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This is the Fan Section of the Pyramid. These are pictures and new episodes done by fans. Even though the show is out of production, the ThunderCats live on here. If you want to submit something you made, Send it here and I'll post it up.
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The Savior of Third Earth
By Bill Taylor

The Savior Of 3rd Earth
By Bill Taylor

NOTE: Know who Grune the Destroyer is? Remember how his ravaging 3rd Earth
became legend? Ever wonder how 3rd Earth survived? Now, for the first time
ever in this fan fictional crossover, it is revealed that Grune got his ass
kicked by none other than. He-Man! Master of the Universe! Wielder of the
Sword of Grayskull! Champion of justice! Role model for boys! Sex object
for women! Scourge of interior decorators! And most importantly of all, the
guy who paved the way for Thundercats! (C'mon, admit it, you know he did!
What, you never noticed the similarities between these 2 shows?) Who else
could have kicked Grune's ass but He-Man? Just remember, this is a fan
fictional story, He-Man and all his Master of the Universe friends are
trademarks of Mattel toys, Filmation, and someone else, Hallmark I think, I
forget. The Thundercats and all related characters are trademarks of Ted
Wolf, Rankin Bass entertainment, Lorimar, and someone else. I'm not real
good at this stuff. Just remember, these characters weren't my idea and
these events took place centuries before Lion-O and company showed up. 

3rd Earth, hundreds of years ago, long before Lion-O and the last remaining
Thundercats arrived, when there was only one Thundercat on 3rd Earth. A
time of darkness, a time of chaos, a time of death, a time that called out
for a hero.

Grune, ex-Thundercat turned tyrant, was merrily ravaging a village that
belonged to the Wollos, who had long abandoned their home when they heard
of his arrival. After his defeat at the hands of Jaga on Thundera, Grune
had been banished and landed on a ridiculous planet called 3rd Earth. Grune
found he had easy pickings here, no one to stand in his way and his path
for power. 
"I will be supreme!" Grune shouted to no one in particular. "3rd Earth
will crumble before the might of Grune the Destroyer!"
Grune only wished 3rd Earth could produce a champion who could stand up to
him and to die at his hands in battle. So far, the only residents who had
tried to stand in his way were some pesky forest dwelling women who called
themselves Warrior Maidens, lead by a fiery-eyed queen named Lynne, and
even they had turned to retreat, their weapons and numbers no match for
All there was for him to do was ignore this emptiness and continue
ravaging, which he did so well. Long ago he had turned his back on the Code
of Thundera; Justice, Truth, Honor, Loyalty, and pursed the real path of
life, the path of power. And now he pursued so much that he did not even
notice the falling star in the morning sun.

While Grune was busy destroying whatever caught his eye, young Lynne led
what was left of her Warrior Maidens and assorted 3rd Earth neighbors
through the deserts of 3rd Earth. Lynne and her people had been evicted
from their forest home only a few years ago by Grune the Destroyer, a
fierce, saber tooth cat like giant who was possessed by a thirst for
destruction. Naturally, the Warrior Maidens did not give up their homes
without a fight, but they were no match for Grune. They fought valiantly,
but in the end, Grune decimated their ranks and destroyed whoever did not
retreat. Of the 456 Warrior Maidens who had been living peacefully in the
forest, only 107 of them had escaped and now delayed what some were
beginning to think was inevitable destruction. 50 of the surviving maidens
were children.
But at least the Warrior Maidens were not alone in this crisis. The
diminuitive Wollos, sheep like Bolkins, and mechanical bear Berbils had
also been driven from their homes by this madman who called himself Grune.  
"Lynne," Sharon, Lynne's sister called, "what do you plan on doing from
"I don't know, Sharon. This Grune is unlike any beast we've ever
encountered. We'll just have to keep moving, put as much distance between
us and that monster as we possibly can."
"But we can't just run away forever," Sharon observed. "Sooner or later,
he will catch up to us, and we will either fight him or die."
"That's true," Lynne agreed grimly. "But we have no time to think about
that now. We have to keep moving."
"Excuse me, Lynne," a young Bolkin came from aside to look up at the young
queen, though only 5'7" seemed a giant to the Bolkin and the other
survivors. "Where do you plan on stopping? This walk has gone on for days
without rest."
"We'll stop when we get to the edge of the desert," Lynne replied.
"There's some kind of pit up ahead, where fire rock is brewed."
"A fire rock pit?"
"With times as hard as they are now, it may be the safest place." Lynne
looked up ahead, trying not to think of Grune and just to think on walking,
to keep looking ahead. These long marches had become increasingly common
over the years. Everyone banding together to take what they could and move
on in vain attempts to stay one step ahead of Grune the Destroyer. 
They're right, she thought. We can't run forever. Either we make our stand
and die on our feet, or we run like scared children and eventually die
later on. For years, Lynne had tried to concoct a plan to defeat Grune, and
all her plans had failed. Grune was a creature that seemed invincible, like
something from the stories her grandmother had told her as a child. A beast
of unspeakable evil that no mere mortal could defeat, that only some strong
and pure of heart hero could over come. So far, no strong and pure of heart
heroes had come along to deliver them from evil.

