Bad Guys

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The Bad Guys

On this page you will find the most important characters of the show: The villains! Each base and character comes complete with a review by the man himself: Mumm-Ra! Let's find out Mumm-Ra's (cough) unbiased (ahem) opinions on his allies... here we go!
Weapons and Bases
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Mumm-Ra's Pyramid
My home! And if I catch you snooping around here again, consider yourself zapped. My pyramid was built by the Ancient Spirits of Evil as a place to rejuvenate my powers. Inside the inner chamber, the four Ancient Spirits' statues loom above my viewing pool, a pool in which I can see events occuring anywhere. Don't you wish you had one... mwahahaha! You can always catch some kind of electrical show going on outside the pyramid too. I should really charge admission for that stuff. With hundreds of complex underground passages and chambers, my pyramid is clearly the best fortress out there.

Image: Another View of the Pyramid

Castle Plundarr
Castle Plundarr
Castle Plundarr is the mutants' fortress (if you could even call it that. A good zap of electricity or an earthquake couldn't make this place any uglier.) The mutants claim to have radar defense systems and inescapable dungeons inside. The main control room is inside the head (I guess that's a head). Whatever happened to simple fortress designs? Like pyramids for example... Well anyway, the mutants somehow managed to force the brute men to build the fortress for them, but of course the TCats freed the brute men eventually. If it had been me...

This is the fortress of the Lunatacs. How this thing is still standing is beyond me. For a while though, it was mobile- it could fly around and attack at will. But that innovation was soon foiled by, yes, the TCats, who kept the Lunatacs from getting the resources they needed. So now it sits in Darkside, where the Lunatacs have set up permanent residence. And no, the Cartoon Network logo is not part of the landscape... Oh yeah, the Ancient Spirits would like to have a word with you execs over there who took my show off the air in the afternoons.... Nice knowing you.

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Ancient Spirits of Evil
Ancient Spirits of Evil
Represented in four statues in my pyramid, the Ancient Spirits of Evil are the ones who give me my orders. I would never think of disobeying them, because they are so strong, generous, patient, smart, good-looking, and all around great masters. (grumble) Plus, they offer very nice life insurance benefits! Who wouldn't love working for them?

Audio: "...Let the Shadowmaster speak!"

Wherever there is evil, Mumm-Ra lives!! If you're in the market for an ancient devil priest, look no further. I'm here to serve the Ancient Spirits of Evil, to spread evil across the land, and for the past few years, to see to the destruction of the TCats. I've had a couple of setbacks, but I always live to fight another day. The picture is of me in my normal form (damn paparrazi), but I have a much more powerful warrior form. I control some cool pink lightning too. One day, ThunderCats, I will destroy you... mwahahaha!!

Audio: "Prepare to meet your end..."
Audio: Hear Mumm-Ra transform
Image: Watch Mumm-Ra transform! (animated)

My faithful dog. Unlike most dogs, he listens and obeys my every command. Not only that, he can fly too. Obedience school? He loves it. By the time he's done with it, everyone obeys him!
Pic courtesy Ultimate TCats Homepage

The Mutants
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He is the self-proclaimed leader of the Mutants. I'll give him credit- he's the only one with a backbone. He's the one who comes up with plans to defeat the TCats. You can see how far they've gotten. He relies on technology and new weapons as the way to be victorious. His power doesn't come close to mine.

Audio: "The Cats Lair is as good as ours!"
Audio: Sssssleep gassssss.... Retreat!
Image: Slithe with Mumm-Ra and Jackal Man

This mutant is not too bright, but he puts up a decent fight when he has to. He longs to gain more power but everyone takes advantage of him. (Guilty as charged). He sometimes carries a shield that can shoot fireballs. He had a vehicle like the Thundertank- the Fistpounder... but it fell off a cliff. Like I said, not too bright.

Audio: "Hoo hoo, the Thundercats- they're loose!"
Audio: "Watch what you're doing, you cowardly wretch!"
Image: Another pic of Monkian

Jackal Man
Jackal Man
Jackal Man is just a plain coward. You can't depend on him for anything. He did try to start a rebellion in one episode... but the writers must have been bored that day. Most of the time, he just follows Slithe around and helps out when there is no danger toward him.

Audio: "Looks like we've got them, this time!"
Audio: "If I can't have the sword..."
Image: Another pic of Jackal Man

Vulture Man
Vulture Man
Vulture Man is the inventor among the mutants. He thinks science will help him defeat the TCats. He arrived later than the other mutants. He often complains about working with Slithe, and sometimes allies himself with the Lunatacs. Somehow, he always ends up back with the mutants though.

Audio: "...Those Thundercats don't stand a chance..."
Image: Another pic of Vulture Man

He is the decendant of Ratilla, the last holder of the Sword of Plundarr before I "found" it. He's a smart leader but only showed up a few times. His ship, the Rat Star, always got shot down by the TCats, but Vultureman would always fix it. If he had led the Mutants, things may have been different around here.
(pic courtesy of The Ultimate Thundercats Homepage)

Audio: "...steady the ship, and climb!"
Audio: "Stand at attention when you look at me..."

The Lunatacs
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I'll update the Lunatacs' info soon.

Luna, leader of the LunataksThe other LunatacsAmok

Luna -She is the leader of the Lunatacs. She rides around on Amok since she is so small. She is probably the smartest Lunatac. [Hear Luna]

Amok -The direct opposite of Luna, Amok is huge and has almost no intelligence. He hardly ever speaks, and he loves candy. His only purpose is to carry Luna.

Chilla -She comes from a moon of Plun-darr that is extremely cold. She can freeze anything with her breath, and can shoot fire from her hands. She has her own vehicle, the IceRunner. [Hear Chilla]

Alluro -The tallest Lunatac, Alluro has a psych club that helps him control other people's minds. He can put anyone under a spell at any time. [Hear Alluro]

RedEye -He comes from a moon of Plun-darr that is covered with dense mists. He can see almost anything, even Tygra when he's invisible. He has a metal disc called the Sidewinder as a weapon. [Hear RedEye]

TugMug -He comes from a moon of Plun-darr that has high gravity. He has 3 pistons for legs, which let him jump great distances. His weapon is a gravity cannon. [Hear Tugmug]

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The Berserkers
3 of the Berserkers
These guys helped me out a few times, but failed at their jobs miserably. Hammerhand (not pictured) is their leader, and has a hand made of solid metal. Cruncher, the big guy, is supposedly really strong. Ram-Bam, in the center, has a wheel on his chest and uses his head a battering ram. Top-Spinner, on the right, spins like a top.

Audio: Hear Hammerhand
Audio: Hear Cruncher

More characters coming soon!
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