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Episode Guide

ThunderCats was first shown on FOX during the late 1980's. Whether they were struggling against Mumm-Ra in the depths of his pyramid, making new discoveries in space, or whipping up on the Mutants, the ThunderCats captivated audiences for years in a span of 130 episodes. These are the summaries.
Season 1 (continued)
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The Astral Prison
Lion-O learns that Jaga is a prisoner in the Astral world. Only the Nether Witch can transport Lion-O to the Astral world, but the Thundercats don't know that the Nether Witch and Mumm-Ra are the same person. Lion-O is tricked and is trapped in the astral world. Lion-O manages to free Jaga and he and Jaga also rescue a sorcerer named Brodo. To thank Lion-O, Brodo sends him back to Third Earth. Meanwhile, the Mutants attack Cats Lair with a cannon that shoots Thundrainium shells. The Thundercats are losing until Lion-O returns and he and the other Thundercats destroy the cannon and defeat the Mutants.

Queen of 8 Legs
Mumm-Ra finds out that the Kingdom of Webs has a new Queen, Spidera. Mumm-Ra thinks he can lure Lion-O in to Spidera. He transeforms into a diamond fairy and casts a spell on Lion-O. Snarf follows them and gets traped in the Kingdom of Webs. Lion-O trys to save him but ends up having to call the other Thundercats. Eventually they confront and beat Spidera.

Dimension Doom
Wiz-Ra, Mum-Ra's enemy from long ago comes back every 7000 years through a portal that just happens to be in Cheetara's bedroom. Wiz-Ra wears on his head a magical helmet that lets him control minds. When the time arrives and Wiz-Ra comes through the portal, Mumm-Ra steals the helmet. Cheetarah helps Wiz-Ra get the helmet back and free the ThunderCats from its spell.

The Rock Giant
Mumm-Ra awakens the Rock Giant, an ancient monster made of stone which looked like a mountain to the TCats. When it wakes up, Mumm-Ra sends it to destroy Cats Lair. The TCats try and defeat it using the Thundertank, and eventually with the help of the Sword, the giant is beaten.

The Thunder-Cutter
Hachiman Mumm-Ra summons Hachiman, an ancient Samuri, to destroy Lion-O. He convinces Hachiman that Lion-O and the Thundercats are evil. Lion-O and Willa make a journey to the Warrior Maidens kingdom to install an early alarm system to warn the Warrior Maidens of any Mutant attacks. On the way they encounter Hachiman and when he and Lion-O start to fight, their swords refuse to work. They realize that they must be on the same side for this to happen. Realizing Hachiman and Lion-O are now allies, the Mutants attack but Slithe is captured. Mumm-Ra then hires a ninja to fight Hachiman and the Thundercats and to rescue Slithe. The other Mutants attack the kingdom, and the Thundercats, Hachiman, and the Warrior Maidens are able to defeat the Mutants and the ninja.

Mechanical Plague
Panthro invents remote control cameras which the Thundercats will use to make a time capsule. Mumm-Ra finds out about this and recreates some of the Thundercats robot enemies: The Plun-Darrian Warbot(Return to Thundera), The Techno- Pede(Turmagar the Tuska), The Giant Insect(Return of the Driller) and the Driller. Each robot attacks a Thundercat, while Lion-O is attacked by the Mutants. The Thundercats defeat the robots and then help Lion-O beat the Mutants, all in front of the cameras.

The Demolisher
The Demolisher The Demolisher, a wandering fighter looking for a challenge, comes to Third Earth to fight Mumm-Ra. The Demolisher defeats Mumm-Ra. The Demolisher, still looking for a good challenge, is enticed by Mumm-Ra to go fight Lion-O. In the end, Lion-O defeats the Demolisher and send him home.

Feliner (2 parts)

Part I
Vulture-man summons Ratar-O to take him to the planet of the Snarfs to capture one of them and use it as ransom with the Thundercats. Snarf (Osbert J), thinking his entire race was wiped out when Thundera blew up finds out that they have captured Snarfer, his little nephew. The Thundercats set out to find the mutants and save Snarfer.

