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ThunderCats was first shown on FOX during the late 1980's. Whether they were struggling against Mumm-Ra in the depths of his pyramid, making new discoveries in space, or whipping up on the Mutants, the ThunderCats captivated audiences for years in a span of 130 episodes. These are the summaries.
Season 1
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The Pilot Episode. The Thudercats, Jaga, Panthro, Tygra, Cheetara, Lion-O, Snarf, and Wiley Kit and Wiley Kat, watch from a spaceship as their home planet, Thundera, blows up. The set a course for a distant planet, but on the way they are attacked by the Mutants from the planet Plun-darr. The damaged ship is now unable to make it to that planet, so while the other Thundercats sleep in Time-Suspension capsules, Jaga pilots the ship manually to Third Earth. Jaga manages to get them there, but he dies just before reaching the planet. Lion-O, the new lord of the Thundercats, goes from boyhood to manhood during the trip.

The Unholy Alliance
The mutants, who followed the Thundercats to Third Earth, meet Mumm-Ra, a being of immense evil. Mumm-Ra sinks the Mutants' space ship, in fear they might use it to call the other mutants and then destroy his pyramid with it. The Mutants, who are now stranded, team up with Mumm-Ra to try and get the Eye of Thundera from the Thundercats. The Mutants try first, but Lion-O holds them off. Then Mumm-Ra tries, but while he is battling Lion-O, he sees his reflection in Lion-O's claw shield, and Mumm-Ra is so horrified by the reflection, he has to fly away and thus is defeated.

Mumm-Ra tries to destroy the other Thundercats with a rock storm while Lion-O and Snarf are out searching the woods. But the Thundercats hide in the new Thundertank that Panthro has built. Meanwhile, Lion-O and Snarf get captured by the Ro-Bear Berbils, who turn out to be friendly. Lion-O helps defend the Berbil village from an attack by the Trologs, who are trying to get the Berbils' food. Then Lion-O defends the village again from Mumm-Ra, who had turned into a huge insect. The Berbils, in return, decide to help the Thundercats build their new Lair. In this ep, Jaga also teaches Lion-O how to call the Sword of Omens to come to his hand when needed.

The Slaves of Castle Plunn-Darr
Wiley Kit and Kat discover that the Mutants have enslaved a peaceful group of creatures called Brute Men to build the Mutants' new home, Castle Plun-darr. They tell the other Thundercats at the new Cats Lair, and they go over to Castle Plun-darr in the Thundertank to free the Brute Men. Slithe throws some warp gas at the Brute Men, which causes them to become angry and menacing. But just as they are about to get Lion-O, the warp gas wears off, and the Brute Men are free.

Trouble with Time
The Thundercats go in search of Thundrillium, the fuel that runs the Thundertank and Cats Lair. While out searching near the forest, Tygra finds a big amout of Thundrillium in a cave. The cave though, speeds up time, and while Tygra is in it, he begins to become very old. Luckily Cheetara saves him by running into the cave, grabbing him, and then running out of the cave with her super speed. Since Tygra is still very old, the Thundercats ask Willa, a new friend they had made earlier, what to do. She tells them to take Tygra to the mystical Fountain of Youth, which they do. It magically restores his youth, just as he was about to die.

Pumm-Ra During her morning run, Cheetara is kidnapped by the Mutants and sent to Mumm-ra's pyramid. Mumm-Ra then transforms himself into Pumm-Ra, the puma of Thundera. Cheetara awakens to find Pumm-Ra and thinks he saved her from the Mutants. She invites the stranger back to Cats Lair and he is given a trial run to see if he can be trusted. Later that night, Pumm-Ra sabotages the Lairand the Thundertank, and steals the Eye of Thundera. While most of the Thundercats are away, Lion-O and Snarf discover what Pumm-Ra has done and that he is an imposter. Pumm-Ra tries to use the sword against Lion-O but the sword won't work for him. The Mutants attack but Lion-O and the others defeat them. Then they face Pumm-Ra in the lair, but only to find out it was Mumm-Ra all along.

