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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Dragon Wizard: Part 2
By Pat Kelly

"Wait Lunatacs, get back in your cages" Bragg ordered as he watched the Lunatacs escape. "We don't have to listen to you Bragg, Get him Amuck." Luna yelled from on top of Amuck. Then Amuck charged toward Bragg and grabed him. He then took Bragg and threw him in the cage with Crownan. Then Tugg-Mugg closed the the cage. "Now Bragg, you will know how it fells to be locked up." Chilla said. "Okay everyody in the control room, Alluroe set a course for New Thundera." Luna ordered. Then the Lunatacs steped into the control room and took off. "Lion-O there is an emergency." Lynx-O yelled while working on the brailboard. "What is it Lynx-O?" Lion-O yelled as he ran into the room. "According to the brailboard the Mutants have landed on New Thundera.". "Okay I'll send the Thunderkittens to check it out." Lion-O said. "Where has the Rat-Star landed?". "It's landed near the edge of the Jungles of Darkness.". "Okay I'll tell Wily-Kat and Wily-Kit." Then the Rat-Star lands at the Jungles of Darkness. The Mutants step out able to see since Mumm-Ra gave them the ability to survive the dangers of New Thundera. "Now Slythe I will take the rest of the mutants with me for an invasion of Cats's Lair. Do you think you can gaurd the Rat-Star." Drag-Ron said. "Sure cous-s-sin, but what do you want to invade the lair for." Slythe asked. "I want the Mutants to distract the Thundercats while I sneak into the lair and take the Book Of Omens.". The Thunderkittens had overheard Drag-Ron and Slythe, and was suprised at what they had heard. "Wow! a new Mutant and they're going to attack the lair." Wily-Kat yelled. "Calm down Kat, let's watch some more and then go back to Cat's Lair." Wily-Kit yelled. But Drag-Ron had known that the Thunderkittens were evesdropping. "And Slythe could you..." Drag-Ron said as he zaped the bush the Thunderkittens were hiding behind. Then the Thunderkittens floated in the air and headed toward Slythe. "Could you lock the Thundersnoops up.". "Yes-s-s Drag-Ron." Slythe said as he took Wily-Kat and Kit in to the Rat-Star. Then Slythewalked to Pumyra and Tygra's cage. "You got s-s-some new cellmates-s-s.". Then Slythe opened the cage and threw the kittens in there. "So they caught you to." Tygra said. Then the Mutants drove away in there veichals while Slythe stayed at the Rat-Star's controls prepared for an attack. Then the alarms went off. "What, I'm under attack, but who is doing this." Slythe yelled as he turned on the moniter. Slythe saw the Circus Train flying toward the Rat-Star. "Bragg has-s-s found us-s-s already, I don't beleive it.". Then Slythe noticed Red-Eye steping out of the train's control room and standing on top of the train. "What Red-Eye, That mus-s-st mean the Luntacs-s-s are free." Slythe yelled. Red-Eye was using his x-ray vision to see how many Mutants were on board the Rat-Star. "So, Slythe is all alone, I think the Sidewinder should keep him company.". Then Red-Eye threw his disc at the Rat-Star. "Don't try it Lunatac!" Slythe yelled as he pushed buttons to make the Rat-Star airborn. Just as the sidewinder hit the Rat-Star, Slythe pushed another button to make the sidewinder go back to Red-Eye. The disc hit Red-Eye knocking him inside the train control room. "This should stop Slythe." Alluroe said as he steped out of the train with Tugg-Mugg. Then Alluroe swung his psych club causing the crystal ball on the end to fly off toward the Rat-Star. "Poor Alluroe, that idiot didn't expect the earmuffs Vultureman pefected." Slythe said as he put on earmuffs. The crystal ball hovered over the Rat-Star. "Give up Slythe, You don't stand a chance." Alluroe said trying to hyptnotize Slythe. "Now you will land your ship and surrender.". Alluroe waited for the ship to land. But instead Slythe fired the varicannon at the train disconecting 3 of the train's cages. "Uh-Oh, I better get down before that cannon hits me." Alluroe said as he climbed back into the train. "You coward, I'll teach you how to take care of that Rat." Tugg-Mugg yelled as he jumped from the train to the Rat-Star. He landed on the hood and bashed his way in. "So Slythe can you get rid of me.". "Why yes-s-s." Slythe said as he pulled a lever. Then a hatch opened under Tugg-Mugg. Tugg-Mugg fell only to land in a lake. Inside the train the Lunatacs decide to escape. "We must leave or that mutant ship will destroy us." Luna said. "But what about Tugg-Mugg." Chilla asked. "He's following us now. He'll be on the train in no time.". "Now let's get out of here!" Luna yelled. Then the train flew away at top speed. "We have arrived at Cat's Lair." Vultureman yelled on the Space Drill with the