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Episode Guide

ThunderCats was first shown on FOX during the late 1980's. Whether they were struggling against Mumm-Ra in the depths of his pyramid, making new discoveries in space, or whipping up on the Mutants, the ThunderCats captivated audiences for years in a span of 130 episodes. These are the summaries.
Season 2
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Thundercats HO! The Movie (5 part series)
NOTE:"TCats Ho!" was not really part of the 2nd season. It was
an independent movie on video, but it places here in the sequence of events...

Part I
Lion-O wakes up from an awful nightmare he has been having about leaving Thundera. He remembers leaving some of his fellow Thunderians on Thundera because the ship could not stay any longer. Jaga appears to him and explains that they did not perish, and that they are on third earth. Anxious to find them, Lion-O asks Cheetara to use her psychic powers to find their location. Mumm-Ra, overhearing this news, sends the Berserkers to capture the Thunderians, and bring them to him. Lion-O is almost boiled alive by the Berserkers.

Part II
Mumm-ra has the Thunderians sent to Fire Rock mountain (otherwise known to the thundercats as thundrainium) Thundranium makes the Thunderians, as well as the Thundercats, weaker than kittens. Lion-O is rescued by Panthro in the new Hover-Cat, and meanwhile Snarf gets captured by Rataro in his spaceship, the Rat Star. When Lion-O tries to rescue Snarf, he falls off the Rat Star and onto snow-covered Hook Mountain. Here he meets up with the Fist Pounder, a new mutant tank driven by Monkian.

Part III
The Thunderians are delivered to Fire Rock Mountain and put in cells. Meanwhile, Panthro takes on the Fist Pounder in the Thundertank, but Rataro interferes and blows the Thundertank up. (or so it seems) Lion-O heads to Mumm-ra's Pyramid to try and learn what happened to the Thunderians, but while there, he ends up getting mummified by some ancient mummies.

Part IV
Lion-O escapes Mumm-Ra's pyramid and heads for Fire Rock Mountain where the Thunderians are being held. Cheetara and Tygra save Panthro, who was pinned underneath the Thundertank when Rataro shot it. Snarf escapes from Rataro and ends up in Tuska country. By the end, all the Thundercats are headed for the mountain. Lion-O gets there first, only to be confronted by Hachi Man, who thinks Lion-O is evil again. Lion-O slips and it looks like he's about to fall into the Thundrainium pits, and that's how it ends.

Part V
Hachi Man saves Lion-O. Lion-O, unable to get past the thunrainium to save the Thunderians, uses the power of the star of thundera to cancel the effects of the thundrainium. Mumm-ra sends Grune the Destroyer to stop Jaga from getting the power of the star for Lion-O, but Grune fails. After giving the star's power to Lion-O, Mumm-Ra manages to steal it from him. Mumm-Ra, trying to possess the star's powers, instead gets destroyed by the star's power. Lion-O saves the thunderians, and anoints them as Thundercats. Bengali, the white tiger, Pumyra, the female puma, and Lynxo the blind lynx.

Mumm-Ra Lives! (5 part series)

Part I
Thinking that Mumm-Ra has perished, the Thundercats prepare for peace, but Mumm-Ra has survived. Ma-Mutt brings the weak Mumm-Ra back to his pyramid and Mumm-Ra changes Ma-Mutt into an image of himself and tells him to order the Mutants to free the Lunataks, creatures from the moons of Plun-Darr, who are imprisoned in molten lava in Darkside. Snarf overhears this and warns the Thundercats. The Thundercats must figure out how to get into Darkside without having to cross the Fire Rock Pits, which contains Thundrainium.

Part II
The Mutants free the Lunataks and Mumm-Ra (Ma-Mutt in disguise) tells them that they must put aside their differences and help him destroy the Thundercats. The Lunataks agree...for now. The Lunataks and the Mutants capture and force the Brute-men, the Wollos, and the Bulkans to help build Sky Tomb, the Lunataks' fortress. After arriving in Darkside by going through the Forest of Mists, the Thundercats realize that the Lunataks are powerful enemies after discovering Sky Tomb is mobile.