The Terror of Hammerhand
A group of pirates called the Berserkers, led by Hammerhand, come ashore and try to capture a unicorn. Snarf saves the unicorn, but gets captured himself. Lion-O meanwhile saves another unicorn trapped by a living tree. The unicorn gives him a ring in return. Then Hammerhand shows up with Snarf, and Lion-O fights him, but Hammerhand gets away with Snarf and a baby unicorn. Lion-O goes after them and tries to swim out to the Berserkers' pirate ship. He almost drowns, but is saved by the unicorn's ring. Lion-O calls on the other TCats, and Panthro and Cheetara show up in the Thundertank, which becomes a Thundersub. They rescue Lion-O, Snarf, and the unicorn and sink the pirate ship, and then return the unicorn to its mother.

The Tower of Traps
Wiley Kit and Wiley Kat help a Wollo who was being robbed. However, the robbers get away with a gold bracelet, a wedding present for the Wollo's daughter. The kittens go after the robbers and end up at the Tower of Traps which belongs to Baron Carnor, the leader of the robbers. Lion-O comes when the Sword tells him Kat has been captured. Lion-O and Kit go through the tower facing many obstacles, and finally come to the top and rescue Kat. Lion-O tries to confront the robber baron, but instead fights a bunch of living gargoyles the baron had brought to life, because the baron died a long time ago. Lion-O calls the other TCats, and they defeat the gargoyles.

The Garden of Delights
Silky with her fruit! Tygra chases a huge worm down a hole because the worm is causing small earthquakes on Third Earth. In the hole he meets Silky, which is really Mumm-Ra in disguise. Silky gives Tygra a fruit that puts him under a spell. The spell causes Tygra to steal the Sword of Omens and give it to Mumm-Ra. Since Mumm-Ra cannot use the sword, he traps Willa, a warrior maiden, and tells her she can use it to become queen of Third Earth. She goes along with him, and she and Mumm-Ra capture the other TCats. But just as Mumm-Ra is about to kill Lion-O, Willa throws Lion-O the Sword and he and the other TCats defeat Mumm-Ra and the Mutants.

Mandora: Evil Chaser
Mandora Lion-O and Snarf are out exploring when they come across an apparently abandoned large space capsule, and hear voices inside. When Lion-O opens the hatch, he unknowningly releases three of the galaxy's worst criminals: Plutar, Burn Out, and QuickPick. Mandora, the interplanetary policewoman, arrives too late. She drafts Lion-O and Snarf to help her recover the criminals. LionO has to - because QuickPick stole the Sword of Omens (and Snarf's money purse)! Lion-O helps to defeat the Plutar and the mechanized robot, Burn Out. And while LionO returns those criminals back to the space prison cell, Mandora goes out to find QuickPick, using a tracker device. She finds the robot, and then she gets captured by some Mud Hogs. Lion-O and Snarf arrive, and all of them become the prisoners of the subterranean creatures. But when Lion-O gets his hands on the Sword, he summons the other Thundercats, who blast in with the Thundertank. The bright lights force the Mud Hogs to flee, and peace is restored to Third Earth.

The Ghost Warrior
Grune as a ThunderCat Two locals accidently free the ghost of Grune the Destroyer, who had ravaged Third Earth centuries ago. He learns of the Thundercats' presence on Third Earth and drains the lair of its Thundrillium and attacks the Thundercats, who can't fight back too much since he's a ghost. Thanks to Cheetara's sixth sense, the Thundercats learn of Grune's history, that he was once a Thundercat and close friend of Jaga, but greed and power overcame him. Grune returns to the lair and Lion-O summons Jaga to fight Grune. Jaga and Grune battle it out, but Grune's battle club is made from Thundrainium. Lion-O gives Jaga the Sword of Omens and his strength to help him defeat Grune.

