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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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Dragon Wizard: Part 1
By Pat Kelly

"Okay Mutants and Lunatacs time for feeding." Said Capt. Bragg. "Now flys for Slythe, bird seed for Vultureman, bananas for Monkian and raw meat for Jackalman.". Then Bragg handed the Mutants buckets of food. "I hate this-s-s stuff, it's not even cooked." Slythe complained. "Lunatacs here is your food.". "Meatballs for Red-Eye, ice cream for Chilla, candy for Amuck, soup for Luna and pizza for Tugg-Mugg and Alluroe.". Then Bragg handed the Lunatacs there food all on one dish. The Lunatacs grabbed there food and gobbled it up, while the Mutants complained to Capt. Bragg. "Why you give the Lunatacs good foods when we get this slop." Jackalman asked. Then Bragg replyed. "Because your animals and your suppose to eat that stuff.". "Well if you ask me I don't think it's fair." Vultureman said. Then a giant flare came into sight on Wayoutback. "Hey Bragg there's something headed for the train." Crownan yelled. "Get out of the way Crownan!" Bragg yelled as he jumped out of the way. The flame landed with a big explosion. Bragg and Crownan looked back to see what had happened. They were suprised to see a shadowy figure standing where the flame landed. "Who are you?" Bragg asked. "How Dare you ask who I am." The Shadow yelled in extrem anger. "Now out of my way circus boy.". Then the shadow shoved Bragg out of the way and approched the Mutant cage. Bragg then got infront of the shadow and said. "Hey you can't go there, those Mutants are dangerous.". Then the shadow showed his hand. The hand was green and large. A blue laser came out of a finger and hit Capt. Bragg. A forcefeild started forming around Bragg until it surrounded his intire body. "Hey you can't do that to the Captain." yelled Crownan. Crownan then flew toward the shadow in hopes of a good attack. But the shadow blasted Crownan. The ray froze Crownan in place. Then the shadow headed towards the Mutants. "So Slythe leader of the Mutant Empire locked in a cage Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha." said the shadow mocking Slythe. "Watch your mouth shadow boy or I'll tear you apart!" Slythe yelled. "Slythe don't you remember me, I'm your cousin Drag-Ron the reptilian sorceror.". "You can't be my cousin, he was destroyed in a Thundarian-Plundarrian war.". "I faked my death and retreted to the planet Reversror home world of the criminal Two Time. I went there and advanced sorcery." The shadow said as his face came into sight. He looked like a Slythe only taller and he wore a blue robe. "So you are Drag-Ron my cousin.". "Have you come to free us?" Monkian asked. "Yes of course, why else would I come here?". "Okay stand back Mutants.". The Mutants did so. Drag-Ron then shot a laser from his hand and blasted the cage. The cage blew open and the Mutants walked out. "Were free were free." All the Mutants yelled at once. "Now Mutants we must go to Third Earth and recover our weapons." Drag-Ron said. "Okay Mutants board the train." Vultureman said. "No I have a better idea." Drag-Ron said as he zaped the ground. The ground grew and expanded. It took the shape of a much larger version of the Rat-Star. "Now that we have the Rat-Star we will be able to load our larger veichals. The Mutants approched the Rat-Star and Luna yelled from her cage. "Hey what about us Mutants?". "Ya aren't you going to free us?" Tugg-Mugg asked. "Don't do it Drag-Ron they are unloyal betrayaing scum." Jackalman yelled. "Don't listen to Jackalman free us Drag-Ron." Alluroe said trying to convince Drag-Ron to free them. "No Lunatacs I have studied you while I was on Reversor and you would not be loyal subjects.". Then the Mutants boarded the Rat-Star started the systems. "Okay Mutants prepare for take off." Vultureman yelled. Then the Rat-Star took off and left Wayoutback. Meanwhile on New Thundera Panthro and Lion-O find out about the Rat-Star headed for Third Earth. "Panthro the Rat-Star is going at top speed to Third Earth.". "Who could be driving it It's not the Mutants there still on Wayoutback." Panthro said. "Well Pumyra and Tygra could check it out when it lands." Lion-O suggested. "I'll call Pumyra now and she could tell Tygra.". "Thundera to Third Earth Panthro calling Pumyra.". "I here you Panthro what's up?" Pumyra asked. "The Rat-Star is headed for Third Earth and we want you and Tygra to check it out.". "Sure I'll call Tygra now, Pumyra out.". "Oh Snarf Snarf I hope they can handle the Rat-Star by themselves." Snarf worried. "Ah Mutants we have arrived, Vultureman land the ship at Castle Plundarr." Drag-Ron said. The