Part II
After successfully saving Snarfer, the Thundercats are faced with the problem of returning Snarfer to his planet. Panthro cleverly invents the Feliner, the first Thundercat air-ship. In order for it to work though, the machine need a hyper-space mega-condenser. Snarf reminds him that there is one on Ratar-O's Ratstar. The Thundercats once again persue the mutants to the wreckage site of the Ratstar to "take" their mega-condenser.

Mumm-Ra learns of the legendary magical sword known as Excalibur, the most powerful sword in existence... He disguises himself as King Arthur, and manages to swindle the sword from the Lady of the Lake. Still dressed as a knight, he is given passage into Cats Lair, where he plays on Lion-O's sense of honor to trick him into accepting a jousting tournament. The two adversaries compete, and it soon turns into a sword fight. Both seem evenly matched, but then the two swords themselves fight each other. Excalibur wins by plunging itself through the Eye of Thundera! All of a sudden, the source of the Thundercats' powers is destroyed, and the Thundercats all fall down helpless (even their Thundercats signals on their uniforms and Cat's Lair disappear). Before Mumm-Ra can savor his victory, Merlin appears and turns Excalibur upon him! He then heals the Eye of Thundera, and the Thundercats are restored. LionO, now the victor, returns Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake.

The Secret of the Ice King
The Ice King is freed after an avalanche. He invades the Snow Castle on Hook Mountain. Snowman and Snowmeow try to stop him but the Ice King freezes Snowman. Snowmeow goes to Cat's Lair to warn Lion-O. Lion-O comes with Snowmeow and is also frozen by the Ice King. The other Thundercats show up and they all get frozen except Cheetara and Snowmeow. They put the Sword in Lion-O's frozen hand and it melts them all. But they all discover that the Ice King doesn't mean any harm. He just wants to get the jeweled egg which is underground. They find the egg but it is gaurded by a dragon. The Thundercats beat the dragon and The Ice King gets the egg. He looks into the egg and sees a picture of his wife one last time before he melts.

Sword in the Hole
Captain Shiner Mumm-Ra hires the mercinary Capt. Shiner to trick the Thundercats with a phony distress call from space. The Thundercats fall for it and Lion-O, Snarf, Panthro and Cheetara go to investagate. Lion-O and Snarf get into Shiner's ship. They are captured by Shiner and Mumm-Ra takes the Sword Of Omens and throws it in the black hole. And to make sure Lion-O doen't call to the sword he blocks the Eye of Thundera. Panthro gets on to the ship and takes over. Lion-O, Snarf and Panthro fly the ship into the black hole to get the sword. They find out that the black hole is run by a living computer They are captured until Jaga tells Lion-O that the sword will come to him if he calls to it. Lion-O does so and they all escape on Shiner's ship. But damage is taken to the ship and they abandon ship except for Shiner. Then Cheetara saves Lion-O and the others in the Feliner. Lion-O thinks Shiner had perished but he escaped on an smaller ship.

The Wolfrat
The Wolfrat A Mechanical Rodent Penetrates the Cats' Lair, releasing a gas that reduces them to 9 inches. Tygra manages to create an antidote for the gas, just in time to fight the mutants who were attacking. Snarf gets another dose of the antidote, and doubles in size. He chases all the mutants out of the lair, but ends up hitting his head on a lot of doorways.

Good and Ugly
Two alien ships land on Third Earth. One has an ugly alien in it, the other a kind-looking robot. The robot tricks Lion-O in to thinking that the ugly alien is evil, and since the alien is very ugly Lion-O believes the robot and he helps capture the ugly alien. When the sword refuses to obey Lion-O as he tries to capture the alien, Lion-O realizes that the ugly alien is not evil and that the robot is, so he destroys it.

Divide and Conquer
The Thundercats are split up when Vultureman creates a voice-imitator that tricks all the TCats into thinking another TCat is in trouble by using each of their voices. Wiley Kit and Wiley Kat hear Tygra (but really Vultureman) in the Vortex, and when they try and rescue him, they get trapped inside. Cheetara meanwhile gets stuck in a big beehive where her super speed is useless because of all the sticky honey. Tygra gets stuck in a big hole, and Panthro gets captured. Lion-O rescues them all eventually, and then the voice-imitator is destroyed.

