundercats secrets." The Gaurdian said. "Come on Snarf lets go, and see if Mumm-Ra and the Mutants got far." Lion-O said as he used the Sword of Omens to get him and Snarf out of the book. "Oh no, The Feliner is follow ing us Vultureman." Jackalman said in fear. Then Vultureman turned around from the controls of the Space Drill. "Don't worry scavenger. We're almost at the Rat-Star." Vultureman said. "Hoo Hoo, maybe Mumm-Ra could slow them down." Monkian suggested. "That's a good idea Monkian, I'll give Mumm-Ra the signal." Drag-Ron said. Then Drag-Ron looked over to the side of the tank. He saw Mumm-Ra in his warrior flying by the tank. Drag-Ron waved to Mumm-Ra. Then Mumm-Ra frowned and turned around to face the Feliner. Lynx-O senced Mumm-Ra and took action. "Cheetara, Mumm-Ra's charging toward the Feliner." Lynx-O yelled while pressing buttons on the brailboard. "Mumm-Ra, that can't be he was trapped in the Book Of Omens." Cheetara said in shock. "Well he's back and attacking our ship." Lynx-O said. Then Mumm-Ra fired a laser from his hand at the Feliner causing it to crash in the Jungles of Darkness were the Rat-Star is. Slythe noticed the Space Drill landing and the Feliner crashing. Cheetara and Lynx-O stepped out. Cheetara was wearing here Catseye glasses. They saw the Rat Star and tried to run but were captured by Drag-Ron and the other Mutants. "Slythe we have more Thundercat prisoners." Vultureman yelled. "Good I'll lock them up with there Thundercat friends-s-s yes-s-s" Slythe said. Then Slythe relized that he had to tell the other Mutants about the Lunatacs attacking the Rat-Star. "Drag-Ron, while you were gone I was attacked by Lunatacs. I suggest we track them down and destroy them yes-s-s." Slythe said. "How could the Lunatacs have escaped? We abanded them on Wayoutback." Drag-Ron said. "Well if I know thos-s-se Lunatacs-s-s they have already s-s-started building there new S-s-sky-Tomb." Slythe said. Then a idea poped Drag-Ron's head. "I suggest you capture the Thundarians to build Castle Plundarr, while Mumm-Ra and I free the Super Mutants. With the combine strengh of the us, Super Mutants and Mumm-Ra all of Thundera will be under our power.". "Come on Mumm-Ra, lets get over to your pyramid and prepare for the ceromony." Drag-Ron yelled. "Alright Mutant." Mumm-Ra said while griting his teeth. Meanwhile Lion-O and Snarf travel to the Jungles of Darkness in the Thunder Claw but notice the Snarfs, Capt. Bragg and Crownan working for the Lunatacs building a new Sky-Tomb. "I can't believe the Lunatacs escaped from Wayoutback also. Well I hope they havn't spoted us yet." Lion-O said. Little did Lion-O know is that the Lunatacs did see them fly over the Sky-Tomb. Inside a shack the Lunatacs made to moniter the Lunatac camp. They discover the Thunder Claw. "Oh no, Lion-O knows were here. The first thing he's going to do is call Mandora." Tugg-Mugg yelled. "Chilla! you and Red-Eye fly your new Ice-Runner and shoot that Thunderplane down." Luna ordered. "Mumm-Ra! Let's start the ceromony." Drag-Ron yelled. "Okay Drag-Ron" Mumm-Ra said. Inside of Mumm-Ra's dark pyramid the 2 wizards stand infront of the bubbling couldron. They started chanting some ancient incantations while Ma-Mutt sat in a corner whimpering in fear. Then all off a sudden the couldron burst apart knocking Mumm-Ra and Drag-Ron bacwards. "What happened Drag-Ron, I thought this spell would work." Mumm-Ra said in doubt. "It did work you fool, The Super Mutants are suppose to come through that flaming hole." Drag-Ron said. Then 3 human sized creatures jumped out from the hole. They appeared to be a bee, a wolf and a pig. Mumm-Ra's jaw fell open, for he was amazed by these demons. "Okay non-beleiver, let me introduce the Super Mutants. That bee right there his name is Beeman. And that wolf is Wolfor. Last but not least, this fat little piggy right here is Porkus." Drag-Ron said. "Wow, I don't believe it." Mumm-Ra said still in shock. "Come on Super Mutants, we must see how the Mutants did on capturing those Thundarians.". Then the Super Mutants, Mumm-Ra Drag-Ron and Ma-Mutt left the pyramid and headed for the Jungles of Darkness. "Snarf