ship landed and the Mutants steped out. They went inside the castle collectins there guns, axes, crossbows and other weapons. Then Vultureman went up to Slythe to tell him about something. "Slythe I have something to show you in my lab. "This better be good Vultureman." They walked into the lab. Vutureman then uncovered something under a sheet. Under the sheet was a solid grey tank with 3 drills in the front. "I call it the Space Drill, It's a tank that can operate on land, air, sea, underground and in Outer Space, but I never hade time to finish it because of our capture.". "It looks-s-s promis-s-sing Vultureman.". "Now looad it on to the Rat Star." Slythe commanded. Little did Drag-Ron the Mutants know, Pumyra and Tygra were watching them. "So the Mutants escaped from Wayoutback." Pumyra said. "We'll keep watching and tell Lion-O of there new weapon." Tygra said. "I sence Thundercats inside of the castle." Drag-Ron thoght to himself. "I must capture them before they can contact Lion-O.". Then Drag-Ron waved his hand infront of him. Then a blue portal. Drag-Ron walked into the portal. When he got to the other side he was behind Tygra and Pumyra. "So after all these years I finally get another wack at the Thundercats Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha." Pumyra and Tygra turned around to see who said that. "What?" yelled Tygra. Then Tygra took out his whip and swung it at Drag Ron. Drag-Ron caught the whip and snaped it in half. Then Pumyra swung a pellet from her sling. The pellet exploded and surrounded Drag-Ron in a forcefeild. Drag-Ron walked through the forcefield. "Ha-Ha-Ha so you think your puny weapons will stand up to me, I'll show you a weapon.". Then Drag-Ron took out a little golden handle with a dragon's head on the end. Then the dragon head opened and a blade came out. "I call it the Sword of Evil, now can you Thundercats stand up to the swords power.". Then Drag-Ron shot a laser from his sword. The laser hit Pumyra and Tygra. The laser knocked them to the ground unconscience. "Monkian and Jackalman take these 2 and lock them up in the Rat-Star's cages.". Jackalman and Monkian did so. When the Mutants reteived all there weapons they boarded the Rat-Star and took off. "Has Pumyra or Tygra called in about the Rat-Star?" Lion-O asked. "No not a word from them." Cheetara ansewed. "Oh Snarf Snarf I knew it, the Mutants are behind it I'm sure of it.". "Oh come on uncle Snarf they're still on Wayoutback Snarfer Snarfer." Snarfer said trying to get his uncle to calm down. "I'm not so sure of that Snarfer, Bragg was suppose to call in for a role call for the Mutants and Lunatacs and he never send us a message." Ben-Gali said. "Well maybe if I use the Sword of Omens sight beyond sight to see were Pumyra and Tygra really are." Then Lion-O takes out the Sword of Omens and lifts it to his face and says."Sword of Omens give me sight beyond sight.". Then the crossbars on the sword curled and Lion's eyes glowed. Then Lion-O saw Pumyra and Tygra in the Rat-Star's cell block. "Well whomever is driving the Rat-Star they've captured Pumyra an Tygra, Sword of Omens show me more.". Then Lion-O saw Slythe and Monkian at the controls. "So it is the Mutants, they have escaped from Wayoutback.". Then Lion-O saw nothing but black. "What now I can't see anything.". "Maybe it was the Rat-Star's systems that blocked the sword's sight." Panthro suggested. Then on Wayoutback Crownan and Bragg break free of Drag-Ron's spell. "Now that we can move again Crownan get to the controls and call the Thundercats." Bragg ordered. Then Crownan flew toward the control room of the train only to be caught by Alluroe's long arm. Alluroe pulled Crownan into the cage. "I got him Luna." Alluroe yelled. "Good job Alluroe now seach him for the keys." Luna ordered. Then Alluroe took Crownans necklace off. He took the cresant moon from the necklace and gave it to Luna. "Here is the key Luna.". Then Luna stuck her hand out of the cage and put the key in a little hole on the side. "Were free, Were free." All the Lunatacs yelled at once. "Now that were free lets go to Third Earth and conquer it." Chilla said with an evil smile. "No, I want to destroy those retched Mutants they will pay for leaving us here." Luna said. "Luna is right." Tugg-Mugg said in agreement. "Ya but were would the Mutants be by now?" Red-Eye asked. "They would want to go to New Thundera and try to destroy the Thundercats, and it would be the perfect place for an ambush." Luna suggested. "Everybody aboard the train, we have a date with the Mutants Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha." Luna said in laughter. To Be Continued...

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