Part III
In order to defend Third Earth from Sky Tomb, the Thundercats and the Berbils build the Tower of Omens. But Mumm-Ra finds out about this and sends the Lunataks to destroy it. While the Lunataks and most of the Thundercats battle it out, Lynx-O and Snarf use the tower's signal beam to drive off Sky Tomb and the Lunataks.

Part IV
Thanks to the Ancient Spirits of Evil, Mumm-Ra is finally restored to full power. Meanwhile, Snarfer, Snarf's nephew, arrives on Third Earth, but his ship goes off course and lands in Darkside. The Lunataks also learn of this and they manage to capture Snarfer. The Thundercats must go to Dark Side to rescue Snarfer.

Part V
Mumm-Ra leaves the pyramid to take charge at Sky Tomb and Ma-Mutt is left behind to guard the pyramid. Cheetara and Lynx-O journey to the pyramid to find out if Mumm-Ra IS still alive. But they are attacked by Ma-Mutt and the Ancient Spirits of Evil statues. Lynx-O manages to drive them off by using a magical talisman he found earlier. Meanwhile, Lion-O, Panthro, Tygra, and Pumyra go to Darkside to try to free the Lunataks' slaves, but they are captured by the Lunataks instead. Cheetara and Lynx-O come to their aid and the Thundercats must face Mumm-Ra. To the Thundercats' surprise, Mumm-Ra no longer fears his own reflection. Lynx-O then uses the talisman to defeat Mumm-Ra. The Lunataks want the talisman for themselves, so they (except Luna and Amuk) start fighting amongst themselves, allowing the Thundercats to safely leave.

Mumm-Ra plays deception with the Thundercats when he (disguised as Jaga) tells Lion-O that the Thundercats at the Tower of Omens will rebel and take Third Earth for themselves. Then he disguises himself as a Tuska warrior and asks the Thundercats at the tower for help. Ben-Gali, Pumyra, and Snarfer go to investigate while Lynx-O calls on the others to help, but Lion-O warns the others of their possible treachery, but Panthro, Cheetara, and Snarf go anyway but somewhat cautious. When they meet, the Tuska warrior "accidently" causes the newer Thundercats to attack. He then dissappears and the Thundercats start fighting each other. Meanwhile the Lunataks invade Cats Lair and the Tower of Omens. Lion-O must call on the Thundercats hoping they'll stop fighting each other to defeat the Lunataks and Mumm-Ra, which they do.

Psych Out
Mumm-Ra tells Aluro that the Egora Talisman will give whoever possesses it the power of extreme self-confidence. Aluro finds the talisman and uses it, along with his own powers of hypnotism, to "take away" the Thundercats' self-confidence, leaving them hopeless and confused. Only Snarf remains and it is up to him to defeat Aluro and restore the Thundercats.

The Mask of the Gorgon
Mumm-Ra plans on using the legendary Mask of Gargon to free a sleeping child in the hills of Elfshima to use against the Thundercats. When Chilla and Tug Mug fail to get the mask because it turned them to stone, Mumm-Ra summons it and decides he needs the Eye of Thundera so that the mask can use sight beyond sight to awaken the giant child. Lynx-O warns the Thundercats of the mask and the sleeping child, but Lion-O, Panthro, and Willa still go to the pyramid, but are turned to stone by the mask. Mumm-Ra then uses the Eye of Thundera and the mask to awaken the giant. But Lynx-O and Ben-Gali in the Thunderstrike defeat the giant and the mask gets smashed apart restoring everyone who had been turned to stone, and the Eye of Thundera burns the book that contained the mask's terrible secrets.

