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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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The Tick Versus 3rd Earth - Chapter 4
By Bill Taylor

The Tick Versus 3rd Earth
By Bill Taylor

Chapter 4: The Tick VS Grune The Destroyer

 To the surprise of Tygra and the kittens, the Tick walked for hours and hours 
without getting hungry and without getting tired. His strength and size alone was 
beyond anything they had ever seen. He was a relic, something from beyond 
their time, maybe even beyond them.
 “So Tick, how long have you been in that ice block?” asked Wilykat.
 “I honestly don’t know,” Tick replied over his shoulder. “It was the new 
century, 21st, when I got dumped in the Alaskan lake by what’s his name.”
 “It’s a long story. During a lack of crime wave, Arthur convinced me to go to 
the museum with him, and there, this crazy mummy monster appeared out of 
nowhere and started tearing the place apart.”
 “Mummy monster?” exclaimed the kittens.
 “Yeah. I forget his name. It was Mumm-something.”
 “Mumm-Ra? The Ever-Living by any chance?” asked Tygra.
 “Yeah! That was him!” yelled Tick. “Do you know him?”
 “He’s our mortal enemy, sworn to destroy for no other reason than the fact 
that we happen to be here.”
 “Hey, that’s tough.”
 “So tell us Tick, what was your Arthur friend like?”
 “Short. Fat. Really into bizarre miscellaneous facts. You would’ve liked him. 
He was the best sidekick a guy ever had.” Tick felt tears brim in his eyes, 
unaware that he did for Arthur what Arthur had done for him, as he came for 
the first time to grips with the fact that Arthur was gone forever and that he 
would never see him again. “SNIFF, if you don’t mind, I’d rather not… talk 
about it right now.”
 “Okay. It shouldn’t be a whole lot further, we should be there by evening.” 
That’s when the Thunder Tank was lifted up from behind, nearly knocking the 
occupants out and causing Tick to fall forward.
 “Have we hit a speed bump?” asked Tick.
 “Worse than that I think!” Tygra yelled over a maniacal laugh.
 “Nice day for a drive in the country, wouldn’t you say so, Thundercats?” It 
was Grune the Destroyer, ex-Thundercat and an all around not so nice guy.
 “Kit, Kat, get out of here! I’ll hold him off! Get Lion-O and the others!” Tygra 
jumped on top of the cargo roof and started cracking his whip. Tygra got his 
whip wrapped around Grune’s battle club and tried to whip it away from him, 
but Grune yanked forward and Tygra fell face first into the ground. As soon as 
Tygra was back on his feet, Grune kicked him hard in the stomach, and Tygra 
collapsed on the ground, clutching his stomach, and managed to roll out of the 
way of the bigger, heavier warrior.
 Tygra managed to back get up and kicked Grune in the back. Grune spun 
around and tried to whack Tygra’s head off with the battle club, but Tygra 
ducked. Tygra punched Grune in the stomach a few times, and then he punched 
Grune in the face, right where he was missing a tooth. Grune pulled a real piece 
of chicken shit fighting by hitting Tygra back with his forearm like he was 
Frankenstein’s monster, not using his fist or even his elbow. In any case, Tygra 
was on the ground, and Grune was holding him in place by keeping his foot 
rammed into his stomach.
 “Homosexual weakling! Panthro wear you out last night?” laughed Grune.
 “I… am… not…gay… damn… it! And… Panthro… is… not… even… 
remotely… gay! I’ll… have… you… know… I… work… out… four… 
times… a… week… including… holidays…!”
 “Whatever! Die!”
 “Spoon!” Tick grabbed Grune by the wrist that was connected to the hand that 
held his club and twisted, then he shoved Grune into a tree. Grune managed to 
push back and threw Tick off, but he lost his battle club in the process.
 “And where did they get you? A garage sale?”
 “I am the Tick! Champion of Justice! Righter of wrongs! Protector of the 
innocent! And always there to help out the little guy/underdog!”
 “Whatever. For your alliance with the Thundercats, I will destroy you!”
 Tick put up his dukes as Grune charged him. Grune kicked Tick in the gut just 
as Tick punched him in the face. Tick stood there like a brick, but Grune fell on 
his butt. Tick put Grune in a headlock, but Grune hit him, sinking his single 
saber tooth into Tick’s forearm. That hurt. Tick let go of Grune. Tick and 
Grune shadowboxed each other for a minute or two, then Tick got serious and 
punched Grune in the face. Grune was surprised that any opponent could cause 
him pain. Tick hit him again and knocked him down. While on the ground, 
Grune saw his battle club, reached for it, stood up and smashed it right in Tick’s 
face. Tick was caught off guard, but he pulled the spiked club out, and started 
pummeling Grune with a vengeance.
 “Was there ever a being infused with such power as he?” Tygra philosophized 
as Wilykit and Wilykat helped him up on his feet.
 For a moment, Grune was able to land a few blows on Tick, but in the end, it 
was Tick who landed the final, solid blow that decided the victory and left 
Grune out cold on the ground.
 “Wow! First Mumm-Ra, then the mutants, and now Grune!” cheered Wilykat. 
“Who’ll this guy beat up for us next?”

To Be Continued...

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