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Cast & Credits

The people behind the scenes... sorry to ruin it for some of you... yes, the Thundercats are NOT REAL. They are drawn and acted out by these people. Don't hate me, I'm just the messenger. Mwahahahaha....
Voice Actors
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- Larry Kenney - Lion-O, Jackalman

- Lynne Lipton - Cheetara, Wilykit, Mandora, Luna, Warrior Maidens

- Earl Hyman - Panthro, Redeye, Ancient Spirits of Evil, Grune The Destroyer, Captian Cracker, Hammerhand, Cruncher

- Robert McFadden - Snarf, Snarfer, Ma-Mutt, Slythe, Ram-Bam, Capt. Bragg

- Peter Newman - Tygra, Wilykat, Monkian, Bengali, Alluro, Capt. Shiner

- Earl Hammond - Jaga, Mumm-Ra, Tug-Mug, Vultureman, Ratar-O, Snowman, Hachiman, Ro-Bear Berbils, Top-Spinner, Claudus

- Doug Preis - Lynx-O, Guardian of the Book of Omens

- Gerianne Raphael - Pumyra, Chilla, Jaguara, Mumm-Rana

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Executive Producers:                     Psychological Constultant:
Arthur Rankin, Jr.                       Dr. Robert Kuisis, Ph.D.
Jules Bass
                                         Recording Staff:
Supervising Producer:                    John Curcio - Dialogue
Lee Dan Acher                            Michael Farrow - Music
                                         Larry Franke - Editorial
Animation By:                            Michael Unger - Editorial
Pacific Animation Corperation            Pete Cannarozzi - Effects
                                         John Crenshaw - Editorial
In Charge of Production:
Masaki Iizuka                            Secondary Character Design:
                                         Jim Meskimen
Animation Staff:                         Michael Germakian
Tsugo Kubo                               Bob Camp
Minoru Nishida                           Pepe Moreno
Ryo Yasumura
Tameo Kohanawa                           Production Staff:
Yuji Yatabe                              Anthony Giovanniello
Soek Ki Kim                              Mathew Malach
                                         Connie Long
Based on Characters Created By:          Peter Balakian
Ted Wolf                                 Dennis J. Woodyard
                                         Heather Winters
Head Writer:                             Karen Seigel
Leonard Starr                            Charles Hasegawa
                                         Eleanor Musiol
Script Consultant:
Peter Lawrence

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