A group of tiny creatures (about 6 in. tall) called Micrits are tired of the Thundercats, mutants, and other giants crushing their small towns by stepping on them. While Lion-O is sleeping one day in a field, the Micrits tie him down with Thundranium Cords. Meanwhile, the mutants attack Cats Lair. Eventually, Lion-O convinces the Micrits he meant no harm, and the micrits let him go and he beats the mutants. Panthro goes back and puts up signs wherever micrit villages are.

The Super Power Potion
Vulture Man develops a potion that (obviously) gives him super powers. He manages to beat all the Thundercats he encounters- Tygra, Panthro, and Snarf. While battling Lion-O, Mumm-ra shows up and tries to take the potion. It ends up spilling, and soon Vulture Man loses his strength and the other Thundercats are freed.

The Evil Harp of Char-Nin
Accidentally, the exploring Thunderkittens come across a buried magical Golden Harp. The genie trapped inside it, Char-Nin, is very powerful but wishes only to be freed. Accordingly, it recognizes the WilyKat and Wilykit as his new masters, but Mumm-Ra drops in and covertly tricks the genie into accepting him as its new master. Char-Nin therefore betrays his "young masters" and transports Lion-O and the Thunderkittens into the center of Third Earth. The rest of the Thundercats, summoned by the Cat's Signal, come to aid them, but are also captured by Char-Nin. Even though the genie has now accomplished his task, Mumm-Ra of course refuses to free the genie. The genie and Mumm-Ra fight, while the Thundercats escape.

Tight Squeeze
After the Mutants fail to ambush and defeat the Thundercats with Vultureman's new thundrainium cannon, Vultureman, furious about the failed attempt and the loss of his weapon, activates a self-destruct built into each of his inventions or repaired machinery, and all the Mutant technology disintegrates. To even the odds, Slithe asks Mumm-Ra to send an electrical energy creature to destroy all the equipment in Cats Lair, which also seals up the door to the Sword Chamber, trapping the Sword of Omens inside along with all the Thundercats' weapons. The Mutants attack, and manage to capture Cheetara and Panthro. Snarf must climb into the ventilation shafts to reach the Sword Chamber from within, but Jackalman follows him trying to capture him. Outside, Lion-O is attacked by Slithe and Monkian, and later Mumm-Ra. After Snarf successfully gets the Sword back to Lion-O, Lion-O summons Panthro and Cheetara (freeing them) and they defeat Mumm-Ra and the Mutants.

Monkian's Bargain
Monkian goes to Mumm-ra and agrees to give him anything if Mumm-ra will make him powerful enough to rule Third Earth. Mumm-ra agrees cleverly, and gives him Power Spheres which make him super strong and give him super weapons. He freezes all the Thundercats, then defeats Lion-O and takes the sword of Omens back to Mumm-ra. Mumm-ra takes it, and then says that Monkian's part of the bargain will be that he can keep the spheres, but he has to stay in Mumm-ra's pyramid for all eternity. Walls surround Monkian, and every time he breaks them down, a new set of walls shows up. While Monkian and Mumm-ra are arguing, Lion-O retrievs the sword and frees the other Thundercats. Monkian gives up his power to be free again.

Out of Sight
Willa is captured by the Mutants, and Tygra and Nayda, Willa's sister, must go to Castle Plun-darr to save her. Tygra uses the invisibilty power of his whip on both of them, so they could sneak into the castle and rescue Willa, but having 2 people at a time takes too much power from the whip, so they are stuck being invisible. Lion-o uses the Sword to make them visible once again and Willa is rescued.

Jackalman's Rebellion
The normally submissive JackalMan decides to start his own army in hopes of conquering Third Earth by himself. He does manage to give the Thundercats trouble, but soon he is defeated and ends up crawling back to the other mutants at Castle Plundarr, who weren't very happy that he rebelled in the first place.

The Mountain
Lion-O takes up mountain climbing, but during one of his climbs, The Mutants attack him with a thundrainium gun, Liono calls the other Thundercats, but an avalanche traps Panthro, Tygra, Slithe and Monkian, in a cave causing a limited air supply. Meanwhile Jackleman steals the sword, but Lion-O manages to get it back and saves everyone.