Snarf, Chilla is right on our tail." Snarf yelled as the Ice-Runner fired lasers at the Thunder Claw. "I'm going to destroy you Lion-O!" Chilla yelled. Then Chilla used her ice breath on the Thunder Claw. The engine froze and the Thunder Claw crashed. "Ahhhhhhhhh!" Lion-O and Snarf yelled at the same time as they crashed on the ground. "We've got him, Chilla." Red-Eye yelled. But in the reckage of the Thunder Claw, Snarf manages to get up. Then Chilla lands the Ice-Runner and her and Red-Eye walk toward Lion-O and Snarf. "Snarf! get up Lion-O." Snarf yelled while trying to get Lion-O on his feet. Then Red-Eye threw his Sidewinder weapon at Snarf. Snarf tried to run but the disk hit him in the legs causing him to trip. "Good now we've got 2 more workers to help us build the base." Chilla said laughing. Then Chilla walked over and pick Snarf up by the neck. "So Snarf, you can join your relatives in the contruction site, Ha-Ha-Ha." Chilla said. Then Snarf took a bite out of Chilla's finger. "Owwwwwww!" Chilla yelled as she droped Snarf and blew on her finger. Then Snarf ran away while Chilla was yelling. "The Anarf has escaped, Chilla." Red-Eye yelled. "Well at least Lion-O didn't. Let's take him to Sky-Tomb.". Mumm-Ra, Drag-Ron and the Super Mutants aarrive at the site of Castle Plundarr. They were amazed that it was half way down. Drag-Ron saw Vultureman standing at the entrence of the castle whil the Thundarians and Thundercats doing the work. "Vultureman, how did you guys speed things up so quickly?" Drag-Ron asked. "Well we got the Thundercats to do the work, and it sped work by 10%." Vultureman said. Then Slythe walked from the slave field. "S-s-so, who are thes-s-se friends-s-s of yours-s-s?" Slythe asked pointing to the Super Mutants. "These are the weapons that will help us conquer the Universe." Drag-Ron anserwed. Then Beeman spoke up. "Those workers you got there are too slow. We Super Mutants can work much faster.". "Ya, let's get to work Super Mutants." Wolfor yelled. Then Porkus ran up to the equiptment. "This Castle will be done in no time." Porkus yelled. 3 hours later the castle was complete. "Wow they work fast." Jackalman said in shock. "They sure did, hoo-hoo." Monkian said. "Now that they are done let's-s-s invade S-s-sky-Tomb." Slythe yelled. "No, let's us see how the Super Mutants would do against the Lunatacs." Drag-Ron suggested. "We could have them attack in Nose-Divers, Skycutters and Fist Pounders." Mumm-Ra called out. "Woof Woof!" Ma-Mutt yelped as he jumped up on Mumm-Ra's leg. "Those Lunatacs are in for a surprise, hoo hoo" Monkian yelled. In the dungeon at Castle Plundarr, Snarf gets into the cell block. "Snarf Snarf, this was easy. Theres not a single gaurd here." Snarf said in a whisper. Then Monkian walked infront of him with keys in his belt. "I'll get you Snarf." Monkian yelled as he started to chase Snarf down the halls. Then Monkian accidently triped over Snarf's tail. "Ahhhhhhhh!" Monkian yelled as he fell to the ground. Snarf walked through the dark hall until he saw a cage with Pumyra in it. "Pumyra, I'll get you out with these keys I got from Monkian." Snarf said as he unlocked the cage. "Good work Snarf, now lets find the others. These Thundarians in the cage with me could help us. But what happened to Lion-O?" Pumyra asked. "He was captured by the Lunatacs." Snarf anserwed. "Lunatacs! how'd they get free?". "No time to explain lets get going." Snarf yelled. "Okay Super Mutants, Sky-Tomb is up ahead." Beeman yelled. "It's time for a severe beating." Wolfor said. "Must Destroy, Must Destroy." Porkus said in insanity. "There it is." Wolfor yelled as Sky-Tomb came into sight. "This Nose-Diver is cool Wolfor." Beeman yelled. "So is this Sky Cutter." Wolfor said. "Well this Fist-Pounder could beat both of your veichals." Porkus yelled on the Fist-Pounder. Then the Lunatacs noticed the veichals infront of the base. "Those Mutants are ready for another attack Amuck." Luna said. Then Luna talked into a microphone. "Lunatacs! into your veichals the Mutants are attacking!" Luna yelled. To Be Continued...

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