The Mad Bubbler
Mad Bubbler The Lunataks discover an unmined Thundrillium mine on Hook Mt, so Luna, Amak, and Chilla go to the mine. Snowman tries to stop them, but the three Lunataks enter the mine anyway and encounter the Mad Bubbler who encases them in his bubbles which cause them to fight each other. Panthro, Cheetara, and Tygra arrive on Hook Mt. to stop the Lunataks from mining the Thundrillium, but they too are trapped in the Mad Bubbler's bubbles and they turn evil and fight each other. Since a snarf is the only being that is "immune" to evil, Lion-O summons Snarf and Snarfer to save them.

Together we stand
Mumm-Ra summons the Berserkers and coats their armor with Thundrainium and sends them to attack the Thundercats at the Tower of Omens. Realizing that their armor is coated with Thundrainium, the Thundercats at the tower need help and Lion-O and Tygra rescue them. They create a windstorm to rub off the Thundrainium and the Berserkers retreat. Meanwhile the Lunataks invade Cats' Lair and the Thundercats must rush back to save the Thunderkittens and Snarf who are being held as the Lunataks' slaves.

Ravage Island
Mumm-Ra uses the Beacon of Ravage Island to make the Thundercats his slaves. When the beacon puts Lion-O, Panthro, Cheetara, and Pumyra under its power, they are easily captured by the Mutants, and Snarf must get the others at the tower for help, but Ben-Gali soon falls under the beacon's power and it's up to Lynx-O, Snarf and Snarfer, to save the "enslaved" Thundercats.

Time Switch
Young Lion-O While burying one of the time capsules that transported the Thundercats to Third Earth, it smashes apart and Lion-O gets caught in its gases, making him younger and younger by the minute. The other Thundercats must find a way to reverse the process and realize the Cave of Time is the only way, but they must get Lion-O there before he "vanishes" from existence. Things get worse when the young Lion-O and Snarf are captured by the Lunataks.

Sound Stones
Vultureman develops a sonic gun to destroy the Thundercats. Since the other Mutants refuse to help, Vultureman decides to go on his own until the Lunataks "kidnap" him and force him to help them. Vultureman uses a legendary sound stone to power the device and he and the Lunataks use it against the Thundercats at the Tower of Omens. The Thundercats barely escape and are saved by Lion-O, but they lose the tower to the Lunataks. The Thundercats must design a sound weapon of their own with a sound stone to counter Vultureman's weapon and retake the Tower of Omens.

Day of the Eclipse
Third Earth is experiencing a total lunar eclipse and Mumm-Ra uses this eclipse to cast a spell that will cause Cats Lair and everything in it to malfunction. The Thundercats first notice this when things start falling apart and fail. Lion-O and Panthro must fight the Mutants while having problems running the Thundertank. They still manage to defeat the Mutants, but crash the Thundertank. Lion-O realizes that this must be Mumm-Ra's evil work and goes to the pyramid to stop Mumm-Ra. Meanwhile Cats Lair is getting worse as Cheetara and Tygra rush to fix things in the lair but are attacked by the Lunataks. They defeat the Lunataks temporarily, but the Lunataks return to finish off the Lair. In order to break the spell, Lion-O must use the Sword to block out the sun.

Side Swipe
Snarfer is making a trip back to Third Earth bringing food for the Thundercats, but he gets sideswiped by Chilla. Mandora, evil chaser sees this and pulls Chilla over. Chilla, however, ices Mandora and makes a run for it. Mandora insists on the Thundercats' help to capture Chilla. But when she and Lynx-O go to Darkside to capture Chilla, they fall into one of the Lunataks' traps. It seems that the Lunataks wanted the Braille board so that the Thundercats could not get to them. But when the board dissappears, they try to get the information from Lynx-O as to where it went, but Mandora escapes and frees Lynx-O. She is tricked however and she and Lynx-O are shot up into space in a pod. Lion-O brings them down by using the Sword, and they return to Darkside and Mandora succeeds in capturing Chilla.