The Doom-Gaze
Mumm-Ra searches for a way to destroy the Thundercats and the Anceint Spirits of Evil tell him to free Tashi. Tashi is a sorceress who posseses a power known as the Doom-Gaze which gives her the power to put men in a transe. Mumm-Ra wants to free Tashi so he can share this power with her. But he must collect the following items: A Cheetah's hair, a berbil's tear and a unicorn's shoe. Mumm-Ra gets the Mutants to retreive these items. But Lion-O, Cheetara and Snarf follow the Mutants to Mumm-Ra and try to free Ro-Bear Belle(Who was captured to get the tear). But Tashi tells Mumm-Ra that he must find a hero to take her place. Then when Lion-O and Snarf appear Tashi puts them under the power of the Doom Gaze so they could take her place. But Cheetara beats the Mutants and trys to fight Mumm-Ra and Tashi and finds out she is immune to the Doom Gaze. She frees Lion-O and he calls the other Thundercats and they defeat Mumm-Ra and Tashi is banished back to her dimension.

Lord of the Snows
Snowman and SnowMeow After a large storm the Thundercats thundrillium supply is weakened. But they find out about a meteor of pure thundrillium on the ice land of Hook Mountain. Lion-O and Snarf travel there to find the meteor. Jackalman finds out about this and tells Slythe and Monkian. They summon the new Mutant Vultureman to take them to Hook Mountain in his Flying Machine(Except Jackalman who was too scared to do it). In the meantime Lion-O and Snarf find their way to the Snow Castle, home of the Snowman of Hook Mountain. To get the meteor Lion-O must fight the Snowman and his pet Snowmeow. Lion-O wins only to send Snowman in the bottomless casem. Lion-O trys to save Snowman while Snarf and Snowmeow are attacked by the Mutants. Lion-O and Snowman appear to save them and so do the rest of the Thundercats. Now Snowman, thinking Lion-O has proved himself, gives the Thundercats the meteor.

The Spaceship beneath the Sands
The mutants trap Cheetara and Tygra but soon are defeated due to the fact that they are fighting the Thundercats with practically no weapons. They go to Mumm-Ra and beg him to raise their spaceship from the sand where Mumm-Ra buried it. The Mutants get their technological weapons back and attack the the Thundercats. During the battle, Panthro and Liono get trapped underwater when the Thundertank gets caught between stones. While they try to free it, Slythe attacks them with his new Nose Diver. Meanwhile, the other TCats are fighting and eventually defeat the other Mutants. Liono and Panthro free the Tank by tying it to the back of Slythe's vehicle. Slythe's diver breaks down and he escapes and the Thundercats are victorious.

The Time Capsule
Jaga tells a homesick Lion-O of a time capsule they brought with them from Thundera, which contained the history of the planet...right up to its destruction. The Thundercats set out to find the capsule and encounter dangers along the way. Lion-O and Snarf find the capsule in a cave guarded by a caveman. Lion-O is challenged by the caveman to an arm wrestling match, and Lion-O successfully wins. For winning, Lion-O gets the time capsule.

The Fireballs of Castle Plun-Darr
The warrior maidens are threatened by a new threat from the Mutants. They have built a huge fireball-launching machine at Castle Plundarr using more parts from their spaceship. The Thundercats of course go to stop them. The Mutants try and use the fireballs against the TCats, but the TCats end up destroying the device in the end.

All that Glitters
Tygra's whip shatters the Sword of Omens when he and Lion-O are put under a spell by Mumm-Ra that causes them to start fighting. Lion-O knows that he must use the heat of a star to fix the Sword, so he ventures into a volcano where a star has recently fallen. The other TCats call on the Enflamer, a being made of fire, to do it for Lion-O, but he turns on the TCats even after they help him out. He takes the Sword for himself, but eventually Lion-O gets it back and defeats him.

Spitting Image
The Driller Mumm-Ra summons the Driller to kidnap Panthro so that he can make Panthro clones. The Panthro clone is then brought alive by the spirit of Hammerhand and sent to plunder and destroy Third Earth, so that the Thundercats are blamed. Mumm-Ra then takes the real Panthro and disposes of him by dropping him in a radiation pit. The Panthro clone attacks and demolishes the Wollo village. After escaping the pit, the real Panthro shows up and fights the clone. Lion-O uses the Sword to destroy the fake Panthro. Mumm-Ra tries to create another clone, but Hammerhand, as the Panthro clone, destroys the device that was used to make the clones.

