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ThunderCats?  Hey Luke, what on Third Earth is this thing doing here?

Remember coming home from school every day, excited to see what would happen next to the Thundercats? Well I do too, that's why I made this site for fans like us. Mumm-Ra was always my favorite villain. I always secretly rooted for him to win. But since he never did, I thought I'd at least give him his say in his own website. Look for his comments on pages around the Pyramid!

UpdatesThrough rain or hail or sleet or snow... always bringing you the latest news

Saturday, June 9, 2007:
--Site News: Still working on a new design for the site (yes, I'm making progress... it should be ready soon!). It should be easier to navigate once I'm done. I'm still working on the Links page. Look for that to be updated soon.

--ThunderCats news: BIG NEWS!: The ThunderCats are coming to the big screen! Warner Bros has accepted a script for a CGI-animated interpretation of the origins of the ThunderCats. Even better news is that Mumm-Ra will definitely be in the movie. has a few more details. Hopefully they get some of the original voice actors to come back! Talk about it in the Forum.
DVD News: The final 31 episodes are here! The set was realeased on November 28, 2006.

-- Other TCats DVD Info and Multimedia (under construction... will be updated with the new site)

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