Hours dragged on like days, the days had gone on like years, but finally,
the edge of the desert came into sight, marked by the pit of fire rock.
Only about a mile away it was, but till now unnoticed by the bruised, the
battered, the bleeding, and the dying. 
"Lynne, look up there! Some kind of vehicle!" Lynne looked to where Sharon
pointed her finger, and saw that there was a ship of some kind. Not the one
that had brought Grune the Destroyer, but of a similar, advanced technology
that they knew nothing of. 
"Do you think that someone's there?" a Wollo asked.
"I don't know."
"I hope whoever's there is friendly."
"I know what you mean, Wollo," Lynne said, not knowing his name. "That
would be a nice change of pace after what we've been through with Grune."
The legion of survivors marched onward, not knowing what lay up ahead, not
knowing what fate awaited them.  
When they finally reached the ship, there was a strange looking tiger out
front, green with yellow stripes. When the cat took notice of them, his
reaction seemed a cross of fear and courage, standing to defend his
territory and at the same time, retreating, slumping back. 
"Easy," Lynne said, approaching slowly, extending her hand out for the cat
to sniff. "We mean you no you no harm." Lynne let the strange looking cat
sniff her hand for a few seconds, and finally, the cat began to relax, and
actually purred to her. "Good boy," Lynne cooed, "good boy."
"Who are you?" Lynne heard a male voice call. Lynne looked up and saw a
young man standing a few feet away from her. 
"It's okay, Adam," the cat spoke. "I don't think they mean to harm us."
"Is that so, Cringer?"
Lynne leapt back, caught off guard by the sound of the cat speaking. "Did-
did that cat just- speak?"
"As a matter of fact, I did," the cat answered. 
"Looks as though this girl has not heard of talking cats, Cringer."
"I am not a girl!" Lynne protested defensively. "I am Lynne, Queen of the
Warrior Maidens!"
The young man whom the cat called Adam looked out at the legion of women
who stood with bows, arrows, spears and knives at the ready. Among them
were also people who resembled sheep dressed like monks, mechanical teddy
bears and some people who could not identify.
"The Warrior Maidens, I presume."
"The women are," Lynne answered. "The bears are Berbils, the sheep are
Bolkins, and those are the Wollos. Who are you, stranger? What are you
doing here?" 
"I am Adam, Prince of Eternia." This Prince Adam was a very unusual
looking man, Lynne thought. He had blonde hair, which none of them had ever
seen, blue eyes, and had the most unusual looking clothes. He wasn't very
big, only about 5'11", stocky at best. "If my presence here is disturbing,
believe me, I'm sorry. My ship was shot down by the mutants of Plun-Darr."
"Eternia? Plun-Darr? Where and what are these places?"
"Planets. I am Prince from the royal family of the planet Eternia. I was
on my way back there from the planet Thundera, when my ship was attacked
and forced to land here."
"Who attacked you?"
"Mutants from the planet Plun-Darr."
"I was sent to negotiate a treaty with the Thunderians for a possible
alliance against the mutants of Plun-Darr, who seek to destroy Thundera and
those who live there. The Mutants don't want that to happen."
"I don't understand," Lynne said, confused. What was this man talking
about? Thunderians? Mutants? 
"You don't have too," Adam replied. "What brings you all here?"
"Oh nothing. Just on the brink of extinction."
"Oh really?"
"Yes. For the last few years, we've been running from a monster called
"Grune? Is this a cat like man by any chance with saber teeth?"
"Yes. But how could you know about that?"
"I heard about a warrior named Grune when I was on Thundera. He was once a
soldier there, but he turned to the ways of evil and was banished."
"I guess this is where they sent him, not thinking of how the locals would
be affected by his presence."