others. Then Drag-Ron and Jackalman steped out. "Okay Vultureman, You and Monkian will distract the Thundercats, While Jackalman and me will sneak into the Lair and get that book.". "Yes sir." Vultureman replied. Then Drag-Ron and Jackalman walked closer to the Lair. "Panthro, Mutants are near Cat's Lair." Lion-O yelled. "Are you sure?" Panthro asked. "Yes, don't you see Vultureman and Monkian in that tank.". "Okay Panthro, Ben-Gali and Snarfer into the Thunder-Tank.". "Me and Snarf will gaurd the inside of the lair.". "Cheetara and Lynx-O ought to be back in a while.". Then the Thunder-Tank drove away to ingage the Space Drill, While Drag-Ron and Jackalman get into the lair. "Are you sure this is a good..." Jackalman didn't finish. "What, Are you chicken Jackalman?" Drag-Ron said. "Now let's search for that blasted book.". Meanwhile on Third Earth Cheetara and Lynx-O salvage equiptment from Cat's Lair. "Let's hurry up Lynx-O, With the Mutants on New Thundera the Thundercats need this equiptment." Cheetara said. "Wait Cheetara I sence a friend in danger." Lynx-O said. "Your right Lynx-O, I can feel it to, it's the Snowman." Cheetara yelled. "We must help him.". "We'll make it, Pumyra left a Thunderclaw here.". Then Cheetara and Lynx-O and Cheetara hoped in the veichal and headed for Hook Mountain. "That book has to be here somewhere Drag-Ron." Jackalman said. "Here it is, the Tresure Chamber." Drag-Ron yelled. Drag-Ron opened the door and saw the Tresure of Thundera casket. And above it was the Legendary Book Of Omens. "So there it is." Drag-Ron said as he picked up the book. "Now I must enter the book." Drag-Ron said. "Why?" Jackalman asked. "So that I might free the current prisoner.". Then Drag-Ron took out his sword. He pointed the sword at the book. Then Snarf ran into the room. "SNARF!" Snarf yelled as he jumped on to Jackalman. Jackalman fell to the ground and Snarf ran toward Drag-Ron. Drag-Ron moved out of the way so Snarf would run into the the casket. The casket burst open and the Key Of Thundera came out. After Snarf recovered he grabbed the key. Then Drag-Ron picked up Snarf and presented him to the book. "Now I'll enter the book with the Snarf.". "Let me go you big mutant brute." Snarf yelled. Then Drag-Ron held his sword to the book and shot a laser from the Sword Of Evil. The laser hit the book and it opened. Then Drag-Ron and Snarf were sucked into the book. "Sna-a-a-ar-r-r-rf!" Snarf screamed as he was pulled into the book. The Space Drill and Thunder-Tank fight in broodle battle. "I'll finish you yet, Thundercats!" Vultureman yelled. "Eat laser, Mutants!" Ben-Gali yelled from the Thunder Tank cannon. Ben-Gali shot from the cannon. The laser hit the Space Drill, leaving marks. Then Monkian pushed a button on the control pad. The the grey tank started hovering in the air. "What! a flying tank now I've seen everything." Panthro yelled. "Fire the missle, Monkian!" Vultureman yelled. Then 2 missles came out of the Space Drill. The missles hit the Thunder-Tank exposing gas. "That gas is weakening us." Panthro yelled. "It's Thundrainium!" Ben-Gali said as he and Panthro passed out. "Oh Snarfer Snarfer, Snap out of it Panthro." Snarfer yelled. "Vultureman, just wait until we tell Drag-Ron that we've captured 3 more Thundercats Hoo-Hoo." Monkian said. Then Lion-O discovers Jackalman in the Tresure chamber. "Hey what are you doing there Jackalman?" Lion-O yelled as he tackled Jackalman. He pinned Jackalman to the ground. "Now tell me what your doing here Jackalman.". "No I'll never talk." Jackalman refused. Then Lion-O took out the Sword of Omens. "Okay, I'll talk, Snarf is inside the book." Jackalman yelled in fear. Then Lion-O tied up the scavanger up. And he used the Sword Of Omens to enter the book. On Hook Mountain Cheetara and Lynx-O find the Snowman being attacked by Rock Giants. "We must save him." Cheetara said. Cheetara then jumped off the Thunderclaw and hit the Rock Giant in the elbow knocking his rm off. Then Lynx-O fired a laser at the giant. The laser knock him to the ground disolving the giant. Lynx-O and Cheetara then approched there freinds Snowman and Snowmeow. "Thank you Cheetara." Snowman said. Then Snowmeow jumped up and started licking Lynx-O. "Your welcome Snowman." Cheetara yelled as her and Lynx-O jumped on the Thunderclaw. Lion-O then found Drag-Ron with Snarf while in the Book Of Omens. "Hold it Mutant, Let Snarf go." Lion-O yelled. "No way Lion." Drag-Ron yelled back. "You will have to fight me for the creature, Thundercat.". "Sure how hard could 1 mutant be." Lion-O said in overconfidence "Oh if you only knew about me Lion-O Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!" Drag-Ron said. To Be Continued...

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