Lion-Os Anointment Trials (5 part series)

Part I (Trial of Strength)
On Lion-O's 20th birthday he must go through trials to prove himself Lord of the Thundercats. He must face the Thundercats and the dangers of Third Earth without the Sword of Omens or the Claw Sheild. On the first day he faces the Vortex, the Great Void, and Crabmen. Then he must beat Panthro in a trial of strength. Lion-O, while fighting Panthro, stops a huge boulder from rolling down a mountain and crushing the Wollo village. Panthro gets injured trying to stop the rock too, and he admits defeat.

Part II (Trial of Speed)
On the 2nd day, Lion-O must race Cheetara. They both start from the same point, but they are allowed to take any route to get to the finish line many miles away. Cheetara takes the longer route, while Lion-O takes the shorter, more dangerous route. The Mutants also discover Lion-O without his sword and plan on attacking him. In the end, it comes down to about a 1 mile dash to the finish between Lion-O and Cheetara. Cheetara gets way ahead, but Lion-O doesn't give up, and we see that Cheetara's super speed only lasts for 2 minutes. When her speed runs out, Lion-O catches up and beats her.

Part III (Trial of Cunning)
Lion-O faces the Thunderkittens on the 3rd day. He must get through the Maze of Infinity where the Kittens have set traps for him. The Mutants attack, but Lion-O manages to get away from them into the caverns. He faces many tricks by Wiley Kit and Kat, but in the end the Kittens get caught in one of their own traps and Lion-O rescues them with the help of some cave-dwelling creatures. They all see the exit of the cave, but this time Lion-O plays the trick and ties the kittens' ropes to their ankles and a rock. They all start sprinting towards the exit, but the ropes hold the kittens back, and Lion-O wins.

Part IV (Trial of Mind Power)
Lion-O faces Tygra on the 4th day of the trials. The Mutants get in the way throughout the day, but the other TCats, and Snowman and Snowmeow hold them off for the most part. Tygra first uses his invisibility to try and trick Lion-O. Then, we learn that Tygra had the power to control minds and make things seem there that really aren't. Tygra makes Lion-O think he is back on Thundera watching the planet explode, because that is the only thing Lion-O is afraid of. But Lion-O overcomes the image and wrestles Tygra to the ground and thus wins the trial.

Part V (Trial of Evil)
On the 5th day Lion-O must face his greatest enemy, Mumm-Ra. Mumm-Ra knows this and tells the Mutants to destroy him. They attack Lion-O thinking they've destroyed him. But Lion-O lands in a underground tunnel. He finds a path into Mumm-Ra's Pyramid but he must face many of Mumm-Ra's demons and monsters to get to Mumm-Ra. He beats them all and faces Mumm-Ra. Lion-O defeats him by destroying Mumm-Ra's casket. Mumm-Ra is destroyed and Lion-O is anointed the true Lord of the Thundercats. But Mumm-Ra is brought back to life by the spirits.

Mongor The Thunderkittens accidentily free the master of fear Mongor. Mumm-Ra uses Mongor to destroy Third Earth. When Wilykit and Kat tell the adult Thundercats, they get angry and the Thunderkittens run away. The Thundercats try to find them only to be ambushed 1 by 1 by Mongor. But the Thunderkittens discover that the way to defeat Mongor is to not look at him so his power of fear will weaken. Then when Mongor attacks Lion-O and Snarf the Thunderkittens appear and tell Lion-O how to beat Mongor. Lion-O doesn't look at Mongor and eventually Mongor is beaten.

Return to Thundera
Lion-O accidently gets caught in the beam of the time capsule the Thundercats recently recovered ("The Time Capsule") and sent back to Thundera right before its destruction. Lion-O meets up with his father Claudus after scaring off a Mutant attack. Claudus then gives Lion-O plans for a Plundarian warbot. Meanwhile, back on Third Earth, the Mutants create a warbot to attack Cats Lair and the other Thundercats. The Thundercats fail to stop the warbot until Lion-O returns and defeats the warbot by using the plans that Claudus had given to him.

Snarf Takes up the Challenge
When all the Thundercats except Snarf get captured, it's up to him to save them all. He uses his ability of being able to talk to the other animals to help him rescue the Thundercats. Since the mutants and Mumm-ra don't expect Snarf to come to the rescue, they don't guard the Thundercats, and Snarf eventually frees them.