"Is there anyway I can help?"
"Unless you have an army of warriors who are pure of heart and stronger
than savage animals, I don't think so."
"I think I know someone who could help," Adam said.
Before Lynne could inquire as to what Adam meant, a familiar, maniacal
laugh was heard. Grune the Destroyer was coming. 
"Lynne, its him!" Sharon shouted. "It's Grune!"
"Oh no!" shouted a Wollo. "We're trapped with nowhere to go!"
"Oh my goodness," said a Berbil, with no real expression of fear except
for the fear in his circuits. 
"It can't end this way!" cried out one Bolkon who was not ready for death.
"Warrior Maidens, prepare for battle!" shouted Lynne at the top of her
lungs. With no hesitation, the Warrior Maidens took their stances, aiming
their bows and arrows, preparing to either throw their spears or charge
with their spears and knives into battle. Lynne pushed her way to the
front, tying her long black hair back and joining the archery women. The
Wollos, Bolkons and Berbils retreated to hide around Adam's ship, trying
vainly to pull Adam with them.
"Fire!" she shouted. Arrow after arrow was fired through the air. Some of
the arrows penetrated Grune's skin, while others just bounced off his
armor. Grune charged forward and began decimating the ranks, mauling and
slaying women with his spiked battle club and unaware of their vain
attempts to harm him by stabbing him with their knives and spears. 
"Pathetic! All these years of running from me, and this all you have to
give! I'm disappointed!" The Warrior Maidens were forced to break up and
break away. In the midst of this, Lynne was knocked down and Grune noticed.
Lynne tried to reach for a fallen spear, but Grune stepped on her arm,
pinning her to the ground. "So now it ends!"
"Pick on someone your own size, tyrant!" Instead of just mauling Lynne's
head in, Grune looked over his shoulder and saw a diminuitive figure with a
green cat. 
"And who's going to make me? You? Pretty boy?"
"I'd like to introduce you to someone. Someone who'd like to have a word
with you." Adam reached back behind his head, reached down into his shirt
and pulled out the Sword of Grayskull. "By the power of Grayskull!" he
shouted, holding the sword in the air. Before Grune could laugh, a bright
light exploded from the sword, engulfing Adam, and seemingly reforming him
in its light. "I have the power!"
When the light faded away, Adam was gone and a new figure stood in his
place. Blonde hair, blue eyes, 6'6", 240 lbs of muscle, his name was
He-Man, a warrior pure of heart and strong as Hell. His companion cat,
Cringer, was also gone, covered in red armor, Battle Cat. 
"Who the Hell are you?" Grune demanded.
"He-Man, Master of the Universe," replied the barbarian.
"I'm not impressed by your light show, He-Man."
"You're no work of art either, kitty. I challenge you to a dual, or are
you scared!"
"Scared? I'll make you eat those words, fool!"
Grune charged He-Man and brought his club down on him. He-Man easily
blocked with his sword and struck back at Grune's face, knocking off his
"ARGH! Damn you! You're really gonna get it now!" 
The Warrior Maidens rushed to the side of their queen as Grune and He-Man
clashed. "Are you alright, Lynne?" asked Sharon.
"I'm fine," said Lynne. "But one of those two won't be at the rate they're
He-Man struck at Grune with a strength Grune had not found in any opponent
since Jaga. Grune still had a few inches on He-Man, but it had been years
since he had fought a warrior of this caliber. None-the-less, he would not
give in. Nothing would stand in his way of power now. 
"Was there ever a battle such as this?" asked one Warrior Maiden as He-Man
began driving Grune back towards the pit of fire rock. The Sword of
Grayskull struck against the battle club with a vengeance, shattering ear
drums and echoing across the land. Grune swung at He-Man's head with his
club, but He-Man ducked and threw out his leg, kicking Grune in the stomach