Mumm-rana's Belt
Queen Luna After overhearing Snarf telling the Thunderkittens and Pumyra a story about Mumm-Rana's magic belt and Queen Luna (Luna's grandmother), Luna and Amuk journey to the white pyramid and take Mumm-Rana's belt, destroying her pyramid in the process. Pumyra tries to stop her but she gets sealed up in the pyramid. Amuk becomes jealous when Luna no longer needs him and during his "little temper", he accidently frees Pumyra. Then Luna forces Slithe and Monkian to help her ambush Lion-O and Panthro. During the battle with "Princess" Luna, Lion-O uses the sword to restore Mumm-Rana and she retakes the belt and defeats Luna. Amuk later arrives and destroys the belt.

Hachiman's Honour
Automaton - with the ThunderCutter Hatchiman rescues an old woman not knowing it's Luna. She "invites" him to her "cave" and there she and Chilla and Aluro attack him and take his sword, the Thundercutter. The Thunderkittens find Hatchiman and rescue him. The Lunataks plan to use the Thundercutter with their new samurai robot, Automaton, to fight Lion-O and the Sword of Omens. The Thundercutter can't tell who's good and who's evil in the fight but when Hatchiman touches the sword, the Thundercutter destroys the robot.

Bored and feeling that they are no longer needed, the Thunderkittens run away from home, but soon run into problems when they become ill from berries they had picked. A creature known as Cudi saves their lives. When the other Thundercats find them, the Thunderkittens invite Cudi to Cats Lair. But Mumm-Ra has been observing the situation and disguises himself as Cudi to gain entrance to the Lair. Many disasters occur and the blame is put on the false Cudi, who traps the Thundercats in the council chamber. The Thundercats realize it's Mumm-Ra and they manage to escape and defeat him.

Hair of the Dog
Snarf-Ra! With only Lion-O and Snarf guarding the Lair, Mumm-Ra decides this is a perfect opportunity to invade the Lair, so Ma-Mutt captures Snarf and Mumm-Ra switches Snarf and Ma-Mutt. Ma-Mutt (who now looks like Snarf) goes to Cats Lair and gives Lion-O some poisoned candy fruit. Lion-O becomes ill and realizes that this Snarf is really Ma-Mutt and Mumm-Ra arrives and defeats Lion-O. Snarfer's bad dream of Snarf becoming a dog causes him, Ben-Gali, and Pumyra to go to Cats Lair, but Mumm-Ra lays a trap for them. He sends Ma-Mutt to get Snarfer and Lion-O becomes better again and distracts Mumm-Ra. When Lion-O summons the other Thundercats, Snarf (who looks like Ma-Mutt now), using Mumm-Ra's chant that changes Mumm-Ra into the everliving, becomes... Snarf-Ra the everliving and he rescues Ben-Gali, Pumyra and they in turn rescue Snarfer from Ma-Mutt. Then Snarf-Ra challenges Mumm-Ra and defeats him. After the battle is over, Lion-O uses the sword to restore Snarf to his original state.

Vultureman's Revenge
Vultureman creates a weapon that shoots pure Thundrainium in hopes of destroying the Thundercats. His first victims are the Thunderkittens who fall into a deep cavern and become injured. Lion-O and Snarf search for the missing kittens. Meanwhile Vultureman must get more Thundrainium from Chilla in Darkside and is also ordered by Slithe to fix the Mutants' machines. The Thunderkittens are saved by a Wollo and they discover that the Wollo village has been "iced" and they are captured and used as bait to lure Lion-O. When Lion-O and Snarf arrive, they are shot down by Vultureman's weapon and Lion-O becomes weak and summons the Thundercats. Just as Vultureman is about to finish off Lion-O, Ben-Gali arrives, wrecks Vultureman's weapon and drives the Mutants and Chilla away. Lion-O then uses the sword to restore the Wollo village.

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