Mandora and the Pirates
Mandora:Evil Chaser find a old spaceship and goes to investagate. She enters only to be attacked by a renagade robot named Capt. Cracker. He locks up Mandora and lands his ship on the Grey Prison Planet. He frees all the criminals like Rhino, See-Through and the rehibilitated Quick Pick. Mandora sends her space bike to Cat's Lair so Lion-O could help out. Lion-O arrives and him and Quick Pick try to free Mandora and stop Cracker. They save Mandora only for Lion-O to be captured. Cracker tries to go to Third Earth and conquer Cat's Lair. But Mandora and Quick Pick follow Cracker and save Lion-O. Mandora tells Cat's Lair about Cracker and they prepare for him. When Cracker's ship lands he is captured by the Thundercats. They give him to Mandora and peace is restored.

The Crystal Queen
The Thundercats think Snarf is getting too old. But anyway, Lion-O and Panthro discover that Queen Tatara is trying to steal the Arrietta bird, the creature that helps the berbil crops grow. She manages to get it and takes it to her castle. Lion-O and Panthro follow her with Snarf hidding in the Thunder-Tank. Lion-O goes ahead and gets into Tatara's tresure chamber. She is angered and freezes Lion-O. Snarf comes to the rescue and uses the Arrietta Bird's songs to free Lion-O. Then he calls Panthro and they escape with the bird and give it back to the berbils.

Safari Joe
Safari Joe An interplanetary hunter, Safari Joe and his robot aid come to Third Earth in search of the most dangerous game of all: Thundercats. By exploiting their weaknesses, Safari Joe manages to capture all of them individually. But Lion-O and Snarf, with a warning from Jaga, manage to defeat Safari Joe in the end. During the conflict, Safari Joe reveals that he is really a coward at heart.

Return of the Driller
Mumm-Ra summons the Driller to drill a tunnel from Acid Lake to Cat's Lair so that it would be destroyed. The Thundercats find out about this and go to find the sponge fog which is the only thing that can vaporize the acid. On the way to getting the fog in the thundertank, they encounter many dangers. They survive and manage to block the acid.

Turmagar the Tuska
The Technopede Turmagar, leader of the Tuskas from the land of Tuskania, asks the Thundercats to help him defend his city from the giant Techno-Pede. If the Techno-Pede destroys the city, the source of the rivers of Third Earth will be destroyed, thus leaving Third Earth as a huge desert. The TCats agree to help, and all of them go to fight the Techno-Pede except Panthro, who stays behind to fix Turmagar's flying animal/machine, the Gomplin. The TCats, in the Thundertank, cross through rivers and oceans filled with danger, but they eventually make it to Tuskania. They take on the Techno-Pede, but can't finish it off. Then Panthro and the Thunderkittens arrive on the Gomplin, and they all work together to defeat the huge monster.

Sixth Sense
A miniature spaceship approches Third Earth. To survive it uses Cheetara's sixth sence. This hurts Cheetara and the Thundercats don't know why. The Mutants find out about this and nearly destroy the ship, causing more pain to Cheetara. Vultureman saves the control generater and trys to find out how it works. The Thundercats know this and Lion-O and the Thunderkittens go to Castle Plundarr. Panthro and Tygra recover and repair the rest of the ship and they go with Cheetara to help Lion-O and the kittens. Then when Lion-O is surrounded by the Mutants Cheetara uses the ship to defeat the Mutants. The control generater is recovered and Cheetara is saved.

Dr. Dometone
Dr Dometome When Wilykit is swallowed by a giant frog robot, Wilykat tells Lion-O to destroy it. But they find out that the pilot of the robot is the peacful Dr. Dometone who is looking for help. Long ago, a crack was made in the bottom of the ocean which caused the water to drain into the earth's core. Dr. Dometone created a plug which sealed the hole in the ocean, and saved third earth from destruction. But the evil salvage man Scrape wants to destroy the plug to mine the rock that is found on the bottom of the ocean for his home planet Blue-Plundarr. He rides in an robot electric eel. Lion-O and Wilykat go to help Dr. Dometone and stop the eel in Dometome's frog robot, Hercules. Hercules wins and the Thundercats repair the plug.

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