and causing him bend. He-Man then brought down his sword to crack Grune's
head open, but Grune brought his club up just in time to block it. He-Man
and Grune were locked for a single moment, two titans locked in what seemed
to be eternal, mortal combat, till Grune punched He-Man in the stomach and
knocked him over. 
"You've been a most worthy opponent! Now you die like all who oppose me!"
Grune shouted, preparing the crush He-Man's skull. Battle Cat saw his
master in trouble and charged in, jumping on Grune's back, scratching and
clawing him. "Get off!" Grune turned away to try and knock Battle Cat off.
When he turned back around to finish off He-Man, he felt the swipe of a
sword cut across his chest. His blood sprayed out, and he felt that the
sword had nicked his heart. 
Despite this, Grune pressed forward, striking at He-Man. It looked as
though Grune had He-Man on the defensive, but in actuality, He-Man was
leading Grune back towards the pit of whatever it was, hoping to knock him
in. Grune lunged forward and He-Man stepped aside, slicing through the
flesh between Grune's lung and hip and then bringing his sword back around
the chop down into Grune's shoulder. 
Grune staggered forward, towards the edge of the pit that lead to the fire
rock. When Grune turned around, he saw his opponent He-Man lifting a
boulder. Before Grune could throw his club, He-Man threw the boulder at
Grune, knocking him over the edge and sending him falling into the pit of
fire rock below. Grune did not yell on the way down, the only sound that
was heard was the sound of his splashing into the liquid fire rock. He-Man
walked over to the edge to watch him sink in. 
"You did it, He-Man!" Battle Cat roared. "You got him!"
"Yes, but if it hadn't been for you Battle Cat, he would have crushed my
skull like a peanut. You're a true friend." 
"What happened?" Lynne shouted as she came running forward with her
Warrior Maidens to survey the battle. "Where's Grune?"
"Down there, in the inferno of that- whatever it is."
"Fire rock. That's what we call it. It used to be used for fuel, but it's
been forbidden to mine it for centuries. It's too dangerous and
"But this time, it came in handy," He-Man observed. 
"Hey, down there!" shouted a maiden. "He's crawling out!" 
He-Man and Lynne looked down and saw that Grune was indeed at the edge of
the pool of the pit and was trying to crawl out. Wasting no words, they all
ran down to see if he needed more killing, but that was not required. When
they got there, Grune was lying dead on the ground. The fire rock had
killed him. 

He-Man took Grune's body and buried it deep within a tomb, trapping him
under a pile of his own broken weapons and putting a star symbol on the
door to keep him from escaping and to ward off anything evil that might
want to break him out. A few days later, He-Man, or rather, Prince Adam,
and his pet Cringer were picked up by rescue teams from Eternia and left
3rd Earth and was never heard from again. 3rd Earth residents would be
eternally grateful for what he did. 
Lynne and her Warrior Maidens went to work rebuilding what Grune had
destroyed over the years so that everyone could resume their lives. It took
many years and Lynne never saw it through. Lynne's daughter and her
daughter's daughters would continue until all had been restored. 


IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING: Lynne, the queen of the Warrior Maidens in this
story, is supposed to be the great, great, great grandmother of Willa and
Nayda, the queen and her sister we met in the episode The Trouble With
Time. Just think of Willa with shorter hair and a not so shaky voice. I
named the character after voice actress Lynne Lipton, who voiced Cheetara,
Willa, Nayda, Wilykit, Luna, Mandora, and most of the other females on this
show. Thanks for reading. 

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