Eye of the Beholder
Panthro makes a fake sword of omens, and they plan to play a joke on the Mutants! But the joke backfires when the Mutants capture Snarf too! Lion-O must rescue Snarf and defeat the Mutants and Mumm-Ra once again.

The Mumm-ra Berbil
Mumm-ra transforms himself into a ro-bear berbil (a Thundercat ally). He acts hurt and the Thundercats let him stay at Cats Lair. One night, Mumm-ra(the berbil) puts all the Thundercats under his spell, except Snarf, because Tygra held off Mumm-ra just long enough for Snarf to escape. Lion-O was sleeping out in the woods, and Snarf ran to him and told him what happened. Lion-O came back and fought Mumm-ra, who was actually beating Lion-O. Mumm-ra was wearing special glasses so he couldn't see his reflection. Eventually, Lion-O used the Thundercat signal, broke Mumm-ra's spell and his glasses, and finally defeated him with his reflection.

Trouble with Thunderkittens
The Thunderkittens steal the Thundercats' weapons so they can prove they can use them, but the Mutants steal the weapons! Lion-O and the kittens must get the weapons back from the Mutants.

Mumm-Rana The mutants stumble upon a white pyramid on a distant planet that looks just like Mumm-ra's pyramid. Inside the white pyramid lives Mumm-rana, a being of pure good. Mumm-ra however, puts a spell on her and turns her agains the Thundercats. She blinds the eye of Thundera by wrapping it tightly in thread. Lion-O finally convinces her that the Thundercats are good, and thus breaks Mumm-ra's spell and frees the eye of Thundera.

When a big storm hits Third Earth, the Thunderkittens are trapped in an old space capsule. Meanwhile, Tygra and Cheetra almost crash the Feliner, but Lion-O guides them in for a safe landing with the eye of Thundera. The kittens are captured by Mumm-ra, but end up saving the day by showing him his reflection in the window of the capsule.

The Transfer
The Thundercats detect a derelict spaceship. At the same time, Mumm-Ra and the Mutants detect it as well. They find that the ship carries radioctive material that could be used for mass destruction. Mumm-Ra makes a deal with the Mutants to get the ships reactor. So when the Feliner takes off to neutralize the reactor, Jackalman sneaks aboard the Feliner and later the alien ship. Once he has the reactor, he does not want to share it with Mumm-Ra or the other Mutants, and runs off with it. Mumm-Ra then steals the reactor from Jackalman and the Thundercats pursue him. They all attack Mumm-Ra at his pyramid and finally get the reactor and blow it up in space.

The Shifter
Vulture Man creates a device that shifts minds and bodies. He gives Panthro Snarf's body, and gives Snarf Panthro's Body. He also shifts Lion-O and Wiley-Kat, and thus makes the sword of omens unusable. Eventually, Vulture Man shoots the sword, and it causes a reaction that restores all the Thundercats to their rightful bodies.

Dream Master
Mumm-ra transforms himself into the Dream Master, and gains the power to control the Thundercats' dream selves. All except Lion-O. They all become slaves to Mumm-ra the Dream Master in their sleep, but when they wake up, they are just tired. However, when the Thundercats sleep again, Mumm-ra captures their dream selves in little bottles, and when Lion-O tries to wake them up, he can't. He goes and fights Mumm-ra, and frees the other Thundercats' dream selves. They wake up, come running, and help to defeat Mumm-ra again.

Fond Memories
Mumm-Ra creates living portraits of Lion-O's most formiddable enemies to Lion-O, enemies like Slithe with warp gas, Spidera queen of 8 legs, Safari Joe, and Ratar-O. He disguises himself as Dr. Dometone to lure Lion-O into his trap. Lion-O first confronts Safari Joe and Ratar-O, then Mumm-Ra who uses warp gas on Lion-O. Snarf and the other Thundercats go to rescue Lion-O but become trapped in the portraits. Lion-O must battle Mumm-Ra who's disguised as a Lion-O clone and free the Thundercats from the portraits.

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